i frickin cant wait

Snowbaz Christmas headcanons

Simon in giant puffy coats, his hair curling out from under his hat, his cheeks are bright red, flushed and alive, and as the biting wind blows through him, he curls into Baz his hands clasped against his chest, head buried in Bazs neck and Baz sends out a silent thank you to the weather gods for bringing the snow

Mistletoe everywhere courtesy of Simon Snow (Baz may have put a few up too but you won’t get him to admit it)

Simon refusing to wear gloves because it forces Baz to hold his hand everywhere they go and Penny after reminding him for the twelfth time to put them on gets fed up and shouts if its between getting frostbite and holding Baz’s hand which are you going to choose!? and Simon sheepishly shrugs and grabs Baz’s hand as an answer

Snowball fights ending with Simon on top of Baz in a snowdrift, Baz is laughing, his dark hair dusted with snow, and Simon presses his forehead to Baz’s and kisses him breathless

Baz putting up the Christmas tree and Simon suddenly hears a loud crash from the living room and rushes out, skidding in his stockinged feet, to find Baz tangled in Christmas lights lying on the floor and Simon bursts out laughing, taking a billion pictures before finally helping Baz out of his mess (he hangs the pictures around the apartment and calls them his masterpieces)

Penny being a mom and always reminding the two of them to wear their coats and keep their ears warm and not to stay out too late its cold

Simon is obsessed with Christmas music and it’s always playing in his apartment constantly, he hums it everywhere he goes (and loudly sings in the shower) and sometimes Baz catches Simon looking at the tree and the decorations and then at Baz with this huge grin on his face and Baz can’t quite remember if Simon’s ever looked this happy before