i gained a new ship

I know that everyone is wrapped up in the Weatherly/DiNozzo departure over on the mothership…but has anyone else watched the NCIS: NOLA finale yet?!?!?!?! ZOMG.

It was a great, tense, tautly-paced hour…capped off by an amazing Persalle scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like…not even only-visible-with-shipper-goggles-Persalle, but actual, honest-to-goodness-Persalle.

That HUG!!

“I care about you, idiot!!” “Well, stop…’cause I can’t take it on.”

Did I mention…that hug? Y’know…the one where I swore they were on the verge of kissing, like, three and a half times. That one?!

Oh, and their matching faces of “oh damn, I’m in trouble,” as she walks away.

Their smiles.

“I’m glad you didn’t die.” “You’re an ass.”

Her obvious deflection on “yeah well, see you later.”

His “see you soon.”


I Sighed so heavily so many times while writing this. Someone help this fandom.

Joining the Naruto Tumblr community as a multi shipper (of SNS & SS) has been a very eye opening experience for me. As someone who ships SNS more than I do SS I originally thought entering the SNS side of Tumblr would be the better choice. I was so wrong. Most (not all, there are some really sweet respectful members) of NaruSasu community are for lack of a better word, mean. Mean and seemingly bitter. It doesn’t help that most of them either hate Sakura or hate canon Sakura, claiming that they love her but they don’t really love her. Of course myself and many other Sakura fans around the web know she isn’t perfect. None of the characters are. Could she had been written better? Of course she could’ve! All of the female characters were victims of Kishimoto’s inability to write women. But for you to belittle her, make her seem less than she is, accuse her of being abusive to her daughter when she stayed by her bedside for so long that she fell asleep or when she couldn’t stand to see tears in her eyes,

to say she’s no longer a powerful kunoichi because she dared to put on an apron. Even Kushina wore a damn apron come on people. She’s just a housewife now? Do you truly believe the number one med nin in the world sits on her ass knitting all day? Hell no.
When people say things like this please do not let them fool you into thinking they love Sakura. They don’t love her. They just love what they think she could’ve been in their image.

Making her and Sasuke’s bond seem small and insignificant is also a common trend. Even if you aren’t a fan of their romantic relationship, they do have a bond. Sasuke cares for he knows she cares for him, (take the latest episode of Sasuke Shinden for example, when Sasuke was told that he had people who loved and protected him the faces of Naruto and Sakura appeared in his mind.)

And Sakura has been in love with Sasuke since her selfish crush fell away and she realized she needed him to be happy. Why does it seem like whichever way I turn in the SNS fandom no one seems to be able to acknowledge this. Let me tell you, I cry tears of joy when I find a NaruSasu shipper who acknowledges Sasuke and Sakura’s bond it’s so refreshing.

Maybe Sasuke didn’t treat her well, but you know who else he treated like shit? Naruto and everybody else in the series. This post focuses on SNS shippers because that’s the fandom I was in, that’s the ship I love more than air because their bond is so strong and they love each other so much. But it’s not just the SNS fandom. NaruSaku, SasuKarin, SasuHina (I won’t even start on them) and even some NaruHina shippers are guilty of this as well. This isn’t to say SS Tumblr is pure and holy but Jesus Christ the hate doesn’t even compare.

You don’t have to like canon. You don’t even have to respect it. But don’t slander others for enjoying it. Did I like the canon ending? No, I really didn’t. It was messy, there were tons of plot holes, and I wish it would’ve been open ended or at least better explained. Do I like NaruHina? Not really, The Last was messy and rushed but Naruto has a family and I’m quite happy about that.

Many of my friends who are NaruSasu shippers have asked me why I ship SasuSaku. There is no one living in the Narutoverse who loves Sasuke more than Naruto and Sakura do, he would definitely end up with one of them. Of course I wanted SNS to be endgame. It’s my OTP after all, but I knew it wasn’t going to happen, a Shounen manga with a traditional Japanese man behind the scenes…nah. It took Japan until 2016 to have a canon gay couple at the center of a non yaoi anime (shoutout to Yuri On Ice.) So when SasuSaku became canon I was OK with that. I’d always loved Sakura and I knew for a fact she would love Sasuke unconditionally. With this new canon ship in mind I went back and reread the manga, and I saw how much Sasuke truly cared for Sakura. It wasn’t romantic of course they were 12 but it was there. I saw it, therefore gaining a new appreciation for the ship that I hadn’t had the first time around.

When I see the hardcore evidence of his feelings in the manga panels with my own two eyes it makes me wonder whenever I see a post along the lines of
“Sasuke doesn’t care about Sakura. Never has, never will. He’ll be miserable for the rest of his life.”
I have to stop and wonder, have these people even read the manga? Did they watch the same anime I did? How can you miss the clear feelings of concern he felt when she was in trouble, the praise he gave her whenever she did something he felt was particularly helpful, the way he didn’t fight her when she embraced him (knowing full well Sasuke has never been one for physical contact.)

I’m going to end this rant with this, (rant…heh I meant for this to be maybe a paragraph long¿) Canon is canon, if you plan to continue watching the anime / reading the manga this is something you’ll have to accept. I know it may be disappointing that your ship, whatever it may be isn’t endgame. But open your mind to other options, or feel the way you feel and don’t pull other people into it, and please let go of being bitter.

@all multi shippers: Join the twitter community, it’s much kinder to us.

Side Note: I’m sure we can all agree that Choji x Karui was random as hell but they made ChoCho so it’s okay ;)

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i love t'pring???? she's gay???????? why isn't t'pura more popular???????????????????

ok, Mood. but also….listen i got into T’pura when the tag consisted of the same 12 posts, and ive witnessed the birth and burst of (relative) popularity for this ship, i cant find it in myself to complain how “rare” it is bc 1) it’s most definitely a crack ship and 2) the community somehow managed to come together to dig it out of the “crack ship” label into….having all this art and HCs about how It Actually Happens and…..im so gay i love tpura and i feel blessed to have witnessed the ship gaining so many new fans

edit: and im not saying you cant complain or that youre not valid in your feelings!!! i just mean that me, personally…ive been in rare pair hell for so long and now it’s actually Not As Rare so im Living ™

Hey, Swan Queen shippers, I just checked the tag for this ship and I just wanna say - You guys are really cool, I’m so happy that destiel got to compete with you guys, considering how great you all are, and it was really close, I have to admit I was worried there was going to be a tie. So yeah. Thank you for being wonderful people and being really cool about all this, I really hope you guys get into the final round next year!