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A little gift for @doodledrawsthings / @artisticdoodler of their absolutely adorable character, Pam! I love that plant hair, so flo o f y

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It is said that your soulmate’s touch leaves a colourful imprint on your skin.

Grace didn’t believe that. And surprisingly, neither did Frankie. She loved Sol with all of her being and she believed he was her true love, colour imprints be damned.

Both of them are too busy to notice the colours the other woman awakes dancing on their skin with the lightest of touches. They are always turned around, distressed or too high on peyote to realize. Until the Say Yes Night…


        This is falling in love in the cruelest way,
                                               This is falling for you and you are worlds away.

i met a woman in the village today


Robert snorted. “Bogs and forests and fields, and scarcely a decent inn north of the Neck. I’ve never seen such a vast emptiness. Where are all your people?” “Likely they were too shy to come out,” Ned jested. He could feel the chill coming up the stairs, a cold breath from deep within the earth. “Kings are a rare sight in the north.” Robert snorted. “More likely they were hiding under the snow. Snow, Ned! The king put one hand on the wall to steady himself as they descended. (requested)

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Continued from [ X ]


Everything went white, then black. Christine honestly wasn’t expecting death to knock all of a sudden on her door. Chaos control was just the only option she had or being blown to smithereens on the place she was. 

Clearly she didn’t thought it well; honestly it was better than nothing. 

The last ounce of consciousness she had before fainting was hitting on soft ground. 

                                                    Cold like snow

Minutes, or hours later, the adult female moaned as her head was pounding. “ Ugh…”  She slowly sat up, regaining slowly her vision, only to find she was on some kind of base. She looked around to find that her mind was assimilating she made it back to the G.U.N. headquarters. She looked at her hands. They were bandaged. 

‘Huh, weird… Did they got burned with the gloves I was using?What’s this quiet-looking place? Another empty room? Did I really made it to the HQ? No… That can’t be… It’s quite emptier than usual.’ 

“…Hello? Is someone here?” She would’ve just stood up and look around, but her head was banging too hard she had to lie down again. 

‘So that’s how being almost caught in an explosion feels like…’