i freaking love this fandom and the cast and crew

I might be in the minority here, but I’m glad Beach House didn’t heavily focus on Jake/Amy. Do I want them to get together? Duh. But the episode wasn’t about that. It was about a getaway for the team. To focus on Jake and Amy would detract from the point of the whole episode.

I know some people are still disappointed, but let’s be honest here. The episode was fucking amazing without it. It didn’t need it. The writers gave us Jake saying “Ames” and Amy drinking from Jake’s glass and we all went batshit crazy anyway.

And that’s what makes me so proud of this show. It’s like the writers are saying, trust us. They know they don’t need to focus on Jake/Amy every episode to keep us watching. They trust us because we trust them. It’s like they’re saying, not yet guys, but soon.

Mark my words, when Jake/Amy finally happens, it’ll be bloody brilliant. Don’t be disheartened that Jake/Amy hasn’t happened yet. Be grateful we have the best cast, crew and production team ever. Long live this freaking fandom.

Sorry not sorry for the emotional philosophical shit. I just love you guys.

In which I am a sap about Carmilla

Ok here we go. I’m overdue approximately one super sappy Carmilla post before the year is up.

A little over a year ago on a random Saturday evening (because hey, a girl has to stop going to the pub eventually) I decided to sit down and check out what all the fuss was about this ‘Carmilla’ thing that was showing up on my dash. It had ladies loving ladies in it after all, by the rules of fandom I had to watch it and fall head over heels for yet another ship.

And fall I did. Not just for the ship, but for the series, the cast and crew, and the (tiny baby) fandom. Those early days were hands down the best fandom experience I’ve ever had.

I watched Carmilla freaking explode all over social media, the fandom grow, the awards come; watched it receiving the kind of recognition it deserves. And despite playing zero part in the creation of this force of awesome for the queer community it supports, I feel proud as hell of it, and of the people behind it. 

Because every time I read someone’s story about how Carmilla helped them to find themselves, to feel better about who they are, to come out to their loved ones, it reminds me over and over again why this series is so important and why it deserves every ounce of praise it gets.

On a more personal note, I’ve had the privilege to meet the most amazing people through this whole affair, some of whom I’m happy to call my closest friends. (Take that, people who dismiss fandom). I’ve hopped on a plane and flown a few thousand miles for shits and giggles, explored a new city with new and awesome people, I’ve found some direction in things I want to do, figured out some things that I’m actually really good at and how I can use them to do the things I want to as a scientist (yes really). For the first time ever I actually have *gasp* plan.

For once this isn’t a savecarmilla post, it’s not a plea for a third season, not because I don’t want one (duh) but because I just wanted to take a few minutes to appreciate everything this series has done for the people its reached. Whether season 3 happens or not I can say with absolute sincerity that the Carmilla experience has been one I’ll never forget.

So Happy New Year cast, crew and fandom. It’s been a wild ride so far, here’s hoping your 2016 brings you everything you want.


kmart1885  asked:

These last few hours (twitter battle, EBR and Stephen tweeting, Charlotte Ross' trailer, etc) has been fan-freaking-tastic! The writers, producers, and actors all know what the heart of this story is.I was seeing posts all along my dash with Olicity happiness, and I remembered, oh wait they're broken up. Hah clearly most everyone working on Arrow agrees with the assessment that this stage is just a blip! Only this fandom could be this cheerful and get so much reassurance during a breakup hiatus.

Well said my friend! We are very lucky to have these writers, cast and crew. The truth is they love Olicity just as much as we do.