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So you said Benji is Fenix's best friend but I don't remember seeing many interaction between those two (?) could you tell us more please?

oh wowww anon, tbh you’re probably just new to my blog ^_^

i’ve had this blog for centuries and there’s a lot of scared garbage on it. there have been many occasions where i’ve shown Fenix’s relationship with both Benji and Navy because she’s very close to them. of course now there hasn’t been much photosets with them together because i don’t show Fenix or Benji nearly as much as i used to.. but they’re very much still besties. 

if you pay close attention to my blog you’ll notice that Fenix always has a magazine hanging around with Benji’s face on it because she supports his career so much. they’ve also worked on a lot of photoshoots together since they’re both immersed in the fashion industry that way.

but jfgjhbkj.. Fenix was usually the one who gave Benji a lot of advice on his relationships with Yasu and Ani and it’s funny cause she never cared for either of them. i can say that she was more annoyed with Yasu more tho. she gave Ani a chance at first even after knowing about her relationship with Cas and how it ended because she seen how happy Ani made him but yeah. you’ll have to do your own digging through my blog to find most of it though but if you care enough then hopefully you will.

but i’ll probably reblog something if it doesn’t look too ugly.

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From the previous ask, Adelina needs all the hugs in the world!!!!!! She is one of the most beutiful human beings, she has just some problems. But Violetta, beutiful creature as well! Just like somebody you love, u protect them! I JUST LOVE SISTER RElATIONSHIPS, specially this one!!! I love the way you draw them both! Just like I imagine them!!! Thank you so much for this gift you gave to tumblr!!!!

yes yes!!!sister relationships are the best! thank you :)  i was inspired to draw these gorgeous sisters, so i drew some modern versions – my other drawing of them is here

to those who create photosets with adelina as white, please don’t


1.05 - My annoyance for Twisted aside for a second.  This was one of Twisted’s best scenes ever.  I love that Danny challenged Lacey about meeting him in private.  But then Lacey gave in to her attraction, and the cherry on top?  After Lacey turned to run away from what just happened, he called her back to reiterate his feelings.

Now imagine if Twisted kept up this level of writing?!

***Only 2 more photosets until the end of the blog for Lacey Porter. 😨


I conquered my first NYCC! I was there as Speed on Saturday with @neverforgetthedevilspretzels as Hulkling and @inuyoko as Prodigy. These were the best people to go to a convention this big and overwhelming with and I can’t thank them enough for letting me tag along! The experience was amazing and despite aching feet, sore backs, and shaking knees, I’m totally hoping to go again next year!  

Some highlights: We met a bunch of adorable Billys, an Eli, and a Miss America! We also recruited Ms. Marvel. It just felt right.  

Every time I saw a Wanda I would be like “Mom!” or if I saw a Pietro I would be like “Uncle Pete!” No one responded to it, and as we were walking around the Dealer’s Room, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there was a Wanda who was like “Son!”. She gave the best hug, and was one of the sweetest Wandas I’ve ever met. 

And guess who was in the Artist Alley? Jim Cheung! We were able to get a picture with him on our phone and on his (there’s a photo of us on his phone and I can’t get over that), then we bought some prints and he signed them. I was over the moon, excited. 

More photos to come!