i friendship them mainly but i like drawing this kinda stuff


drawing Ardyn Izunia and throwing an OC. Kinda wanna expand it more but I have this weird fear ppl will judge me/my OC lol. My favorite thing to draw was Daemon!Ardyn. Mainly because I just fill up the spot where the eyes are black and then add two white dots as the eyes. I can’t draw handsome man 

small dedication to @siren-dragon, @valkyrieofardyn and @poisonous-panda, their blog stories and headcanon give me so much life and inspiration 

some Headcanon (replacing OC with Y/N because idk seems more people/fangirl friendly??)

  • Ardyn plays few instrument really well, but other people don’t really know that because he doesn’t play for an audience. Sometimes when he feels like it he would sit down with Y/N together and play four-hand piano pieces or just improvise 
  • he has actually composed few piano pieces himself too, but never finished them, just started and broke it off mid-way.
  • if Y/N is short (Ardyn is 6′3″) he’d always rub it in their face and establish his dominance as the tall person here lol. E.g. if Y/N struggle with getting something from a high shelf, he’d just lean against the door frame and watch them struggle. He’ll help when Y/N decides to go get a chair to reach the high place
  • Y/N is a night owl and often messes up her sleeping schedule badly, so she can be often making breakfast at midnight and wearing Ardyn’s scarf so they wouldn’t be too cold. 
  • Ardyn would totally show up in the middle of the night too, to nick off some bacon and pancakes 
  • speaking of which, Y/N can’t cook for shit. But that’s okay, they can bake and bless the Six Ardyn has a sweet tooth. 
  • Despite having a really messed up sleeping schedule, if they go to bed at 4AM and have to wake up at 6AM, they will get up the moment the alarm goes off
  • the same cannot be said for Ardyn. That man needs his beauty 6 h sleep and he will do anything humanly possible to not get out of the bed. He really doesn’t understand how Y/N can go a whole day with only 2h sleep or sometimes stay up 48h straight to read a whole book series/binge watch TV shows
  • Based on this, if Y/N would accidentally walk into a tired Ardyn with his true Daemon face revealed, they’d probably blink once or twice, sniff the tea that they’re holding in their hand to check if it hasn’t been spiked with weird stuff and then ask if he needs more coffee because he looks tired af
  • If Ardyn ever decides to tell them the truth, you can bet Ardyn’s sweet ass at some point when they got attacked by a Daemon, they’d go “Look, I have seen the Chancellor of Niflheim without his morning coffee, so don’t try to pull that shit on me”
  • Ardyn is a tea person, but needs to morning coffee to wake up and get through the day. It really is more of a habit. 
  • Y/N outs Ardyn’s hair into a man bun when he’s asleep
  • Also I noticed since no one really uses seatbelt on the roadtrip, Y/N would sit on the back of Ardyn’s car during long trips just so they have the whole seat to themselves.
  • Refers to Ardyn as ‘Mr. Chancellor’ or ‘Mr. Izunia’ sometimes as a mock formality. He is secretly turned on by that. 
  • Makes trash/garbage joke around Ardyn all. the. time.
  • “Where’s the trash?” “Here!” *points at Ardyn”
  • “Mr. Chancellor, it’s trashcan, not trashcannot”
  • uuuuh to be fair, I see my OC and Ardyn’s relationship starting off as a friendship. Like Ardyn has been around for ages and that man is probably very lonely, and I imaginge he’d just want to have a companion/friend around. There is some playful flirting thrown into it too except Y/N is a dumbass when it comes to that kind of thing so literally after a long time one day they’d go “Wait, are you flirting with me???” and Ardyn would be like “Have been for the last few years but thanks for noticing”
  • Would suddenly realize they have been crushing for that old man and Ardyn would have noticed long ago that he was falling for them but didn’t do anything seeing as Y/N was so utterly clueless and maybe he thought that was the best that there’s nothing more beyond friendship
  • yeaaaah sure that is until Ardyn notices he needs them and needs them if you get my drift hinthintwinkwink
Wayward Girl (StilesxReader) Part 2 {SPNXTW}

A/N: What?!?!  An update?! This part just wrote itself! Thanks for all the kind words of encouragement.

Fandoms: Teen Wolf and Supernatural (Crossover)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader, a little bit of Scott x Reader too

Summary: You’re having a difficult time setting boundaries between yourself and Stiles - more importantly the feelings you’re growing for him.

Warnings: mentions of panic attacks, descriptions of injuries.

Part 1   Part 2  Part 3


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New Semester (1/?)

Originally posted by tony-starkes

Part Two

Author’s Note: So the only other writing I’ve posted was my Logan fic (which I might continue I haven’t decided yet) so I wanted to post something else. Here’s an Avengers College AU, mainly because I love these and I’m really missing college at the moment. I know some of the depictions of college are different than others, I’m just gauging them with my experience (I had to look at my transcript at classes, I was on a small campus, I took a few art classes, etc.). I made the reader a history major because that was my major so it was easiest to write for and it kinda plays into the story pretty well. I have an idea of how I want this to go, but please send feedback and maybe some ideas for the future. I can’t promise I’ll update quickly, it just depends on when I’m inspired. Enjoy!

Pairing(s): Eventual Steve x Reader

Summary: You’re starting your junior year of college taking a general ed class not related to your major and it’s stressing you out, only to find a certain someone could be just the help you need to get through it.

Warning(s): None?

Word Count: 1,588

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anonymous asked:

Can we know like, everything about your ocs?? Department? Crush? All of it? My scholar thirst knows no bounds

Wow dang that was fast. Well, there’s a lot of stuff about each of my scholars, but some of it is spoiler territory because I know certain twists that the story has (so obvs I can’t go too much into those haha) I’ll put it under a read more because anon you don’t know what can on worms you just opened hoo-boy..

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Klaine Advent Drabble - “Emotional Advice - $2″ (Rated PG)

Waiting for his Saturday connection with a lot on his head, Blaine gets some advice from a sage young man on the subway platform. (1749 words)

Written using the Advent Drabble prompts audience, early, guess, hello, kiss, laugh, music, opportunity, part, quirk, and sign. Assumes that Kurt and Blaine were best friends in high school, but never dated, Based on this post.

Read on AO3.

“You look like a man with a lot on his mind.”

Blaine, waiting for his Midtown connection, looks left and right. It’s a Saturday morning. There’s not too many people on this particular platform, not even the usual gaggle of musicians playing for change, so the absence of a person to put the voice to confuses him.

“Hello?” Blaine calls out.

“Over here,” the voice says.

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anonymous asked:

Hey there! I have been drawing since I was 12 (I'm 18 now) and I am just starting out now posting my things on social media, honestly I am quite nervous and I don't know exactly how this all works, I don't know how to get people to see my artwork? Do you have any advice for a noob like me? I would really appreciate it!

Okay, this is going to get really long, so I’ll put all the extra info under a Read More post because!! I have a lot of things to say about this topic bc I get this question a lot, and I know that I would want to know all this stuff when I started out on social media too!

but to answer your question:

First off, JUST POST! My advice? Post the great ones, the good ones, the average ones, and even the bad ones. Think of social media as kind of your art diary? If anything, be active for your own sake! Don’t do it for the likes/reblogs/etc., you’ll end up spending a lot of time selecting the very best of your art which is not really all that helpful if you’re trying to just trying to have a good time.

Make friends! Comment on other people’s art, send nice messages, relate to their experiences in a respectful manner. Just like in real life, people are drawn to those they like, so be real with yourself! Present yourself honestly but w/ courtesy to the other person. It’s just like making friends, except it’s online c:

Be active! Having long stretches of time w/ no new art/posts (coughmyowntumblr) isn’t going to help you reach people, so post in a semi-regular fashion (once every couple days or so, even a week is fine imo)

Tag your art! This is kind only relevant on Tumblr since this website is v dependent on the tagging system in place here, but you can apply this anywhere that this is applicable! Especially if its fanart, tagging your work is really helpful, since places like Tumblr don’t have explore pages, and what’s on your dash is depends on who you follow.

More advice on just social media in general below// 

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anonymous asked:

hi~ mini rant.. i like cockles and j2m but i kinda feel like their relationship is all fake? as in the relationship with j2 and misha? haters say all the time that outside the show they only hang out with each other and not misha and that they actually hate him and only hang out w/ him to promote the show.. sorry to bother it just makes me sad :((


Oh lord. :p The ‘ten foot pole’ drawing that I made comes to mind, lol!

But really, I think on the entire Misha versus J2 or Jensen/Misha thing (and I’m not talking about any shipping here because I’m not even gonna touch that), but just; friendship.

Like, there mainly are two hardcore camps when it comes to this and there seems to be no in-between (aside from the handful of people who don’t care about the J2M or Jensen/Misha friendship period). It’s either; J2 AND ESPECIALLY JENSEN HATE MISHA’S GUTS AND THEY ONLY PUT UP WITH HIM BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO, or it’s THEY’RE ALL BESTEST FRIENDS AND EQUALLY IMPORTANT TO EACH OTHER.

But you know, there are things in the middle, there are different kinds of relationships. Essentially; I don’t think that even with all of the teasing (even though that annoys me at times) J2 hate Misha’s guts (or the other way around), because they wouldn’t be putting up with each other for this long if that were the case. Even with Misha being a very accepting and tolerant person, the guy would have a limit, especially after all of these years. I don’t know the dude personally but what you can tell about him, is that he’s a shitty liar when it comes to these things. He’s shitty at pretending to like someone/something, especially when we’re talking about the long run. He’ll bring out his ‘conceal don’t feel’ face when he absolutely has to for the job, but you’ll know that it IS his 'conceal don’t feel’ face if you’re paying any kind of attention.

I’m not gonna pull out the lord knows how many examples of this, but as someone who’s shitty at playing nice and pretending to like someone myself when that person is obviously offending me and/or everything that I stand for; just take it from me. We see real smiles from him in gag reels or when he’s doing silly live streams with J2. Even when paid, he wouldn’t be that genuine about it, because that’s just not who he is. 

The most used argument by anti people is obviously; J2 hang out all the time and Misha rarely hangs out with them unless it’s for show promos. And actually (unpopular opinion) I agree; these relationships are very different. But that still doesn’t mean that J2 necessarily 'hate’ Misha. As a Misha fan, and for all of the time he still spends with them, I choose to believe that they don’t. :p

Think about it this way; whether you’re still in school/college or working: we all at some point have had that friend. That friend that was actually a really great friend whenever you were together. And you had things in common and seeing as you were spending a lot of time together, you’d hang out during lunch breaks or during classes or you were cheering each other up before a shitty final or tricky meeting or whatever, and you had some fun times and it was great. And if someone in that period of time had asked you, 'is person x your friend?’ then yes, you would have referred to them as your friend. And they would’ve referred to you as their friend as well. And maybe you shared some personal stuff at some point, because when you’re sharing time and space with someone that often, that happens. And part of you does genuinely care about that person.

But if someone asked if you were like hanging out after school/work, or if you were going to each other’s birthday parties… It’s like: no… No we don’t really do that. This person is a certain part of your life because you share a certain thing, and they are important in a way, and you consider them a friend, but you also have other parts of your personal life that they’re not really in on. Not because you hate them, but because they aren’t quite 'that level’ of friend, if you get what I mean. (Please tell me you’ve had these kind of friends throughout college or work, I’ve had plenty of them lol.)

And I think that’s pretty much what the Jensen/Misha (or J2M as a whole) relationship comes down to. I think that there’s a thing between 'they loathe each other’ and 'they’re besties for life’ and my gut feeling tells me that their relationship is something like mentioned above.

Which doesn’t mean that this kind of friendship isn’t meaningful at all; these kind of friendships have pulled me through school and several shitty jobs, actually. But it also explains the difference between J2/Misha, and that it has nothing to do with hate or dislike.

I get it though, the ‘Misha jokes’ coming from J2, they feed the trolls, and as I said, that gets annoying, even though they’re probably not even aware enough of this fandom to know what they’re doing whenever they make a remark like that. 

But I don’t think that there’s any bad blood there, and that they all respect each other and do have a certain friendship that means something to all of them.