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A Wolf Meets A Snake (2/3)

Summary: Alfred a newbie animagus, had gotten himself hurt in the forbidden forest. What happens when a certain infamous Slytherin stumbles across him? Maybe that Slytherin isn’t so bad at all. Pottertalia Au.

Pairing: UsUk

[Part 1]

Alfred stood behind the tree where Arthur had found him, waiting for the boy to show up.

He kicked a pebble, bored out of his mind. Arthur did say he passes by the place everyday didn’t he? Was he lying?

But Alfred’s doubts were dashed as he soon heard Arthur’s footsteps towards him. Alfred quickly transformed into his wolf form and stepped out from behind the tree.

Arthur spotted him and cried out in surprise. “Oh! I thought you had run off! Hello again Mr. Wolf!” he stopped in his tracks and bent down to Alfred’s level.

“How are you?” Arthur asked, reaching out his hand cautiously, “ Here, let me check your leg.”

Knowing Arthur wouldn’t hurt but was still wary about the Slytherin boy, Alfred showed Arthur his hind leg while observing the boy.

Arthur furrowed his eyebrows in concentration, observing the healed wound. Alfred never really noticed how green Arthur’s eyes were. It reminded him of the trees of the Forbidden Forest, beautiful green but with a bit of dullness and what seemed like tiredness hiding behind the emerald orbs.  He jolted when he felt Arthur’s hand on his fur, not expecting the touch.

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