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Dirty, Pretty Things

Hey guys! I hope that everyone is having a supremely good day today! I’m sorta shy to post this because I’ve never written a sexy-time before, but I gave it a go lol. Basically, Tom and the reader go to the library and Tom gets a little frustrated by the book the reader picks out for him, and then, sexy-time ensues. I hope you like it!

Dirty, Pretty Things

He had lost her within the sea of words that had engulfed them both.

When Tom had first entered the grand library, the sight of so many shelves completely drenched in knowledge blew his eyes wide open. She, on the other hand, had immersed herself, diving in and out of shelves quickly, and coming out with towering stacks of novels. Tom watched, hands in his pockets, as she piled the literature as high as it could go without falling.

Grabbing her readings, he moved them to a secluded corner, where he sat down on the floor to wait for her to come back to him.

As she fluttered about, rushing in between sections and up and down staircases, her skin gave off a soft sheen of champagne that he knew came from her ridiculously expensive highlighter. The heels of her boots tapped anxiously across the floor. Sounding as though they were afraid they’d only be granted a set amount of time to wander through the library. The straps of the dress his girlfriend wore began to slip off her shoulders and she failed to fix them to their proper place again. When she bent down, Tom noticed that her position revealed a more than generous amount of her legs. He bit his lip and tried to ignore how alluringly endearing she looked.

Tom loved to watch her like this. She looked incredibly at home nestled inside the library’s massive selection of books. She wasn’t worried about other people, or how they could be perceiving her. Instead, her only focus was on choosing the best and most interesting novel to read.

After about forty minutes, she finally came back to him, carrying four more books in her hands.

“I picked some out for you to read as well,” she said, nestling decisively underneath his arm.

Due to the spot Tom had secured, she was sat directly next to the left corner of the wall with Tom cuddled into her right side. Tom beamed at her and pressed an open mouthed kiss to her lips. “What did you get for me darling?”

“Well, firstly, I grabbed you the first Harry Potter book because I think that it’s absolute insanity that you haven’t read it yet. Then, I grabbed Horns and The Shining, in case your in the mood for horror, but, if all else fails, maybe you could try Hidden Bodies or Dirty, Pretty Things?” She began to ramble on about why she had selected each novel and then stopped short. “Oh, shit, I should go back and bring you Fight Club, I really think that-.” Tom quickly wrapped an arm around her middle, securing her back down on the floor.

“No, no, I’m excited to read Dirty, Pretty Things. That’s the poetry book you’ve been off about with Kaylee, right? I want to read that one.” Tom watched her pull the thin, pink book out of the stack to hand to him.

She looked shy handing it over to him. As soon as his hands slid over the front cover, she quickly interjected, “you may not like it, but the words are just lovely and they make me,” she stopped short and shuddered.

Tom quirked a brow, “oh yeah? Better get started then.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead and rustled her hair.

Tom watched as she leaned forward and bit her lip, trying to decide what she wanted to read first. Eventually, she settled on A Tale For the Time Being and curled up against his chest.

Tom’s eyes skimmed over poem after poem, and he began to understand why she spoke so much about it, just not directly to him. The book was written about love, and carnal attraction and she was forever timorous.

The poetry in Dirty, Pretty Things was beginning to get to him, especially when he thought about her reading it. Michael Faudet’s words were dulcet and enticing, and Tom imagined whispering them softly into her ear, as he slipped his hands up her skirt.

Tom’s mind briefly wandered to her getting off on the words within the book and had to stop for a few seconds to recompose himself. He glanced down at her. The words on the page of her book seemed to leap and dance off the page, mocking him for being of more interest to her than he was. Shaking his head, he tried not to look at the uncovered, sweet smelling, perfumed, skin of her chest. Going back to his own book, he attempted to allow the book’s poetry to command his full attention once again.

The first poem Tom encountered as he flipped the page nearly killed him. He stopped breathing and read over the words three more times before letting out a shaker gasp.

The only words on the page were, “Put your hands on my knees, she said, and think of me as a book you’ve been dying to read.”

Tom looked from the poem to her, then again and again before he felt his jeans getting even tighter than they were before. This had to be a sign. Shit, they were in a library, surrounded by books, all alone in a dimly lit corner of the library. Not to mention, books and literature were her favorite things in the word. She had told him a while ago that the best compliment she’d ever received had been from slew of teachers who had all insisted that she had the best taste in books they’d seen in a long time. Michael Faudet’s words were taunting him.

“Baby,” he started, gently tilting her chin up to look at him. “I’m bored.”

She frowned, “do you not like the book because I can go and grab you another, or maybe-,” Tom cut her short by sliding a soft hand across her throats to sweep her hair off her shoulder.

“Let’s trade. You can read Dirty, Pretty Things out loud to me. I’m sleepy and I wanna listen to you read the poems.” Tom gently guided his book into her palms.

She flushed red and stuttered for a minute. “Tom, I can’t.

“Why not?” He countered.

“You’ve read it,” She muttered, looking away from him. “The words are libidinous.”

Tom brought her eyes back to his and licked his lips before he spoke. “I wanna hear you read them darling.” He moved to kiss the spot just below her lips. Tom dared lower and lower, tangling his hands in her hair as he went. When he reached her collarbones, she finally snapped.

Letting out an airy sigh, she gasped out, “fine Tom.”

He smirked and placed a final kill on the base of her throat and corrected his posture so that he was sitting with his arms protectively circling her frame.

She moved to flip to the next page when Tom interrupted her. “Do you mind reading from the beginning? I wanna hear it all in your voice.”

Narrowing her eyes, she flipped back to the first page and began to read. As she read through the first few poems, Tom’s hands began to totter.

First, he slipped them up and down her arms, feigning an effort to keep her warm. Then, he began to give her small kisses on the forehead, cheek, neck and hand. She looked at him, slightly confused as to why he’d ask her to read out loud if he wasn’t going to pay attention.

Nevertheless, she kept reading.

As she flipped the page, her breathing was cut short. Tom knew exactly which poem she’d stumbled across. “Sweetheart, do you want to play a game?” Tom asked her, his voice rough and low in her ear.

She blinked up at him, her cheeks flushed cherry red as she managed to stutter out a few syllables.

“How about I tell you the rules first?” He paused briefly, and then began to talk. “The book you’ve chosen for me has actually proven itself to be quite the naughty thing and I think that you gave it to me on purpose. Since you like to play so many little games instead of just telling me directly what you want, I think that maybe I’ll give games a go too.” Tom stopped to look at her again. Her pupils had consumed the typical color of her eyes and her hands were slightly shaking. Taking them within his own, he kissed the backs of both of her hands.

“If you’ll allow me, I’d very much like to reenact that poem. You are the book that I’ve been dying to read.”

Her eyes shut and she bit her lip to contain the moan threatening to slip past.

“Here’s the catch though, I still want you to read to me. If you stop reading out loud, I’ll stop what I’m doing and you wouldn’t want that, would you?” Tom peppered her neck with open mouthed kisses.

She nodded her head, eyes still shut tight.

“No, darling, I need verbal consent, just to be sure.” Tom continued his assault on her neck.

Her eyes finally snapped open and she rolled her head around to look directly into Tom’s eyes. “Please.” She whispered.

With that, Tom smirked and lifted the hem of her dress and slipped his hand further up her thighs.

Her voice shook, “the kind of love letter I write are the ones you read in bed, stretched out beneath the sheets with one hand between your legs.”

Tom pressed his mouth to her and she convulsed against his lips, gasping out the words to the next line.


“You’ve changed.”

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The Mother drops by at times to give her siblings the apples she grew herself because she loved the meaning her previous Eve gave to them. She believed in the meaning, and believed that things will be resolved without resorting to violent feelings. She is particularly keen on how Lawless is doing because of the whole incident, but seeing now that he is doing better, she is relieved. The apples did pay off.

I’m sorry this was posted later. 


found out by accident that @tyranttortoise and i are apparently birthday twins? because the world is just really beautifully weird like that sometimes. and what with that uf sans jacket she posted herself in, i decided to indulge in my own love of this edgy skeleton for my own birthday break time i gave myself and to wish her a happy birthday at the same time.

so happy birthday, ty! what a good day to have a birthday - i say, totally unbiased. <3

Sixteen-year-old Antonia Lopez of Omaha, Nebraska, kept her pregnancy a secret from her friends and family, and is believed to have panicked when she went into early labour on October 1st, 2016. Lopez was asleep in her bedroom when her labour commenced, and after she gave birth to a daughter she did the unthinkable; she threw the newborn out a two-story window.

Earlier that night Lopez had posted on Facebook - “Does anyone have a car? I need some help. My mom can’t know” followed by crying emojis. At some point after posting this she locked herself in her bedroom and gave birth. Some time after throwing her infant daughter out the window Lopez confessed to her mother, who found the baby outside their apartment lying on the grass. Lopez’s mother attempted CPR but it was too late; paramedics pronounced the infant dead.

Antonia Lopez has been charged as an adult for the murder of her daughter, and is said to have been suffering from acute stress when she threw her baby out the window. She is currently awaiting trial.

So I went to IHOP with my grandma and brothers and I wanted to tip our waitress the proper 15% (which in my case is $5) but my grandma kept insisting I take off a dollar because she does that whole dollar-per-customer thing and I was like?? No??? Respect the servants???? And our waitress was working the whole restaurant by herself so instead of taking away $1 I gave an extra $2 to make that $7 and gave it to her in cash. Long story short she got really happy and thanked me like 4 times. Hardworking servers deserve appreciation

Fatesona 30 day challenge- Day 7: With an animal

Phew, over a month since my last fatesona drawing. Was about time to draw a new one^^

On this one I gave Nayume a cat, since this would be her absolute favorite animal.
She likes many many more animals, like I said on my post for day 6 (birds of all kinds, fluffy animals, lizards ect.), but I think she likes cats the most =3

And since she herself isn’t a small person, she preferes big cats who are super fluffy.

Hope you like the new drawing^^

Day 1 // Day 2 // Day 3 // Day 4 // Day 5 // Day 6

amystrozzi: Fun facts about #YvonneStrahovski: 1- She is obsessed with #RoseHipOil for her skincare and doesn’t use much else 2- I think this is the most serious expression I’ve ever seen on her since we’re laughing 98% of the time and 3- after our glam session yesterday she gave @clarissanya and I sage that she picked and bundled herself from the mountainside. 🌿❤️ Now go catch up on #TheHandmaidsTale on #Hulu! #PraiseBe [x]

Hypno Musings 4

Throughout my online life dealing in hypnosis I have primarily dealt with text based inductions. When I was hanging with my Argent themed mentor and her friends I would be able to launch into confusion inductions at the blink of an eye.

Actually blinking eyes were my favorite form of linking text based inductions to ensuring the person on the other end of the keyboard was allowing their fingers to flow effortlessly over the keyboard as their eyes fixated on my words. After all, they would water so much when they were starring so intently on my words that they would need to blink, perhaps blink at the end of every line, waiting patiently for the next, resting their eyes waiting for my next line to arrive. Anchoring and fractionating with every line.

I don’t have too much in-person and vocal experience. Failing to get my wife into trance crippled my confidence and eventually the 4 year hiatus was enforced. Both of those things solved themselves at the same time.

A few years ago a friend inquired into my obsession. I wore the fact on my sleeve, even my public profiles mention my obsession with hypnosis. Given how non-sexual I am for the most part I don’t mind being open about it. Granted a few friends probably think I’m more “active” in this community than I’d like them to assume, but that’s okay. If it’s caused friction in my social life I’ve yet to find it.

But this friend was fascinated. She asked me constant questions about how it worked and what it could be used for. She was filled with anxiety and the idea of an anti-stress form of meditation was alluring. 

What started with curiosity became lessons. With the wife’s approval I began to meet with her once every month or two to teach her how each different induction worked. How to tell someone’s susceptibility level and how to see if they follow visual cues, audio cues, direct commands or indirect suggestions. What REM state looks like in a subject and what different type of audio could be used for brainwave/binaural files if that was something she was interested with playing around with.

I don’t know how well she took to everything. But she was most impressed with Ericksonian styles. Pattern interruptions and NLP. I warned that both were difficult to pull off without a level of experience and confidence (which I admit not having at the time) but I gave demonstrations, warning that if she ever went with shock inductions she should always ask permission to touch before doing so (which benefits in loaning trust and giving a “yes” response, which is something you want to train a subject to do).

Progressive Relaxation went smoothly. She had the patience for the full 15 minute long limb-by-limb relaxing and went directly into a dreamstate, able to describe fairly elaborate scenes playing behind her eyes from the very start.

For the “Instant” induction I gave her a prespeech to describe that the instant induction was not a snap of a finger (that’s a post hypnotic and we can test those later if you like) but an induction that brings you straight down. You know what trance feels like and so when your mind receives a situation where it wants to shut down and retreat to that state you can give it permission to go down and stay down without the need to draw it in gradually. Think about the way it felt.

I could see already she was eager and excited for this “magic trick”

So I asked a large number of questions with simple yes or no questions, watching her eyes intently. She was under the impression the stare was a hypnotic one, maybe her belief in that helped her sink, really I was watching for an expression. 

“Say the first thing that comes to your mind and keep starring into my eyes. May I try something? I could shake your hand or hold your shoulder? Which would you prefer?”

“Hand shake”

“Okay, just ignore my hand shaking yours and stare into my eyes, remember, first thing that comes to mind. Do not pause. Do you understand?”

“I think so?”

“Okay, more confidence, straight into answers. Do you understand?”


“Again, more confident. Do you understand?”


“Very good. Questions will just be a preference, two options, like long hair or short hair. Okay?”


“Okay. Very good. Question 1. Tea or coffee”


“Very good. Cake or Pie?”

I continued on like this. Hand still shaking. Internally nervous as anything. This was my first time putting this theory into practice. I knew I was supposed to stroke the back of her palm with my thumb too but I didn’t feel comfortable with that so just ignored that part of the practice. I counted to about 12 questions, trying to keep rapid speed before suddenly asking her “What was the first question I asked?”

I watched her expression. That flicker of confusion. The pause where critical thinking had broken down and she was trying to draw up information that didn’t strike instantly. I pulled her hand, braced her shoulder and commanded deep sleep… my adrenaline took over from there to deepen. I’ve no idea how I managed to whisper so many rapid deepening suggestions.

The progressive relaxation was like dipping someone in to a rest and letting them dream. This one felt like my first time committing a direct action. Hypnotizing someone. She dropped like a stone and I laid her down to flow through the trance. I tried some post-hypnotic suggestions and depth tests like the balloon hand rise.

She drank in all the knowledge. Apparently she had similar problems in finding people to test with but was so excited to have witnessed the “magic” herself and was learning eagerly.

During exam season she would ask for brief relaxing breaks so I gave her the ability to close her eyes and rub her thumb against the muscle between index and thumb to just soothe. A Focus trigger to have her listen to me and follow my words more effectively and some requested robot imagery that she wished to try out because she did not want her thoughts flying so chaotically and harshly.

The training lasted a good two years, so we probably got to test and practice a good 10 or so times.  We’re still friends and she sometimes makes fun of me for being a “scary mind control vampire” sometimes, but we have not so much as tested triggers for a good 18 months or so. My hope is that she has found someone to grow with on her own, but it’s possible that she just got bored with the subject and moved on.

Either way she gave me a valuable gift. She proved that I was capable of performing hypnosis in person and that I knew more than I thought I did.

The best way to learn something is to teach it, I’ve been told.

Thank you for reading my little blog entry! As always check my #hypno musings tag for more stories.

The Black Pearl Ring 1/5

Inspired by the Donovan family books by Elizabeth Lowell. An Olicity AU where Felicity comes in possession of the much sought after Donovan Black Pearl.

I’d like to say a very special thank you to @captainolicitysbedroom for creating such beautiful artwork and to @almondblossomme for all her support being willing to proof read. I’m very, very grateful!

Also available to read on AO3


                                 Chapter 1: A Surprise Inheritance

Las Vegas

Felicity looked for her mother as she walked through the arrivals door. She really wished she was coming home for a happier reason but when her mother called to inform her of her aunt Mary Ellen’s death she knew she had to be there for her funeral.

Felicity saw her mother right away, never one to blend into the crowd, Donna Smoak stood out in her canary yellow dress and spiked heels, she rushed toward her “Oh baby girl,” she hugged Felicity tight, “so glad you are here. Mary Ellen would have been honoured that you came all this way for her memorial.”

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Habits of my Heart: Chapter 10

Onto the next chapter! Unfortunately, this will probably be the last daily update for a while :(  Another special guest appears in this one! I’m not really too invested in the ship, but I still think they’re pretty cute. So for this story’s purposes, he and Sharna will be somewhat of the brother sister relationship she thinks she has with James.  The rest of the story can be found in my tags! And I think I might do a master post for the first 10 chapters!

Chapter 10.

She looked at the clock; it read 1am. It was now technically five days from the finale, but that’s not why she couldn’t sleep. She tried everything she could to distract herself from thinking about what day it was by going on social media. She liked a couple posts on Instagram, but eventually resigned herself to staring at the ceiling. Even though she never really considered herself a big believer in God, there were times when she’d find comfort in praying. I know that I probably don’t deserve anything from You, and that I’m probably not even in any position to ask…but it’s not for me…he’s a really great guy so please…please keep him safe today? She sighed…the mere thought of anything happening to him gave her a headache and she scolded herself for worrying too much about him. Her phone buzzed beside her.

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Ai’s Soliloquy

I had intended to do an analysis on this in the future but seeing as many of the asks we’ve received are pertaining to this, I decided I would post it before posting any of our other analysis’.

Ai’s soliloquy seemed to be the big thing everyone zoomed in on when this chapter came out. Immediately, ZeKi’s made an analysis about how Ai was paralleling her unrequited love to Kaname and how Yuuki never loved Kaname. That because his love was unrequited, that’s why he threw his heart into the furnace and the rest of it.

This is absolutely absurd. 

It completely undoes the whole plot of Vampire Knight. Let us for a moment remember what Vampire Knight was in it’s truest essence. For me, this is the first arc. This was when Hino had a precise plan for what she wanted for Vampire Knight, the characters had been freshly modeled and developed, the plot was straightforward, there was no “reading between the lines”, and overall, Vampire Knight was well, the Vampire Knight that everyone fell in love with and why the fans of today have stuck with it for as long as they have.

Looking back then, you see Vampire Knight was about a proper love triangle. Meaning, Yuuki is in love with both Kaname and Zero. Who she loves more is debatable but obviously, I’m going to say that she loves Kaname more. To me, this is proven by Hino’s portrayal of Yuuki’s thoughts and actions. All the way up to when Yuuki gave up her life, her love for Kaname was passionate and showed all the readers just how deep a love can move someone.

If you don’t think my opinion is good enough then let’s look at all the times Hino took it upon herself to show us that Yuuki loved Kaname. Which she hasn’t really done with Zero and Yuuki yet since Yuuki has never said quote on quote “I love him” or “I love Zero”. 

I put a “Keep Reading” because the analysis and the pictures I use in said analysis make this post so long and because I don’t want to clog everyone’s dashboard, please continue to read below. 

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Heartstrung - Part 3

A/N: You guys have been so patient. Thank you so much. I know all you seem to hear from me lately is life is sucking and is making it really hard to write, and i’m so grateful for you continued patience and support. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this chap. It’s crazy long omg.

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: M - sexual content in future chapters

Summary: It’s been said that wherever you have/had a birthmark, is how you died in your past life. A scar that marks the fatal wound that killed you so you could be reborn again. It is also said that when/if you meet the person who killed you, you remember your past life and death and Lucy isn’t a big fan of the pink-haired man she’s run into. Soulmate AU. NaLu.

Link(s): Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Epilogue

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                       Rule #2: If you run into the person who effectively 
                     ended your most recent past life, you will recover the 
                                   memories of said life and your death.

She’d been alone for years.

Even while surrounded by other kids in foster homes, she’d been alone. If anything, that had been worse than when she was on her own. She didn’t have to feel left out or used while walking home from school or running errands by herself. She didn’t have to feel forgotten.

After getting out, sure, she felt less lonely, but that didn’t change that she hadn’t really had any extended one-on-one interaction—not involving interrogation—in a really long time.

So the fact that she’ll have Haru around for who knows how long…

She’s not quite sure how to feel about that.

For the first time…she has someone who’s going to be there when she opens the door to her room.

Her heart clenches involuntarily at the thought.

She swallows that feeling and juggles the shopping bags into one hand and arm to free up the one holding her keycard. There’s a slight beep as the light blinks green and she shuffles her way in the door. It closes on its own behind her.

With a huff, she heads toward her desk but stops at the sight of Haru there.

He’s sitting in her chair, wrists and ankles still bound, reading one of her old textbooks. The stack of white paper next to it tells her right away which one it is.

She’d totally bullshitted that paper.

She doesn’t know whether she should be defensive of her writing and personal possessions, or impressed that he’d somehow managed to get to her desk and find a way to maneuver the book and essay so he could actually read it.

“Y’know,” she starts, electing to set the groceries on the TV stand instead, “it’s impolite to go through people’s things without asking.”

His head tilts slightly in her direction but his eyes stay focused on the words in front of him, “And it’s impolite to keep people tied up but you don’t see me complaining now, do ya?”

She rolls her eyes to herself, “One of the rare times you actually shut up about it.”

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For everybody pissed off

For all people angry at me because I criticized Koogi on her hiatus: not the “get a life” ones. Try to find arguments please, because I gave some.

I’m not saying she should exhaust herself just to be sure to post every week: I’m saying she should organize herself to be sure to post without any problem. She already had a hiatus to make S2, and that’s understandable: in fact, I think she should had a longer hiatus to complete S2. But she didn’t manage her time completely and yes, it’s a human mistake, but a human mistake can be criticized.

And I just think how Lezhin and Koogi managed it is unprofessional. Other mangas will say “see you in 6 months!” and good, perfect, I’ll see you in six months. But on KS, the first hiatus was pushed twice, and now we got another hiatus at the last minute. I’m not criticizing the wait, I’m criticizing the disorganisation behind it.

Will I pay for chapter 27 when it comes out? Of course, because I really like the comic and I like her work. I just hope she and Lezhin manage her limits and her time correctly because right now, it doesn’t work.

                                      A N N O U N C E M E N T

|| the new verse is up! feel free to ask me questions about it or come plot/talk headcanons because i am excite

|| description of verse is below:

When Lena was pulled into the time stream and lost to reality, she fought at first but eventually gave in. Perhaps she wasn’t strong enough to hold herself together, or perhaps she just accepted the way time flowed through her and she through it, but her lack of struggle meant a blurring of the lines between her and whatever she’d become a part of.

In the time stream, she saw everything with much more clarity. Rather than a flood of near incomprehensible stimuli, too overwhelming to take in as though a million voices were screaming at once, Lena found herself able to follow the scenes that played out before her even as they passed in less time than a living person would take to blink.

She was part of the flow of time, not swimming up river, and this granted her some control. Not much, but enough to make her way back to her original reality.

When she returned, however, she was changed. The Lena that had gone down in the Slipstream was gone, an echo spread thin and twined tightly with another being. The embodiment of the time stream.

She was ephemeral, ethereal, and the anchors could barely hold her, the accelerator granting her even more control but unable to change her state as a living ghost.

Time and reality were different for her now, even when weighed down in the present. She could see things about what was, what is, what would be, what had never and would never be in their reality but might be in others. Places and objects had more meaning than what they were.

In a way she was still her, but impossible to pin down. There was no way, however, to pretend she was still human.

She rejoined Overwatch, still remembering and caring as much as she could about helping people. But she was less like an agent, a solid presence in a fight for good, and more a spirit that flitted in and out, unpredictable.

Lessons in Seduction

There’s a funny little secret that no one really mentions in this forum. I discovered it too late in life. 

I had a mental love affair with a high school teacher, from grade ten to twelve. While we maintain a friendship, I accept that because of the childish ways I behaved during high school, he would never feel comfortable returning my feelings.

Let me explain. If a teacher is attracted to any childlike, girlish qualities, he is not normal. That is what separates the men with little girl fetishes from the men that genuinely feel for you.

In high school, I was doing everything wrong. I was clingy. I gave him my full attention. I chased him. I never made him chase me.

Ladies, (and gentleman), as the student, we really have nothing to lose. They have everything to lose. Their jobs. Their spouses. Their reputations. They could even go to jail. So what I’m saying may seem to contradict itself, but follow with me. 

While this particular situation of student and teacher has different rules, it is still first and foremost seduction. What do men want? What they can’t have. And you, a student, are very much by definition what they can’t have. Work with that, instead of against it. Tease them. Flirt with them. But don’t wear your heart on your sleeve. Show your interest, not your love. Hook them to you. Intoxicate them.

Fast-forward to after graduation, I never did date my high school teacher, however I did fall into a relationship with a much older man. That relationship taught me the power of seduction and that once you master it you can captivate anyone. There’s a reason Marilyn Monroe will be immortal. Generations of men and women still look to her as the embodiment of sex. She was coy. She only gave pieces of herself, never everything.

No one will fall in love with someone that idolizes them. When you idolize, you become a fan, not an equal. 

I spent a little time as an online escort, something which I will get into at a later date (possibly). That also taught me a great deal about what men want. (I apologize if this post excludes how to seduce women. I know many of you have female teacher/professor crushes, but I’ve never seduced a woman so I’m afraid I don’t really have much advice on that subject)

I think something that would really help show you all what I am saying is taking the time to watch a few films and to witness the way in which women behave and men’s reactions to them.

Dangerous Beauty, The Other Boleyn Girl, Poison Ivy: The Secret Society (actually, any of the Poison Ivy films), etc. are all wonderful depictions of the “seductress”. Men (especially the married or the forbidden variety) dream of the seductress. 

Be the temptress and he will start dreaming of you before you know it.

I cannot guarantee he will act on his feelings. Clearly, my situation with L demonstrates this! But I can guarantee it will give you a huge advantage of the other girls or boys at school vying for his attention and I can also promise that you will be the subject of his daydreams. Whether he limits you to his dreams or reality depends on the man.

P.S. A bonus point: Be intelligent. DO NOT dumb yourself down, or pretend to ask for help. You instantly show that you are below him. You need to prove that your relationship is independent of academics. Make him feel like a man, not a teacher. If you succeed in separating the two in his mind, you’re halfway there.

Everything you DO NOT WANT in a con roommate

So this happened last year. it was at a PNW convention. I know I shouldn’t still be dwelling on this but when you experience the things i have and STILL have to deal with her making fake accounts just to contact me/ Yeah I’m still gonna be salty about it! the Phrase “it gets worse” will happen A LOT

At the time, my online friend was gonna spend the con weekend with me, my girlfriend, and her best friend.

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francheckmeout  asked:

Hey!! You commented on my post & wanted to know more in depth why you didn't like Titus's rendition of Lemonade! You're the first I hear to not like it so I'm interested in to why!!

Ohhhhhkay, I think I have the time to answer this, so: why seeing a parody of Beyoncé’s Lemonade on UBKS gave me a gross feeling has almost everything to do with my strong feelings of dislike for Tina Fey. Fey as I already mentioned when I reblogged your post is touted as some great feminist who has garnered lots of success and reaped the benifits for doing so while at the same time continues to use sex workers as the punchline of her jokes, blame Beyoncé and J-Lo for setting unrealistic beauty standards for other women to follow, and ignore how hypocritical it is for her to shame women for finding power in their sexuality/the male gaze when she herself has done this (her rebranding of her own image). It’s as if no one but Fey can dare to subvert the male gaze but Tina Fey. Oh! Also the repeated use of blackface on 30 Rock and her refusal to apologize for the shitty problematic jokes she makes at the expense of oppressed communities. Pretty much she’s fake as fuck when it comes to the kind of feminism we actually should all aspire to uphold. But getting back to the Lemonade thing, for me, to see a woman with the background that Fey has, create a parody of the groundbreaking work about and for black women by a black woman makes me want to vomit. Beyoncé’s Lemonade (while not above critique but that’s not important rn and would take too long, also I don’t care about anyone’s interpretation/critique of it unless they too are a black woman *looking at the white folks who might read this and feel the need to speak up*) was so important to me and other women who look and experience life in society. as black women. It was a celebration of our bodies and culture. While Titus as a black gay man has more rights/hopefully an understanding to the themes of Lemonade than Fey does, I still don’t like seeing that piece of art parodied with a white women like Fey’s name attached too it. Not when she continues to perpetuate the same ideals/racist systems Bey was calling out when she made Lemonade to begin with.

Okay so that was v long and I’m probs forgetting some stuff but I hope it made sense to ya in some way or another and I appreciate you asking me to expand on my thoughts about the whole thing 🤗

Some encouragement: don’t give up. Keep pushing forward. The finish line isn’t so far away (even if you can’t see it). The Lord is with you. He will sustain you. Always.

My mother and her boyfriend dated long enough for me to view him as another father figure in my life. He made good omelets, loved mayonnaise, and drank Coca-Cola with every meal.
He was even brave enough to teach me how to drive.

About a year ago he was arrested shortly aftet they broke up (for the fourth or fifth time). The police found him hiding under a camper. There were pockets of needles hidden throughout - handfuls of them came out of the couch, beneath cabinets, and everywhere in between. When the officers asked him why he did it, why he had so many drugs, he responded with “it’s the only thing I have to look forward to.” He was sent to a local jail house where I visited him once.
He was then transferred to a prison about four hours away from where I live.

I’ve written him a plethora of letters. He has yet to respond.

Several months ago I wrote him a letter telling him goodbye.
I gave up. I threw in the towel along with everyone else in his life.

But recently I’ve heard a theme of giving up. A string of sermons, songs, and blog posts about giving up have come into my path.
And each time I am reminded of the man who took me to the bus stop when my mother couldn’t rouse herself from her sleep. 
The one who always smoked outside because he knew I couldn’t stand the smell or it.
The man I thought my mother would marry.

I am going to write him again. And I will keep writing… even if it is just something for him to look forward to. Even if I never get a reply. Even if it’s just for me to say that I tried, over and over again.

Is there something you want to give up on? A person, a situation, a thing? Don’t.
Don’t throw that towel in quite yet. Keep pushing forward, keep clawing your way to the finish line, hold onto that towel for a little while longer.
When you give up, you throw the opportunities of reconciliation in the trash.
And maybe it’s time to… but maybe it’s not.

Just hold on a little while longer. A smidge of a second more. Because it might not work out - you might get your heart broken, you might get chewed up and spit out, you might never see that end result you’re striving for…
But you might.
You might get it.

Keep going. Keep going until you can’t stand it anymore. And then go a few more steps.

Do it for you.

-31Women (Ansley)

okay but on the last episode of fighting man, a jacky gave jackson $200 – that she earned herself by selling toothbrushes for 3 months – and he got so fluttered and speechless that he went to the crowd to look for her and when he found her, he just hugged her really tight and told her to not waste her money on him but she was like "its okay!!!! dont worry!!” so he held her hand one last time and when he left, she realized that he gave her money back while they were holding hands


“I didn’t come here to see you, if that’s what you think. I- I- I was hungry.”

“Sure,” Westley smiles and nods at Madeleine, but the roguish gleam in his eye tells a different story.

“I was!” she exclaims angrily. “Kit and I had a fight this morning and I left to get some fresh air, but then I got lost downtown and it started raining. I just needed some place to… um…” Maddie pauses, her mind suddenly hazy with the crisp, clean scent of Westley’s aftershave.

“To stay?” he whispers in an infuriatingly smug voice.

“No!” she shakes her head. “To eat! I told you, I-” But West abruptly cuts her off with a passionate kiss.

“Why- Why- Why did you d-do that?!” Madeleine stammers as she reluctantly pulls away.

Westley chuckles, a deep, rich sound that never fails to leave her feeling weak in the knees. “You came back,” he grins as he brushes a calloused finger against Madeleine’s delicate pink lips. “I didn’t think you gave a damn about me, but you came back.”

Leaning in, Westley kisses her again, but this time Madeleine doesn’t fight it, allowing herself to sink into the moment and enjoy the sensation of being wrapped up in his arms.

“…Well, well, well,” a steely female voice slithers into Madeleine’s consciousness like a snake. “What do we have here?”

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