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HI I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY I freaking love your blog and your art and everything omg :0 I'm a cosplayer and me and my cosplayer friend are always so inspired by your art so thank you so much! Your art is amazing and we both love you sm. ❤️❤️ (I was also wondering if you could draw lance and Keith as sosuke and ponyo of of ponyo, lance being ponyo, I think it would be cool) 💕❤️💕❤️💕

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I had been holding onto this message for a while, but here you go:

I love this au

You Clearly Don’t Understand. Play You.

(Or: Things that everybody thinks make Sherlock canonically straight but they really really really don’t and why don’t you see that, because it’s so beautiful!!!)

Apologies to my Doctor-Who followers for this ongoing Sherlock intermezzo, but I just need to vent a little longer: I. Loved. Series. Four!!! 

In particular, I loved The Final Problem. I loved Sherlock calling John family, I loved the smashing of the casket, the touching of non-existent glass, the air plane metaphor, Mycroft outside his comfort zone, etcetera etcetera etcetera. I loved the whole bloody thing.  

But my favourite, favourite moment was the one when Eurus asks Sherlock to “play you”. And he plays the theme of The Woman. 

Because it is the bravest thing Sherlock has ever done. And it makes this moment incredibly powerful. 

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truly blessed to have thirteen angels who continue to reciprocate our love & work their butts off, we love ya✨

and happy valentine’s yall!


Little Miss Dancer Girl…

After taking care of some things at the bar I went to pick up my munchkin since it feels like I haven’t seen baby girl in forever! Once I walked in she immediately ran to me screaming and gave me a big hug (She’s strong for a 3 year old, I thought I was getting strangled) she wanted to take a whole bunch of pics cause she really liked her hair but I really wanted to get her home so she could see her room her Daddy & I worked so hard on. 5 mins turned into an hour cause she wanted to dance…Ya’ll see my face right! I didn’t mind at all though, I missed my little buttercup!

(Peep the photobomb by Konjit’s thighs)

Falling Deeper

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Pairing: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: “Hiii LOVE UR BLOG SO FREAKING MUCH IT HURTS❤️❤️, i was wondering if you could write a justin x reader imagine, where the reader and Justin have been friends for a long time and everyone thinks they’re dating but they’re not. Like they would flirt, have inside jokes, feeling for each other(but won’t admit) and one day when Justin asks the reader to crash in her house cuz of Seth they confess their feelings and flufff”

Words: 2.000

A/N: OMG! This my first Justin imagine and I so loved this little nugget too. Thank you for your support and I hope that you like this one too. Thank you so much for your request and, if you want, please don’t hesitate to leave a feedback in my ask box.

- G. x

Warning: (Y/M/N) is Your Mother’s Name, talking of family issues, swearing.

“Am I seeing you tomorrow, Jus?” You confidently asked your best friend as you decided to go directly home after your classes. You were in the hallway, in front of your now-closed locker.

“Of course, pretty.” He winked at you and you let out a loud laugh. He was a great flirt and that was one of the characteristics you loved in Justin.

“Shut up, sweet talker!” You tried to cover the romantic excitement that flowed in your veins and he just hugged you as he knew that you loved it whenever he would compliment you.

“Take care, okay?” He reminded you as you nodded for several times to answer. You hugged him back.

“Just get together already!” Your friend Jessica exclaimed as she got through you and Justin along the hallway. She winked and you saw that Sherie agreed with her. They were surely making their way to the gym for the cheerleading practice.

“But they’re already together.” Zach shouted to the girls as he shut his locker and followed them.

“Idiots!” You shouted as you broke the hug between the two of you. “I’m going now, Mr. Foley.”

“Alright, Mrs. Foley.” You both laughed loudly. He started to call you in that way, because you both had to pretend that you were husband and wife the day before. Some maniacs were trying to hit on you and he came up with that idea, it sucked but you loved it.

“You should take care too, okay? Don’t break a bone during your basketball practice.” You reminded him after you left a quick kiss on his cheek.

“Yes, Mum!” He rolled his eyes and gave you a kiss on your temple. With that kiss, you felt protected and it felt that Justin was with you, even though he’s not walking you home that day.

“Go on or you’ll be late.” You smiled at him as you both went in separated ways.

“Text me as soon as you get home, okay?” He walked in backwards as he wanted to see if you were already walking away.

“Yes, sir!” You huffed as you wanted to stay with him a little longer, but you had projects to finish and coach Patrick never let people to enter the gym during his teams’ practices.

You slowly walked back home and Justin never left your thoughts. He stayed in your mind even when you were doing your homework.

You loved Justin, because who wouldn’t, and he made you happy every time. He could be considered as an asshole by some students, but you knew that he had a kind heart. He could be weak too, mostly when it came to his family, but you always knew how to cheer him up and how to mend his broken heart.

People has always thought that you were together, because you couldn’t be you without Justin and Justin couldn’t be him without you. You completed each other, even though you were just best friends. You flirted and sometimes people mistook your actions, but you never admitted your feelings to him. You were obviously shy to admit it, you thought that it was flustering because you didn’t know if he felt the same towards you, even though his friends said that the feeling was mutual.

“(Y/N)!” Your mum called as dinner was ready and you didn’t notice it as you were so focused on finishing your Communications’ project and thinking of Justin. “Dad’s not home before 10 pm and he told me to not wait for him.”

“I’m coming.” You shouted as you ran downstairs, stopping in front of the front door when you heard the bell ringing. “I’m opening it.”

“Sure!” Your mum shouted from the kitchen as you heard the glasses clinking while she was preparing the table.

“Justin!” You worriedly called his name as you opened your front door. You were happy to see him, of course, but not after seeing his dull gaze. “What happened?”

“Can I,” he started as you saw him angry and down at the same time. “is it all right if I crash here tonight?” He bit his lower lip as he looked at the ground. He was so shy to ask you some favours, although you’ve been best friends for a long time now.

“Of course, Jus!” You sadly smiled at him as you already hinted that something was wrong in his house. You let him enter the house and you closed the door behind you. “Have you already eaten?”

“Uhm,” He felt more relaxed and relieved that he finally found someone who could help him for the night, although you were really his first choice. “not really.”

“Then have dinner with us.” You smiled as him as you pulled his hand and headed to the kitchen.

“Good evening, (Y/M/N)!” Justin politely greeted and your mum flashed him a sweet and welcoming smile. You let his hand go as you took his blue sports bag off his shoulder.

“Good evening, Justin.” Your mother greeted. “Have you had your dinner yet?”

“He didn’t, Mum.” You answered for Justin as you knew that he was feeling a little bit uncomfortable. After all this time, he was still shy around your mother.

“Oh, eat with us!” Your mother panicked as she put an extra plate with a glass and the cutlery.

“Thank you.” Justin warmly smiled as he felt loved. You knew that he didn’t get much attention from his mother like how you did and he had serious problems at home, that was why you always tried to be there for him.

The three of you sat on your places and you shared a warm and delicious food together.

“Mum,” You seriously called her attention as you carefully chewed your food. “can Justin stay for the night?”

“Yes, of course! The guest room is always ready for him.” Your mother smiled sadly as she sensed that Justin had his family problems once again. It wasn’t the first time that Justin was crashing in your place and he has been welcomed by your parents with their arms widely opened.

“Thank you, really.” Justin was overwhelmed for the help that he was receiving and it made you love him even more because he knew how to appreciate the small things.

“Justin, you are always welcome in our family. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, okay?” Your mother reminded and Justin smiled while nodding in response.
After dinner, Justin helped you to clear the table and to wash the dishes.

“Jus,” You called him as you turned the faucet off and wiped your hands to dry them. “do you want to watch the stars?”

“Cheesy night ahead?” He winked at you and his gaze became bright once again. You knew that he felt better, but you still wanted to talk about it. He couldn’t keep his resentments to himself.

“Don’t you like it, Mr. Foley?” You hugged him from behind while he was drying the last plate.

“I do, Mrs. Foley.” He responded and you just let out some cute giggles. After some seconds, he put the last plate on its place and he wiped his hand using the towel.

You and Justin then headed to your house’s roof with two blankets and some chocolate bars. You used to do this when you were little and you would fall asleep on the roof while watching the stars with your parents.

Justin fixed one blanket on the flattened part of the roof and you both lied down on the blanket as you admired the starry sky.

“These stars are so bright.” You commented, being amazed at the protuberances that you were seeing.

“But those stars aren’t as bright as my life with you.” Justin sweetly said as he looked at you and you suddenly felt the heat in your cheeks.

“Aw, Justin!” You were flattered and you wouldn’t deny that. He knew how to make you smile and, in fact, he flashed you his warm smile when he saw you smiling.

“(Y/N), I am so happy to be with you right now.” He looked back at the sky and he sighed as he thought of his situation at home.

“And I am happy to have you here, Justin.” You smiled at him as you saw that he was focused at admiring the dark sky.

“And I thank you for that.” He seriously said, searching for your hand as a tear ran down his face. “Seth’s been stressing me since he came back to my mother. I was already happy that they broke up, but my mother kept on welcoming him home, although she knew that he would hurt me, although he hurts her too.”

“Jus, your mother has just loved somebody that couldn’t appreciate things. He’s an asshole, I know that, but it wasn’t your mother’s fault.” Justin intertwined his fingers with yours as you explained him how the things really were.

“I know, it’s just that I don’t feel that my mother cares about me anymore. I mean, she would stumble to serve that reckless ungrateful man as if she’s a maid.” Justin sighed as he worried of his mother. He cared for his mum and you couldn’t deny how great he was as a son.

“Justin,” you faced him and caressed his cheek with your free hand. “it’s not fair, but your mother is blinded by her love. Unluckily.” You sighed. “I am sure, though, that she cares about you. She’s just afraid to show it, because Seth hates you to death. She’s afraid of the consequences.”

“What a fucked-up situation.” He bit his lower lip as he shook his head, switching his gaze from the sky to your face.

“I know, but I am here for you Justin.” You caught each other’s glances and he smiled at you.

“Honestly?” You put on your questioning look and he looked at your lips and then he looked back at your eyes. “My world got better since you came into my life.”

“Aw, Justin.” You flashed him your flattered and touched smile. “You’re the sweetest.”

“It’s the truth and I would never lie to you.” Justin caressed your cheek as he tucked a strand of hair covering your face.

“Why is that?” You put your hand on his and you caressed it with your thumb. Your hand was small compared to his and you were amazed because it was so soft and smooth for a boy.

“Because I’m falling deeper in love with you.” He confessed his feelings and you felt the heat and the burning sensation in your face one more time. “I love you, (Y/N) and I don’t want to lose you.” He was brief, but he knew how to explain his hidden feelings.

“Justin, you are the sweetest person ever.” You bit your lower lip and he flashed you his sweetest smile, that smile that you loved the most in him. “And you would never believe it, but I love you too, for a while too.”

“Really?” His eyes grew wide as the words flushed in his mind.

“Really!” You gave him your confirmation and his smile grew bigger, just as big as yours, teeth confidently showing.

He leant in as he was about to close the gap between the two of you. He was really a gentleman, even though he seemed an asshole. “Can I?”

“Is that even a question to ask?” You winked at him and you leant in a little bit closer as you both laughed loudly.

You both moved forward and you closed the gap between the two of you. The cold breeze of air stung your skins and the stars shone up in the sky while you shared a long and sweet passionate kiss.

You waited for that moment to happen for a more than a century now and you couldn’t believe that it happened as you felt butterflies playing in your stomach.

You surely were happy and, like Justin, you were falling deeper in love with him too.

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Do you have korrasami blog recommendations? I'm new to the fandom.

i got you buddy!!!

@13eclaire @actualasamisato @splybox @watertribesato  @ohmykorra @legendofkorracomics @teamkorrasami @the-engineer-and-her-avatar @korrais @threehoursfromtroy @naga-swag @metalwarrior22 @tracerwidows @korrasami-xoxo @krsmdaily @korrcsami @allkorrasamistuff @korrashoulders @yokorra @korrainasamisjacket @justteamavatar @turtleduckdate @gayfandomblog @avatarparallels @owldee @korrasamishipper @nokorranolife

these are some of my favorite korrasami blogs. i’ve been following most of them for a pretty long time and let me tell you top notch content run by some pretty incredible people. hopefully this is a good start for you. just bask in the glorious content friend. enjoy!!!!

BTS Reaction - You’re having an off day

Anonymous said: First I wanna say that your writing is really freaking lovely – your blog is one of my favorites now! Thank you for your hard work (´▽`) And next! Could I request BTS reacting to their S/O having one of those days where they’re kinda sad? Not for any particular reason – that’s just how they feel and need some time to recharge, and it’s something that happens every now and then. Thank you so much!!

Ugh, do I understand this!


When he found you sitting in bed, covered in the blankets, Jimin would look at you sympathetically and climb into the bed next to you. He’d lay down and pull you into his arms before quietly asking if there was something wrong.

“No, today’s just a sad day,” you sigh, burrowing into his chest. He’d put his arm around you and stroke your hair with the other hand but stay silent, wondering if he should ask if you needed anything. When he looked at your face, he’d see your eyes were closed and then would kiss your forehead, hoping that you’ll be out of your funk by tomorrow.


He’d walk in and see you curled up on the couch, wearing his sweatshirt. Your eyes were fixated on the TV, watching reality shows mindlessly. “You alright, babe?” He asked, shuffling over to the side of the couch and kissing your temple.

When you didn’t respond, his eyebrows scrunched and he walked back over to you and stood in front of your line of vision. “What’s going on, Y/N?”

You roll to your back and look up at Jungkook, “Just a sad day, I guess.”

When he heard that, he would gently pick you up bridal style despite your quiet protests, and carry you upstairs and into the bedroom. He’d plop you down and then ask if you needed anything. When you say no, he’d come around to the other side of the bed and let you lay on top of him, while wrapping his arms around you and hugging you tightly.


You’d be in the kitchen making tea when Namjoon walked in. He’d begin to talk to you, but when you didn’t answer and walked out to the living room his eyebrows would scrunch together in confusion. 

“What’s wrong, baby girl?” He’d ask quietly as he walked over to you, taking a seat beside you on the couch. You just stirred your tea but looked over at him with a shrug. “Just an off day, I guess.” 

Without missing a beat, Namjoon would gently take your tea from you and place it on the table. He’d lift you onto his lap where your face was nuzzled against his shoulder and your arms were thrown around his waist. He’d stroke your hair and hold you tightly while asking you what was up, if he could do anything for you, and other things to distract you from being upset.


He’d wake up to see you sitting on the edge of the bed, playing with your hands. Usually by this time, you were already awake and jumping on your boyfriend to get up, too. But J-Hope knew something was different this morning. 

“Y/N? You okay?” He’d ask in a raspy voice, looking up at you. You shrugged and said, “I’m just not feeling well.” At that, Hoseok would sit up and gently pull your shoulder to make you face him. “You’re sick? Do you have a temperature?” 

“No..just an off day.” You said, and Hoseok’s eyes would soften. “Well. Then come here, okay?” He’d say, taking hold of your wrist and pulling you down beside him, where your cheek laid on his chest and his arm held you tightly against him. He’d rub little circles on your back to soothe you and occasionally kiss the top of your head.


He’d get home from work and notice that you weren’t being your bubbly self. You’d have your earbuds in your ears, and Yoongi could hear the music blasting all the way from the kitchen. He’d stand in the doorway and watch you for awhile until he figured he needed to say something.

“Hey. You okay?” He’d ask, walking over and gently taking one of the earbuds out. You’d sigh and look up at him, concern written all over his face. “I’m just having an off day.” You’d say. He’d take the other earbud out of your ear before sitting down next to you, putting an arm around your shoulders and holding you close to him. “Show me what you’re listening to, hm?” 

The two of you would sit there and you’d show him a bunch of songs on your playlist. He even got you to laugh once when one of his songs showed up and he pretended to absolutely hate it. As you were silently listening to one of his songs, he’d lean over and press a long kiss to your lips and then to your forehead. 


They didn’t call him Mama Jin for nothing. When he saw you sitting in the loveseat in the corner of the living room, staring out the window, he’d walk over with a cup of hot chocolate and pull you up out of the seat he could sit down. He’d then let you climb into his lap and the two of you would take turns sipping the hot chocolate.

“Just an off day, huh?” He’d ask as you shifted so you were leaning against his chest. His arms would be wrapped around you and you’d interlock your fingers with his. “Yeah. I’m okay though.” You’d say, looking up to kiss his cheek.


Walking in, he’d immediately be engulfed in a hug. You had a rough day, especially because Tae wasn’t there to make you feel better. “Woah, Y/N, you okay?” He’d ask. When you didn’t answer and continued to hug him tightly, he’d sigh and put his stuff down before putting his arms around you and hugging you back.

“Come here,” Taehyung would say, detaching himself from your grip and leading you to the couch, where you’d lay down next to him and be face to face. He’d wrap an arm around you and the other would stroke your face, before he leaned in to press a kiss to your lips. “I’m sorry you’re having an off day, baby.”

this killed me guys im dead


Thank you all so much, It’s only taken four years of this blog to hit this milestone but its better late than never am I right? I am going to say thank you and tag everyone in a minute but I just wanted to make a quick announcement. I am a person who cares for people and I love helping people out. Even if we don’t follow one another or if you want to message someone with a problem I’m here and won’t judge no matter what. 

Okay, *wipes tear*, sorry I’m back. on to the thanks!! I would like to thank a few blogs that have made my time on this amazing! And I’m also gonna mention my favourite blogs! (basically whoever I mention) 

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Hi! I love your blog so freaking much! I was wondering if you would be willing to write MC and Saeran being buddies while she dates Saeyoung? Saeran defends her from his pranks, listens to her when she and his brother fight, these kind of things? Thank you so much!

Awww, that’s cute af! Hope you like this:

Saeran and MC being friends

  •  It started while he was still in the hospital.
  • You would come to watch him while Saeyoung would go home to take a quick shower.
  • He couldn’t let you two alone for long without getting really worried, Saeran was very unstable, he could hurt you.
  • But, surprisingly enough, whenever you were there, Saeran would just be really quiet, sometimes it looked almost like a catatonic state.
  • And you wouldn’t push him too much on talking, so your company didn’t feel too much as a burden like his brother’s.
  • After the twins start their journey on making amends, your presence became a constant, and it didn’t bother Saeran, for some reason.
  • What makes him feel comfortable with you is the fact that you’re always telling Saeyoung not to try so hard and give Saeran space and time.
  • Like, THANK YOU! Somebody with some senses here!
  • Actually, staying quiet next to you while you blabber about whatever was really amusing to him.
  • Okay, maybe at some point, these feelings were a little confusing and he could feel a little crush going on.
  • But then he got a crush on the girl who works at the ice cream shop and it made sense: he just has a thing for really nice people, but it doesn’t last long.
  • Yeah, he finds out he just likes to hang out with you, but romantically speaking, you’re the perfect match for his brother.
  • You’re a good influence on Saeyoung.He likes to hang out with his brother after you leave them two alone.
  • Mainly because when you’re around, his brother is much nicer and tries to balance his attention between you and him, finally giving him that space he needs so much.
  • He likes to go grocery shopping just the two of you, it calms him down.
  • He doesn’t talk much, and you respect that, so you do the talking and always buy any ice cream flavor he wants.
  • You also take him for random walks, that’s when he talks a little, mostly questions about what kind of people are the other RFA members.
  • Likes to watch TV with you, you’re always catching him up on the plot of things and he enjoys it when it comes from you.
  •  Also defends you from his brother’s pranks, sometimes you two join forces on messing with him and getting some payback.
  • It’s like a cycle, his brother treats him like the younger bro, and he treats you like his little sister.
  • He H A T E S when you and Saeyoung fight. Because everything is very passive aggressive, you don’t yell at each other, you just stop talking.
  • Then you two keep glaring at each other in the breakfast table. And it’s like: “Saeran, would you ask MC to pass the butter, please?” “Saeran, would you tell your brother that if he wants something, he can ask me directly?” “Saeran, would you tell MC that she’s doing exactly what she doesn’t want me to do?|” “Saeran, would you ask your brother if he’s calling me a hypocrite?” “Saeran, would you ask MC to stop twisting my words?” OH. MY. GOD!
  • He feels like he should do something, but he doesn’t know what. Then you give up, because you don’t wanna fight in front of him, thank god!
  • Usually takes your side in these fights. He knows his brother, he’s an idiot, you can be a little silly sometimes, but you’re fairly more reasonable.
  • So he hears all your venting about what stupidity his brother did now, actually, he just stays next to you nodding, sometimes he ‘s not really paying attention.
  • Then he goes to his brother and just says bluntly: “Stop being an ass and apologize to her already!”
  • Sometimes he regrets it, because the makeup phase is so dramatic and gross, with you and Saeyoung starting to get all lovey dovey again.
  • But it will be worth it. Soon you two will take this to somewhere private and he’ll be able to stay alone in the living room without you two fighting for the remote.
  • Tomorrow his brother will be radiating and do whatever Saeran wants to do.
  • And you three will take some ice cream in the park.