i gave her that tie

i. I was five years old with big brown eyes and dark skin to match, with a wild mane of curls more sporadic than my catch-me-now mind. on my first day of school I met a blonde girl who had already lost her first tooth and she gave me a piece of candy every time I let her tie my shoes.
ii. seven years old, I knew what wasn’t considered normal but I knew that I didn’t want a boy holding my hand, I didn’t want a boy chasing me around on the playground, I didn’t want a boy pulling my hair and teasing me and calling me names. to this day I wasn’t sure if I didn’t like the boys or I didn’t like the abuse.
iii. sixth grade wasn’t a good time for anyone but everyone wasn’t twelve years old and sitting at a crossroad. one road was paved and prepped with flashing lights and directions; my entire life I’d learned how to navigate it in the darkness, through snow and storms and tears. the other avenue was scary and I knew I’d never return if I chose to stroll down that street.
iv. fifteen tally marks and fourteen names on the back of my journal. I was counting my age and I was listing the girls who had ever made me feel something. it’s not a feeling you learn about in schools. I became my own teacher and I corrected my own mistakes, my brain and my heart covered in a red ink pen for errors.
v. is there any right way to explain a love story? written words or whispers, the possibilities are endless. I’ll pack my pockets full of symbolism and begin to speak, metaphors littering my language like love notes that missed the garbage can. i started adding an s to the beginning of the character’s name and I never cared about the genre as long as I could tell the tale.
vi. she told me she wanted a setting sun and falling flower petals and dates that meant nothing engraved into her skin. I told her that whether she was a blank canvas or hanging in an art gallery, she would always be a masterpiece.
vii. I tie my own shoes now, and I don’t tend to frequent playgrounds but when I do, I climb to the top of the monkey bars all on my own and no one can reach me. I’ve learned how to make my own maps and I’m out of space on the back cover of my journal but I have empty novels waiting for what I have to say. I have allowed myself to grow and there is not one thing that I would shrink myself for.
viii. I love watching the sunset.
—  an eight part love story
My own little abortion clinic story:

So a few years ago my friend got an abortion but didn’t want to tell her super right-wing parents so I took her to the clinic and hung out with her and did all the things a reasonable BFF should do. When we got to the clinic there were so many protesters outside screaming through megaphones she almost changed her mind. They were even taking pictures and threatening to post them online. So I did the only reasonable thing I could. 

I gave her my leather jacket and my tie (I was working at Maggiano’s at the time so I always had a black tie in my car), and gave her my hat and tucked her hair up under it, put sunglasses on her face and told her to walk in front of me with her fingers on her ear like she was a security guard. Then I went in behind her, strutting and waving to the protesters like they were fans, smiling for all the cameras, and when one of the guys shoved a poster board with a picture of a fetus on it at me, I signed it and told him I was always happy to meet a fan. 

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her laugh so hard. 

Anyway, if anyone someday finds those pictures of me, i’d love copies.

Preference #104 You’re Jealous of His Celebrity Crush

“Ellie Goulding is such a stunner.“ Your boyfriend chirped. You were both backstage at Ellie’s concert watching on as she performed. I knew the compliments coming out of his mouth were innocent, but as the night progressed they were becoming nonstop. “She suits that hair so well.” “That costume looks amazing on her.” ‘Ellie this’ ’Ellie that’,the constant comments were starting to make you annoyed. Your anger was beginning to boil and his next comment just about put you over the edge. “She seems like the ideal woman, ya know?” “No, Niall, I don’t fucking know. I mean if she’s so ideal, what are you doing with me; just dump me and go out with her.” you stormed off, leaving to go sit outside, at the back of the arena. “I’m sorry, babe.You know I didn’t mean it.” “I’m not Ellie. Why are you here?”,your tone still sarcastic, ”Y/N-“ “Do I seem like an ideal woman to you, Niall?” “Nope”,he said simply. “That’s what I thought.” You turned to walk away when he grabbed your arm and pulled you closer to him. “You don’t seem like an ideal woman to me. You’re the most perfect woman in the world to me.” He leans in and kisses your forehead. “That was really cheesy, Niall” you let out a small laugh, "Hey! I was trying to be cute.”

The boys were busy doing an interview and you were sat watching from backstage. You and Liam had a date planned that you were going to attend later so when he was done, the two of you were planning on heading straight to the restaurant, hence the semi-formal dress you had on. 
“Liam, you’re the only one in a relationship, yeah? Do you still have a celebrity crush? Do all of you have a secret celebrity crush?”
There was silence. “Kate Upton” Harry spoke up. “Natalie Portman is a babe, I reckon.” Louis adds. “Ellie Goulding” Niall says. There was a little bit of silence until Liam spoke up. “I guess Leona Lewis has always been a favorite of mine. She’s been my celebrity crush for ages. She’s amazing.“ You of course didn’t mind the fact that he had a crush but this had you annoyed. You couldn’t ever recall a time he’s spoken so highly of you anywhere. You watched on as he rambled on about how “amazing Leona was” and watched on until the end of the interview. You could now hear the boys coming towards you, so you headed for the door to the awaiting car. "Y/N” you heard Liam call after you but you ignored him and hopped into the car.
“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?“
"Why do you care? Why don’t you ask Leona?”
You and Liam had been dating long enough for him to instantly decode your words. “You’re jealous!“ "Hell yeah I am. Why don’t you ever talk me up like that?” He chuckled. “Because if I did, everyone would want my woman for themselves. You’re too amazing to lose. And after all, you are the one I’m taking on a date, yeah?” “That was a nice save” “I love you, don’t ever forget that.” "I love you too.”

You and Lou were at a premiere for a new movie that Natalie Portman happened to have the lead role in.
You both stepped out of the limo and stood together, already bombarded with the flashing lights and the screams of fans and paps. As you smiled, the crowd began to roar louder but you realized it was due to the arrival of the star herself, Natalie Portman. She took off to the barricades to greet the thousands of fans. You and Louis followed suit. But when you turned to tell him something, you saw that Louis was no longer next to you. You looked around to see him talking with Natalie. You walked towards them, greeting a few fans along the way. You stopped dead in your tracks when you heard their conversation. “Oh, look, your tie is navy blue, my dress is the same shade as it! Did you plan this?” She playfully tugged at his tie. “Maybe I did.” He gave her a wink before she again spoke up. “Hey, you should come sit next to me inside!” You had to intervene before things got out of hand. You walked up to Louis and linked arms with him, slipping your hands into his trouser’s side pocket. “I’m Y/N. His girlfriend.” She ignored the comment. “That sounds great.” “Yeah! It sounds amazing! Have fun, Louis.” You remark sarcastically and storm off. You didn’t know where you were, but you were far from sight. ”What the hell was that?“ "Go away Louis. Go sit with your other date, Natalie.” “But you’re my date tonight.” “Oh, but your tie matches her dress. It’s so meant to be, you just have to go sit with her!“ your voice full of sarcasm. You then heard shuffling and when you looked up you saw he was taking off his tie and unbuttoning the top three buttons. “There, now I have my amazing cleavage showing, like you, and I’m not wearing a tie, happy?” “Very much so.” “Good. Because I love you more than anything or anyone in this world.”

You and Harry were having a lazy day, lounging on the couch watching movies, talking with the occasional kiss added into the mix. Only getting up to use the toilet, change the movie or to get more food. Days like this were hard to come by, so when they came around they were cherished by the both of you. You were watching The Other Woman, when the camera panned to Kate Upton, her breasts swinging like crazy due to her actions of running on the beach. You started to feel Harry shift around uncomfortably. “Seriously? I’m right here.” “What?” He says. “They’re just boobs. Why are you so turned on? They’re even clad with a white bikini too. If they were bare, that’d be another story.” I was beginning to get jealous at his reaction to the scene playing on the screen when he spoke up; “Babe, calm down, it’s just a natural reaction.” “If it’s so natural then why doesn’t it happen when we’re at the beac-” you stopped, remembering the time all the boys had reacted to your appearance the same Harry did Kate’s. “Please, continue.” He smirked, knowing he was right. “Shut up.” You mumbled, looking down and blushing. “You know you’re still my favorite, and always will be.” He chuckled before giving you another kiss.

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anonymous asked:

what are your top five favourite photos of hiddleswift?

okay so! This took me awhile to answer because i really had to work to narrow it down so here ya go in no particular order: 

(1) The day we’ll never forget - on the rock in Rhode Island

Of course the kiss seen around the world is known by most, but i really like the below picture on the left even though its a second before or after they kissed, and also because this one hasnt been splashed around as much. It still feels like a tender moment, Tom’s arm casually thrown around her shoulders. But i can’t ignore when  he wrapped her up like a koala bear either, and they kissed with their sunglasses on, especially after her gave her his coat. So I give these two a TIE.  

(2) Restaurant in Nashville

Selena’s concert gave us confirmation that the pics on the rocks in RI weren’t some bizarre dream we collectively shared with the world, and after that the paps were thirsty af and we got lots of candids.  My favorite moment from all those days in Nashville was this one, arms around each other as they leave the table ) – however the pic of their intertwined hands on Tom’s cheek during dinner was definitely a close second.  Damn that car bumper’s reflection.

(3)  Next we have to fast forward to Rome because Rome. 

On this one i have to go with a Moment, and that is this one. Her hand on his neck, the other one holding the camera around his back. His hands clasped at the back of her waist. There is someone standing right behind Taylor but they don’t care, they’re laughing about something, they kiss anyway, she says something else funny, he laughs.  They are happy and in their own little world. A definite favorite. And again kissing with their sunglasses on. 

(4) July 4th party 

This one speaks for itself. Her hand on his, their eyes closed, foreheads pressed on one another, his thumb on her knee.  These two…. 

(5) Breakfast in Rome 

He is so into what she’s saying, and she is aching to feel his touch so her hand is sneaking across the corner of the table so she can reach his or hint at it to him. Of course he can’t just hold he had (subsequent pic), he has to kiss her hand to take this scene from romantic to disgustingly romantic. Ugh i cant. 

RUNNERS UP / Honorable mentions to the below eight pictures. I think you should have asked me for my top thirteen. And I still had more favorites after this.

What...I don’t...Why...HOW DARE...you have got to be kidding...but...not cool!

Just finished watching the newest SPN episode, “Devil in the Details”.


  • This is forever going to be known as the mind-fuck episode. Everyone is trying to get in each other’s skull.
  • What the hell are the writers doing.
  • Lucifer certainly knows what buttons to push with Sam–but seems to forget one of the biggest events in his life between “bold decisive Sam” and “weak Sam” as he calls him were the YEARS HE SPENT TORTURING HIM IN THE CAGE!
  • I like the witch collar thing, but it does scream Oedipus. Rowena was right about that.
  • What the actual hell is Lucy doing with the music during the fight scene. I mean, seriously. What the hell. Only in Supernatural.
  • I wonder who exactly Amara meant that message for when she sent Cas there? Dean? Crowley? Lucifer?
  • YES SAMMY. You preach it! I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!
  • CASTIEL! Just because you’re feeling shitty, that is no reason to accept Lucifer! Have you lost your damn mind?!?
  • Rowena’s death was super easy to predict. Cas’s acceptance wasn’t.
  • Rowena is gone–YAY! And I truly believe that’s it for her. They gave her a nice monologue feelings tie up for Crowley, she made herself into a liability, and she clearly had her neck snapped. Loved the actress, didn’t like the character.
  • This capitulation to bad to overcome something bad; haven’t we done this enough. DON’T THESE CHARACTERS LEARN ANYTHING?
  • Dean is going to be so pissed/betrayed by Castiel’s choice. Just like when he chose Crowley for help with the Civil War in heaven instead of Dean.

This show will be the death of me, I swear.

Drabble #21

For the anon whose prompt distracted me during kickboxing: When you have time, can you write something about Mulder and Scully being married to other people, but they meet up again for the first time in years and spend one night together, and then have to part ways for an indeterminate amount of time? Thank you fanfic goddess!


She’d quit after the Patterson case, heading to San Diego to practice medicine. Half a decade, but he’d know her profile anywhere. The years had been very good to her, all sculpted cheekbones and glossy hair. Decidedly patrician tilt to her chin.

“Case,” he said to her unspoken question.

She hoisted her briefcase. “Conference.”

They stood at Grand Army Plaza, the universe orbiting their hot gravity, the air between them still electric and charged. Mulder’s mouth buzzed like it did when the Novocain wore off. 

Scully (she’d always be Scully) licked her lips, a habit which used to drive him to distraction and misery. “I’m at the Pennsylvania on 7th,” she said. “It’d be a shame not to catch up.”

He remembered stakeouts, bad Chinese food, her breath warm in his ear, the goofy wonder of her infrequent giggle. He remembered her silent tears when she resigned, the few long-distance phone calls that dwindled into nothing.

He startled when she pressed a plastic key card into his hand. Her eyes were half-lidded when he met them, a smile tugging at her mouth. 

“I’m married,” he breathed, which was still technically true. She wore the same light perfume, and he wanted to press his face to her neck.

Scully arched the eyebrow that had punctuated every slideshow he’d made her. “So am I.” She gave his tie a pull before crossing the park.