i freaking love this man okay

My Top 10 Recommended Shoujo Anime to Watch (◕ᴥ◕)
  1. Kaichou wa Maid-sama! - who wouldn’t be attracted to that perverted alien?
  2. Ao Haru Ride - hmmm meeting your first love again huh?
  3. Kimi ni Todoke - like, kazehaya is a perfect example for the man of your dreams
  4. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji - wondering how would it feel being a real life doggy
  5. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun - the monster seated next to me. Ohhh wait, is that adorable war freak boy a monster?
  6. Say I Love You - yamato so hot (≧∀≦●)/
  7. Kamisama Hajimemashita - suddenly positioned as a goddess? okay. but not just that, what if, you’ll have a servant who is a hot fox as fk?
  8. Vampire Knight - i swear if you’ll watch this, Kiryuu Zero plus all those hot vampires will surely steal your heart and everything
  9. Yamato Nadeshiko - a shoujo with a dark side bwahahaha *insert nosebleeds everywhere*
  10. Diabolik Lovers - hmmm, i dont really know if i’m going to recommend this but i’m really amazed with their biting scenes with all of that ohhh-so-hot vampires hehehe, i ship ayato and yui really really hard bwahahaha
  11. Akagami no Shirayukihime - did i just say that i’ll recommend you 10? ʕ⊙ᴥ⊙ʔ Here’s an extra recommendation then, akagami no shirayukihime or snow white with red hair, oops it’s not the literal snow white that you’re thinking off. just watch it and see how pretty this anime is (〃ノωノ)

You two talk a lot, huh?

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Title: Spider Boy (daughter of Tony! reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Tony Stark’s teen daughter goes with her father to recruit the infamous Peter Parker, a nervous high schooler who happens to be adorable

Word Count: 1780

A/N *IMPORTANT*: CACW SPOILERY CONTENT. Not major spoilers, the Peter Parker recruitment scene. Not gonna lie, freaking loved this. And Peter Parker is ACTUALLY my boyfriend?? Like; it could totally happen. Also; I’m totally willing to write part two so just lemme know if that’s  a thing you’d like? Okay, ENJOY!!



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i fuckin love namjoon okay????? he is so soulful and isnt afraid to speak out about his emotions and taboo topics and cares so much about so many things. he notices so much about the world and puts it into songs and little fancafe posts and tweets and its so beautiful to see someone who cares so much about the world. he wrote a fuckin essay apa format times new roman font 11 about DUST………. i fucking love kim namjoon. such a freaking great leader who his members admire so much. please stay healthy namjoon n be a man that inspires many <3 !!!!!

I loved that episode. Seriously, so many people are freaking out, and the future might look murky for our cunning bird and the clueless riddle man. However, some good things happened today.

Top three moments

  1. The nygmobblepot hug. Ozzie just keeps dishing these things out and it is beautiful.
  2. Oswald’s smiling face at Ed when he said he wants to break up with Isabella
  3. The Jervis/Barnes face touch… nuff said.

Okay and Ozzie threatening Isabella. That was brilliant.


Thank you, Jack

OKAY FIRST OF ALL let me just say a MASSIVE thank you to Robin for doing such a fantastic job. All the edits were AMAZING and I’ve never seen anything like it and honestly dude you’re a fucking artist and just. Kudos, man. You’re awesome.

Also thank you to the community for freaking out with me and for being so damn fun and amazing and lovely and creative and allowing me to create my own entire tag on my blog so that i can come back and look at every single post like this is one of the coolest things i’ve ever been a part of and you’ve all made me feel so at home and i love you to BITS

And finally, Jack. I don’t even know how I’m gonna get my thoughts straight here but holy shit, your vlog made me cry. First of all, THANK YOU for making that vlog because people were actually starting to get freaked out and you just basically helped a lot of people with their anxiety by making that so good call. and also THANK YOU FOR MAKING THAT VLOG BECAUSE YOURE FUCKING ADORABLE AND IM CRYING. Just. Seeing you so happy and excited and thankful and PROUD, I mean. Especially because recently you made the FOF - A year Later vid where you told about wanting to do more stuff and like, I know this isn’t really what you meant but. Just seeing how you took our ideas on board and how much fun you had and how creative you were and you’re also actually such a good actor like well done, 10/10 would shit my pants again. But I’m just so damn happy because for a lot of us all we want is for you to be happy and to be proud of what you do and see how awesome you are to us, and like. Your smile and giddiness in today’s vlog brought tears in my eyes because I’ve wanted to see you like that for so long. You don’t realise just how much you do for us and just the fact that you took something so personal and made it your own without blocking our creativity or stealing the character away from us just. It blew me away, because you were so graceful and respectful about it. You did an amazing job, and this is my favorite thing you’ve done on your channel ever. I love how you always thank us and pay us mind and how you always show your appreciation in so many ways and this was just. The best halloween i’ve had in literal years.

I fucking love you, man. Ya got me shaking and crying, but I love you and I’m so thankful you exist and i’m so proud of my smol irish son y’all like im actually trembling i can barely type IM SO EMOTIONAL

Thank you, Jack. You’re an amazing human and I’m so, so glad I found you and this wonderful community. I love every single one of you memeing fucks to death.

k @yethhoundart prompted me with “what if hannibal bought a cat just to piss off will and his dogs??” and i was like “FUCK YES” 

Hanni just freaking loves this can man, okay? Like its his child and it had the ugliest, loudest, scratches meow in the whole world and Hannibal loves it

sorry its just a quick doodle before I go to bed but ill probably draw more tomorrow night after i move back into res

The Vamps Preferences: Best Man Speech

Now, I don’t think that the boys would just pick one member of the band to be their best man, but just for the purposes of this, that’s gonna happen okay. 

Connor’s Best Man Speech for James 
Hi everyone, erm, I’m not very good at public speaking but I hope I do a good job today. James, the first time I met you, I thought you were the most organised freak ever, (Y/N) I really don’t know how you put up with him sometimes. There was always a part of you that needed love, you wanted someone to call your everything, and with (Y/N) you really have found your missing puzzle piece. When I see you both with your noses stuck in a book, or the way she beams at you when you play guitar, you really brighten up my day. (Y/N) you’re like the big sister I never had, I can come to you for absolutely everything and nothing is ever too much trouble, thankyou for making James so happy. James, man, thankyou for giving me so many amazing opportunities and for always reminding me to clean up after myself. So, if you’ll all raise your glasses, in toast to the new Mr and Mrs Mcvey. To James & (Y/N)”

Brad’s best man speech for Tris
“What a day? I never thought I’d ever be speaking at your wedding Tris, because I really didn’t think anyone would ever be mad enough to marry you, unless they were as bonkers as you. Well, I think you’ve found that person now. I have never met a more talented, kind, weird, hilarious person in my life. Tristan Evans, you little handsome bugger you, I wish you all the best for everything. (Y/N) or should I say Mrs Evans, you’ve taken my soul mate away from me, how very dare you! I remember the first time I met you, and we ended up singing karaoke in our drunken state together, I knew our friendship was going to last a life time. My two favourite people in the world are in love and are sharing their love with us today. So, if you can raise your glasses for the two lovebugs over there; To Tris & (Y/N)”

James’ Best Man Speech for Brad
“Bradley you little bear. I’m speaking at your wedding man, that’s mental. It’s weird to think this all started from a message on YouTube and now look at us. It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch you grow into the amazing person and showman you are. I can come to you with anything, you’re the easiest person to talk too, and even though you’re the most annoying person I know, with the curliest hair, I’m so happy for you man. (Y/N), you look absolutely beautiful today, Brad’s one lucky guy. I want to thank you for making our bear happy, I mean you get to ruffle those curls now, it’s not my job anymore. Just think, in a few years time, your adorable kids will be running around all over the place, causing all sorts of havoc. You’re the sweetest, cutest, most randomly hilarious couple I know and I love you both so much. To Mr & Mrs Simpson” 

Tris’ Best Man Speech for Con 
“Davy Jones! Connor Ball! Margaret! The many names and many personalities of you. I remember the time you walked into a glass window when you came to see us for the first time and then I knew we were going to be friends for an extremely long time. It’s been a pleasure to share my career with you, to be able to watch you grow, stretch your skin and watch you fall of stage multiple times. (Y/N) when he met you, I never seen him sad. You put a smile on his face, you put a smile on all of our faces, and I just want to wish you all the success, happiness and love for eternity. HAKUNA MATATA! To Con & (Y/N)”

Okay, let me get this straight.

I read that some PPL still judge ZEN because of his narcissistic tendencies and I do agree that sometimes he can go way over the top. BUT…if you play his route, you will understand why he became like this.

If you grew up being called UGLY and a FREAK and they’re not even joking about it, furthermore it came straight from YOUR OWN MOTHER, (who was supposed to be the one to love you unconditionally BTW) what would you feel?

Zen was maltreated, he was unloved. He lost confidence, he grew up depressed and he really thought he was not worth anything. BUT he managed to overcome this. And this is by having the confidence to be the person he wants to be.

When he says he’s beautiful I would like to believe that this is some sort of a mantra that he has to keep saying so he could continue to be strong. He didn’t grow up in a supportive environment so he used “narcissism” as a form of self-encouragement.

Then again, if he’s not your type, I won’t judge you. Maybe it’s just hard for you to see the good in him…it’s not your fault.

But I would just like this to be a reminder that ZEN has his own reasons to be like this. And that HE IS REALLY GOOD LOOKING IN THE FIRST PLACE.

I actually believe that he is not a true narcissist because these kind of PPL won’t be able to be honest with their feelings…

But ZEN is a very HONEST man. He may even sound insecure in his phone calls and in many scenarios about MC being attractive and all. He can be really, really jealous. (Proof: pic above)

(Writing this just made me love him more. MY GAWD. 😍)



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@ampharos98 said: Okay so like remember FOREVER ago when you asked for d&d characters and if we could create some? Well i chose to create a fairy and i never got around to finishing her character but its finished now and her name is terra and i love her and also some p&p au is there for you too but its not finished soooo yeah


OKAY SHE IS SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!  Oh man I love her precious design, with her shimmering pink wings and dark hair that glows blue OMGGG!!  And I love the way she’s colored and her adorable personality omfggg I just adore her design so much :3 Can I use Terra in a campaign sometime??  <3333

AND JFKDLAS;JGRA IS THAT AHIRU BENNET BECAUSE I’M ALREADY DYING she is so precious and that little hat and her hair braided into an updo omfg I’M SLAIN

What a lovely thing to log back onto :D :D <333 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING AAAAAA

bangtan x red hair

I have a thing for red hair. Like you don’t even know.

Heavily criticized for his red hair at the MAMAs: Kim Namjoon, everyone. I think he actually looks good in it. I don’t understand why people freaked out.

oh man. Yoongi’s hair was redder during Danger promos but I like his more auburn-ish hair. But mostly because of this pic cuz asdfghjkl

Wine red hair. idk how else to describe Jin’s red hair because his lips are way too distracting lol

Hobi hobi hobi I LOVED his red hair…a lot


Jungkook really really suited his red hair. As much as I like him in black hair…but I also like him in brown…and blonde. To me he suits everything, okay? Like that’s what biases do to you.

Tae tae, still waiting on you baby…

I’m freaking out and needed to write this down.

“You have to stop this Mycroft.”

“Stop what?”

“Thinking I’ll leave you just because we had some words.”

“I don’t-”

“You do love. It’s okay to disagree with me, we can’t always see eye to eye about everything. Just because we don’t agree doesn’t mean I don’t love you anymore.”

“Gregory I. I’m sorry, I didn’t-”

“I know Mycroft. It’s okay. I love you, you silly man, why would I ever leave you? You’re the one Mycroft.”

“You- I love you too Gregory, deeply.”

“Come here and kiss me Myc. I’ve missed you today.”

Stop? 😏 Are you really sure, I should STOP? 😉
…Or does “STOP” mean “continue” in this case? 😏😏…

I mean…I probably COULD stop, if you insist…😉
(Just kidding. I couldn’t. This fic caught me like a freaking disease, man! And it just gets worse and worse, as it seems…😅😂 Seriously. Why am I doing this? 🙈 I’m so sorry, everybody, I don’t see an end yet… I really hope that’s okay for you guys!😳💖)

OKAY BUT THIS SCENE. Ignoring how friggen presh it was seeing Ro holding Lola and Tommy in one arm, I wanna talk about how Mr. Boatman here CLEARLY SEES a 7 foot robot standing with three kids. Yet he’s not freaked out. In fact he’s amused by Gus’ ship-teasing of Lola and Tommy and seems like he’s agreeing.

Robotboy is supposed to be a secret but Tommy and Lola aren’t worried that Boatman saw him. 

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I'm not sure how much you know the group but, seventeen and number 12 :)))

i used to be (sometimes i still am) a big carat since their adore you days wjjsns i love these dorks so much

12:Which two members would be most embarrassed if they accidentally kissed.

there are so many members in the group omg but i keep thinking: hansol (okay vernon sorry nct hansol stans i love y'all i miss my man) & jun, or minghao & scoups. idk i just feel like minghao would probably yell and go all savage at scoups when he’s blushing like mad and when vernon’s freaking out, jun would probably be smirking at the side. :’)

Send me a Kpop group and a number and I’ll tell you

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dAGLOUT 1, 22, 39, 46, 49

daglout me

1. Who is the early bird/ Who is the night owl?

  okay so. dagur is a morning bird, i think he’s the type (like astrid) who gets up early and does freaking flips and shit out of bed and is Ready for Action. i wouldn’t call either of them night owls. snotlout might say he is but he can’t keep his eyes open passed 12 am.

22. Who goes all out for Valentine’s Day?

  DAGUR THE SAPPY MAN. like all the cheesey stuff too - a giant teddy bear, chocolates, candlelit dinner by the pier. WHAT a doofus. and snotlout loves every minute of it, please. he loves being treated like the most special-est person on earth.

39. Who buys cereal for the prize inside?

  pffft, snotlout. they have a shelf full of kiddy cereal in the pantry.

46. Who has the longer food order? 

  SNOTLOUT BECAUSE HE CAN’T READ THE DAGUM MENU. he has to   decipher it, like it’s coded.

49. Who is the driver/ Who is the passenger?

  is this a euphemism. dagur doesn’t like cars (bike or die) and snotlout has a super nice Lamborghini and he will NOT let ANYONE touch it, EVER. even if it was the last working car in the world and he was bleeding and whoever was with him needed to drive them out of there in some apocalyptic scenario, HE WILL DRIVE IT HIMSELF.

One of the most annoying tropes I’ve read in romance (and, well, any novels that contain romance in them) is the idea that if someone was married/in a relationship before the OTP!!!! relationship, then it was NEVER “real” or there was “something missing” or what the hell ever. It’s not true for every novel (I can think of some notable examples and thankfully a lot of authors aren’t this narrow) but it’s so ridiculously common that it makes me so freaking tired. I remember even watching a movie where the protagonist was widowed, and when she started a relationship again she told the man “I have known real love. I won’t accept anything less” and then after awhile she’s all ‘THIS WAS NOTHING LIKE I HAD WITH MY HSUBANDDKERKJ!!1 THIS IS TRUE LOVE′. Like. Okay? It’s a good thing your shown-to-be-amazing first husband died because holy shit that was cruel.

There’s this idea that you only get one great love in a lifetime and that’s not necessarily true. Sometimes love ends, whether through death or other means, and it’s perfectly possible to love again.