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I’ve been collecting a few posts from the jacksepticeye tag for a while that reiterate how much I love this community, so here’s a few of my favorites :) I say it too much, I know, but this community is AMAZING!!! These posts are solid proof that the people of this community are incredibly kind and positive, and idk y'all, that just makes me feel so happy! 

They also show the impact that Jack and his videos are having on people, which again, is awesome!! :D @therealjacksepticeye

Partner in Time

For @hiniparlousblog! <3

“Your boyfriend went to the corner store.”
He gave Seven the slowest, most irritated eyebrow lift he could. Just when he thought he had heard the worst nonsense from his friend’s mouth, Seven managed to think of something worse. And he had literally arrived a minute ago. “Pardon?”
“Your boyfriend! My baby brother! Don’t tell me it’s over already!” Seven mock-pouted.
“Why would you think that? He avoids me constantly.”
“You guys were so cute two days ago!”
Ah, he was referring to the sleeping on the couch incident. Vanderwood rolled his eyes.  “He was sick. I only warmed him up.” Really, it didn’t mean anything. But the memory still made his cheeks turn pink.
Seven nearly fell out of his computer chair to grin at him. “As the adult, it’s your responsibility to make sure he’s well taken care of!”
“What?! We’re both adults! I’m only a few years older than both of you! And we’re NOT dating!!” Seven could give painkillers a headache, he swore to God. The ex-hacker ignored him and kept saying things to push him out of the house towards his brother, making him more flustered.
Whatever. Forget about Seven, the chaos in the house is more important-
“Also, we’re out of detergent.”
Bloody typical.
Saeran made sure to fill his shopping basket full of sweets. How his brother could eat those gross chips, he would never know. Maybe he should get something healthy to avoid becoming sick again. Waking up like that was the most embarrassing thing ever. Stupid Vanderwood, who stayed calm and collected while he freaked out. Stupid brother for making fun of him. He was not in love, damn it!
An older woman in the next aisle kept staring at him, making him nervous. When he wanted to head to the cash register, she suddenly blocked his path.
“Hey cutie! You look so much like someone I know, are you perhaps-“
“I don’t think so.” Saeran quickly mumbled, holding the plastic basket closer to him. He tried to sidestep her, but she got closer, her gaze predatory.
“Hey now, I’m just making sure! Be a good boy and hold still.”
Something about those words made him freeze. She touched his right arm and it was as if she knew he was hiding something there under his sweater. Thoughts rushed into his head before he could stop them. All at once her eyes turned green and he was small and helpless. Images of a dark room flashed before him, remembering with the scent of iron, the touch of unwanted hands on his skin, the pain oh God make it stop please-
“Please stop.” He tried to yell but it barely came out a whisper. The woman didn’t notice his panic and his vision was going dark.
A warm arm draped around his shoulders, much broader and heavier than she could possibly be, slowly pulling him back to reality. A familiar comfortable warmth chased away the wooziness and feelings of pain. He looked to his side and saw Vanderwood who held him close, hugging him to his side.
“Stop hitting on my boyfriend.” He glared at her, causing the woman to let go of Saeran.
The invisible bubble the older man created around them made him feel safe. It was tempting to cling to his jacket, but Saeran kept his hands around the handle of the basket.
“Your- Ah. Erm… Sorry.” Sheepishly, the woman backed away. Another stern glare from the former agent made her run off and leave the store in a hurry. Saeran took a deep breath as his muscles relaxed.
“Are you alright?” Those gentle brown eyes looked at him in concern once again. Brain registering what had just happened, he jumped away from the older man, nearly dropping his basket. The temperature suddenly went up a degree or two, his face turning redder than his hair.
“Y-You’re NOT my boyfriend!” He screamed, causing several shoppers to stare at them.
Vanderwood crossed his arms and gave him a confused frown. “I know. It was the quickest thing I could think of to get her to stop. You looked like you were going to pass out.”
Oh. Right. That made sense. He pushed down the sad twinge he felt in his stomach.
“Yeah, well, I didn’t need you to help me!” He marched to the cash register in a huff, hearing Vanderwood sigh.
While he paid for his candy, he couldn’t help glance behind him at the taller man, who grabbed a bottle of detergent. He didn’t feel guilty. He didn’t.
Vanderwood did not expect to find Saeran standing next to the door when he left the store. “You waited for me?”
“We’re going the same way, idiot! It would be rude to let you walk alone.” The redhead snarkily replied and started walking. He blinked in confusion a few times before following suit.
The trek to the bunker was filled with awkward silence. Vanderwood attempted to give the young man his space by staying behind him, but to his surprise, the moment he slowed down, Saeran did as well. At some point they walked next to each other, Saeran hugging his bag close to his chest.
“Thanks.” It was so soft he almost thought he imagined it.
“You’re welcome.”
Saeran’s face lit up like a lighthouse. “I didn’t say anything!” He yelled, running off. Vanderwood sighed again. The redhead was moodier than anyone he had ever met.
But, he realized, he kind of liked it. The thought made him blush, glad no one could see it.

When they got back, Seven faced them with the biggest smile. “And? How was your date?”

And just like that, Saeran vanished from sight, running into his room and locking the door.



BTS reaction when their wife/gf is in hospital giving birth to their first child

requested by anon

(I know that the process of childbirth is different in Korea and most men aren’t exactly involved with the process, they rather wait for news than stay with the mother, but I chose to do it a little different for the sake of comedy. I hope you are okay with that.)


*he read every book about pregnancy in existence and is 100% prepared*

*he still freaks out when you go into labour because HOLY SHIT, THAT’S NOT HOW THE BOOKS SAID IT WOULD BE*


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*calm and collected on the outside but lowkey freaks out* 

“This is fine, everyTHING IS UNDER CONTROL.”

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*tells you he’s totally prepared and faints the second things get serious *

“Okay, remember to hold onto my hand. Wait, wHAT IS THA….”


*tries not to say anything when you crush his hand*

“I’m so proud of you, love. You are doing so good!”

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*lets you yell at him, and only smiles while patting your hand*

“I love you so much. Keep going ! Think about holding our little baby in your arms! I’m so proud of you!”

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*so. excited.*

*probably more hyped than you are *

“I will be a FATHER soon! We should make even more babies jagi, so that they can all be friends and never feel lonely!”

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*paces up and down and wants to punch everyone who doesn’t have any new informations for him*

“That’s my BABY in there. You better do your best.”

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chairman-meowth  asked:

What if the mysmes bunch +Saeran +V find out MC has an illness (can't think of a specific example) that meant they were constantly at a hospital (also MC is terrified of hospitals)

A/N: im afraid of hospitals until im actually admitted then im like yeah okay im here, /fantastic/. Also, I tried to be kind of broad and diverse? But I only know like one of these on a personal level so i hope nothing is completely off the wall ~Admin 404


           -I think he’d be afraid of hospitals as well

           -I mean pet hospitals are different!! That’s for pets! Hospitals deal with people! And he’S A PERSON!

           -He COMPLETELY gets your fear, but he’s gotta be tough for you!!! Gotta be the man!!


           -“MC don’t move, ill get it!” “I’ll fluff your pillow!” “Want a different tv channel?? IVE GOT IT”

           -You’ve been going through chemotherapy but that doesn’t mean you can’t moVE YOOSUNG PLEASE

           -If you cry because you’re scared, he’s there crying with you

           -But!!! He surrounds you with TONS of plush toys, and brings you food his mum he’s made


           -And honestly his innocence is so cute? And gets your mind off of the fear? He’s always making some cute craft thing with you, or telling you all about his LOLOL game (even brings a laptop for you to play with him when he has to go home!!) He isn’t very good at the whole comforting aspect but he loves you and tries so hard for you!! ;A;


           -He heals quickly and strong

           -You….do not…do that

           -You get an infection and it’s SO HARD for your body to fight it

           -Which often leaves you in the hospital over something like the flu

           -And that makes him SO SAD like omg MC i’d give you some of my healing power if I could

           -You are very vocal about your dislike for the hospital, so he doesn’t have to guess or pick up on subtle hints

           -But he treats you like ROYALTY he refuses to let you do anything for yourself when you’re in there because he just wants to make up for not being able to stop you from getting sick ;A;

           -He sings for you almost constantly because??? You can’t be afraid of anything in this building if all you can focus on is him??

           -He brings his scripts with him all the time so the two of you can waste the day and practice together!!

           -HAVE NO FEARS MC, FOR ZENNY IS HERE. Always watching the doctors and nurses like a hawk, always tries to get you to focus on him instead of anything they’re doing (obviously not if it’s important, then he lets you pay attention). Otherwise there’s a lot of cheek kisses, hand kisses, and just like…kisses everywhere come on it’s zen we’re talking about


           -You’re in the hospital often for breathing problems

           -“Jaehee, it’s because you take my breath away,” you wheeze as she’s rushing you to the hospital

           - mc shut the fuCK UP NOW ISNT THE TIME

           -She loves that you’re able to make light of the situation though

           -That is until you actually get to the hospital, then she’s practically dragging you through the doors because you’re too afraid to go in

           -Too much sadness, too many machines that you aren’t familiar with, the weird feeling of being in a strange place, you don’T LIKE IT

           -But she’s always there to read you a book at the end of the day, with a cozy throw blanket from home, and she’ll bring you some coffee from your favourite shop!

           -She also studies what all the machines and medications do so she can explain them to you and hopefully ease your anxiety!

           -When she can’t be there because of work, she leaves you a stack of books to get lost in so that you won’t even notice you’re there. She’ll text you throughout the day as well to check up on ya

           -She’s small enough to cuddle up in bed with you which is GREAT the two of you watch zen’s dvd’s on her laptop all the time


           -???? Why go to hospital when hospital can come to you

           - jumin no i appreciate the gesture but no

           -You’re a regular there because of your heart problems and it breAKS HIS HEART

           - he’s threatened saeyoung a few times because he keeps making jokes like “your heart must of stopped because you saw jumins face” and things of the sort like stOP

           -The first time you had a problem with your heart when you were with him it scared the sHIT OUT OF HIM MC WHAT’S WRONG

           -But he noticed the whole time you were there, you were anxious and always on the verge of tears and Juju will not have that

           -Literally had a room made just for you for whenever you need to be admitted and it looks just like home

           -“It’s your home away from home. Funny, right? MC why are you crying it was supposed to be funny” no its because you’re so swEET JUMIN WHAT THE FUCK STOP

           -He’s sad he can’t bring Elizabeth to console you but he does his best. Always sits with you, petting your hair and kissing you softly

           -His tall ass crawls into your bed at night too so he can hold you like duDE WATCH OUT FOR THE IV YOU’RE TOO TALL YOU DON’T FIT PLS YOUR KNEE IS DIGGING INTO ME


           -He knew your medical history, he did do a background check on you after all

           -So he knew that you’ve had frequent trips to the hospital your whole life

           -He did not realize, however, that you’d be this terrified of just visiting the hospital to see Saeran (after the whole mint eye thing of course)

           -It wasn’t very obvious to anyone else how afraid you were, but he could tell

           -You were in a lot of danger when the two of you were saving Saeran and you didn’t bat an eye

           -But the moment you stepped foot in the hospital, you got quiet. When you did talk, you started to stutter and trip over your words. You had a lot of trouble looking around or at anyone  and that wasn’t the MC he knew

           -You explained that due to your weak immune system, you’re a frequent in the hospital. You get sick easily and it hits you hard. But being surrounded by the multitudes of machines, hearing the sad sounds of people losing loved ones, you just couldn’t handle it

           -From then on, every time you’re admitted to the hospital, he brings a back full of different outfits so he can entertain you, and get your mind off of everything that was happening around you

           - mc i’m your doctor im gonna have to give you an exam wink wonk

           -Full of stupid jokes, hand holding, and kisses to the cheek. He is the deFENDER OF JUSTICE and he will DEFEND YOU FROM ALL OF YOUR FEARS. He’s such a dork??? How can you even think about what’s happening around the hospital to freak you out. It was practically like being at home with him around


           -You immediately told him about your health conditions when the two of you met

           -You unfortunately had to stay in the hospital frequently because of bad epileptic episodes

           -Well, you would go home of course, but some episodes were too risky to go immediately home, so you’d have to stay

           -And you HATED it, like, THIS PLACE ISN’T HOME

           -So every time it happens, he makes it home for you

           -Always bringing you favourite blankets and pillows from home

           -He even tries to bring calming candles so you won’t be as afraid you cant really…light those in here v

           -He’s always talking in such a calming tone that you’re just kind of….relaxed. Please tell me some stories V, lull me to sleep and ease my nerves . He’s always reading fairytale stories to you

           -On days that you’re extra anxious, he shows you videos he’s taken of you, of the RFA, and of random things you love the ones he takes of dogs and you know he does it just for you

           -Overall, he’s just always there to listen to you. You can rant and rave and cry angry tears because you’re so afraid and just want to go home, but he’s there to wipe your tears away and the only home that matters is the one you have with him <3


           -He knows what it’s like to be in the hospital for a long time

           -I mean, right after Saeyoung took him from Mint Eye, he was in there a long time to get all of that shit out of his blood stream and all of that, so he kind of gets it

           -When you have to go to the hospital pretty often because your kidneys were weak and almost always on the verge of failing, he freAKS OUT


           -Pulls it together (well on the outside at least) fairly quickly when he notices how nervous you are every time, no matter how often you have to go

           -You’re almost on the verge of tears every time because?? Every time you’re here you’re fairly close to dying and WOW that’s scary as fuck this place sucks

           -But he’s always there for you, no matter what. He might not say much (and nO ITS NOT BECAUSE HIS VOICE WILL GIVE AWAY HIS FEAR SHUT UP MC) but he’s there to hold your hand through it all, and tries to act like wiping your tears is an inconvenience though you know it’s not and that hes just trying to be tough

           -Actually stays up for days at a time to watch over you and make sure everything is alright which makes you feel bad but also really puts you at ease??

           -Like nothing bad is gonna happen because Saeran will pUNCH IT IN THE FACE. That fear? PUNCH IN THE FACE. All the beeping machines? PUNCH IN THE FACE. Doctor comes in the room in the middle of the night and scares the shit out of you? saERAN ITS THE DOCTOR PLEASE DON’T PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE

           -He buys a bunch of sweets- like cake, cookies, ice cream, things of the sort- and pretends it’s all because he wanted it himself but he guesses he can share with you, if it’ll help lift your spirits and take your mind off of the fact you’re in here

#ShipperCon - my ECCC 2017 story (part 1)

I honestly don’t even know how to begin. It’s been nearly a week and I’m still buzzing and overwhelmed from last weekend. What started out 8 weeks ago as an impulsive trip with 2 ladies who live in the Seattle area (the original #ShipperCon trio!), it quickly turned into a group of 8 of us from all over the US. Finally meeting after becoming friends on Twitter over the last year. I’m so thankful they were all able to make the trip all the way out to the NW and I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Truly.

I’ve already reblogged the top moments that @heyheykatiemae put together from the weekend (check those out too!) and I’m going to totally steal her idea of using all our Twitter handles to keep the stories straight. (You can also follow these lovely ladies over there because they’re basically the best. No lie.)

@heyheykatiemae (also on tumblr), @jill_millander, @ClaireEBFraser (@claireelizabethbeauchampfraser on tumblr), @birdie4573, @ZenGeisha1 (@zengeisha on tumblr), @Pursuitofagood1 (@pursuitofagoodbook on tumblr), and @meg_eh.

Apologies in advance that this got EXTREMELY wordy. But it just spilled out and I don’t want to forget a second of it! Since it did end up being so long, this is part 1 of 2!

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Crush (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 1924

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: This is my first try at these so if it’s terrible and the spellings bad i’m sorry :)

You’ve had the hugest crush on Peter ever since you first saw him in the hallways of midtown high school, leaning against his locker and laughing with his friend Ned. He’s been in at least one of your classes every year and you’re 100% sure he doesn’t even know you exist. But that’s partially your fault, since you never try to make yourself known at school. You prefer to keep to yourself and only socialize with your one friend. 

Sitting in your biology class, wanting to be anywhere else but here, you hear your teacher shout your name and you’re immediately brought back into reality.

 “Y/N! if you’d actually pay attention in this class maybe you wouldn’t be failing it!” 

Embarrassed you look down at your desk and reply with a quiet “yes sir”, hearing your classmates snicker around you. You remembered that Peter was in this class, your crush had just witnessed this embarrassing moment and it made you want to slam your head against a wall. You’ve never felt this uncomfortable in your life and could feel the tears surface, but you hurriedly wiped them away before anyone could notice. You knew damn well you weren’t passing this class, even though you studied every night after school you still couldn’t understand the work. 

 The bell rang and you were quick to grab your books and get the hell out of that classroom, keeping your head hung low so you didn’t have to make eye contact with anyone. 

You were at your locker when you felt a hand lightly tap your shoulder. Thinking it was just your friend you said a simple “hey”. But the voice who responded did not belong to your friend, it belonged to Peter Parker.

 “Um-Hi Y/N, i’m peter…from your biology class.”You turned slowly to come face to face with your crush and soon forgot how to speak. Why was Peter Parker talking to you? Since when did Peter Parker know your name? 

“yeah, I know who you are.” Oh gosh that didn’t sound so creepy in my head someone end me now. 

He gave you a strange look and you quickly mumbled out words “I-I didn’t mean that in a creepy way, I just mean that you’re, like really smart. I mean you have that internship with tony stark and you’re the top in every class, so-I’m sorry i’m rambling aren’t I?” Peter started to chuckle at your awkwardness.

“wow thanks. I didn’t even think many people knew I existed.” He scratched his head and began nervously playing with his fingers. Why was he nervous in front of me? I’m the one having a mental breakdown because he knows my freaking name! 

“So I heard what happened in class…” I rather he didn’t. “Mr Brown is an idiot, don’t listen to anything he says. But I just thought…and I mean this isn’t out of pity or anything I swear. I just think you’re cool and I thought I could help you out with-” “You think i’m cool?” You were blushing like crazy, your heart was beating like mad.

 “Yeah, I think you’re really cool. What i’m trying to say is, if you want, I can tutor you for biology? That’s only if you want to.” 

Peter hasn’t been this nervous since the first time he met Tony Stark. I mean, he has wanted to talk to Y/N all year and now he’s asking to spend time with her, he was freaking out a bit on the inside. 

“I’d like that.” You smiled and looked down at your feet.

 A smile appeared on Peters face, he didn’t think you’d actually say yes, since he was such a nerd and you were so pretty. He didn’t even think a girl like you would give him the time of day. 

“How about 5pm, tonight, at my apartment. If that’s okay?” You nodded and reached for your phone. “Um, I’ll give you my number so you can text me your address and stuff.” You exchanged numbers and both left the school halls with smiles on your faces. You were finally going to do it! You were finally talking to Peter and now you were hanging out with him, tonight! How did such a crappy day turn into one of the best days of your life?

Your nerves were getting the better of you as you made your way up to Peter’s apartment. You couldn’t believe this was happening. You were about to enter your crush’s home and hang out with him. Well, technically you were studying but that’s close enough. You couldn’t help but feel giddy inside. These sort of things never happen to you, cute boys never talk to you. 

You were so caught up in your thoughts that you tripped over your feet and landed flat on your face, landing with a thud to the ground. Only then did you realize you were right outside Peter’s apartment. Before you could get up, the door opened to reveal a middle aged woman looking down at you with concern. 

“Oh my, dear are you alright?” She held out her hand and you gladly took it. You laughed trying to reassure this woman that you were alright, when really your knees and hands were aching from the fall.

“I was just walking and I tripped…on my feet…I’m just really clumsy and was lost in thought. But thanks for the help miss.” You thanked her as she helped you up onto your feet. 

The woman chuckled in amusement at your explanation. “Please call me May, May Parker.”

Realization hit you after hearing the Parker name, this must be Peter’s aunt. 

“Oh you’re Peter’s aunt? I’m Y/N, I’m here to study with Peter.” 

May was surprised at this information. Peter never had girls over, let alone anyone other than Ned. She opened the door further and welcomed you inside. “He did tell me a friend was coming over tonight, I just assumed it was Ned since he’s always here.” 

She led you further into the apartment and you took in your surroundings. You noticed a picture on the fridge of May and Peter, with an man who looked around her age. That must have been Peter’s uncle who passed away last year. That must have been awful for Peter, you couldn’t even imagine how May must have felt.

“Peter’s in his room, down the hall first to the right. It was really lovely to meet you dear. But I’ve got to head out for a bit, hopefully i’ll be seeing more of you.” You gave her a genuine smile. “It was nice to meet you too May.” She was such a nice and strong woman and you hoped to see more of her too. You waved goodbye and walked towards Peter’s room.

The nerves started to kick in again, as you raised your hand to knock on his door. It took you a few seconds to recollect yourself and finally knock. You could hear movement inside his room and then his voice inviting you in.

 You opened the door to see Peter working on some tech at his desk and are immediately fascinated. “Hey, whatcha working on?” 

His head looks up at the sound of your voice and he stops working on his project. “Oh that’s nothing, just an old computer i’m working on. Did you want to get started on this biology homework?” You nodded and moved to take a seat.

Peter sat on his bed, but you being the awkward person that you are, sit down on the floor. “What are you doing down there?” He chuckled at your awkwardness.

Great one Y/N! Now Peter thinks you’re a total freak and he’ll never want to hang out with you again, let alone ever think about liking you. You awkwardly get off the ground and take a seat next to him. 

“Sorry i’m so…weird.” He just laughed and playfully poked your shoulder. “It’s fine, you’re a good type of weird.” What does that even mean?

“Nice room you got here Parker.” You looked around his room until your eyes landed on some figurines on his shelf. “They’re so freaking cool.” You say excitedly as you move towards his collection. “You like Star Wars?” He asks amused at your reaction. “Like? I freaking love Star Wars so much and i’m so jealous of your collection. Is that a lego death star replica!?An AT-AT Walker?!” Peter nodded his head, you then realizing that you were just completely nerding out in front of him. 

“Sorry for freaking out like that. That was embarrassing.” You shyly said and nervously tapped your fingers against your thigh, it’s a nervous habit.

“Nah why are you apologizing? I thought it was cute.” Peter didn’t know where this confidence came from but it caused both you and him to blush like crazy. 

After and awkward silence you decided to break it. “Ugh let’s start studying, yeah?” He nods, you both sitting back down. 

You watched ask he explained the topic to you in such detail, for the first time allowing you to actually start understanding some of the work. Once Peter finished explaining he turned to you. “So, did that help?” 

“I actually understand some biology now thanks to you. Parker, you’re basically a genius. Where did you learn to do all of this? Not just the biology, but rebuilding computers, that’s crazy. Well to someone like me anyway.”

He blushed and explained how his father was a scientist and how he has always had an interest in science and he just happened to be good at it. You listened intently to what he had to say, generally interested. Your phone dinged interrupting your conversation, showing a message from your mother reminding you to come home soon. 

“Well I better get going, it’s getting late.” He nodded and you both moved towards the door. You didn’t know if you should hug him? Was that too weird? Were you on that level of friendship yet? Oh screw it. You awkwardly embraced Peter in a hug. He was taken back by your actions and didn’t respond. Completely embarrassed, you moved your hands away and mumbled and apology as you turned to walk out of his apartment.

God you were so stupid! Thinking that wouldn’t completely freak Peter out, he probably doesn’t even like you!

Your thoughts were cut off by a hand grabbing yours. You were spun around and pulled into Peter’s chest. Before you could register what was happening, his lips were on yours. 

You were shocked at first, but when you realized what was happening you didn’t waste anytime in kissing him back. Was this really happening? Were you kissing your crush? He broke apart from the kiss, looking right into your eyes and moving a strand of hair behind your ear, his hand cupping the side of your face.

“I think that you’re really cute and I think I really like you Y/N. Why didn’t I do that earlier?”

You smile up at him and a spark of confidence makes you kiss him again.  “I really like you too. I’ve actually liked you for a while now but I’ve just never had the guts to talk to you, i’m very socially awkward if you haven’t noticed already.” He laughed at your words, man his laugh was adorable.

“Can you come over again tomorrow? We can watch star wars and eat pizza.” He shyly looks down and continues. “maybe even makeout a bit?”

You giggle and nod your head. “I’d like that”.

It’s almost valentines day and I’ve wanted to do this for ages so what better time then now?!

Fist a special shoutout to a few friends who lighten my days (and dash) and this will get super repetative bc there are only so many combinations of the words “she’s amazing”, but here we go!

@oblviqte OMG YOU GUYS!! Ana is honestly the cutest and funniest person you could ever meet and she always sends me hypothetical frence fries and steak and chocolate and ice cream to save me from the hell that is having a vegetarian sister!! And time zones suck so much becuase we never have time to talk for more then a few minutes (only that is a reason u need to get a scholarship in england bc then we’d be almost in the same timezone and we could talk all the time (and meet honestly bc it’s just like two hours flight!!)) and she stands my constant rambling and freaking out over all kinds of weird stuff and she’s awesome and omg when this this turn into a love letter?! Ok…**collecting the pieces of my mind and heart that’s spread all over the place** long story short she’s the best and everyone should follow her!

@merlinssbeard Febe is my Fandom-Family-Partner-In-Crime (that might be the longest friendship title ever)(and btw you should rly take a look at said fandom fam) and I love her so much she’s so cute and we get along so well and I can’t wait to start up the fandom so we can pull our masterminds together and make it GREAT!!!

@howlingremusMy nr.1 Blackinnon pal (who’s probably so tired of me already bc I send you so many messages and I just don’t know when to shut up (I think everyone who’s ever talked to me has noticed that tbh) and I’m so sorry about that!! But however, she’s great!!

@golden-marauders OK Nyla is also amazing and wonderful and every other positive adjective there is in the english language!! and she talked me into reading commentarius (which you’ll have to keep nagging me about though bc my phone closed the tab and I keep forgetting about it!!) which is really good bc it really saved me on the way to school because it’s hard to be anxious when you read it bc it’s just so funny. Oh, right. I was not going to ramble. Well, that’s just going great isn’t it? Ok so this is my Blackinnon/wolfstar struggle supporter (I promise I’ll come vent to you about my frustration soon bc my fanfic is heading into periods where I’ll doubt decisions and I’ll need to talk about it, so just be prepared)

@rvenaravenclaw Ema, Ema, Ema where to start?! (honestly all I’m thinking about after writing that is Emma in friends. (That has nothing to do with this, why do I keep writing down everything I think)) I always feel so bad when I talk to you bc I’m on one side rambling on about meaningless stuff and you just listen and ask questions and really I should let you talk more, you’ll need to remind me of that because I know like nothing about you but you’ve probably gotten familiar with every single person in my class by now!! However, ily and we (you) need to talk more!!

@fjrebolt Where to begin?! Natalie is just so kind and amazing and wonderful and I don’t know her very well but I’d love to talk to her more (but we’re both so awkward I doubt that’ll happen). Thanks for taking the time to give me all that London advice though, where’re going in like a week!! OMG!! so EXCited!!  what more is there to say? (I already feel myself getting repetative omg) She deserves all the love and hugs in the world!!

@jilys​ I might or might not have had a very real moment of staring at disbelief at my phone and fangirling when Liyah followed me bc her blog is pure prefection and I’d admired her for so long and we haven’t actually talked like… ever, but she’s always lighting up my dash so I wanted to include her anyways!!

@pensieveforyourthoughts Maria is so sweet and I don’t rly know how we know each other really because we’ve never really talked but still when she show up on my dash I’m like “oh, I know her. We’re friends.” because she always sends me cute things and she’s amazing

@staganddoeforever Natalya was like my second follower on tumblr ever and we used to talk a lot and even though we haven’t really talked in like a year you’re still my friend (and I always watch your snapchat stories)! Also, you all should go read her fanfic because it is honestly so amazing and I am freaking out every time there’s a new chapter

@shutuppadfoot Another one of my first tumblr friends! Again, we don’t really talk much anymore but she always reblogs my stuff and puts rly cute stuff in the tags and don’t believe I don’t see them bc I do and it honestly makes my day! But omg the conversations we used to have!

Ok so I have no idea what happened there, some kind of mixup between love letter and shoutout but let’s just roll with it bc I’m a mess so who expected anyhting else from me?

Keep reading under the cut to see who all of my other amazing mutals are and maybe follow them because they’re all awesome and honestly every one of them deserve a love letter for following me and sticking out with my contant rambling and complaining but I only have so much time (Ok, jk, I have too much time and I’m always bored) I might do complimet’s/promos sometimes soon though.

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Oh great! Then, if it's not that much of a problem, I would like to request how would Rex, Wolffe, Fives (and the clones you want, really) react with a de-aged s/o. (I had already requested this but through the app, so I guess it didn't make it to your inbox) Anyway, thank you I love you and your blog, it's awesome 💕

Decided to go with the general idea that the s/o was de-aged to about toddler age~

Rex: Oh yeah he seems like his usual calm collected self on the outside but on the inside he is freAKING OUT. He doesn’t even know where to begin, thankfully having to reign in Anakin and Ahsoka all the time actually gives him some confidence on handling problem children headstrong/young attitudes, so he’s got this.

Wolffe: You were surprised to see the ever cool Commander loosing it just a bit. And by a bit I mean he’s yelling at anyone nearby to get Plo on the comms, to get a blanket for their now tiny comrade, or just yelling in general because he doesn’t know what to do. He also refuses to hold you because he’s high low key afraid of crushing you

Fives: Panic mode activated! He’s never really dealt with children much so he’s at a loss as to what needs done first, should he take care of your suddenly dinky self or pass you onto another so he can focus on getting you back to normal? He’s also not sure on how to talk to you so he just opts to speaking to you in a very slow, slightly loud voice

Echo: Surprisingly, Echo is a pretty cool cucumber in all this. A little unsure and stuttery at first, just trying to get his head wrapped around the situation. He takes an emergency blanket from his belt and wrapped it around you, before securing you in his arms so he can safely take you to the ship and help Anakin work out how to get this fixed

Cody: To his credit he at least waits til you get back to the base/ship before he lets his fit of laughter out. He can’t help it, you’re just too cute in your new form and the whole situation is just so unbelievable. Of course he understands the severity of the situation too. He makes arrangements for you to be looked after first then gets to work on finding a cure, all the while snickering to himself every few dozen minutes or so 




Tiny!Evan One-Shot: The Collector

Sooooooo I took the drawing of Evan in a jar and made it angsty. Because honestly, I love this blog and it’s content too freaking much so I HAD to write SOMETHING for it! I guess you could say this is post-musical but I think it doesn’t really matter. Hope you enjoy :) (this is my first time writing DEH)

“No matter what happens, I want you to stay close to Jared, okay?”

Evan had been told that line his whole life, and he kind of understood why. Tiny People lived in a huge dangerous world, and they needed to stay under the protection of those they could trust.

There were stories of people who captured and collected tiny people, like they were dolls or stamps. But they were only stories, right? Evan asked his mom that once, and Heidi responded that it didn’t change the fact that they had to be careful.

Big People were nice and could provide protection to Tinies, but if a Tiny came into contact with a bad Big Person, hardly any Tinies lived to tell the tale.

Evan didn’t completely ignore the stories, he kept them in mind. He knew how dangerous the world was for him; it had butterflies! Those things were terrifying! But Big People never paid attention to Evan. Sometimes he felt like Jared, Alana, and Zoe were the only kids at school who acknowledged his existence. Nothing he wasn’t used to.

Unfortunately, that made him miss the pair of eyes that was watching him as he walked along the small wall in front of school as he waited for Jared.

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Thank you for 1k!!

You guys!!! Oh my god there’s 1,000 of you!! THAT IS SO INSANE!

I really want to thank some of you individually because without you, this would be a boring place (and you guys are great). 

So firstly @elevenknope, I remember when I joined the Writer’s Guild; I was sick and feeling lonely, and you brought me into your little gc, and suddenly I felt like I was somewhere I belonged. You’ve been so kind to me, and I love you for that and a million other things. You’re so talented and brilliant <3

@stevemossington — please never stop making me laugh, Lara. When I think of you, I smile, because you’re such a light, wonderful person and also a little bit insane. You’re my big sister and my friend, and I adore the hell out of you. Also corner brownies are best!!!

@dadharbour, you mean so much to me. I think you were one of the first ST blogs I followed. You never fail to guide me and advise me, and I literally have no idea where I’d be without you. Really lost and pretty sad I bet. You’re my inspiration, and I will never stop looking up to you. Thank you one thousand times Leah 💕

@house-arya You’re my best friend in the whole wide world, babe (and I know you’re away with no internet so I’m hoping you’ll see this when you get back, but). I can’t even begin to describe how much you’ve improved my life. You’ve supported me through everything, helped me when I’ve been at my lowest of lows, made me laugh, made me smile. You’re my sunshine, you’re my sister, I trust you and love you, and one of the best things about life is that I know you feel the same way 😘 

@forfutureglory Kitty, wow. I don’t know where to start. You’re so important and special to me. I FREAKING LOVE YOU I CAN’T EVEN!!! All you ever do is help me, and love me, and I just glow whenever I think of you. You’re amazing and unique and I will always be by your side. 

@ghost-grantaire Emma, oh my god, I would die without you. Really. I love you, I love everything you write, I love the tags you leave on my fics, I love the way that you’re passionate and brilliant. You’ve been one of my best friends around here since I joined this fandom, and I love talking to you. In the beginning we would trade headcanons (which we’ve not done in a while and need to fix), and now we’re chatting about our lives and futures and I just—I love how much support there is between us. Stay lit binch 💗💗💗

@stanurisofficial Salem Rose Yelnats, you make my life 100 times better. Some of the best times I’ve had here are swapping It headcanons with you. You’re wildly intelligent, passionate, and so kind. Frickle frack, idek how to put it into words, I just high-key hope you’re in my life forever. You’re my mom and I love you like crazy babe <3 

@trashmouthrichie AUTUMN oh my god you’re fantastic. Your writing, you, your  blog—I love, adore, and admire you like crazy. You’re so sweet and supportive of all of us, but also somehow the craziest. I love you Bevvie (you’re cool) <3 

@eddiextozier Whit, you light up everything. You’re funny and crazy gifted and amazing and beautiful & you’re my Original Mom. I love you so, so much, and couldn’t ever imagine life without you. You’re an amazingly good person, maybe the greatest even. I adore you babe!! 

@megxnoelle MEGGIE my daughter, my child, my darling, I love you. You’re enthusiasm is amazing, you’re so pretty and lovely. I die thinking about you. I’m so happy you’re a part of the GC and I hope you never ever leave. ❤️❤️❤️

@myheartisfullofstrangerthings THANK YOU. Idek what to say or how to put into words how grateful I am, I literally love you so freaking much. You’re so helpful and kind, so thank you 💗

Thank you, collectively, to the Writer’s Guild and The Loser’s Club!! You guys make my life so much better! 

Also thank you to: 

@youlookpretty-good, @tinyryder, @strangerthankids, @wheezingwheeler, @justanotherfabulousfanatic, @richiegayzier, @upsidedownwaffle, @eggos-and-promises, @upsidesdown, @janes-ives, @mikes-wheeler, @virtualboy96, @president-of-hawkins-av-club, @stancy, @maplestreet83, @bikingthroughhawkins, @raesberri, @supercomsandeggos, @baileytsample, @itcouldbendoritcouldbreak, @dazzlingtiredeyes, @sincerely-millie, @m11ke-wheeler, @winteroses, @the-strangest-th11ngs, @bichaelwheeler, @elevenseggbros, and @gendryatrash <33

You guys are all so important to me. I know I’m forgetting hundreds, and I’m sorry, but this is already too long. Thank you for being there for me, and remember I’m there for you!! 

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Dearest Amy Rose, do you maybe feel like writing this? Please? It would be amazeballs! Imagine your OTP proposing repeatedly at different restaurants to get free food + #AND WHEN THE REAL PROPOSAL COMES AND THEY GET FREE ICE CREAM OR SOMETHING#PERSON A IS LIKE ‘omg that was a good one the whole speech was a nice touch where did you get this ring it looks so realistic omg’#and person B is just like ‘r u fucking kidding me’

“Holy shit,” Stiles feels his eyes go wide as he looks down at the check. “Dude, I can’t—”

“Relax,” Derek shrugs, pulls out his wallet, “I got this one.”

“Aw, gee,” Stiles claps his hands together, pouts a little, “Does this mean I have to put out, later?”

Derek rolls his eyes, “Shut up.”

“You can just say yes,” Stiles smirks, “I know you wanna lock this down.” He rubs a hand up and down his stomach, gives Derek what he hopes is an appealing leer. “How could you say no.”

“Sure,” Derek drawls, “I can’t resist the over-fed, unkempt, weary college kid look.”

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A Date With Jackson Wang would be like...

• Him coming to pick you up extra early in fear of being too late
• “but Jackson, it’s only 10 am
• “I wanted to avoid rush hour at 2 pm”
• Him waiting for you to get ready on your bed as you do your makeup
• You wanting to look good for him even though you’re only going to the amusement park
• “Babe, we’re not going to Seoul’s Fashion week. Hurry up!”
• Holding hands in the street and talking about anything and everything
• “How do you like our new song?”
• “I love it! And your rap is really cool. I wish JYP-nim left at least a song of yours in the new album. And have you seen Jaebum? He looks so good with his hair back like that and– Jackson where are you going?!”
•"Home. Ask JB to take you on a date instead”
• He would occasionally grab your butt because he loves the booty ;3
• You would get flustered because “Jackson we’re in public”
• You ending up grabbing his butt too discreetely because let’s be honest he has a nice butt ;3
• Having to drag Jackson on your favorite rollercoasters because you love the adrenaline rush but his ass is too scared to get on them
• Him trying to justify himself saying that “it is not good for your heart”
• Making him get on with you and at the end when you get the picture from the ride, you are having the time of your life and Jackson is holding on to you for dear life and calling out for his mom
• Taking a break from all the adrenaline and getting something to eat
• Jackson wanting to order food and ending up ranting about the place not having organic green tea in their menu
• Him pulling out a bottle of green tea out of no where like “For times like this I always bring my own :D”
• You –> =__= *facepalm*
• Feeding each other and wiping each other’s mouth because you want to make sure the other is taken care of before yourself
• Him giving you a piggy back ride when your feet start to hurt because he is a gentlemen and wants to show you how manly and strong he is
• Going to the souvenir shop to look for something to bring back home from the fun date
• Picking matching snapbacks despite his jawdropping collection
• You buying him some chocolate because despite him being a health freak, you know he loves it and cannot deny candy.
• “Hey Jack can I have some too?”
• “Oh..you wanted it too?”
• “You ate it all already?! I gave you it literally 0.2 seconds ago”
• Jackson giving you his hoodie to wear because it got chilly during the evening and he wants you to stay warm
• “Omg, Y/N are you ok?! Can you breathe? Do you need me to call an ambulance?!”
• “Jackson I literally just sneezed. Calm down”
• Ending the date on the panoramic wheel at night to enjoy the view of the night lights as he holds you close to him
• When the wheel gets at its highest point and stops there for a bit, you both admire the view
• You commenting on how pretty the view is, but he is admiring you instead. He has to slap himself to wake up from his daze after looking at you.
• “Wow~ it’s beautiful”
• “True, but not as beautiful as you”
• Both of you squealing and cringing at his cheesiness, and then giggling because let’s be honest you love it when he is cheesy
• Kissing as the wheel comes down
• The sweet kisses turning into a full-on make out session because his lips are so juicy and irresistible
• Getting interrupted by the person operating the wheel all flustered like “Ah-ehm.. please get a room ^-^”
• You and Jackson bowing in apology because you didn’t realize the wheel came all the way down already and scurrying away embarrased and then laughing like children
• You two continuing what you started at home ;)
• Going for round two because he is Mr. Wild and Sexy for a reason ;)
• Having the time of your life with him because whenever Jackson is involved, nothing much else is needed to have fun. He is such a ball of energy, fluff, and love that it is impossible to be bored when he is around. You would also get to see his more serious and romantic side because contrary to popular belief, there is more to him than just a goofball.

Happy Birthday Namjoon 💕

Here are 24 reasons why I love and appreciate this cutie so freaking much~

1. He’s so clumsy, where sometimes I wanna wrap him up in bubble wrap.

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Manager even told him to be careful… ;~;

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2. Whenever he get shy, he automatically hides his face.

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3. Sometimes, he’s a little disrespectful with them slick winks.

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4. His casual V-Lives, checking up on ARMYs.

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5. Little lectures he gives ARMYs or himself…

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6. Even when he’s jamming~

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7. His precious love for crabs.

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8. His little adorable, not really, Ryan collection.

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9. Grape Mon/Pink Mon, Namjoon in any hair style really.

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10. Him wearing flower crowns are my favorite~

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11. He’s real cute when he’s wearing glasses.

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I wanna pinch his cheeks. >3<

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13. I just really really love this gif.

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14. Dem #kimdaily pictures tho.

15. Dancing machine alert. “My name is Rap Monster, not Dance Monster.” Okay mister, whatever you say.

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16. Speaking of rap, did you guys know he raps? No? Welp, better listen cause there is a lot of heart and soul when he raps.

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17. Don’t forget, he can sing too. I cry…his voice is amazing.

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18. The songs he composed/produced or help composed/produced for us.

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19. Thank you speeches at the award shows.

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20. Always reminding ARMYs to…

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[Lost the gif where he told ARMYs to stay healthy… But you stay healthy too please!]

21. He’s always encouraging/helping the boys learn English. 

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22. The way he cares for/about the boys. [Watch every BTS video that exist.]

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23. BangPD asked him to pick between BTS or going solo…

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24. Overall, thank you for not giving up when people told you too. Thank you for writing amazing songs. Thank you being an awesome leader and brother to the boys. Thank you for existing and truly being yourself. Thank you so much for making me smile every day. <3

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WOY Trending 27: Favourite Vehicle

I think my favourite ship in the show has to be Hater’s Skullship- I love skulls so much I’ve started a collection, so it’s no surprise this is my #1 xD I actually never realised that the bottom jaw created the tail pipes until I drew it once and I think that was a really clever way to design it- Good goin’ Hater lmao. Also I love the tardis aspect that it’s bigger on the inside lol, perfect for housing all those watchdogs x3

Not only do I love the Skullship in it’s normal form, but it is totally freaking bad ass in the Skullcrusher mode- I wish it could’ve actually done something in the finale, but the design is still super awesome and I want a figurine of it so bad- Definitely one of the coolest ships ever Hater >;3 

I’ve seen some cool ships, but that is BAD. ASS. 

Wander Over Yonder deserves a 3rd season, so we can see more awesome spaceships and other cool cars/trucks/etc! Sign the petition to help make a 3rd season possible!


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I have a lot so XD Here’s just a few that I can think of off the top of my head.

  • When Nathan sleeps over, he totally borrows one of Warren’s nerdy little shirts
  • And obviously Warren wears Nathan’s jacket sometimes
  • They cuddle under a soft blanket and watch the creepy movies from Nathan’s movie collection because Warren loves that kinda stuff, too
  • Actually there’s very few things that Warren loves more than movies, so most of the gifts he receives from Nathan are special editions movies, or hard to find things
  • And Warren freaks out every time about someone spending so much money on him.  And every time, Nathan tells him not to worry and gives him a kiss to shut him up.
  • Warren’s gifts are normally smaller.  He’ll bring Nathan little thoughtful gifts, make him food, plan an impromptu date night, etc.  And honestly, Nathan loves it more than an expensive thing that could be bought.

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So I've been lurking around for awhile now , even if I'm a newbie ahah but I so want to be part of the conversation. I'm freaking too shy to come off anon etc and I dont even have an outlander blog. Just wanted to tell you , you're so cool and collected , I'd love to be your friend :)

Omg you’re so cute anon!!! I’ve been at this for years and I still get so excited to read messages like this. Please don’t be shy. I promise you’ll have so much fun with our group!! 💗