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I want to say a b i g thank you to everybody who has followed me and helping me reach a milestone! 

Pretty good for a blog that’s only less than 2 months old! But despite that, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people here, and people who I call friends. Funny, now that I think about it. When I started this blog, I never thought I’d even reach 50 followers, much less gain some awesome and encouraging friends! With that said…

Each person is entitled to 4 entries, and I’ll be choosing the winners using a random number generator. Winners will be a contacted through personal chat a day after the raffle ends.

Good luck you lovely people!!

Harry Hook x Shy Reader Canon

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legs with a peaceful arusian

After a great response from those of you who are following my journey I decided I would actually write a post about my weight loss journey. Before and After pictures included. I searched for pictures of me at my highest, but I did, indeed, destroy them. I only have pictures of me while seated, like this one, never standing. I wish I had ONE to do a side by side comparison.  

I met and married my hubby in six months :) Even before our wedding I had started to gain weight. We ate out all the time. I let my gym membership lapse. Neither of us knew how to cook healthy food. By the following summer I had gained 50 pounds. Over the next three years I found myself with two precious babies and ANOTHER 50 pounds. I was now 100 pounds heavier. I could not find clothes that fit me in a normal store. Even when I found something that did fit, I wasn’t comfortable. I hated the way I looked. I would get headaches a few times a week and felt tired ALL the time.

In the beginning of 2005 I began my weightloss journey. I wanted to be able to do things with my kids as they got older. I rented Tae Bo dvds and bought Turbo Jam. I bought a stair stepper. And I lost weight! Not a ton. Probably 25 pounds. It was enough to make me want to keep going! The following year I researched the South Beach Diet. A whole different way of eating for me since I was used to prepared, frozen, and boxed food. I ate according to their guidelines and lost another 40 pounds. I continued exercising and eating like this for a few more years and didn’t see any weight loss. Seriously the most frustrating years. I knew I was continuing to make my insides better, but I was seeing no results on the scale. I started to research food and study how it affects the body. I couldn’t limit calories and expect my body to work well!  I also switched up my exercise routine. I found HIIT and fell in love!! It made me feel strong. It was the fuel for the fire I needed to find in myself.

By 2012 I used HIIT and running for my main forms of exercise. I also had cleaned up my diet. No more processed sugars. No more “diet” foods.  I ate fruits and veggies and lean protein. I ate whole wheat, oatmeal, or brown rice if I wanted carbs. I told myself that I would not restrict myself and I would fuel my body so it could work. And it did! By the beginning of 2013 I had lost 35 pounds. I had finally lost 100 pounds. It took me 8 years. A long 8 years.

There are a few things that people who have lost a lot of weight don’t tell you. They don’t tell you about how your body will look under your clothes after you’ve lost weight. They don’t tell you about all the loose skin. They don’t tell you that your mind won’t always accept your body’s weight loss. That you’ll still see the person you were staring back at you. They don’t tell you that hearing complements is actually weird. They don’t tell you that if you didn’t love yourself before you lost weight that you’ll still have a hard time loving yourself when you do lose weight. These were all things I found I struggled with after I lost all that weight. I have maintained my weight loss, but it wasn’t until just this past year that I began to love myself and appreciate the weight loss I had achieved.

I have learned so much about myself in the past 2 years! I am not afraid to try new things anymore. I love being adventurous! I am intelligent and witty. My body is strong. It can do most things I ask of it. And if it can’t yet, I can train and it will learn. So, my story, is much more than just losing weight and getting myself healthy. It was, and continues to be, an adventure of creating myself along the way.

To maintain my healthy lifestyle I do a combination of HIIT, running, and yoga 5 days a week. I also eat mostly raw fruits and veggies, lean protein, nuts and nut butters, and whole grains. I really try to limit sugar and processed foods, as well as eating close to bedtime. Water is my best friend (ok, coffee really is) and I drink 100 oz most days of the week. I try each day to something I love: drawing, singing, playing the piano, hiking, being outside, cooking, baking. Anything to fill up that fun tank :) Feel free to ask me questions about my journey. I love hearing from you guys!


Wow it’s only been like.. 3-4 days and I already gained this much- I swear yesterday I had 50 followers, but thank you all for following me! But honestly I probably wouldn’t gain this much in so little time if it wasn’t for @askdaddybendy

Thanks dude!

And in return I drew him in my style

Again thank you!


You walk out of here with everything you’ve learned … and you live life. You live it. You face whatever comes. This is going to be the greatest test of your friendship yet.

no joke, through this whole v*re thing tonight, i have lost and gained like 50 followers 

50 people have decided this is the final straw, but 50 more have discovered a new interest in their life


i’ve been so insanely productive since the moment i woke up this morning it is absolutely ridiculous how drastically my mood improves when i finish pmsing