i gave up on this can u tell


Haikyuu!! Shiratorizawa’s #5 Tendou Satori!


It’s not just a jersey - it’s our skin.

It’s not just a stadium - it’s our home.

We’re not only eleven - we’re millions.

It’s not just 90 minutes - it’s a lifetime.

It’s not just passion - it’s an emotion.

It’s not just an audience - it’s our family.

It’s not just a game - it’s football.

It’s not just football - it’s our life.

cause i know you can only starve so much
til you like how it feels
it’s not your body that i need
but that’s what sleeps next to me
and you’re killing it, you’re killing it
you’re killing it
please eat


Alright hands up who gave Judy the internet??? Honestly guys you should know better

(based on http://cynicalcassette.tumblr.com/post/149748242637/no-hear-me-out-i-swear-its-for-scientific)

[This was gonna be whole thing where Bogo catches her and yells etc and she’s like “don’t tell Nick” but i can’t draw today so this is ALL YOU GET HAHAHHAH TWO DISJOINTED WEIRD IMAGES DETAILING HER GROWING OBSESSION wITH YOU KNOW WHAT]

also hope u liek me zoogle (has any1 done this yet?)


Magi Fest || Day 5/7: Lightning
↳ Ill-Ramz Al-Salos: Depravity

Like hell I can continue living, with this thing inside of me! I can’t live. I can’t move forward! If this world rejects us, then…we will destroy this world and create it anew!”