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Sixteen-year-old Antonia Lopez of Omaha, Nebraska, kept her pregnancy a secret from her friends and family, and is believed to have panicked when she went into early labour on October 1st, 2016. Lopez was asleep in her bedroom when her labour commenced, and after she gave birth to a daughter she did the unthinkable; she threw the newborn out a two-story window.

Earlier that night Lopez had posted on Facebook - “Does anyone have a car? I need some help. My mom can’t know” followed by crying emojis. At some point after posting this she locked herself in her bedroom and gave birth. Some time after throwing her infant daughter out the window Lopez confessed to her mother, who found the baby outside their apartment lying on the grass. Lopez’s mother attempted CPR but it was too late; paramedics pronounced the infant dead.

Antonia Lopez has been charged as an adult for the murder of her daughter, and is said to have been suffering from acute stress when she threw her baby out the window. She is currently awaiting trial.

Fatesona 30 day challenge- Day 7: With an animal

Phew, over a month since my last fatesona drawing. Was about time to draw a new one^^

On this one I gave Nayume a cat, since this would be her absolute favorite animal.
She likes many many more animals, like I said on my post for day 6 (birds of all kinds, fluffy animals, lizards ect.), but I think she likes cats the most =3

And since she herself isn’t a small person, she preferes big cats who are super fluffy.

Hope you like the new drawing^^

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I spy...

A girl with big dreams and even bigger eyes. Who’s fallen more than once but still got up and continued to try. A girl who is humble and quiet and kind but tends to get frustrated and yell from time to time. She never fit the standards and would stick out in the crowd but that made her special and gave her a reason to be proud. This girl stood up for herself and declared what was wrong, she’s the kind of girl you hear about in songs. She was never perfect and didn’t always get things right but everyone felt like in a dark room, she was the light.

Once upon a time, there were six kingdoms of Earth that lived together in harmony, their rulers through the centuries at peace with each other, under the caring guidance of Mother Earth.. Earth herself was pleased with all her people living harmoniously among each other, sharing her love by making each kingdom thrive and grove. And to show their thankfulness to nature, every year, each kingdom had gave their gifts based on what their kingdoms were best known for: The kingdom of the sky offered up creatures of flight to reside in her forest, the kingdom of the forest offered land-dwelling creatures, the kingdom of the earth offered up fertile soil to keep the creatures alive, the kingdom of water offered up clean water so all of the creatures would never thirst, the kingdom of fire had offered up light and warmth, and the kingdom of magic offered up protection for the forest.

After centuries of all the gifts of thanks. she decided to give her biggest blessing for the entire world: guardians that would protect them all, should any danger arise. Her greatest creation yet were five majestic lions imbued with the power of the elements themselves, ensuring that humanity thrived and grew.

However, the emperor of the kingdom of magic was envious that there were only five mighty lions with the power of only five kingdoms and not his own kingdom. He sought as much respect that the other royals had received, even if he needed to use force to receive it. Rescinding the protection of the forest, had sent his armies to attack Earth’s forests, persuading them that she had showed favoritism towards the others, and now was the time to turn the favor into their own hands.

With the use of magic from the strongest magic users, the druids, had took the quintessence out of the very forest, weakening her, before he began his attack on the kingdoms, the kingdom of fire being the first choice.

By removing the light would have plunged all the other kingdoms into chaos, the perfect chance to take over all the rest.

The attacked happened in the dead of night, when the sun had faded into darkness, and during the time that kingdom was at its weakest, had the emperor laid siege on the castle itself. The castle was taken over within a few short hours and the only survivor of the royal family was carried off by the lion of fire, only a baby at the time, with only a dagger as a memento of his lost parents.

Arriving at the kingdom of the sky, the child was taken by the king and queen, and soon the news spread of the betrayal of the kingdom of magic and war had broke out. Allied together, the remaining four kingdoms fought against their enemy, using their own talents and skills against him.

After years and years of fighting, soon came the time where they attacked the kingdom and its defenses before getting to the heart of the kingdom, The battle there was its biggest and most deadliest, and morale seemed to be at its lowest, the enemy’s strength too great.

It seemed hopeless to even try.

When it seemed that all their armies would lose everything: their hopes, dreams, and loved ones, the remaining power of the forest had given her remaining power to the lions, attuning them to the kingdoms themselves. The lions were now true guardians to Earth.

Rallying the people with 5 mighty roars and their newfound power, they attacked the castle, the 4 kings fighting the emperor personally. Blessed by the lions themselves, had defeated the ruthless emperor with all the elements that they could. Although they weren’t able to completely defeat him, and thus he had vanished along with the remaining druids, promising his revenge.

The four kings swore that they would be prepared for the time that he would come back. Hiding away the lions to be protected and ensuring the regrowth of all their kingdoms, the 4 kingdoms focused on the happiness of their people and of their children.

Soon, everyone was living harmoniously with each other once more and all the kingdom growing in prosperity. Meeting up with each other every summer, their children were brought along in hopes of making stronger alliances by way of marriages, but also hoping that they had truly fell in love with each other.

The story still continues on with the adventures of red and blue, with their budding love and the forces that tried to tear them apart, along with the threat of peace once more…

Reason why I am mean

So. My husband has this friend from high school. She’s like…exactly what you think of when you imagine a “perfect” mom. She’s gorgeous. She always looks so put together, even when she’s dressed down. 4 kids under 5 and still looks amazing in a bikini. She homeschools. Her husband travels a lot so she often is by herself for weeks at a time, on the opposite side of the country from any family. She’s absolutely genuine and kind hearted. Last week she built a decorative bench with storage for her gardening tools while all of her kids were napping (at the same time).

I have one kid and barely manage to brush my teeth some days.

She wrote a post about how her husband has been gone for the first time for a longer stretch since she gave birth to their youngest (unmedicated home birth obviously). And she said something like “had our first three week training stretch for daddy since the baby was born and I started homeschooling. I definitely cried every day lol!”

I’m a monster. My first thought was “Oh. Good. She IS human. ”

Why am I the worst? Being a SAHM has not been a smooth transition for me at all. And she just always seemed so at peace and put together that, by comparison, I just assumed that I’m a garbage mother. I don’t enjoy thinking that she’s struggling, but it does soothe my internal struggle a little bit. If she, The Most Mothering Mother to ever Mother, struggles, perhaps all mothers do. And I’m not such a garbage mom.

between the lines // 3

“I need to ask you a favor.”

She’s wringing her hands together and hoping for a miracle.

“You can depend on your god in your time of need,” Black*Star nods solemnly, and for a moment Maka wants to punch herself for ever thinking that this was a good idea. The wannabe deity may be her oldest friend, but he’s also Black*Star, narcissist to the third degree. “Ask me anything.”

Here goes nothing.

“Could you kiss me?”

“No,” he says at once. “Nuh uh, not a chance. That’s against the bro code.”

Maka sighs and rubs the bridge of her nose tensely. “Please?”

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It didn’t take long for Feferi to reach the roof. Being in the Felt mansion for a couple days gave her time to explore and know her way around so THIS TIME she didn’t make a fool of herself. Though, she seemed to be a bit early since Fin was no where in sight.

No problem, she’ll sit and wait, entertaining her by staring out into the city. Wow, what a great view up here.


This is not a nomination

this is not a nomination because the person who has had the greatest impact on my life is no longer with me, so I can’t tag them. I’m only sharing to spread the love.

We met online, two young kids obsessed with Inuyasha. We first started corresponding through email, and boy, where they long emails. I told her about my personal life, she told me about hers, and finally (because I’m a paranoid little bean who doesn’t like to post pictures of herself online) we sent each other our skype usernames. 

We started video chatting all the time, talking about tv shows, discovering our sexualities together and being the support that neither of us would have received from our families. 

We started watching Supernatural together when I recommended it. We’d both watch on our tv’s while the video chat gave us a few seconds delay from each other’s reactions, and it was seriously the most fun. 

She started getting a bit distant. Replies to our ridiculously long emails stopped happing so quickly. And then, about a year and a half ago, I received an email from her that she was in the hospital. 

She withdrew a lot, her relationship with her family was strained because she identified as bisexual, and when I finally managed to get her back on video chat, she honestly looked like she had resigned herself to the worst. I wanted to talk to her, tell her how much she’d meant to me, what her unending support and unconditional love had meant to me in the wake of my own personal issues, because looking at her, I knew that she would not make it. I wanted to tell her how much I loved her before she went. But I didn’t. I could see that she didn’t want to talk about depressing things, she didn’t want to hear goodbyes. So I did the first thing that came to mind, and I suggested we watch Supernatural episodes together. 

So that’s what we did. Until she passed, I would call her every available moment I had, and she always picked up. We watched our favorite episodes, the new ones as they aired, the ones that made us laugh the most. Not just supernatural, but that was what she mostly picked. And she smiled, and she laughed. But she was fading. 

When she died, I got the news through email, she had written me an email that her dad sent to me after she passed. 

She wrote me a letter filled with so much love. She was there for me when I struggled with the hardest moments of my life. She loved me even as I was confused/closeted on my sexuality when I struggled with it. She didn’t shame me for not bringing it up to my parents ever, nor for being unable to confront those who were hurting me at the time. She just offered me support, and taught me how to keep going until the end. Her last act towards me was to give me the most encouraging, inspiring, and heartfelt letter, to ensure that I would feel her love when she was no longer there to give it to me. 

She deserves recognition, her memory deserves to live on. So thats why I’ve shared this story in this tag, at least the parts that I can share with strangers on the internet. She was the most amazing person, and I’ll love her forever. 


The name “Phasma” is actually based off her metallic armour– meaning it might not be her birth name. It could be a name she gave to herself or was appointed when she became captain of the Stormtroopers.

Now hear me out as I go down the road of unlikely fan theories.

If you’ve already read my post [here] then you have my thoughts on how Rey and Phasma might be connected, but not necessarily as mother and daughter.

During her life as a scavenger, Rey found a helmet belonging to a female starfighter pilot named Dosmit Raeh. Rey was fascinated and looked up to Raeh, so much so that it’s speculated she renamed herself after the deceased(?) pilot.

Considering Raeh’s piloting stuff was found on Jakku, she probably participated in the Battle of Jakku. This happened roughly 28-29 years ago from out current timeline. Again, Phasma’s age is ambiguous still, but she can be anywhere from like… 32-47-ish. Gwendoline Christine is around 37 herself.

All the visual dictionary provides to us about how Rey found Raeh’s helmet was that she salvaged it. Did Rey seriously rip a helmet off of skeleton in a wreckage, or did she find an abandoned helmet and a wrecked ship? I find it hard to believe that a young girl would come face to face with someone’s skeleton and then proceed to make them her imaginary friend of sorts for the following several years. This leads me to believe that Raeh was not among her ship wreckage, but I could always be wrong.

If Raeh’s skeleton wasn’t in her ship wreckage, then where was she? Perhaps… alive?  

If, and I mean IF, mysterious Captain Phasma is in fact Dosmit Raeh then:

  • Raeh/Phasma was a young, talented pilot. Around 16-18.
  • Phasma has had war experience from a very young age, which would explain her high status in the First Order.
  • Something caused Raeh to change sides. Something I don’t have an answer to right now.
  • The figure Rey looked up to for so many years turns out to be a villain, crushing her childhood dreams– a big reason for her to sway towards the dark side with sadness and anger.
  • Unkar Plutt may have met a young Phasma/Raeh, which might explain his connection to the First Order.
  • If Phasma abandoned Rey on Jakku with Unkar Plutt and then Rey finds Phasma’s old piloting stuff and starts unknowingly looking up to the person that abandoned her… drama llamas
  • This random character that the writers made up for our heroine to look up to is suddenly made relevant and brought into the story.

But just… imagine Rey or Finn knocks Phasma’s helmet off, and then Rey’s eyes slowly widen when she has a distant memory of that very person abandoning her on Jakku, and then Rey proceeds to fall deeper into turmoil when it’s revealed Phasma is Dosmit Raeh, they very person she looked up to for so long.

Hello I’m Alice’s sister, she gave me her laptop so I can write post for her.
She is ok I want to tell you she is fine, only need some time and to calm and take care of her.
She is not alone, family, her boyfriend and friends are with her, she will move back to home and in some days she will be ok.
She saw some messages on the phone in the last days but was still too upset, so asked me to write a little message to tell you all she is ok, just stressed right now but she did not hurt herself, it’s just a big depression and a bad moment.
They said to her to don’t use phone and computer a lot, because she need more to stay with people now, avoid social network for some time, but she asked me to write something here because she don’t want you all to be worried!
She thank you for the messages and support, she will be back for say thank you in person :)
ps: sorry for my english! xP