i gave at one point

Y'ALL BAMBAM SAW ME. He was waving his hand so I waved at him (mind you I was in the balcony and did not expect him to be paying attention omfg) and he gave me a heart and I gave him one back then he pointed right at me to confirm it was for me and I pointed back kdjfjfj THEN HE DID A LITTLE DAB FOR ME AND I DID IT BACK I CANNOT THIS WAS THE BEST NIGHT EVER

I had a dream that Jasper was a really enthusiastic drill seargent….

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you often say that u hate the things u create and i dont get why? you're a great artist and ur art always looks super .. fun? i think? it's difficult to put in words, but it's rly good!!! why do u feel like you're uncreative?most of the time it sounds like ur kinda getting chocked out by rly bad living conditions and that probably has a pretty strong effect? unless this is uncomfortable for u to talk abt then feel free to ignore this ask

im glad yu thnk my art is fun! thts a cute descriptor omg…

idk! i thnk all my stuff is generic nd boring, from designs to plots/storylines @_@ im v incapable of coming up w stuff thts fresh nd new nd good and not smthng thts been done 100 times before,,,,

nd before yu say like “well im sure a lot of ppl feel like tht!” other ppl at least can….idk…thnk outside th box in the most standard way ig? like…yu know how when ppl are small they’re capable of being v “creative” in terms of like “look i drew a dinosaur monster with cars for feet and he can shoot rockets out of his nostrils” i feel like most ppl are like that now but aged ig? 

like theyre still capable of finding aspects of smthng to make Creative and Unique bt i cannot…ive nevr been able to @_@ when i played with toys when i was small the “storys” id make with em would jst be ab like going outside vs Having an Amazing Adventure…my charactrs r so plain compared to anyone else’s and sure its bc theyre for my comfort bt im literally incapable of creating more interesting ones or even keepng up with th more interesting ones (bc i guess my space ocs r more interesting bt theyre still boring nd generic nd so would th plot if i could figure it out)

like i see ppl brainstorming for ocs and its like “i want my next oc to be a grocery store greeter who is actually a monster in disguise that is trying to make human contact” and here i am like “if i made another oc itd be….a person (?)….with Skin…maybe som Hair….and they r Alive :^)”

and as for th ocs i have i cant thnk of em doing anythng interesting that i can draw out bc it also doesnt translate well bc Im Terrible nd Bland 

im jst v boring……..nd uncreative

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“Ah, it was all my fault. Wasn’t it?”

{ @jrlixutxnant | secretly we all love angst }

Mirror!Verse Ellis and Mika

“Damn it, Fleming! Yes it was your fault!” Mika slammed her hands on the desk in front of him. “I gave you one job- one!- and you fucked it up!” She pointed to the now dead Vulcan lying on the table. “All you needed to do was keep him alive! I was so close to breaking that mental barrier and now I have to start all over again!” She threw her PADD across the room and the screen shattered off it. 

She turned back around and landed on her knees in front of the chair he was sitting in. “Ellis…” she purred softly, caressing his cheek with her fingers. “Why do you do this to me, baby? I hate getting mad at you…” Her lips replaced her fingers on his cheek, “You’re going to have to come up with a very creative way to tell me you’re sorry…” 

2000 points gave me Narasaka ! I think this is one of the best possible outcomes :) And fitting considering Miwa was 4 that we got !

Special gacha also got me Mira…Aftrokrator seems to like me lately…Last two 10-pull gave me 5* Hyuse and Enedora and previous special gacha gave me 6* Enedora

Thanks to anniversary and world trigger being generous with crystals I will save one roll for Shinoda  while the rest is waiting for Jin rate up -.-

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I love learning about history but at the same time it really messes with me because if you end up really liking a big historical figure it turns out that they were a douchebag and did a douchebag thing that fucked over tons of people And I can't trust any historical figure anymore

Honestly same!??!? History is something I’ve always been obsessed with, but once I realized everyone has always been fucked it becomes the scariest thing to look into. I honestly gave up and become Noah at one point, only researching serial killers and such because at least there was no surprises there. 

ayye sorry this took a while, its hard to draw yourself lmao. I was gonna do something realistic, but i got frustrated so I started doing it digitally, but I didn’t like it, so I did a chibi here!😊 In the future (aka when my hair is actually long) I want to dye it teal! (also sorry it sucks at one point I gave up lmao)