i freaking love this pic

There was this cute japanese meme I saw a long time ago and couldn’t resist  👀

SO.. FLUFFY.. 👀 


cr:  @itsmegrandma


@zizly *Slams fists on table* ICE SKATING AU



I just love those little pics with props they always make to promote their BLCDs!!! [x]

I can’t wait for this BLCD ahhhhhhhh!!! THIS DAMN CAST!!!! 

I wonder what they all thought of the whole Omegaverse universe…(guess they’ll talk about this in the free talk which I won’t understand cos I don’t fully understand JP ;__;)

I saw that while at work and teared up a little. Don’t mind me, I’m weird. I just love them so much >___<

People are still getting antsy about these alleged leaks that I, or anyone else I can find for that matter, have yet to see. The most I can find it some anon telling a blogger that there are leaks, but not the actual leaks or even where you can find them. I’m not trying to be a pessimist or trying to dash anyone hopes because I know people really want another season, but this whole thing reeks of someone crying wolf to get people riled up. Please just take all these things with a grain of salt. Many grains of salt, in fact.  A large bucket of salt. AKA me.