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You thought you’d seen the last of my Castaway gameplay, didn’t you? Well, not quite! I found two more photosets stashed away in my Drafts, so might as well post them. 

This one is after Remus leaves the Lagoon. If you recall, he decided to take up the Chief’s offer to come live with the tribe after the other castaways invaded his home. Chief Manave was exceptionally generous and gave our hero a hut of his own. It’s beachfront and fully furnished, and they even hauled Remus’ raft all the way to the beach and gave him the sail he was missing. Seriously, the natives are the best. So much better than those pesky other shipwreckers. 

Anywhoo, this is where Remus settles for good (no more moving around for this lad), but before he gets to enjoy his newfound domestic bliss, he has to complete one more task for the Chief. It involves going to a haunted village and looking for a drum, and I’m seriously so miffed that I lost the photos I’d taken during that quest, cause it was probably my favorite in the whole guided gameplay part of the game. I need to remember to make more frequent backups of my crap.. 

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pride-of-themyscira replied to your photoset “All right Ghost, I found real kosher challah from a kosher bakery and…”

challah is the beeeest

NO LIE. I mean I’ve made it often enough (feels like maybe this weekend is time for some) but this professional stuff is like one step removed from really good cake. I gave Ghost a wedge rather than a slice without even thinking of it. 

arsenicjade replied to your post “redsector-a replied to your photoset “All right Ghost, I found real…”

This might be the greatest experience at seeing Judaism from The Outside that I have ever had.

I am doing my LEVEL BEST bb. :D 

Truth is I would have picked up some more appropriate candles but I haven’t done my Halloween Candle Run yet and I forgot. But I am confident if she were alive today she would enjoy a) Chris Evans and b) the scent of his candle. 

kestrel337 replied to your photoset “All right Ghost, I found real kosher challah from a kosher bakery and…”

You are being very good to ghost. I hope they appreciate it.

Well, I owe her for the time I locked her in a box for a year. 

asryakino replied to your post “OHmigod you’ve watched Miss Fisher?? I didn’t know it was accessible…”

It’s all on netflix, and so is Midsomer murders

Oh my god my parents are working their way through all like, ninety-two seasons of Midsomer Murders. They’ve even worked out the formula, which is: 

1. Murder that either nobody thinks is a murder or everyone thinks was deserved.
a. Someone the protagonists are close to is having a domestic crisis of some kind!
2. Murder that shows This Murderer Means Business And Will Not Stop At Two.
b) The domestic crisis intensifies!
3. Very near miss Attempted Murder in which the murderer is caught! 
c) Something Very English solves the domestic crisis. 

I have to admit it’s a lot of fun. 

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From the previous ask, Adelina needs all the hugs in the world!!!!!! She is one of the most beutiful human beings, she has just some problems. But Violetta, beutiful creature as well! Just like somebody you love, u protect them! I JUST LOVE SISTER RElATIONSHIPS, specially this one!!! I love the way you draw them both! Just like I imagine them!!! Thank you so much for this gift you gave to tumblr!!!!

yes yes!!!sister relationships are the best! thank you :)  i was inspired to draw these gorgeous sisters, so i drew some modern versions – my other drawing of them is here

to those who create photosets with adelina as white, please don’t

fandomfix8 replied to your photoset “what’s the mood for tonight? greatcoats, command caps and chips”

Kroger is the best place to show off costumes lbr

tbh it felt quite Iconic to walk in there in my cosplay…walking to the chip aisle feeling like I just got off shift and was stopping by the nearest convenience store for those First Order Approved Chips…that’s the Mood that Kroger gave off


Fifth Harmony Editing Challenge | Part 1: The Band

↳ Favorite Sismance/Romance Friendship - Caminah


1.05 - My annoyance for Twisted aside for a second.  This was one of Twisted’s best scenes ever.  I love that Danny challenged Lacey about meeting him in private.  But then Lacey gave in to her attraction, and the cherry on top?  After Lacey turned to run away from what just happened, he called her back to reiterate his feelings.

Now imagine if Twisted kept up this level of writing?!

***Only 2 more photosets until the end of the blog for Lacey Porter. 😨


I conquered my first NYCC! I was there as Speed on Saturday with @neverforgetthedevilspretzels as Hulkling and @inuyoko as Prodigy. These were the best people to go to a convention this big and overwhelming with and I can’t thank them enough for letting me tag along! The experience was amazing and despite aching feet, sore backs, and shaking knees, I’m totally hoping to go again next year!  

Some highlights: We met a bunch of adorable Billys, an Eli, and a Miss America! We also recruited Ms. Marvel. It just felt right.  

Every time I saw a Wanda I would be like “Mom!” or if I saw a Pietro I would be like “Uncle Pete!” No one responded to it, and as we were walking around the Dealer’s Room, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there was a Wanda who was like “Son!”. She gave the best hug, and was one of the sweetest Wandas I’ve ever met. 

And guess who was in the Artist Alley? Jim Cheung! We were able to get a picture with him on our phone and on his (there’s a photo of us on his phone and I can’t get over that), then we bought some prints and he signed them. I was over the moon, excited. 

More photos to come!