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Um. ShikaHina anyone?

I have a couple unfinished ShikaHina fics lying around.  Here’s one I kinda polished up after I blew the dust off of it.

There was something calming about visiting Konoha.  Gaara never minded coming to visit after the war, especially since most of the shinobi world was concentrating on peace efforts, so it was easier for him to leave Sunagakure in the council’s hands from time to time. To be more accurate, he considered it somewhat of a mini vacation. Gaara inhaled a deep, clean breath of air, marveling at how clear it was and how little grains of sand didn’t tickle his nostrils.  He idly observed many buildings in various stages of reconstruction, many children playing throughout the streets, and shinobi training, much like his own village, so it was somewhat of a familiar, and almost comforting, sight.  It was a bright, clear, and warm sunny day–not blinding and scorching, like Suna’s, but enough to cause Gaara to sweat and to invite many of the villagers to the bubbling stream to play in the cold water.  The atmosphere was relaxing and the greenery and scenery around him had a nice, tranquil effect on him. That along with the faint noise of life rustling in the village and with the accompanying drawling voice of the new head of the Nara clan. Gaara was mildly amused that Shikamaru had willingly helped settle Gaara into the Hokage’s guests’ apartments.  But then, as a sort of foreign liaison as well as Hokage’s advisor, he really had no choice.  He was doing a thorough job touring the Kazekage on some of the newer rebuilt sections of Konoha, but Gaara did not miss the fact that the normally lazy ninja was a little distracted.  His brown eyes would glaze over while he spoke, obviously not quite entirely involved in what minimal conversation they were exchanging, and would somewhat linger a little longer on the training grounds or at a distance past Gaara’s face.  There were pronounced shadows under his eyes and his shoulders seem to sag a little lower than usual, but Shikamaru never gave anything away, and they eventually made their around the village on their path to the Hokage tower, the Nara seemingly running on autopilot the entire time.

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