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How old is link and Riju is your art?I read somewhere that she was 14 so I was wondering what you thought

Ya know, interesting thing about gerudo that I found! LETS TALK!

Here’s what we know for sure is canon about Riju:

  • She is considered young
  • She is almost certainly not yet fully grown
  • Gerudo do not have generally have lifespans beyond 100 years like zora or shieka, as no gerudo recognize Link nor mention having lived before the calamity. (It’s most likely roughly equal to Hylians. So she is probably not young like zora ‘young’ who are actually old for Hylians.)

So we can assume since she does not display strong secondary sex characteristics, is considered a child, and that adulthood comes at roughly the same time as humans since their life span is roughly the same that she’s probably mid teens… except that  assumes Gerudo develop like humans and oddly enough we can verify that that isn’t true!

I was trying to find out if Riju was actually short a bit ago. I wanted to find out, using the gerudo children, her, and the adult gerudo if she looked like she was a proper height for her general age range… and looking that up - Gerudo DO NOT fit with general human growth patterns. See, apparently, by 18 months to 2 years (varying for boys and girls) human children have already reached roughly HALF their total height. Take two two year olds, stack them on top of each other - bam, general adult height achieved.

But gerudo clearly don’t follow that pattern - the children in town are TINY compared to the adults (don’t have my Switch next to me to compare, but I believe in the shots I took they were ¼th an adult’s height), despite them all clearly being older than two. And they were roughly half Riju’s height. Meaning Riju is half the height of most full grown adults… which is how big gerudo should be at 2 years if they followed human growth patterns? Geezum.

Yeah that’d be a weird sight.

So if that’s all true, there’s clearly a hell of a bunch of growth between the children’s ages and Riju’s, and then AFTER Riju’s to the adults. But puberty in humans both doesn’t add NEARLY the uh… 4+ feet of height or whatever, and the growth also comes in the later stages of puberty so do they have super long puberty? super extreme puberty? Two puberties!?… AND WHAT THE HELL EVEN HAPPENS TO OLD GERUDO!? They shrivel up so much! What happens to their spines!? Basically I have no goddamn idea if Riju’s short for her age because Gerudo growth patterns don’t match up to humans and there is ZERO in game information on their development cycle other than they start tiny, the explode upward at some point, and then shrivel back down again.

And all that means I also have no concrete idea of how the hell old Riju is either. Just that she is called young and is currently shorter than the confirmed adults… but not the OLD adults… Getting an actual year down, or even a range of years is assumptions and guesswork at best

So yeah. She’s a fictional character of a fictional race with a very ill defined life cycle. She’s whatever the hell you want to headcannon her to be because I freaking TRIED to science this shit out! I FREAKING TRIED!

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