i friendship them so much


“The moment we sat down and talked to each other, we had like a natural connection right away. He said to me afterwards that the most important thing for him was to feel comfortable. He had to be comfortable with me and I had to be comfortable with him to do all the stuff that we did this season. I think we just clicked and he felt as much as I did.” (x)


Just because it’s the path of least resistance, doesn’t mean it’s the wrong path.
Staying together is more important than how we stay together.

Natasha is the leader of the Avengers in many ways. […] In this movie, she has the most matured point of view of any of the characters. What fascinating about her is that she is a reformed villain, so she has an understanding of life in a way that other characters don’t. She has an empathy. She can see both sides in a way that not everyone else can. She is the middle ground of maturity. [Captain America Civil War Audio Commentary]

do you know in the darkest hour part 2 when lancelot and merlin went back to the knights and arthur but lancelot walked in first solely to give arthur a panic attack that merlin was dead, only to have merlin walked up five seconds later?? what assholes. what honest to god jerks. i love it. they literally planned that out. they stood outside that ruined castle, about to walk in together, but then one of them was like “wait wait wait, hang on. dude. i got an idea. everyone will go crazy.” and i am willing to bet all the money i have on this earth that it was lancelot’s idea


those cheeky shits


YOIWEEK2017: Day 5 - Stay Close to Me
Option B: Bonds/Friendship
Phichit and Yuri + Friendship ♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡

Bonus: Phichit getting excited over his best friend’s engagement o(≧▽≦)o


Wholesome classmate interactions :’)

I love their friendship so much and I’m disappointed in myself for not drawing something for them yet.

Lance is down with the flu and feeling extremely homesick; Hunk is the World’s Best  Friend and does his best to take care of him :’)

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Reasons to love the platonic relationship between Eun Bong Hee & Ji Eun Hyuk

You follow whatever silly things your best friend does

Clicked well even when you barely know each other

Give supports to each other

Able to comfort each other without speaking a word

Randomly passing each other snacks

Do weird shit stuff to make your homie jealous

Protect each other from hot serial killer

Working together to scheme your homie 

Wishing that you’re each other type instead but realised it’s impossible after all

Consult your problems with your best friend first

Doing illegal stuff together

…and being crazy together  

Side note: I would love to see them together in another drama. (better if they were main leads in a new drama 😍)


“ I have known what you truly are since the day we met. Long may you reign. “


Even + New Found Friendships in S3