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Dating Justin Foley includes...


Warning: profanity

Request: here ya go bby and this one

Note: its amazing how one can gain so many followers so fast! I already have 50 followers! Thank you sm! I also have 200+ notes on my Jeff/Alex imagines, thank u sm! I’m nikki btw!!

  • Random make-out sessions

“Hey Justin do you think potatoes or broccoli wins-”

*insert Justin grabbing your waist and starts making out with you*

  • Finding out about his home issues


“I didn’t want you to worry so mu-”


  • Helping him through his domestic violence
  • Cuddles forever
  • Secretly Justin is a virgin bc he wanted the perfect person to do it with
  • And he chose you
  • *squeals*
  • You embarrass Justin. Like a lot.


“God Y/n.”

  • Justin getting annoyed at you but you make it up to him with hugs.
  • You always giving him back hugs

  • Your parents bring him into your house, just because of what you told them


“Is this what you have to deal with 24/7”

  • Justin getting along with your parents very well

“Babe you got some brownie, um, all over your face idiot.”


  • Singing in your bedroom
  • Your boy knows how to rap Rap God ;)
  • Kisses on cheeks

“Is it wrong if I love you and still love Jess?”

“It would be wrong not to still love her Justin.”

  • He stops drugs for you, he knows its bad
  • You stay the FUCK away from Bryce because you know better now
  • You knew Hannah but not well, she seemed more of a rebel and that was not you.
  • You weren’t on the tapes but you were handed a pair of headphones from Tony bc he said 

“Hannah really liked you Y/n, you were just so perfect. I bet you two would’ve been best friends.”

Soon you found out what Justin did

“I’m sorry Justin I love you but can I have some time? I really want to understand what truly happened.”

“Yeah okay.”

  • He was miserable but you came back to him in 2 days, you just needed time to process it, you forgave him for what he did
  • He loved you
  • He loved you more than Jess
  • He wanted to fucking marry you
  • You loved him too
  • You loved him so much
  • You wished this could last forever and you hoped it did too

an analysis of jughead's dream~

so, the opening sequence of 1x07, ‘in a lonely place’ was jughead having a dream in which him and betty were a married couple, and he’s in a happy family with the coopers. 

he seems really skeptical. like he’s finally getting a moment to not feel sad and that doesn’t seem quite right.

then his dad’s drinking infiltrated this happiness.

all of a sudden, everything went sour, the dream seemed too sickly sweet. something wasn’t right. then, the knife jughead was holding, was in archie’s back.

essentially, he feels guilty. he thinks that in his getting close to betty, he’s stabbed archie in the back. literally.

he also believes that he doesn’t deserve the happiness of being with betty. like it or not, he really does have feelings for her right now.

jughead carries the weight of everyone else’s problems constantly. he’s homeless and his dad is alcoholic and he hasn’t seen his sister in what we can assume is months/years. yet he’s so there for everyone.

essentially, this dream was just a little look into jughead’s thoughts and feelings, and the more involved he gets with betty, the more the guilt seems to consume him. he really does feel like he stabbed archie in the back.

tl;dr: protect my son k thanks

so yeah that sums it up for today’s long, wordy post. i know ive been doing a lot of these lately, but it’s because ive been sourcing images for aesthetics, and i need to put them together. and i’ve only just now started doing the long posts again. i’m doing my best to use gifs and break up the text though.

the follower count on this blog is insane. i gain literally 50 new followers a damn day and its amazing. i love all of you. stay tuned for more aesthetics and stuff? i guess?
i take requests for aesthetics, and i love reading you guys’ theories, so send them to me!

xoxo, v


Wow it’s only been like.. 3-4 days and I already gained this much- I swear yesterday I had 50 followers, but thank you all for following me! But honestly I probably wouldn’t gain this much in so little time if it wasn’t for @askdaddybendy

Thanks dude!

And in return I drew him in my style

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You walk out of here with everything you’ve learned … and you live life. You live it. You face whatever comes. This is going to be the greatest test of your friendship yet.

oKAY! i changed my banner and i´m here and ready to do stuff on this blog ! soon i will make a starter call probably but yeah !! hope everyone is doing very good today !! i send you a lot of hugs!! Ellie !

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Wow…just…wow. Today has been wild. I gained over 50 new followers (hi guys!!), I’ve had SO many requests, compliments, and encouraging messages for my art, and I’ve had multiple people offer to commission me! Honestly, this is so gratifying as an artist, because I finally feel proud and happy to share my work with y'all. Thank you so so much for everything today!!

anonymous asked:

How do you get a lot of followers on a stim account? What are some things you did that helped you gain followers? ^^

Well honestly, I gained my first few hundred from asking other stim blogs for promos! After that I think I started gaining more because I made a ton of gifs, and then started taking stimboard requests! While I was regularly making gifs and stimboards I was gaining around 40-50 followers per day! 

When I started getting lazy and stopped taking stimboard requests and stopped making as many gifs, things slowed down a lot, but I still gain at least 10-20 per day! Plus it’s been picking up again now that I’m making more gifs lately!

Long story short you can get a pretty good start by asking other blogs to promo you, and then from there it helps if you make original content in some way! Whether you film your own stimmy videos, make gifs, or make stimboards/take requests for them, from what I’ve seen it attracts more people to your blog!

And of course, be open and genuine! The things you post may attract people to your blog, but as long as you’re genuine and true to yourself, your personality will attract them as much as your posts do! ^^ (That sounded so corny but y’all get what I mean lol)

Most importantly though, be patient! I have 6.4k now, but it’s been like 10 months since I made this blog, so it doesn’t happen overnight! ^^; (Of course, who knows, you might gain followers faster than me! :O But either way it helps to be patient haha)

I gained 50+ followers from that su post where I edited names people called padparadscha onto an image of her in google docs so if you guys are listening I hope you don’t expect such quality content like that all the time

//I somehow gained about 50 followers which is miraculous seeing how I’m so inactive on here.
So first of all, hello! Secondly, I’m sorry for the inactivity. This should change soon enough. I have replies to catch up on, aesthetics to make, and I wanted to give all of my blogs a makeover, as well as make a new blog.
Fyi Im also a spoonie (as in I have chronic illnesses that heavily debilitates my energy) and a family to care for, and hopefully soon a full time job.
So Dean somehow ended up at the bottom of my priorities.
But this blog is not going into hiatus anytime soon! I’ll try my best to get back on here as soon as I’m able!
Caru ti! -Aiden x