i fricke

What was that? Did you want me to post one of the forever-inconsistent portraits of my hot babes? Alright sure, why not.

Edit: I actually kind of want to see people color this. If you’re up for it, go ahead!!

i just sat down and thought about how bex is openly lgbt, has ocd, is Jewish, likes drag, likes the avatar, is basically a huge nerd like us, is open to talking about ships, accepts voltron head cannons, reblogs shippy art and just regular art, and faces hate head on and almost cried shes amazing and i want there to be more bex taylor-klaus’s in the world pls

  • Tyler Joseph: This is my wife Jenna and I love her
  • Tyler talking about Josh: They gave us these helmets so we would stop making out

“we need to spread love”


I was talking about SWOL deku with @ravefirell and yea this happened lol XDD and thank you anon, sry for the unexpected answer pffft