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I’m really liking how this one turned out. Such a cute little fluffy ending, too! Let me know what you think about this one guys. I might just go reread it because I so enjoyed writing it! Thank you to all the people leaving feedback last time - I’m looking at you @cajunlizard, @thevanishedillusion, @the-blue-haired-boy, and @legrandfoyer! Enjoy, everyone.

Prompt[s]:  Is there more? Please tell me there is more.

An Interview With Tony Stark was one of the nicest, vanilla-coffee-with-beatles-background-music level of delighful, and best written stories I have read in a long long time

I’d definitely love to see more of this story! … maybe Tony can keep stealing the reader away from Bruce to help him with his projects…

‘An Interview with Tony Stark’ (Part 2)

Part 1

Bruce bashed his fists against the door to Tony’s lab incessantly. They used to share a laboratory space, but a combination of Tony’s spread-everything-everywhere habits and Bruce’s growing need for a larger room forced them to different floors. Luckily they weren’t so far apart that, should there be an emergency, they could still reach each other in short time.

Bruce considered this a… mild emergency.

He hadn’t had to “knock” long before the door finally opened. It only opened a crack, mind you. Tony put himself in the small gap between the door itself and the frame. He smiled thinly.
“Hey, pal. What’s going on?”

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I need you to take my mind of being in my prime

Summary: Despite having split up nearly three years ago, Taron has always found solace in your company. He’s never been one for being in the spotlight, so when he has a break during promotion for Kingsman he finds himself returning to the one person who knows him better than he knows himself.  

Words:  2826

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Title: Bitter Cold
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: I do a lot of sick character gets taken care of by reader and I dunno why but it’s probably my favorite trope.

You had yourself draped across the couch in Danny’s apartment, still stuck in a semi-house arrest while the whole situation with the Hand cooled over. Only a week or two had passed since Danny brought you to stay with him, but sometimes it feel like the hours dragged on day after day.

However, today proved to be much different than previous ones.

It was no secret that since staying with Danny, your subconscious had placed a sort of internal alarm clock that made you wake up at first light every single day. Danny’s place was by no means small, but after days of exploring the whole place seemed no bigger than a backyard. Because of this, your body was itching to find something to do every day.

Before coming here, you were always a busy person. You were the sole owner of a successful business and had to manage a handful of employees on your own.

So needless to say, you were attuned to constantly having something to occupy your time.

Fortunately, Danny was also an early riser, so you never had to wait too long to have some company in your endeavors, at least on the days Joy didn’t all but drag him into the office or e-mail him paperwork to complete in his absence.

But when you glanced at the clock in the corner of the television screen, you noticed it was well passed the time Danny usually got up. So, you rolled onto the floor, hopping up instantly and going upstairs to check on him.

You leaned up against the door, trying to listen for any noise to indicate he was awake, but when there was none, you tried knocking on the door.

“Danny?” You called, though not too loudly just in case he had only gotten up. “Are you up yet?”

There was a bit of shuffling, enough ruckus to make you hear it without being pressed up against the door.

When it finally flew open, you found Danny leaning against the doorframe while he rubbed his eyes.


Your brows furrowed while you mentally evaluated him. Danny’s gaze was somewhat unfocused, and you could see the slight rosy tone to his nose and cheeks. His skin overall was a little pale and his eyes simply drooped with fatigue.

“Are you feeling alright?” You asked, trying to place your hand on his forehead, but he moved away.

“Course I am, when am I not okay?” Danny asked, flashy you a lazy smile that would have been fairly attractive did it not look like he was ready to pass out.

You were sneaky though, you had him lean his head down so it seemed like you were about to kiss him, but at the last moment you planted your lips on his forehead.

“Lair,” You said, softly smacking his shoulder. “You’re burning up.”

Danny only sighed. “So maybe, I’ve gotten a minor cold.”

You scoffed. “More like you’ve been overworking and stressing yourself about this whole ‘Iron Fist’ business and haven’t been letting yourself get proper rest.” You scolded him while leading him back to bed.

“You’re one to talk!” He whined childishly, but still following you willingly until he was back under the covers. “Before you came here, all you did was work!”

You ignored him, making sure he was stable in the bed. “Nevermind that, take your shirt off.”

Danny tilted his head. “I thought you wanted me to rest.”

You gave him a look. “I do, which is why you’re going to change into decent sleepwear instead of wearing your work clothes.”

Danny awkwardly shimmied his way out of his shirt and handed it to you. “You don’t have to nurse me you know, I can do it myself.”

You motioned for him to hold his arms up while you helped him put on a comfy shirt. “Of course not, but I want to because I like to see you healthy, and it gives me something to do.”

Danny watched you dig around in his dresser before you tossed him some sweatpants.

“Change into that, I’ll see what medicine you have in the apartment.”

You were about halfway to the door when Danny called out to you.

“Promise you won’t leave?”

You only smiled. “Nah, can’t leave you to fend for yourself like this, can I? Now hush up and get changed, I’ll be right back.”

He waited until the door was closed to finish getting dressed, then he fell back into the pillows, hand cradling his head while he tried to block out the headache. Maybe all the worrying over you and your safety was messing up his chi and rest would actually help.

Danny found himself smiling while his one hand drew shapes in the cool material of the sheets on your side. It was nice to be taken care of, whenever he got sick at the monastery it was more of a suck it up and deal with it situation until one of the monks gave you something to help with whatever you were dealing with.

He would’ve thought more on it, but the sudden leap in his stomach caused him to forget about the matter.

That’s how it was for most of the day. You gave Danny small remedies to try and ease the pain he was feeling. You told him to ask for whatever he needed, but he never called for you more than twice in a span of a few hours.

You had just placed a glass of cold water on his bedside table when you softly brushed back his hair and sat on the edge of the bed.

“How are you feeling, Danny?”

He mumbled something and you stopped stroking his hair to check his temperature.

“Hey, why’d you stop? That was helping a little.”

You looked down at him, only to find him staring up at you. “If you say so.” You began brushing back his hair again, trying your best to avoid the small knots.

It lasted about five minutes before Danny wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you ontop of him.

“Danny!” You shouted, immediately regretting it when he flinched at the sudden noise. “Sorry, but you need to get some rest!” You whispered.

“I am, you never said anything about doing so alone though.” He argued, nuzzling himself into you while he sighed.

“I’m supposed to be taking care of you, Danny. Not resting.”

Danny opened his eyes and nudged your nose with his. “But you are taking care of me, I always sleep better when you’re next to me, and if you really want me to rest, then you’re gonna have to stay right here.”

You wanted to argue more, but a small wave of tiredness took over you and you opted to sigh in defeat. Pushing yourself off his chest, slightly ignoring his whines, you got under the covers and situated yourself so you could continue to pet his hair.

“How’s that?”

Danny smiled, head tilting into your hand. “I feel better already.”

Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 20.)

CHAPTER TITLE: Alone Time with Simon

Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5. - Part 6. - Part 7. - Part 8. - Part 9. - Part 10. - Part 11. - Part 12. - Part 13. - Part 14. - Part 15. - Part 16. - Part 17. - Part 18. - Part 19.

Character(s): Simon and Reader (cameo with Negan’s wives)
Negan leaves the Sanctuary for “business” and leaves his right-hand man, Simon, in charge until he gets back.
Word Count: 2,756
Warning: Fluff with Simon and sexual tension! 
Author’s Note: I know my schedule says I post updates to this story on Sundays, but I couldn’t wait! I wanted to post this so I could get this show on the road ;-) Woot! Guys, we made it to the twentieth chapter! I can’t believe it! Like I said in the previous part, there have been many who requested more one-on-one with the Reader, so now it’s Simon’s turn! I hope you enjoy this because things will pick up soon. And they will pick up fast. Thank you for reading! 

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms)

The following morning, you were woken up by the sounds of shuffling in your room. You fluttered your eyes open to see Negan getting dressed, his back to you as he buckled his belt to his pants. You smiled, climbing out of bed and quietly tiptoed towards him. Slowly, your arms wrapped around him from behind and you placed a light kiss on the back of his shoulder.

“Morning,” you whispered.

He turned around, looking down at your bare body first before looking into your eyes. Negan pecked your lips and smiled, grabbing his leather jacket and slipping it on. “I didn’t want to wake you. I was going to leave you a note.”

“It’s okay. Where are you going?”

“I’ve got to go to Alexandria. Those fuckers still don’t understand who the hell is in charge, so I’m going to send them a friendly reminder of who fucking runs it,” he grinned.

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fight me (baekhyun) part ii.
word count: 1608 w.
genre: fluff, series
summary:  you landed a babysitting job in desperate need for money. it was going great until you met his older brother or should you say your high school enemy.

part i.

It was your first day in the Byun’s household and so far, so good. Well, it was. 

Barely reaching the floor, Jaemin swung his legs while peacefully eating his breakfast courtesy of you. 

“Thank you for the meal, noona,” the little sweetheart beamed then proceeded on munching more of your cooking.

Other than being a disappointment to your parents and yourself, cooking was the next thing on your list that you did best. Besides, it helped you to relieve the stress call you just received from the boys’ mom.

What was a three day business trip turned out to be week long.

It was currently your semestral break–a one week break before the next semester starts. Of course, Baekhyun’s mom had knowledge of this before she hired you so maybe, you thought, she took advantage of the moment.

“Is it really okay for you to stay with the boys for a while?” Baekhyun’s mom asked, the worry in her voice becoming evident. Mornings shouldn’t be this disastrous. “I mean, I could always hire another babysitter if you have any plans for the week.”

Your eyes grew wide, almost dropping the hot pan you were holding. “Oh, no! There’s no need for that, Mrs. Byun. I could stay until the end of the week if you’d like. I can manage Jaemin.”

“Actually, it’s not Jaemin I’m worried about. It’s Baekhyun.” You held back your laugh so as not to offend his mom. Let’s face it. Baekhyun acts like and is treated like the youngest (daughter, but you wouldn’t say that out loud) and that was pretty hilarious for you.

She continued, “I know you two had a–how do I put this–tangled situation back in high school and–”

“Mrs. Byun, if what you’re worrying about is us fighting while Jaemin’s here, it’s not gonna happen. We’re both adults. I’m sure we can resolve this somehow.” You answered confidently.

You heard a long exhale of breath from the other side of the line. Just how much stress does Baekhyun put his mom into? The guy was brat, you can give him that.

“Thank you so much for taking the offer, honey. You’re such a big help. Don’t worry, I’ll triple your money when I come back.” All that you could hear were cash register noises reverberating around the corners of your mind. If this was the case then yes, you will definitely see your idols at their concert.

You finally pressed the end call button when suddenly there was a sound of slippers hitting against the steps of the staircase. You turned around to see Baekhyun entering the kitchen, mind stuck in a hazy dream.

Jaemin drank his milk in one gulp. He looked cute with a milk mustache above his lip. Baekhyun leaned down in level with Jaemin’s puckering lips. “Good morning, Jaemin-ah.”

His morning voice was low and husky and goodness gracious, if it weren’t for the pan you held, you could’ve done a perfect split right then and there.

“Good morning, hyung.” Jaemin kissed his brother’s cheeks.

Dazed at how endearing the gesture was, you focused back on your cooking and placed some oil on the pan. Baekhyun rubbing his puffy eyes was cute but the act of him being such a softy for Jaemin shot you right through the heart. You tried to shake the thoughts away.

Failing to hear footsteps heading towards you, your breath hitched when a pair of warm lips landed upon your cheeks. “Good morning.”

“Holy shit,” you muttered under your breath. 

Your entire being was shook. You almost waved the white flag ready to surrender, but not yet. Not yet. You saw Jaemin bring his hands in front of his mouth in shock. Well, it seems like you weren’t the only one.

You and Jaemin’s gaze followed Baekhyun who was begrudgingly pulling the chair beside Jaemin. Jaemin looked at you and admitted, “He kisses me and mom every morning. Maybe he thought you were mom.”

“Maybe,” you replied, still in a state of awe.

Baekhyun still wasn’t in his right mind so you had to wake up the living soul trapped inside of him. That’s why Baekhyun, now wide awake, was fanning his tongue that was burning red because you gave him scorching hot coffee instead of warm milk.

“What the fuck did I do wrong?!” Baekhyun shouted while you hurriedly covered Jaemin’s ears. Mornings should not be filled with profanities especially with a special cutie pie like Jaemin. Besides, you didn’t want to hurt your ego by proclaiming how flustered you were when he kissed you on the cheek.

“You said the f word which is forbidden in this household.”

“What–You’re not even my mom!” He threw his hands in disbelief. It was too early for this. Distress washed over Baekhyun as he rubbed his temples. “Can you just give me my milk?”

What right do you have to act bossy when you weren’t even part of the family.

“Bad boys don’t deserve warm milk.” Your glare pierced right through Baekhyun emitting an unconscious wince from him.

You were basically stuck with Baekhyun for the rest of the day since you brought Jaemin to his preschool and Baekhyun had no classes for the day. It irked you how you were the only one running all over the house trying to keep the entire place spick and span. On the other hand, Baekhyun lied on the sofa, watching television and spreading the crumbs from his chips.

So you blocked the television from his view, hands placed on your hips religiously. Baekhyun grabbed a pillow and aimed it at your direction which you successfully blocked by the way.

“Can’t you see I’m watching the TV?” You rolled your eyes at his excuse. He crossed his arms. “And here you are blocking my view.”

“Can’t you see I’m cleaning? And here you are creating more mess than Jaemin could ever do,” you stated. You wanted to gouge Baekhyun’s eyes out when it was his cue to roll his eyes.

Courageously, you pulled Baekhyun’s arms harshly sending him tumbling on the floor. You gathered all your strength to drag Baekhyun from the couch to the entrance of the bathroom. He splayed his body on the floor with his eyes following your moves.

“Fine. If that’s how you’ll act.” You walked inside the bathroom only to thrust a plunger and pink gloves to his face the next minute.

“Get that thing away from me!” He immediately stood up and swatted like a little girl avoiding mosquitoes in fear of getting her pretty face from getting red blotches.

“It’s either you help me clean or I’ll drive you to the emergency room.”

“Why the hell would you drive me to the emergency room?”

“Because this,” you held up the plunger then directed it to his face, stopping until it’s just a few inches away from his face. You continued, “Will kiss your pretty, pretty face.” 

Baekhyun’s scrunched face resembled that of a boy who was about to experience his first kiss. With a plunger. Which is what you’ll do, no doubt (not really). What a shame, you left your phone on the table. When he opened his eyes, you innocently shrugged as if you didn’t threaten him seconds back.

He squinted his eyes at you before saying, “I’m gonna tell mom.”

“She trusts me more than she does with you,” you retort.

Baekhyun dramatically strode towards the bathroom door, a bucket and a plunger clutched by his pink gloved hand. “As I look longingly towards the entrance, I wonder if anyone would help me clean the bathroom?”

“What are you doing?” You raised your brow, chuckling. He was still immersed in his mini drama. 

“When will this pain and misery, that is life, end?”

“Baekhyun, you haven’t even stepped a foot inside the bathroom.” You sighed when it urged him to continue with his monologue.

Baekhyun was now sitting on a floor, one leg crossed over the other. He scrubbed the rim of the toilet in a steady pace. You were growing impatient as you hovered above him because his scrubbing was painstakingly slow. He wasn’t going to finish the job quick if he continued on with that pace. Also, you had to fetch Jaemin but the bastard carried on with his one-liners.

“Are you seriously monologuing while you clean?”

“It makes time faster.”

You took a brief look at the wall clock. You can’t believe you were making this decision but, hey, you still had over thirty minutes till Jaemin’s dismissal. It’s enough time to clean the bathroom with Baekhyun’s help. Hopefully.

“Okay, fine. I’ll help you.”

“Yes!” Baekhyun pumped his fists.You swore he looked like a child getting his candy after causing mischief the whole day. Now that you thought of it, he did cause mischief.

You pointed your finger at him. “But just this once.”

Truth be told, Baekhyun actually gave a hand with the help of your step-by-step instructions. You thought he was just gonna sit on the toilet waiting for you to finish the work all by yourself but he didn’t. Baekhyun diligently did the things you told him to do. He actually did a great job for a first timer.

Maybe Baekhyun isn’t so bad.

“Heads up,” Baekhyun called out. You spun around just in time for Baekhyun to spray water on your shirt with the bidet he was holding. He was relentless, pressing down the bidet’s handle harder.

“You fucking brat, come here!”

You have never eaten your words so quickly.

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TRUE ROMANCE XVI + Book 2 of Soul Mate [also on AO3] + MASTERLIST

Summary: What of second chances did exist…except in another lifetime?

A/N: Let me just start off by saying how happy I am with the results of Soul Mate and how over a thousand people have read it on here and over ten thousand have read it on ao3 (wow??) ok that’s a big accomplishment for an amateur writer such as myself. With that being said, I’m so thankful that so many of you enjoy my works and I hope to entertain (??) you all even more with my new series Bad Temper! Thank you so much for reading my works, I hope you all have a lovely day/night! Enjoy! 

Word Count: 3.6K+

Warning: Mentions of smut but nothing happens.

Never in a million years did you think you’d actually be cooking a meal for more than…well, just yourself. It was a rarity when you had the chance to make a real home cooked meal with the hours you worked–mainly living off of take out or microwaveable options–and, in all honesty, you absolutely hated it. Probably why you tried visiting your parents as often as you could to get real food inside of you that was fresh rather than processed. “Alright, tell me how you think the sauce tastes…” Lifting up the ladle, Ben stood up from messing around with Astro, walking over to you.

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it was late and all I needed was some company. the two people on staff seemed to need the same. we all sat together but in our own realities. “some sweet and sour to go” I said calmly just before heading out the door. the food wasn’t even for me. it was simply to disguise my real reckoning for coming to this place. as I walked down the avenue minding my own business, I began to wonder how often I had passed another who came out just for the same reason as I did. - well here i am.. I thought to myself as I made my way up my apartment building stairs. I gave my food to a homeless man just before I began to head up. “I’ve been waiting all day for someone to stop for me” he said in an exhausted tone. I smiled at him just briefly, when an urge to blurt out “me too” came to head. however, I dismissed putting the thought into words as it felt unnecessary to voice to a man who had probably seen a lot of hardship lately. instead I replied, “I hope you like sweet and sour chicken” ..he smiled at me and nodded as I proceeded up the stairs. just as I got to my apartment door, my stomach started growling. hmm… maybe time to get some food