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“White guys” vs. Guys Who Happen to Be White

Today an able-bodied, straight white guy in his thirties told me DJT scares him, but added, “It’s important not to drown in fear. After all, what can we do?”

He was totally serious. 

I politely explained that as a woman with a disability who has many loved ones of color and/or in the LGBTQ community, it’s impossible for me to be apolitical. I detailed the ways in which just having a disability renders my entire existence political. 

I explained how my friends and I have been calling our Senators and Congressional Representatives, our Governors, our Attorneys General, our Mayors, our State Legislators, how we’ve been writing them, too, how we’ve been marching for women, for Black Lives Matter, for Seattle Stands with Standing Rock, how I frequently write about disability, how all of us have mobilized, are sharing information, and haven’t stopped. 

Most of us have been politically active for years, but some have only recently begun and, like all of us, they’re learning quickly, sharing information, and working their asses off. 

He struck me as a genuinely sweet guy, but he’d done none of the above. When he asked me, “After all, what can we do?” he was truly flummoxed. 

I’m finding this dynamic among a certain type of white guy, one whose rights are remaining largely untouched–though climate change will kill them, too, but I digress–and it’s as saddening as it is angering.

I live in Seattle, so I encounter very few DJT supporters, but in the four and a half months since the election, I’ve met too many ostensibly liberal or progressive white guys who are sort of shrugging and hoping the midterms go better, but doing nothing in the meantime. 

On the flip side, I know plenty of white male loved ones who are fighting smart and hard on behalf of women, and/or the disabled, and/or persons of color, and/or the LGBTQ community. 

They genuinely care. 

They get it. 

As such, I’ve started making a distinction between straight, able-bodied, white guys and guys who happen to be straight, able-bodied, and white. 

The former are one of the biggest reasons we’re in this mess. 

The latter are helping the rest of us fight our way out. 

The more alliances we build, the better. 

Nineteen months ‘till the midterms: let’s do this!

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♔ for Zen? Welcome baaack I missed your writing!

♔   - Do they have a secret ‘after hours’ spot they frequent?

  • I’m sure of it
  • I think that he frequents a few bars 
  • The most known to people around him is a bar that him and his cast mates frequent by the theatre 
  • The bar tenders know them all and if theyre all drunk enough theyll do karaoke together 
  • Also
  • He has his old gang bar 
  • Run by one of his old friends, now 
  • He doesn’t go there as often but he is well known when he walks in 
  • It’s a mild place but he still has a lot of respect shown to him when he enters!! 
  • Then there is his quiet spot 
  • He has several he has discovered as he bikes along the countryside 
  • He hopes to show them all to you some day 
iphysnikephoros replied to your post “borgjaneway: I hope this doesn’t sound patronizing but it seems like…”

I think “gen” is being used… three different ways? “No sexy stuff at all” and “canon ships only” and “shippy but not sexy”

But that’s so confusing! Help!

I think also maybe the issue is that shipping is so central to modern fandom, at least on AO3 and the parts of tumblr that I frequent… I wonder if it even occurs to most people that non-shippy fic is a thing?

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Bitch, break the internet to find Harry's out pics from London. The restaurants and other places he's been. List it. Visit it. Gloat over. You deserve it 🙌

i. cannot. go. to. the. same. places. harry. frequents. i. am. not. in .the. business. of. hurting. myself. i. am .trying . to. minimize. the. amount. of. causalities. that is why that restaurant was taken off the list. it’s called self love. 

honestly like if there’s a shop or restaurant i want to go to in L.A and they have a few chains i don’t go to the ones in weho on purpose. nope not trying to have an anxiety attack in the middle of a fucking Alfred’s coffee. not a good look. 

I’m so fucking shook right now

so tumblr, you remember how I posted about @optimistic-geek the other night and told you guys about the date that we went on? Yeah well let me tell you what just happened.

We were snapping each other rather frequently once I got off of work and around 9-ish, he told me that he had to go do something for an hour. Within that hour I was able to edit a video that’s going to be posted shortly, a video of which that I now have to make a minor tweak to but that’s beside the point. 10:24 PM he calls me and tells that he’s outside of my house. I never got off of my bed quicker than that moment. I was and still am shook. He seriously drove an hour to come to my house at almost ten thirty just because he missed me and couldn’t wait for our second date on Wednesday. We spent time in his car just listening to music and cuddling for a little bit and then what shook me even more than I already was, was that he asked me to be his girlfriend!

Now let me tell you this… having someone I actually like come and physically ask me to be theirs has never really happened before. I’m still highly shook about this whole ordeal but I couldn’t be happier! The two of us are hopeless romantics and even then it’s still mind-boggling to the both of us that things are playing out the way they are but we’re not complaining.

He keeps telling me there’s so much more to come as we continue this journey together and I’m honestly excited! This fool already has a surprise date planned for sometime in April! Honestly, is this real fucking life right now?? Things like this have only ever happened in movies or shows I’ve watched and only in stories that I have read.

3/26/2017 marks us as a couple and the continuation of this journey.

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I must be very late in asking this, but would you know what happened to the RF Forum on the official website? I used to frequently read around and check for fan reactions but suddenly realized it wasn't there anymore last year. I thought it was a glitch but it seems it's really gone. Do you know what happened or if they just moved it to a different website?

Roger Federer’s website went down for maintenance for a few months at the end of 2016, the website was launched again at the beginning of this year, but the forum never came back with it.

The relaunched website actually lost a lot of great features that his old website had - the results page with every one of his match scores from the start of his career, the comprehensive photo gallery, and of course the forum - a huge shame.

Roger’s management said the forum was removed because negative behaviour from some people was becoming too consistent on there, and moderating it was tough. But they also gave me reassurance that the website’s maintenance is still ongoing. So I’m still here hoping those great features will be restored.

The forum has not been officially moved to a new website, but fans who were active there have opened a Facebook group to keep in touch with each other in the mean time.


I was tagged by @barbellebirb to stop and drop and selfie. Haha, I’m so sorry.

Here’s my face after momming all morning. I’m definitely not as gorgeous as all the girls I see doing this frequently. But I’m okay with that. My face is what it is and I’m used to it. :)

I’m tagging @fitubolla and @cinderellasnewtrainers because I don’t know a lot of people on here. 😬

me: ah, i’m glad i’m finally over that obsession i had awhile back

my brain: *kicks door down* buddy you’re not gonna believe this


Since everyone seemed to like my Voltron/Guardians of the Galaxy cross over here’s some more! :D Because Keith sees Lance as a disgusting heathen and… well… Rocket Pidge was necessary. + rover! (sorry it’s pretty sketchy)

I post more frequently on my Insta so if you wanna come say hi I’d love that! :D Thank you so much for everyone who followed me over the last 24 hours!! It means so much to me I couldn’t believe it.


2000+ Followers Gift - Part 1

Ok, ok. I won’t make this too long because I suck at being sentimental and stuff, but thank you so so much for 2000 followers. Even though I don’t deserve it, it means the world to me that people actually like this blog and its inconsistent content. <3


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