i gave in and did the powerpoint thing

Preview of my “I was a fool to trust you” jonsa fic

Jon: Sansa, I’m sorry for what happened, but Danielle lost a dragon, plus she’s really pretty. Did you see her silver hair? That’s why I gave up the North even though she’d already agreed to help. Do you understand now? *hopeful eyes*

Sansa: HELL NO. Now sit there and suffer while I use this detailed PowerPoint to explain each and every way you fucked up and screwed me over, not to mention the North.

Jon: Wait, please-

Sansa: SILENCE. Point One…


I did one of those “person whos never really read the series tries to describe the characters” and it was great (srry annabeth bby ily im srry we gave u so little i still love u) with i-just-want-to-swim

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So, I had an AMAZING time at Rick Riordan’s Norse American Tour for Magnus Chase in Boston today!  Rick was an absolutely fantastic speaker, and I enjoyed every minute of listening to him, and he gave us some pretty exciting news!  Here are just a few of the cool things that went down tonight:

  • First, he’s just as hilarious in person as he is on page. His powerpoint was on point (pun intended), and every story he told was wonderful to listen to.
  • When Rick first talked about meeting his wife, he refered to her as “my Annabeth” which was bsaically the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.
  • He was telling us about his cyborg history teacher and did the most spot on “EXTERMINATE!!” dalek impression I’ve ever heard
  • He showed us covers from the Lightning Thief series from various stages in its completion. (The original German on is his favorite and I highly recommend you look it up)
  • “I didn’t know Nico was going to turn into this” *deep voice* “Super hot goth dude”
  • He showed us some fan art, and talked about how wonderful it was, and discussed how the fan art is often so different from the official book art
  • And, apparently, because of that difference, they chose a girl who does (really amazing) fan art to do art for Magnus Chase! I can’t remember who the girl was know, but her art was amazing and I’m excited to see more of it!
  • Magnus Chase looks Kurt Cobain. We’re cool with it
  • He also told us he had some important news. He said he knew that we were desperate to find out what happened to our favorite characters from Heroes of Olympus, escpecially because some of them were literally left “up in the air” 


  • Rick Riordan is making a third Percy Jackson series! It’s going to be a five book series, and the first is due out May 3rd, 2016!
  • The description he gave us can be found here (I transcribed it as best as I could while SHAKING). It’s going to be about Apollo’s punishment and how it leads him back to Camp Half Blood!
  • We’ll see all of our favorite characters in it
  • We’re getting the first excerpt from the book in April, when Rick releases a crossover of Percy Jackson and the Kane Chronicles!

Basically, it was an incredibly exciting night, and I’m so ready for May 3rd!!