i freaking love this pic


hi everyone, this is my bias moodboard!! i’m like 2 or 3 weeks late with this y'all already doing biaswrecker moodboards wtf :/

anyway i was tagged by the lovely @extraongdinary, @minhwangs, @kimjaehwanswife (my sweet angel who helped me with filters and gave me a lot of feedback!) @kimsjaehwan@l-guanlin, @kangniel, @kngniel, @kangdan101@p-arkwoojin, @yjjisung, @ongeuigeon, and @parkji-hoons! all very gorgeous people with very aesthetically pleasing moodboards :-) 

i feel like everyone has done this already so i’m just gonna list people off the top of my head and tag: the @garbage-101 members who haven’t done this yet, @kimdonghyun, @swoojin@yoonjsung@woojinnies, @ongsecngwoo, @woo-jin-young, @daeswhis, @wooseob@kakaotaeks, @jeo-jang, @kingdans, @emperorhwangs, @kangbaeks@park-woojin, @dearlydaehwi, @wannaoneioi, and @produced101

i won’t be doing the other selfie tags so i also tagged people i owe selfies to! i apologize if you’ve already done this and of course you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to :-)

There was this cute japanese meme I saw a long time ago and couldn’t resist  👀

SO.. FLUFFY.. 👀 


cr:  @itsmegrandma

Total Solar Eclipse | Guernsey State Park (Wyoming)

This is a photo of Lightning fucking McQueen observing the solar eclipse. Yes.



I just love those little pics with props they always make to promote their BLCDs!!! [x]

I can’t wait for this BLCD ahhhhhhhh!!! THIS DAMN CAST!!!! 

I wonder what they all thought of the whole Omegaverse universe…(guess they’ll talk about this in the free talk which I won’t understand cos I don’t fully understand JP ;__;)

I saw that while at work and teared up a little. Don’t mind me, I’m weird. I just love them so much >___<