i gave up like halfway through the mix i'm sure you can tell


Hi, i hope i’m not bothering you. Can i ask for a one shot request where [the reader is a] very clumsy girl and Dean was amused at how his girlfriend managed not to get killed with such clumsiness of hers?

Sorry it’s so short, but being a clumsy girl I had to write it! 

“Tell me your joking!” Dean exclaimed, popping a french fry into his mouth.
“Nope!” you laughed, resting your arm on the diners freshly disinfected tables. The place smelled of a mix of burgers and lemon cleaners. “I swear! I fell right onto the Wendigo, then from panic shot him!” you laughed, and an old couple next to you turned around.
“No! No, it’s a book!” you waved your hands in front of your face still laughing, and the old lady nodded. Dean gave you a goofy grin before tossing a wad of cash on the table.
“You’ll get yourself killed one day, Y/N. You gotta be more careful” he said and you sat down in the Impala.
“I’ll be fine” you smiled at him, giving him a peck on the cheek. Dean smirked and revved up the engine, the familiar purr allowed you to close your eyes, leaning your head on the window. By the time you arrived at the bunker, the sun had set. Walking in, Sam was leaning back in one of the war room chairs, lazily twirling a pencil in-between his fingers.
“Hey” he looked up and you nodded, stealing an apple slice from his plate.
“Guess you don’t need me to cut your apples anymore huh, Sammy?” Dean said and you smiled. The little stories the brothers had between themselves seemed like another world, and once in awhile, one would slip.
“Aw, I bet baby Sam was so cute!” you pinched his cheek and he slapped your hand away while laughing. You took the seat next to him while Dean sat across.
“So get this,” Sam started, “There’s a whole nest of vampires one town over” he said and you groaned, rolling your eyes.
“Not another one” you said and Dean exhaled.
“Let’s leave tomorrow morning” Sam said and Dean nodded.
“Then I’m going to go get some sleep” you stood up, cracking your back. Dean smiled and you turned on your heels towards your bedroom. Dropping onto your bed, everything went black quickly.
“Y/N?” Dean knocked at your door. You covered your head with your pillow, pulling the blankets up higher. “Wake up!” he shouted, ripping the pillow from your hands.
“No!” you groaned, reaching for the other pillow. Dean knew what you were about to do and quickly jumped over you, landing on the other side of the bed.
“Ha” he smiled and you rolled your eyes.
“We have to leave in half an hour” he said and you nodded, kicking your sheets off. He placed a small kiss on your nose and shut the door behind him.
Once you were packed and ready, you began to make your way towards the kitchen. Reaching for your other duffel strap, you hadn’t realized you walked straight into the hallway corner.
“Ow” you groaned, rubbing your head from the hit.
“Did you walk into the wall again?” Dean shouted from the kitchen.
“Maybe!” you shouted back and heard Sam erupt in laughter.
“Oh c’mon, you guys trip sometimes” you said once you entered the kitchen. Sam looked at Dean and nodded a no, and Dean took another huge bite of his pancake, agreeing with Sam.
You grabbed Dean’s fork, and watched him pout while you ate the rest of his pancake. You placed the plate in the sink and picked up your duffel.
“Ready?” you asked and followed Dean up the metal staircase.
Sam opened the door and you followed Dean out. About two weeks ago you reminded Dean to fix the stone step leading outside, it had cracked and went up about an inch higher than it’s other half.
“Shit!” you shouted, halfway to the ground. Dean caught you swiftly, and you smiled up at his wickedly beautiful green eyes.
“Gotcha” he said, and lifted you back up. “You sure you want to hunt?” he asked, and you placed your hands on your hips.
“Dean” you warned him like a mother would their child.
“I know, I know” he bobbed his head, “You’re the best damn hunter ever” he mocked your earlier tone and you straightened your back proudly at the sentence, standing there like Wonder Woman.
“You better remember that” you teased, and he smirked at you. Dean opened the car door for you, poking at your ribs a little to get you to smile. He walked to the drivers seat, taking his rightful place. Black Sabbath filled the car, loud enough for your chest to thump with each beat. You rested your head on the window, watching the road.
“It’s not bad to be clumsy” you spoke up about an hour later.
“It’s not, you’re just adorable” Dean said and you blushed. How he still managed to make you blush was a mystery, but you loved it.
“So are you” you said, and he looked at you through the rear-view mirror with a raised brow.
“I’m not adorable, I’m-“
“Adorable!” you cut him off and he muttered something under his breath making Sam laugh. With a small smile you closed your eyes, allowing yourself to think.