i freaking love tron

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>Old pic of me, this was the first one I could find since I don’t really take selfies hahaha.

Home Screen: Picture of a heads up display
Lock Screen: Civil engineers build targets, aerospace engineers build weapons meme
Last Song: Sleeping In and lemme tell ya it’s an awesome song 
Relationship Status: I lik the bred :)
Favorite Color: I freaking love neon yellow. I like Air Force blue, navy blue, tron blue. Red, white, and blue. 
Last Movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel!
Top 3 TV Shows: Hmm….Peaky Blinders, Extreme Homes Collection, Psych? That list changes everyday 
Top 3 Characters:  Nathan Drake, Shawn Spencer, idk fam 
Top 3 Ships: Okay this is easy: USS Alabama, the Iowa, and of course the Sea Pyramid. AlL hAiL tHe SeA PyRaMiD

I hereby tag: @xstarryeyedlunax, @sparky050, @danplaystrumpet, Captain Chamomile and Crew @zalhera, @the-memeblades-chosen-one, @concretecatholic, @insufferableamerican, @gamefreak1790, @animeandcatholicism, @captainvatican, @chocogizmo, @catholic-aviator and the rest of you weeaboos who didn’t put their tumblr in the tumblr channel (especially looking at you Bae Leaf), @roseedumatin. Everyone. Anyone.