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Y'allllll I’m pretty sure my mom has a sugar daddy I’m literally over here dying of laughter. She calls him her boyfriend but 🤔🤔🤔 he’s def her sugar daddy. So peep this. He’s married I don’t think he wants a divorce which is okay with my mom. I’ve never met him cause she was scared at what I would think since he is married. He comes over and picks her up for days out, she’s let him know she doesn’t do motels. She just got a new car (which he will be doing payments on), and gave me her old car and since I am a new driver the insurance is mad crazy but he’s gonna be paying for that too (he also payed to fixed my car since the bumper was all fucked up). He gives her money for bills and tickets if she has any and if my dental insurance doesn’t cover the work I need done he’s gonna pay for it($4000).

My mom out here hustling. At some point last year she had 3 men from different cities/countries giving her money (one in Boston, another in paris, and I forgot the other one) all three sent her cards directly connected to their bank accounts and deposited money in there regularly. She actually gave me the card for the one in Boston to use for gas and food and going out. It kills me every time that when the guy in Boston lost his job and therefore couldn’t give her anymore money my mom split so fast😂😂😂😂😂. And just adding a little bit more about this situation because it’s just funny but after she left Boston guy he kept calling her and she wouldn’t pick up as much, she flat out told him he needed to get a job so they could talk and that he had no money now, y'all tell me why this nigga went and BORROWED money to put it in her card so she would talk to him.

I asked her what she would do if her current bf broke up with her and she said “he won’t and if he does I’ll just get another one”

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if a fire-breathing snake was the best gift magnus ever gave how will he top it when he gives alec something. "here's a flying unicorn i got for you to ride into battle, and by got, i mean created from scratch. i hope you like it!"

ok i know i’m prob supposed to give a cute answer here but tbh the fact that magnus gave camille so many of those extravagant gifts says a lot about their relationship – the way he just kept trying to please her because he loved her so much and she just couldn’t give two fucks about him, and also because of what happened he feels like he owes her his life, something she’s clearly used against him. and i get the sense that when he made these beautiful wild gifts for her, he did it because she would look at him and smile, and he would think for a moment, maybe she does love me, too.

i don’t think magnus will be doing the same thing with alec. i think magnus knows alec is different – he’s clearly not a man with extravagant taste – and if magnus gives alec any gifts, it’ll be something really personal and meaningful. like i bet alec has all these old childhood scribble drawings from izzy and max and jace, and i can see magnus gathering them and charming them so they’ll never fade or be ruined and just putting them in a little box for alec to keep.

but the important part is that it wouldn’t matter what he gave. it’s not about the gift; for alec, it’s about the fact that a man he likes – the man he’s falling in love with – took some time out to get something for him. that magnus remembered him and thought about him. i get the feeling if magnus just swung by with a bagel on his way to meet a client – or even if magnus came by empty handed to say just to say hi – alec would light up like a christmas tree.


“I know your heart is filled with hatred, seeking revenge.”

Requested by @devilishly-handsome-pirate

So I got this request a while ago and I only get around to prepare it now, but it is actually connected to something I’ve been thinking about yesterday, which turned a lot more clear after I was preparing these gifs, so if you don’t mind I will turn this gifset to a little meta (but I actually do this a lot, so I’m sure you are used to it by now ;) )

So here’s the thing, what’s standing out to me the most in this gifset is the order of the things chronologically. The last gif of Hook letting go of his revenge was before all these goodies he got after that: a new love in his heart, a new woman, a new family. And this is actually amazing because back there he didn’t really have “something to live for” when he gave up on his vengeance desire. 

A long the way Hook was thinking of changing his ways 3 times (that we know of), the first one was when he bonded with Bealfire:

The second one was after Nemo saved his life:

and the third one was up on that beanstalk when this tough lass moved something within his heart:

But all these opportunities had fade away, either because he was rejected, or his past hunted him (literally), and so he came back to the familiar place of “what’s the point in even try to change when you end up hurt and alone either way.”

But then something has changed in his way of thinking, following this conversation:

Emma there wasn’t promising him a family, love, or something to gain out of the situation rather than just do the honorable thing and stop being selfish for a change. 

So while Nemo was right saying Hook was missing out on family and something to live for, promise him all of that wouldn’t have been enough, because at the end of the day Hook needed to make the change not so he could gain something in return, but that he could become the man he wanted to be, gaining himself if you want.

Emma in 2x22 gave him the opportunity he truly needed, not so he could be with her, or becoming an integral part of the Charmings (which he eventually became), but to become the man of honor he wanted to be. The person he lost with the death of Liam.

Unlike Regina or Rumple that wanted to change in order to not lose the love of their children (that worked well for her and ended up being a complete fail for him), all Hook wanted was to change his ways for himself. This is why this redemption arc was the most successful, and this is why he was reworded with all the good things he never dared even to dream of getting. 

It’s true, Hook now has something to live for, but beyond Emma and Henry (and let me even include David here ok?), he also has a reason to live for himself, because he has become the man he truly wanted.    


A small comic I will probably never finish. But here’s what I got before I gave up. The feel of the comic was suppose to be  D.Va either suffered from an injury, or became ill, and was bedridden for a few months. Lucio visits her every day and brings flowers. Tragedy seems to strike every other day. 

Stuff like that.



I Can’t Wait To Hear You Scream PT. 17

Summary: You finally made it back to the sanctuary and the rest of the night is normal. You expect everything to go smooth the next day, until there’s another intruder.


You followed Negan into his room and he sat Lucille down and made his way over to the bathroom, “I’m going to take a fuckin’ shower. You gonna join me this time, darlin’?”

You looked over to him and bit at your lip, “I just took one.”

He nodded, “Well, you’re still gonna be coming in here. I need you to do me a fuckin’ favor.”

“What’s that?” You said, raising an eyebrow.

“Clean up Lucille for me. She’s dirty as fuck.” He said motioning his head towards the bat.

You smirked and gave him a nod as he went into the bathroom.
You got up and picked Lucille up off the desk she usually laid on and carried her into the bathroom.
This was the second time ever that he let you hold her.

When you walked in, Negan was already shirtless.
You were frozen where you stood for a moment just looking over him.
His body was toned and he looked incredible, and it finally gave you a chance to see the tattoos he had scattered across his body.

He noticed and gave a coy smile, “See what the fuck you’re missing out on?”

You smiled back, “Yeah, I’ll have to join next time.”

“Fuck yeah, you will.” He said, reaching down into a cabinet to pull out a towel.

He handed it to you and you took it from him.
He obviously wanted you to wipe down Lucille with it.
You watched as he unbuttoned his pants and kicked them down to the floor.
you had never gotten a complete view of Negan naked since all of your encounters were during sex.
You stared at him with a lustful eye as he stepped into he shower.

For a moment you debated on just ripping your own clothes off and jumping in with him, but you had a job to do now.
You turned the sink on for a moment to dampen the towel he had given you.
You laid Lucille down on the sink as you carefully brought the towel down on her barbed end to begin scrubbing away the dried blood, but being cautious as to not stab one of your fingers with the sharp ends of the wire.

It took about 10 minutes, but when you were finished, you discarded the bloody towel.
Negan stepped out of the shower, slicking his black hair back with his hand and you looked up to him.

He chuckled as he saw you still holding Lucille, “Well, look at both of my fuckin’ girls playing nice.”

You smirked, “She’s clean now.”

He nodded and licked his lip, “I can fuckin’ see that.”

He took her from your hands and you both walked back into the room.
Negan set Lucille back down onto the desk and laid down in bed, letting the red sheets drape over him.

He looked over to you, raising an eyebrow, “Are you waiting for a goddamn invitation, darlin’?”

You shook your head and began to unbutton your shirt slowly.
Negan bit at his lip and whistled.
“Goddamn, I wish I had some dollar bills to give you, darlin’.” He said with a wink.

You smirked and rolled your eyes playfully as you got the rest of your clothes off and crawled into bed with him, pulling the covers over yourself and feeling the coolness of them on your body.

“So, back to business.” He said, looking over to you with a serious face, “You gonna tell me what your damn problem was earlier.”

You looked over to him and propped yourself up onto your elbow, “You’d just tell me I’m being stupid if I told you.”

“Try me, darlin’. I’m in a decent fuckin’ mood.” He said, staring at you.

You took in a breathe and decided the only way to get over it was to tell him about the dream, regardless of whether or not he told you to get over it.

“Look, I had a nightmare about Randy, okay? He came back here, and he killed me. It freaked me out.” You said, looking at him, biting your lip.

Negan looked at you for a minute and sucked his teeth.
You could tell he was trying to think about what to say to you.

“Is that it?” He said as he raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I know it’s stupid.” You said slowly.

“Well, fuck yeah it’s stupid.” Negan chuckled putting his hands behind his head.

You sighed, “See, I told you.”

“Darlin’, it’s stupid for you to think that fucker is getting anywhere near you. You’re my wife and nobody fucks with one of my wives. Especially you.” He said, giving you a stern look.

You nodded slowly, “I don’t want anything to happen to you either. I think that worries me most, if you want my honesty.”

He scoffed and gave you a grin, “Damn, I think you’re going fuckin’ soft on me, sweetheart. That fucker isn’t gonna fuck with me either.”

You shook your head, “No, I’m not going soft. But I do care.”

He cut his eyes to you and blinked, “Yeah, I fuckin’ know you do, babydoll.”

You gave a nod back to him.
In his own way, that was him letting you know that he cared for you too.
You laid back down on the bed, slipping your arm under your pillow.

“So, what’s the deal with tomorrow, I heard you talking to Dwight about questioning someone.” You asked, looking over to him.

Negan’s hands were still behind his head and his eyes were closed, he opened one eye and glanced over to you before closing them again.

“Yeah, I’m gonna have a little fuckin’ chat with that shit stick Vernon. I think there’s more to the goddamn story of why they were here. I need to have chat with Sherry too.” He said, clearing his throat.

“You think she’s involved?” You said, giving him a look of concern.

“No. But I think she probably knows some fuckin’ things.” He said.

“Meaning, you think they could be in relation to Randy.” You said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Negan nodded, “Fuckin’ correct, darlin’.”

“You should off both of them if they’re involved.” You said, rolling your eyes.

“Mmm, now that’s my girl. Fiesty is how I fuckin’ like you, darlin’.” He said with a seductive smirk.

You smiled back and curled up towards him on the bed, “Fair is fair.” You said closing your eyes.

You laid there in silence for a few minutes, you were beginning to doze off when you felt something.
You opened your eyes a bit to see Negan had laid a hand on your hip.
You smiled sleepily and closed your eyes again.
That night you slept easily and had no other dreams.

You woke up the next morning with the sun creeping into the window, you turned your head over to Negan to see that he was turned towards you, his hand still on your hip.

You smiled to yourself and gently slipped out of bed, gathering your clothes off of the floor to put them on.
When you got dressed you slipped on your boots and made your way out and walked back over to your own room to get his jacket.
When you walked in you grabbed the jacket off the the cot and grabbed your gun off of the table, slipping the holster onto your shoulders.
You walked back over to Negan’s room and placed his jacket onto the bed.

It wasn’t long after that that he woke up.
He stretched and sat up, “Shit, how long have you been up?” He said in a raspy tone.

“Not long. I just got dressed and went over to my room to get my things and your jacket.” You said, pointing to where it laid on the bed.

He smirked and stood up, gathering his own clothes off the floor, “Too bad I fuckin’ missed that.” He said with a wink and he put on his clothes.

“There will be plenty of times to see me nude.” You smiled.

“You’re goddamn right about that.” He said, biting his lip as he walked over towards you and pulled you into him and pressed his lips to yours, kissing you hard.

He pulled back and licked his lips giving you a smirk and you bit your lip and smiled back to him.

He put on his jacket and grabbed Lucille as you both went downstairs to start the day.
It was another busy day as people were rushing around doing their jobs and of course, when they saw Negan coming, they stopped in their tracks and kneeled down as you both walked past.
Negan smiled proudly watching everyone kneel before him with Lucille propped onto his leather shoulder.

You made your way out into the yard where a lot of the crew were gathered around waiting for Negan’s orders for the day.
You saw Daryl standing by Dwight, still wearing his jumpsuit with a big “A” on it.

Negan approached the men and smiled, “Good fuckin’ morning, gentlemen.”

“Goodmorning, Negan.” Everyone said back in unison.

Negan chuckled at their willingness to comply so easily, “Alright, it’s gonna be a fuckin’ busy day, boys. Dwight, we still have that fuckin’ shipment coming in, right?”

Dwight nodded his head, “Just got the word in that they’re on their way back now.”

“Good. Take those three fucks from lastnight and bring them out here and put their asses to work.”

Dwight nodded back and looked to Daryl. Daryl just looked on in silence as he usually did when Negan was around.

Negan chuckled, “Don’t worry, D. You can still keep Daryl.”

Dwight smiled back weakly at Negan’s joke and grabbed Daryl to drag him back off to where the other prisoners were.
You and Negan followed behind them and made your way down into a small basement-like room.

“Bring our other fuckin’ guests out, Dwight.” Negan said as he leaned back against the wall.

You watched as Dwight went to one of the makeshift “cells” which were really just small windowless closets.
Dwight brought out his gun as he opened one of the doors.

He pointed his gun to the men inside, “Get up.” He said in a stern tone.

The men all walked out in a single file line and lined up against the wall.
They were all dirty and you could tell that had endured an ass kicking after they got back, they were all wearing jumpsuits with the different letters “E”, “F”, “G”.
But you felt no guilt for them.

“Rough fuckin’ night, fellas?” Negan chuckled holding Lucille under one man’s chin, making him lift his head.

The man winced as the Sharp points of Lucilles barbed-wire dug into his skin.

Negan looked over the man’s bruised face and sucked his teeth, “C'mon now, don’t be a pussy, it’s just a couple fuckin’ bruises. If you’re that fuckin’ fragile I’m not gonna have any goddamn use for you.”

The man said nothing as Negan lowered Lucille to his side.
All of them looked to you and Negan in fear.

Negan rolled his eyes, “Well this is fuckin’ boring. Get them outside.” Negan said eyeing Dwight.

Dwight nodded back and held up his gun to the men again and forced them out into the yard.
You and Negan also followed, when you got back outside the delivery truck was pulling up.

“Finally the shit is here.” Negan said with a big smile.

The truck pulled in with a stop and the crew gathered around in.

“Make the new fucks get that shit out, Dwight.” Negan called out.

Dwight instructed the men to get into the back of the truck and unload the supplies.
The man with “F” jumpsuit approached the truck slowly and began to crawl up into it, but was going too slow and Dwight pushed him in.
The man got back up onto his feet and picked up a crate to hand to the other men who were waiting outside and there was a loud crash as the bottom of the box fell out and various items shattered on the floor.

“Goddamnit!” Negan shouted in an angered tone as he began to approach the men.

Before Negan could get any closer to the truck a machine gun began going off inside the truck. The shots hit the man inside the truck and the two remaining ones outside.
There were a bunch of yells as everyone ducked down.
You quickly pulled out your gun and ducked down with everyone else and pointed your gun to the truck to begin returning fire, but you felt a grab at your shirt collar and saw that it was Negan pulling you towards him.
Your heart was racing and you held your gun firmly.
Negan was letting out a series of curse words as he held onto you tightly.

“Fuckin’ stay down, there’s no time for you to be a fuckin’ hero right goddamn now, darlin’” He growled loudly, looking towards the truck as he gripped Lucille firmly.

You were both trying to shield eachother from the gunfire as a couple more shots before it came to a stop.
You could hear the footsteps approaching the front of the truck as someone pulled back the plastic curtains that hung from the opening.

A kid stood there holding the machine gun.
It took you a minute to process everything, then you recognized the kid.
It was Carl.
You gripped your gun tighter.

“Move back and drop your weapons. I just want Negan.” Carl said pointing the gun to everyone in a half nervous, half serious tone.

You didn’t drop your gun, you started to hold it up and Negan put his hand on your arm to lower it, “Take it easy, darlin’.” He said with a smile.

You both stood back up and Negan approached the truck as Carl still held out the gun to everyone.
Negan showed no fear, he was even smiling, so that made you calm down a bit but you kept your eyes locked onto Carl and your finger on the trigger.

Negan whistled to him as he walked up to the truck, “Damn, aren’t you fuckin’ adorable. Now, you probably picked that gun because it looks pretty fuckin’ badass, right?” He chuckled, followed by a dangerous smile.
Negan grabbed one of the closet men by the collar and held them out in from of himself as a human shield.

“Kid, I’m not gonna fuckin’ lie. You scared the living shit out of me.”

Carl suddenly shot the man that Negan was hanging onto and Dwight lunged for Carl, throwing him to the ground.
You ran over to him, holding your gun to Carl’s head.

“Do it!” Dwight growled, still holding Carl down firmly.

“Fuck no, don’t do a damn thing.” Negan said walking over to were you both stood.

You still held out the gun, your heart racing again, looking back over to Negan, “But he tried to-”

“But nothing. Now put it up, (Y/N).” Negan cut you off, narrowing his eyes at you.

You let out a labored breathe and nodded, putting your gun back into it’s holster.
You looked over towards the fence where all the walkers were chained to see Daryl looking on in horror at the three of you surrounding Carl.

Negan stuck his hand out, “Come on, kid. Let’s fuckin’ show you around the place.”

Carl just laid there looking up to the both of you.
Negan was smiling warmly, but your eyes were still locked onto Carl, giving him a hostile gaze.

“Now, I see you’ve got the same goddamn look as your dad. But it’s only half as fuckin’ good since you’ve only got one good fuckin’ eye. You don’t wanna take my hand? Kid, you’re fuckin’ lucky that you still have one. Same goes for your boy Daryl over there.” Negan said in an annoyed tone as he motioned his head towards Daryl.

Carl looked over to see Daryl still standing by the fence, looking over at all of you intensely.
Carl finally looked back to Negan and stuck out his hand, taking it in his.
Negan pulled him up with ease.

“Smart fuckin’ kid.” Negan took a breathe and looked to Dwight, “D, take Daryl into the kitchen and you two fix up something real fuckin’ nice. And the rest of you, get rid of these fuckin’ bodies and unload the shit later.” He sucked his teeth again, throwing up his hands.

“You know, I’m not gonna a have any goddamn time to screw any of my wives today… Well, maybe just one..” Negan said shifting his gaze to you with a wink.

You gave him a smile back and licked your lips.

Negan motioned to Carl, “Come on.”

“What are you gonna do to me?” Carl interjected, unmoving from the spot he was in.

Negan approached him closely, “First off, kid. Don’t shatter my goddamn imagine of you, for Christ’s sake. You’re a badass and you’re not scared of a fuckin’ thing, so don’t be scared of me, it’s a big fuckin’ disappointment if you are. And do you really want me to fuck up the surprise? Fuck you, kid.”

Negan grabbed him the shoulder and led him up the stairs to the inside as you followed behind.
When you got inside to the balcony that overlooked the main room to the sanctuary, everyone kneeled down immediately as Negan walked up to the edge, leaning on the railing.

“Watch this.” Negan said, looking back to Carl.

“The Saviors have went out into the world and fought the dead and have always come back with some cool shit. And some of that shit can be yours, if you do your goddamn work and follow rules. So, fresh vegetables for everyone at dinner with no points needed.” Negan said in a deep tone, looking over the crowd of people who were kneeling for him.

The crowd began to applaud him at the announcement of the reward he had given them.

Negan smiled and leaned back, looking to Carl, “Cool, huh? That’s what fuckin’ respect looks like. And they’re still on their fuckin’ knees for me.”

Carl looked to the crowed and seem as if he were almost entranced as he witnessed how much power Negan truly had.

“As you were.” Negan said in a loud tone.

Everyone slowly began to rise up and go back to what they were doing.

You followed Negan up the next set of stairs back to your own floor you shared with him and he led you into the wives room.
As you entered into the room of women who were just sitting around, they all looked nervous as they saw you.
You hadn’t been in here since the first time you arrived at the sanctuary.

Negan looked around the room, “Ladies, don’t mind the kid.” He said, turning back to Carl, “You know, when every woman where your from dresses like they do in a magazine you find in an auto shop, you’re gonna wanna stare at their tits. So, go ahead. I don’t fuckin’ mind, they won’t mind. Knock your fuckin’ self out. Hell, stare at (Y/N)’s if you want.” He chuckled.

“Uhh, how about no.” You cut in, looking to both of them, shaking your head.

“Shit. She’s fuckin’ right. Scratch that, stare at any pair of titties, except hers. Unless you wanna piss me off.” He laid a hand on Carl’s shoulder and gave him a dangerous look, “You don’t wanna piss me off, do you, kid?”

Carl looked back to Negan nervously, unsure of what to say, “No. I- I don’t want to.”

Negan chuckled and slapped Carl’s shoulder playfully, “I’m just fuckin’ with you, kid. Go ahead and make yourself at home.”

Negan looked over to Sherry who was sitting on a couch.
He walked over to her slowly and left you standing there with Carl.

“Dear wife, can I have a fuckin’ word with you?” He said furrowing his eyebrows as he motioned her over to the mini bar that was setup in the corner of the room.

She walked over to him as he poured a drink into a glass and slide it to her, “Yes?”

“I’ve been needing to fuckin’ talk to you about a few things.” He said with a smile as he popped the cap on a beer bottle.

“Well, I tried to see you lastnight.” She said, crossing her arms.

“It’s not that kind of fuckin’ talk, sweetheart. We never got to talk about Amber. Now you two knew eachother, and so, I’m pretty damn curious to know if you knew about her and Randy.” He said, taking a sip of beer.

Sherry stared at him intently, “What we talked about when you weren’t here, is none of your business.”

Negan smirked and pursed his lips, “Well there’s rules for a reason. Nothing matters if you’re dead and you are still here because you fuckin’ get that. Or I thought you did.”

“She made a mistake and I never knew about the rest of it with what he had planned. So go easy on us, go easy on me.” Sherry said, taking in a breathe.

“Calm the fuck down. Have I ever hit any of you?” He said in a stern tone.

“No.. But I know you and I know that there is worse. Especially after watching Amber get killed by her.” Sherry said, cutting her eyes over to you.

You stared back at her as Negan looked over to you as well and smirked, biting his lip.

He turned back to Sherry, “Amber didn’t follow rules. That’s why I like (Y/N) more than the rest of you. She knows how to get shit done. And she doesn’t break down and cry every five fuckin’ minutes when someone needs to die. Regardless of who the hell it is. Not to mention, I can ride the fuck out of her whenever I please.” He said, licking his lips with a coy smile.

“You’re an asshole.” She said bluntly.

Negan gripped the his belt tightly, “I know, and you still like me. Why the fuck else would you be here?”

She said nothing else as they both looked at each other for a moment.
He shook his head and walked back over to where you and Carl stood.
Dwight and Daryl entered the room and Daryl was carrying a tray of food.

“Why you got him here?” Daryl said, looking at Negan.

“Whoa,” Negan said taking a bite of the food, “What we talk about when you’re not here is none of your goddamn business.” Negan said in a mocking tone as he cut his eyes back to Sherry.

She quickly looked away from his gaze.

“Dwight, why don’t you go down to the cells and get Vernon ready for some fuckin’ questioning. I’ll be down there in a few.” He said walking out of the room as you and Carl followed him.

You made your way over to Negan’s room, you weren’t sure why he was bringing Carl in here.
You all walked in and Carl stood by the door.
you walked over to one of the couches that Negan had and sat down on it, looking at both of them.

“So.. are all of those women really..” Carl trailed off.

“Wives? Fuck yeah, they are. The way I figure, why stick by the fuckin’ rules and only have one? Leave yourself open to a little bit of fuckin’ options.” Negan said with a smile.

You sort of gritted your teeth at that, but knew better than to speak out or catch an attitude with him right now.
But Negan was good with knowing when you were catching an attitude.

“But,” he spoke as he walked over to you and sat down beside you and grabbed you by the face and placed a passionate kiss on your lips before pulling back, “There’s nothing wrong with having a fuckin’ favorite. Especially when they look this damn good.” He said, smiling back at Carl.

Carl just stood there nervously, looking at the both of you, still holding the tray.

“Jesus, kid. Come sit the fuck down.” Negan said, propping his feet up on the table in front of him.

Carl walked over slowly to sit down on the couch across from you and Negan.

“I wanna get to know you a little fuckin’ better, Carl.” Negan said, leaning up towards him.

“Why?” Carl asked, looking at Negan.

You sat there in silence watching them.

“So, we can work it out. I mean you’re fucking smart, right? I know that you fuckin’ are. Kids your age usually don’t do a goddamn thing, they’d be sitting around whining about missing the fuckin’ prom.” Negan pointed to Carl, “But you, you went on a goddamn mission to find me and you did, and you killed four of my men -which wasn’t much of a fuckin’ loss - but still a loss of what could have been some good workers once they got broken in. But you are smart enough to know that I’m not gonna let this slide.” Negan spoke, giving Carl an eerily calm look.

He just sat there, looking even more nervous now than he did before.
Negan chuckled and ran a hand scross his face, looking to you, then back to Carl.

“I can’t do it. I cannot fuckin’ do this, I feel like I’m talking to a goddamn birthday present or something.” Negan said throwing his hand out to point at Carl’s eyepatch, “You gotta take that shit off, kid. I’ve gotta see what you’ve got for me.”

“No.” Carl said firmly.

“Four men!” Negan showed suddenly, making you jump a little in your seat, “You must actually fuckin’ want to piss me off.” Negan growled to him, narrowing his eyes.

Carl pressed his lips together and slowly put his hands up to unravel the gauze that was wrapped around his head.
You could see him getting even more nervous as he took it off, when he was done, he let the gauze drop to the floor.
He pulled his hair back to reveal a hollowed out eyesocket, you could see the inside reddened with tendons still attached.

You winced as you looked at it.

“Jesus fuckin’ Christ.” Negan said in excitement as he stared at it, “That’s fuckin’ disgusting. No wonder you cover that fucker up. Have you seen it, I mean have you really took a look in the fuckin’ mirror? I can see your goddamn socket.”

You could see Carl begin suck in deep breaths as Negan berated him.

“Can I touch it? Because I really want to fuckin’ touch that shit.” Negan said with a chuckle as he continued to stare at it.

Carl put his head down and it seemed like he was starting to cry over Negan’s words.

Negan suddenly stopped and his expression turned into a somber one, “Oh fuck.. Look kid, I’m just fuckin’ around with you. It’s easy to forget that you’re a fucking kid, I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Just forget it.” Carl said, holding his head down.

There was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Negan huffed, looking towards the door.

A heavy set man walked in and you saw that he was carrying Lucille in his hands.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, sir. But you left Lucille out by the truck.” He said nervously, still standing by the door.

“Seriously? I never fuckin’ do that. But I guess a kid firing a machine gun is a fuckin’ distraction.” He said with a chuckle, looking back to Carl, “But jokes aside, I wouldn’t cover that shit back up. It looks rad as hell and maybe the ladies won’t fuckin’ like it, but I can promise no one will fuck with you with a face like that.” Negan said in a serious tone.

Negan looked back the the heavy set man, “Fat Joseph, did you really carry her all the fuckin’ way back up here for me?”

“Yes. Yes, sir.” He said back.

Negan held out his hand and took Lucille from him.

He took her into his hands and looked her over, “We’re you kind and gentle to my girl?”

Joey stammered for a moment, not knowing what to say.

“Did you treat her like a lady?” Negan cut in.

“Yes, sir.” Joey said.

Negan then shot him a seriosuly look, “Did you pet her fuckin’ pussy like a lady?”

Joey didn’t answer that time, and he looked even more confused now as he looked at Negan.

Negan suddenly laughed and clapped his hands together, “I’m fuckin’ with you, man. A baseball bat doesn’t have a fuckin’ pussy!”

Joey burst out into nervous laugh along with Negan’s.

“Get the fuck out.” Negan said bluntly.

He stopped and nodded exiting the room very quickly after that.
You had to bite down on your lip to keep from bursting out into laugher.

“Now, you see, that’s what I’m fuckin’ talking about. Men busting each other’s fuckin’ balls. This is the shit your dad should be fuckin’ teaching you.” Negan said as he looked back to Carl.

Carl said nothing as Negan looked over to you and you shrugged back at him.

He huffed and looked back to Carl, “What do you like to do for fun, do you like music?”

Carl sat there, still not answering.

“I’ve got it.. I want you to sing me and my ladies a fuckin’ song.” Negan said, wrapping an arm around you.

“What?” Carl said raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, four of my men with a goddamn machine gun, kid. So for that, I want something in fuckin’ return. I want you to sing a song for us.” Negan said in a stern tone.

“I don’t know any.” Carl said softly.

“Bullshit!” Negan barked back to him, “What did your mom sing to you, what the fuck did your dad Ricky play in the car?” Negan asked, narrowing his eyes at him again.

Carl shook his head.

“Get your gun out, darlin’.” Negan said with a smile, looking to you.

You pulled it out slowly as Negan got up and pointed Lucille to Carl.

“Okay.. Okay.” Carl said in a panicked tone.

“Then start fuckin’ singing.” Negan said angrily.

Carl took in a breathe and began,“ You are.. my sunshine..” then paused momentarily .

“Keep going.” Negan said calmy as he walked to the middle of the room.

Carl glanced to you to see you still had your gun out, resting on your leg.

“My only sunshine.. You make me happy.. When skies are gray.” Carl continued, shifting his eyes from you and Negan nervously.

Negan swung Lucille in the air and Carl let out a small gasp, turning his head to him.

“Do not let me fuckin’ disturb you, kid. Keep going!” Negan said happily as he brought Lucille up over his head and brought he back down.

You could hear the WOOSH of the air as he brought her down.
It reminded you of the first run you went on with Negan when he was playing baseball with flower vases.
You smirked to yourself.

“You’ll never know dear,” Carl took a shaky breathe, “How much I love you.. please don’t take my sunshine away.”

Negan walked back over to the both of you, “That’s pretty good. Wasn’t that good, darlin’?” He said looking over to you.

You looked back to him, “Very nice.” You said, putting your gun away.

“Now, I don’t know about, (Y/N). But Lucille, she loves to be sung to.” He said sitting back down on the couch, “Almost as fuckin’ much as she loves bashing in brains. Weird shit, huh?” He said holding out Lucille to Carl again.

Negan lowered Lucille, “Did your mom sing that to you, where is she now?”

Carl sniffed and shook his head.

“Dead, huh? Did you see it happen?” Negan said, leaning towards him.

“I shot her.” Carl said, shaking his head.

“Damn, no wonder you’re a little serial killer in the making.” Negan turned to you, “Did you know this?”

You shook your head, “No. That was before my time with them.”

Negan nodded and turned back to Carl, “That was a fuckin’ example of busting balls, by the way.”

Negan stood back up, “Well let’s go, they should be ready.”

“Ready for what?” Carl asked.

“Have you ever seen a fuckin’ interrogation, kid?” Negan said firmly, looking back to Carl.

Carl shook his head, “No.”

Negan chuckled, “Well goddamn, you came on a good day then. Get the fuck up and let’s go.”

You got up and walked over to Negan.
Carl looked to the both of you and got up slowly, following you both back downstairs to the cells.

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(Gif not mine)

Harry Styles x reader

Word count:445

Warnings: Cursing.

A.n: Okay so I finally got something up and I think this will have a couple parts, I still don’t know how many. You guys can still send in request by the way, and you can change your friends name that’s just what came to mind.  

By the way guys the italics are messages.


“Harry, over here!”

“Look straight!”

“Stay still!”

“Over here! Over here!”

The paparazzi yelled at Harry, but he just did his thing and smiled occasionally and he even gave them his smug smirk, which was to die for.

Are you seEING THIS?!?” You texted your friend

“Are you kidding me I’m fucking dying!!!” Your best friend texted back.

What even is breathing??” You sent back.

Bro Idk how you’re not dead, I’m dying and I’m not even there.” “Like your breathing the same air as him.” “You might even get to interview him!!!” “BRO YOU COULD SEE HIS BEAUTIFUL EYES!!!!”  She kept sending messages with made you laugh.

Bro I don’t know if I could do it, like what if I mess up??” “What if I faint??” “What if I trip??” “Or worse what if I cry?” “WHaT IF???!!!”

“What if? Suck it up and if you don’t get a interview try to sneak a picture of him.”

“Y/n he’s coming.” The camera guy told you, which you quickly shoved your phone into your pocket and try to single him to come to you.

“He’s fucken gorgeous.” You stared at him in aw as he stood next to you and had a interview. You quickly took your phone out and took pictures , were they good? Who knew but you hoped so since you wanted to set one as your background on your phone.

“Here’s my chance.” You mumbled to yourself and straighten yourself out. “Harry can I get a quick interview?”

“I’m so sorry, but I have to get going.” He apologized and gave you a smile and walked into the venue.

You sighed and turned to the camera guy “You can get going, I’m just going to hang out for bit.”

“Ok just be careful, it’s starting to get dark.” James told you.

“Thank you, will do. Good night.”

“Night.” He smiled at you and started to back up.

You decided to stick around even after the show and everyone had left and you were now currently sitting on the steps of the building, and if you were being honest your but was staring to get cold.

I’m such a loser.” You texted your best friend, Natasha.

“Why? What happened?”

“I didn’t get a interview with Harry now I’m waiting outside the venue like a dumbass and I’m starting to get hungry.”

“Aww that’s okay, you’re my loser.” “Do you want me to pick you up so we can grab a bite to eat.”

But before you had the chance to actually answer her someone knocked over your bag.

“Great, this night just keep getting better and better.” You mumbled.

“I’m so sorry.”

I’ve had my dog since the day I was born

by reddit user inaaace

Ok, now that I’m writing this I can see how strange it is that I’ve had my dog for almost 31 years, but when you live with something every day of your life, it’s kinda normal, you know? I mean, sure, it crossed my mind here and there that, hey, how come Snoop is 20, 24, 26 years old, but I never gave it extensive thought. Good nutrition and daily exercise is what I’d say and move on. It wasn’t impossible, right?

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  • Zeref: I don’t remember sending you an invitation. Although I must admit, you’ve got a lot of nerve sneaking into the base of the most powerful being in Alvarez Empire.
  • Gray: (snorts, then laughs)
  • Zeref: What’s so funny?
  • Gray: Let me ask you something, Zeref. Don’t you think it’s time you gave up on this little charade? It’s getting old. You say you’re the Emperor of Alvarez, and yet you have no idea about the powers that are here. You’re a pretender. You’re like that story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.
  • Zeref: (shouts) You’re nobody! Not like me! You will bow down before me!
  • Gray: (snarls) Sorry, the floor’s kind of dirty.
  • Zeref: YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME! (punches Gray on the cheek)
  • Gray: (touches his swollen cheek, then shrugs it off by smirking) When you can’t think of anything you say, do you always resort to fighting?
  • Zeref: I…guess…
  • Gray: That’s your problem. You don’t know when to talk and when to fight. Now it’s a good time to talk. On the other hand, it’s also a good time to fight! (punches Zeref)

“Why don’t I  try talking to him?” Y/N suggested, remembering the last time Sam and Dean talked to him.

Dean sighed, leaning back onto the Impala’s seat. “Fine,” he frowned, “I guess Sam and I will wait here.”

Y/N smiled as they got out of the car and made their way to the door. Looking back at Sam and Dean, they gave them a thumbs up before knocking on the door.

“Coming!” Moments passed before Chuck opened his door. “You’re a little ear-” He froze, realizing who was at the door. “Please,” he took a step back and put his hands up, “don’t hurt me.”

“What?” Y/N’s eyebrows furrowed together. “Chuck, I’m not going to hurt you. I need your help.”

vixensheart  asked:

I request "So are you guys dating, or?" for BbRae! XD

YOU GOT IT. I’m kind of hyped about YJ S3, and I’m looking forward to some more BB character development, so, I’ve had this idea in my head for a while! A potential ‘what if’ situation. :) I hope it’s okay! For obvious reasons, he’s aged up here. 

“You came,” she breathed, her expression more of relief than anything else.

It was the first time in a long time that he’d seen her act not so indifferent; she was genuine in her pleasure with seeing him again. It gave him hope, made him feel a glimmer of that exhilirating anticipation, that he was something more to her. Especially when she looked at him like that

Beast Boy morphed back into his human shape and dusted off his uniform. Sparing her a small smile, and spending a few moments to appreciate her uncanny beauty, he finally found his voice. “And you’re not actually evil.”

Smooth. Real smooth.

It was a miracle neither Bart or Jaime had been there to hear that one. 

Suddenly, her eyes were like purple steel. She crossed the room towards him, closing the distance in a few strides, and her hands came up to clutch at his shoulders. He tried to ignore the way his heart pounded in his chest at her unexpected nearness. “Gar, you can’t be here. You have to go. Now.” 

The seriousness in her tone had returned, but the way her brows furrowed, and her bottom lip jutted out, told him that she was just worried about his well-being. 

He shook his head in protest. “I can’t just leave you here, Rae. Not when I know the truth. Come on, we have to go tell the others what’s really going on.” He grabbed hold of her hand firmly, not waiting for her consent, and tugged her after him.

Raven broke free of his grasp immediately after giving him quite a bit of resistance. “No! I can’t!” She cried out.

He stilled, watching her back away reluctantly, like it was the last thing she wanted to do. “Beast Boy, I can’t go with you.” Her voice softened, and she averted her gaze to the ground.

“Why not?” Even to his own ears, he sounded desperate.

[the rest is under the cut!]

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okay so like one of the highlights of my Day 1 at Kumoricon 2016 was encountering these two in artists alley

i got handed, v quietly, some sweet tarts, and it wasn’t until after i’d opened it up and eaten one that i realized..

oh!! Professor Willow!!! and Spark!!! of course Willow gave me candy omg i had like three pokemon on me and anyway here they are dabbing for me bc Spark

The Speech I Got Arrested For (But Not Really) [shared with permission]

So my best good pal who walked out of the pokey earlier this afternoon gave this speech at the thing, a couple whiles before the cops decided to assault peaceful protesters and then haul people off to jail for the crime of not running away fast enough (seriously; they’re calling not getting away “resisting a police officer”).  They told me I could share it wherever I pleased to, so this here’s me using what little voice I’ve got.

As some of you may have heard, I’ve recently been released from being locked up in the men’s processing center of the Marion County Jail. Which, as a non-binary trans person with gender non-conforming proclivities, would not have boded well had I not had the company of good comrades nearby, and the knowledge that people were still fighting for us on the outside. Also, there were neo-nazis. So there’s that. And to top it all off, I’ve been repeatedly deadnamed in the media. So, please, don’t read the names of the arrests, out of respect for me as your friend and as a person. But, in its full, uncut glory, I present to you the call-to-arms I issued last night: 

 Good evening. My name is Cambria. I organise locally in several Leftist, Labour, and Trans liberation circles, and tonight I am speaking on behalf of the Michiana and Central Indiana IWW’s General Defence Committee. The mission of the GDC is to provide defense and relief to members of the working class who are being persecuted for their activity in the class struggle, and to aid those who find themselves persecuted by the powers that be in their struggle for justice and freedom. This aid may include bail, bond, or legal aid, and may take the form of a grant or a no interest loan. Members may also rest assured of solidarity from the organization, including motions of support, letters writing, and public education as to the case (or cases) in question. Such gestures of solidarity are offered to political prisoners, regardless of membership in the IWW or GDC. 

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Online Shop!

Wahh gave into peer pressure!
Set up a Redbubble shop where i’ll post MTG-inspired that is non-copyrighted c: 

Want a bag where you can put your deck boxes and what not in? 
Want a mug to drink your opponents tear with when you counter their spell?
In need of a Pillow to cry into when they counter your spell? 

Then keep an eye out! I already got some merch for up, and hope to put some more silly stuff up soon! ( gonna see if i can put up some stickers soon)


[Rukia Kuchiki stands there, in her shinigami robes and her huge captain’s haori, her right hand resting on her heavily protruding bump and her left pulling back her long, midnight hair. the woman who refused to take her husband’s name takes a deep breath and looks into the room.

“I think this may have to be the last one, Ichigo.”]

(Insert Ichigo’s response above.) (Also this will be their 5th kid.)

The excerpt is from Chapter 5 of Stuck. Written by the talented IchirukiFan94.

I’ve wanted to draw something based on this oneshot for awhile. And this is what I came up with. I dunno if I will ink this or not. So here is what I got for now. If you like this please give IchirukiFan94′s oneshot collection a read. Her work is simply mind blowing. 

This is my idea of what older ichigo looks like. I gave him chin hair and side burns because I think he’s most sexy with them. And my head canon is older Ichigo with a mullet rather than that stupid ass short hair he got in 686. Also my head canon is that he gets his ears pierced cause the other soul reapers goad him into it. And Rukia secretly finds it super sexy. 

Here’s the link to the oneshots: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/3304731/IchirukiFan94

eek okay so

that CC

no bueno

It’s not as big of a deal for me personally bcs like, I’m used to SWTOR which has I think around 20 uncostimizable faces for humans of either sex and you gotta make em unique with makeup/tatoos/scars/etc from there

so, I really just had to give up making a Stephanie Beatriz faceclaim and just picked the preset I liked the best of the 9 (really? only NINE??) available and edited her from there

so, Serafina Ryder??

I think she looks appropriately young and wide eyed with excitement and trepidation

She actually kinda looks like my gradeschool bestie which was kinda weird at first but with such limiting options I’ve decided that, you know what, that means I got her realistically Latina at least so whatever

I forgot to screencap her brother in the CC but I gave them the matching neck tattoos, you can’t tell from here but it completely encircles the neck and looks like a choker, and I thought the pattern made it look kinda like a choker necklace. idk, I thought it was pretty

I imagine she got the scar from sword-fighting practice or something.

also had her keep the same default Sara Ryder’s ponytail because 1.) Jesus it’s actually the only hair I liked I’m so sick of bobs and buzzcuts, and 2.) It’ll make customizing any figures they make of Sara Ryder easier so

and of course the obvious “gotta have blue hair!” joke

I’m still fucking around with the graphics settings because my computer technically CAN run it at high but then it’s like “what up 20 fps you fucking suck” so that’s not… ideal….

anonymous asked:

How do you know exactly that "The Headband" episode replaced an episode of Aang and Kuzon?

That is info that zephyrita provided. She worked on the show and had connections to other people who did as well. She gave us a lot of the Book 4 info.

And this actually backs up some early Book 3 info that came from Comic-Con before Book 3 aired. Here is info I got from an article dating back to January 16, 2007:

(Oh, and by the way, speaking of learning more about Fire Nation characters, I might as well mention that according to what was said at Comic-Con, in Book III we will learn a little bit more about Kuzon, the Fire Nation friend Aang mentioned in “The Blue Spirit.”)

Well we learned nothing about Kuzon.

Harry Today
  • Harry: *talking with louis over the phone* Guess what I got to hold today.
  • Louis: I kno-
  • Harry: A baby.
  • Louis: Here we go.
  • Harry: Why does she get to have a bambino? Huh? I want an infant. Why won't you let us have a neonate. I want-no. I neeeeeeeeed one NOW. Next time I see you, you better have an overgrown sperm in your arms looking exactly how I described it in the presentation I gave you last week.*hangs up*
  • Louis: I'm so fooked

tiaratuesday  asked:

Hey girl! My best friend's 20th birthday is coming up and I was wondering if you had any good gift ideas. I'm not trying to break the bank but I still want to get something that's nicer than just a candle lol, thank you so much!

Hey girl!

I honestly think it really depends on your specific friend & what they like :)

Here are a few ideas of gifts I’ve received/I’ve given throughout college:

  • swell water bottle: I got one of these last year for my birthday, and I absolutely love it. It’s super practical and useful. I ended up getting one for my sister!
  • mug/coffee cup: my bestie and I always give each other mugs/coffee cups for birthdays/christmas. I use mine all the time, and she uses hers! 
  • soaps/etc.: one of my friends gave me a real nice soap bar from Anthropologie this past year for Christmas, and I use it everyday! I’ve also received Lush gift cards from friends, and I’ve always loved those. I give Lush gift sets a lot- and they have a variety of price points. I always love giving/getting bath products.
  • makeup/jewelry: I recently got my sister some liquid lipsticks for Valentine’s Day because she loves liquid lipsticks. I also gave her a little banner that says ‘Cactus Queen’. She sent me a really cute choker necklace & cute stickers/stamps. I personally think jewelry & makeup are great gifts to give (and get!). 
  • cd’s: last year, I gave my bestie a few cd’s for her birthday (because her car doesn’t have an aux cord). I also think records are a cute gift idea if your friend loves music/has a record player (like my bestie does). 
  • plants: this may sound stupid, but I love getting/giving plants. I have received so many cute little succulents from friends over the years, and it always makes me happy. I gifted a lot of plants this summer in colorful pots!

Here are a few more gift ideas:

  1. tassel earrings
  2. cute pajama set
  3. stud earring set
  4. iphone case
  5. western choker necklace
  6. makeup bag
  7. coffee table book (I love getting books) 
  8. cute picture frame (with a picture in the inside)
  9. agenda
  10. notebook

You can’t go wrong with getting a few small things and packaging them all together. You can always go to the Target dollar section/dollar store and get a ton of cute little gifts. You totally don’t have to break the bank to get your bestie a thoughtful bday gift that she’ll love!

I hope that could give you a few ideas!

If anybody else has any ideas- please comment :)