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Quartzbound’s Home Protection Ritual

So I just moved to a new city, about a month ago. I’m not staying long enough to get a proper lease, so I’ve been subletting through Airbnb and it sometimes makes me really uncomfortable not knowing who else has keys to my apartment. I’m also pretty unaccustomed to living on my own since my partner and I have been living together for nearly 2 years, so this particular move has been particularly disorienting. Fortunately I was finally in a good place to start creating demonic sigils, so I gave it a whirl with some pretty ironclad wards. There were a lot of decisions that were a bit personal to keep this ~mine~ but the process seems pretty generalizable so I wrote it up. The whole thing from start to finish takes a couple of hours depending on your candle and the state of your apartment, but feels pretty damn satisfying.

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#49 with Aleister Black please and thank you x

In hindsight, antagonizing a man like Aleister Black was probably not a good idea. I was just sick of the way he acted around the performance center, like he was too good for the rest of us and it just didn’t sit right with me.

So when we were partnered together to spar by the trainers, I may have… put a little more force than should be necessary while sparring behind that enziguiri. I’d had to dance out of the way of an angry heel kick before the sparring session ended. I could feel his eyes burning into me as I disappeared into the empty women’s locker room. 

I was toweling off from my shower when I heard the door open and close. It was probably just one of the girls coming in to refresh. 

“Thought you would try to actually hurt me in a sparring session, did you?”

I gave a shriek, pulling the towel close to me and whirling around.

“This is the women’s locker room, what the fuck Black?”

His mouth pulled downward at my answer and he moved to invade my space. I could feel the heat pouring off of his body straight through my still damp from the shower skin and I shivered. Nothing about this should be making me shiver, but I was a naked woman in a wet towel with a disconcertingly handsome man in front of me in an abandoned locker room. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the set up for a porno.

“Gender and modesty is a societal construct. Now tell me, liefje, were you trying to hurt me?”

His arms had bracketed my body, essentially pinning me to the sink and he leaned in closer than I would normally be comfortable with. Aleister smelled of sweat, the faint traces of his cologne, and something that was just uniquely him, and the mixture was heady and intoxicating. 

“Am I supposed to be scared of you?”

He chuckled, a tattooed finger coming up to tilt my head up towards him, his lips just scant inches from my own. 

“Oh I want you to feel lots of things about me. Fear is definitely not one of them.”

I dont know why I am posting this so late at night, no one will actually see this??? idk Im super sleepy and p much dying because of my stubborness of wanting to finish and post it tonight instead of waiting for tomorrow….rip my gay ass.

My headcanon of how Whirl would look like as a human, a lil ref to help my self be consistent about my designs, tho I feel like I should update Cyclonus because I was never quite sure if the outfit I gave him was good enough??

I sleep now.

At first I was just joking around – ‘oh yeah, I’ll go lift and bro out’, but nobody thought I’d really do it.  I sure didn’t.  But my friends taunted me and I was like, aww hell, wouldn’t it be funny if I actually did lift some weights and put on a little muscle just for a laugh?

So, I gave it a whirl.  Suddenly though it’s like, man, this isn’t as hard as I thought it was, kind of fun actually.  I started taking selfies and Tim called me an attention whore.  "Attention whore?“ I thought.  What the fuck is that.  But it actually felt kind of good in a way.  Nobody would have called me that before.

Now I can’t get it out of my head, and even had this thought today: what if somebody called me a man whore, like a real slut, you know?  Like, I can’t even believe I’m thinking that but ever since I started at the gym, I just want to look in the mirror all the time and I’m horny as a mother.

I figured this has to stop, ok, joke is over, get back to normal, but I can’t stop.  I picture myself with just five more pounds of muscle, or ten, and I’m rock hard just thinking about it.  I know I should be ashamed of that, but I’m not.  I think I’m starting to fag out, dudes.  And even thinking that makes me harder and want to jack this dick and cum, dudes, oh shit.  The first guy who calls me a whore… I’ll probably kiss him and rip his shirt off.  I want to get big.  There’s no way I can go back to the nerd I was.  My friends will have to just deal.  I can even see myself going to a gay bar someday but first I want to put on fifteen pounds of muscle, ya know?  I like these American Eagle undies I bought but I want to get something that shows off even better – red or I don’t even care if it’s something faggy like pink anymore as long as makes my muscles look good.  All I have to do after the gym these days is go look in the mirror and I’m leaking pre just from my own reflection.  I didn’t used to be like that before at all… the endorphins and all that, it really changes you.  I would probably actually cum in my pants if some dude in a club called me a slutty faggot so long as I looked good.  Fuck that nerd loser I was, what the hell was I thinking.  I want to get swole and suck dick.  I’ll show them what an attention whore really is.  Can’t wait to get back in the gym and lift.

If I end up some slutty fag who’s known for being a whore, I’d probably think that’s hot, so I just want to work on this bod from now on.  I can’t wait to see how they look at me then.  I’ll show them a real attention whore, they don’t even know what they’re talking about.  Gonna make these pecs get so majorly swoll, and I’ll show off as much as I want to then, hell yeah, it’ll be awesome.

This happens when you are too tired to shade but want to draw Steve and Tony looking lovingly into each other’s eyes.

Also I needed to practice profiles more so I gave it a whirl and ugh. it’s my best profile in a while so that’s good.

(Tony is different style again cause I missed this version of Tony that I used to draw)

I started to sketch a girl wearing early 1920s golf clothes, but I didn’t have a face for her yet. And earlier I was looking on pet finder for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels because apparently I like to torture myself with dogs for adoption even though I can’t have one just yet. I’ve never really done anthropomorphic characters before, so I gave it a whirl! 

Both sides of my family are huge golfers and sadly, I am not. The only time I do enjoy golfing is watching the movie ‘The Greatest Game Ever Played’ and driving a golf cart! haha

@mylittlehony , it’s a Roma Stretch Bug Eye Saver flymask, if you’re truly interested!

Ugly link because I’m on mobile and too lazy to code the HTML: https://www.amazon.com/Roma-Stretch-Bug-Saver-Ears/dp/B00ED51I72

I think it will probably only last the season, but she kept taking her other one off (she likes to scratch the back of her ears with a hind foot) and the Barn Owner loves these, so I gave it a whirl and so far I’m liking it! No rubs, no restriction of her jaw, and soft! She’s between sizes (as she is for everything) so a horse size is a hair too big for her, but she’s kept it on! 😄


narglesbooksandpoetry said:

AuntieMJ: How do I human?

Hello Nargles. Auntie MJ thanks you for this most sensible question. I have been watching humans for some time now, and I have a few ideas on how it’s done. Here are TEN STEPS to help you human.


1. Accept you are human, one of many. Humans are more similar than we are different. The variations in our size, shape, color, gender, sexual orientation—or more social constructs such as our religion, nationality, professions, political leanings, fandoms, habits, hobbies, style choices, fame levels, or lifestyles—these are all much more minor than they sometimes appear. So remember when dealing with humans that differ from you in some way you do not like—they are human, still. Always human. These include: internet commenters, reality show contestants, mean people at school or work, that person walking in front of you way too slowly, and people who made stuff you don’t like. This is not always easy but it is always worth the effort. (DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS. This helps.)

2. Humans survive because of one another. Entirely. Other humans make the things that keep us alive. I don’t kind what kind of off-the-grid lone wolf you think you are—you need other humans. You doubt me? Then where did you get your pants? Did you grow that polyester? Did you sew in those cargo pockets? Someone grew you. Someone delivered you. Someone made the building you live in, and the materials that make the house. Someone created the language that enabled you to communicate thoughts, and someone taught you the language. Someone grew your food. Someone figured out that applying fire to the food made it better to eat. Every day, we can (and probably do) contribute things that keep other humans alive. These can be very simple things, and we may never know what they are. But every interaction, every job, every conversation—it can all have meaning, a gentle (or profound) knock-on effect.

3. Humans are mistake-based learners. We screw up all the time, by design! We’re wrong about loads of stuff. There are levels of mistakes, of course. Some mistakes are ours to make alone. Some mistakes we make in larger groups. Some mistakes happen slowly, over long periods of time, so we might not see them at first. So when you make a mistake, do not panic. What matters is seeing the mistake at some point and trying to draw some kind of lesson from them—something that causes a general improvement.

4. Humans are rarely fixed. We change a lot in our lifetime, and we change in state almost constantly. We will change in size and shape and age. Our opinions will change, and our location, and our health and our mood. We exist in a series of moments, and we don’t have to judge any other humans (or ourselves) based on any one particular moment. So if you do something you think was wrong, you can take the lesson and let the moment pass. If you’re in a slump or a state you think cannot change—it’s pretty much impossible for that to be true.

5. Humans set a lot of arbitrary goalposts and can get very hung up about them. Auntie MJ has recently been ill and while stuck on the sofa ended up watching many home renovation programs. She saw many other humans buying houses and fixing them up. Many humans on these shows had demands, which they phrased as needs. “I need a backsplash made of feelings,” one human might say. “I need a shoe elevator.” “I need a floor that knows my thoughts.” Of course, the producers of these shows ask people to play up their demands, because otherwise these shows would look like this: 

Auntie MJ got more annoyed at these shows than was really required, especially with the constant demands for white kitchen cabinets and “open plan” houses. Auntie MJ has had dark thoughts about these open plan houses and white cabinets and backsplashes, but she will not digress.

These arbitrary goalposts go a long way to making us feel like we are going bananas. “I have to do x by such-and-such an age.” “I have to get this exact job at this exact time.” Sometimes we land the mark, and then there are high-fives. But when we don’t, it can cause misery that is useless and avoidable. Which is not the same as saying “don’t have goals.” It’s more that goals might happen in ways and timeframes we don’t expect. Things might not go to plan. So what? New plan!

 Sometimes other people try to set these goalposts for us, and they may really lean on us to meet them. This is a lot of life—just figuring out what our goals are, and if they’re really ours or someone else’s. Spotting these arbitrary goals and kicking them to the curb is a great pleasure and relief. So, no. I am not going to put on pants, is what I am saying.

6. Humans don’t always feel great. This is okay. Auntie MJ says this right now, while not feeling so great. It’s not preferable, but it is acceptable. I think there is a pervasive idea that we have to be !perky! all the time and that is just not how it works. I think we get this idea from TV a lot, because everyone on TV has really good teeth and they always look like they’re doing stuff all the time. And when they aren’t doing stuff, they even do that kind of dramatically. They lounge in hammocks or outdoor bathtubs. If they get sick, they have Big Crisis Moments in hospitals. (I was just in a hospital for a few days and a lot of it was just noodling around trying to figure out how to make it to the bathroom while attached to an IV.) 

We will all go through ups and downs, physically and mentally. It took me a while to get my head around this concept. Loads and loads of people do stuff while feeling unwell. And loads of people feel some kind of weird guilt for feeling unwell (massively true of people with depression, anxiety, things like that). This causes a nasty little hate spiral of thoughts like “I shouldn’t feel this way,” etc. No guilt, no hate. It is human to experience these things.

7. Many humans are covering for the fact that they do not feel very well. Pain, sadness, depression, anxiety, confusion—people feel these things all the time. Often these are the people you least suspect.

8. Humans are capable of tremendous change. It’s not always easy to change—but sometimes? Sometimes? It is not as hard as you think. I will tell you a little story about this that is true. When Auntie MJ was small, she was very timid. Very timid. She hid her face and didn’t even like to talk on the phone and often wished she could just blend into the wall. Then, when she was 13 and about to go to high school, she (me, I’ll stop it with the she) said, “What if I just…didn’t do that anymore? What if I was really loud and any time I felt shy I just ignored it and was a loud person who did whatever?” So I gave it a whirl and it worked. This can happen. Slow change is just as good, and that’s usually how it is. But so many things are truly possible. The exact how and when we can’t always control for, but never forget the enormous power of change. 

9. Humans can’t change other humans. This is a corollary to the above. The quicker you embrace this one, the more free time you will have. It’s not possible, and it’s also not desirable.

10. Humans are improved by other animals. Everything is better and more complicated with a dog or a cat and your stuff will devalue faster. A lot of your time will be spent helping your dog find The Safe Place to Poop and this, if nothing else, resets the standards in your head. (A lot of people say this is also true of children, but the science is not 100% clear on this. All we really know about children is that they really like nuggets. Nothing else has been firmly established.)

I hope this is in some small way helpful.


The second of my #Osomatsu-san videos for the day. Found this awesome Osomatsu-san fan game and gave it a whirl. At the end I also mention the two news stories from the last 2 days about Osomatsu-san’s possible continuation and those amazing DVD and Blu-ray sales! Check the video out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiH17I0o298 and let me know your thoughts!