i freaking love percy

His accent 🙈

Nico’s originally from Italy, so I can imagine him having the accent still. Even though he was in the casino for a while, he was still around Bianca a lot, and she would *certainly* have an accent. That means there’s a chance that Nico would retain at least a part of his.

Of course, it’s watered down thanks to living in America for so long. But that said, I believe that it’s there in the rare moments he’s excited and off guard. He’ll start speaking with an adorable Italian accent, his eyes sparkling with energy that he hasn’t had in years. He’ll laugh and not even notice that people would stare.

Or, even better, he’d slip into Italian without even noticing. He’d be in a conversation with someone and get super excited. Then, in the middle of the conversation, would switch languages. He’d be smiling and continue with whatever he was saying, but it would be in Italian. The other person, in response, would either look very confused causing Nico to notice his mistake and grow quiet and embarrassed therefore ruining the moment, or would go along with it.


Will sat under the shade of a tree with Nico. It was a nice, sunny day. There was a breeze, so it was chillier than Will preferred it, but it didn’t seem to bother Nico thanks to his jacket. Will loved being outside, and Nico loved the shadows, so the shade of a tree on a sunny day was the perfect scenario for both boys.

They weren’t doing much at the moment, just sitting in silence and enjoying each other’s company. Nico wasn’t one for talking, but with his hand entwined with Will’s, there was no doubt in the blonde’s mind that the other boy cared.

“Hobbies.” Nico said, seemingly out of the blue.

If Will had been anybody else, he would have thought Nico’s comment was of no value; was something random that could be brushed off. But Will knew better than that. The comment was just part of the game that him and Nico played. Ever since the incident that had brought them together [A/N: see the first chapter of my new Solangelo fic], Nico had actually put somewhat of an effort into who he was.

Mysteriously, he still couldn’t answer the three questions that Will had asked in the beginning.

Will chuckled lightly, squeezing his boyfriend’s hand. “Hobbies… reading, archery, and soccer.”

“Soccer?” Nico questioned, turning his head to look at Will. “You play a sport?”

“Used to.” Will explained to him. “Since becoming a year-rounder here at camp, I haven’t played at all. I kind of miss it.”

Will caught a small glint of curiosity in Nico’s eye, as if he were about to ask another question. He opened his mouth, but it was gone as soon as it came, the question seemingly dying in his throat. He closed his mouth as calmly and as stoically as everything he did.

“Now it’s your turn, Nico.” Will told him expectantly. “Let me here about what you do in your free-time.”

Nico sighed heavily. The stony expression on his face looked strained, as if he were debating a life or death decision. Even though he knew that couldn’t be the case, it made Will’s heart beat just a little quicker with worry.

Nico looked down at the grass, picking at it with his free hand. “I used to be really into Mythomagic.”

“Mythomagic…” Will repeated. That name rung a bell in his mind, but he was having trouble placing where he had heard it. When it struck him, he smiled. “Mythomagic. Isn’t that Trading Card Game? Sort of like Magic: The Gathering?”

“And like Pokémon.” Nico said, sounding tired. “I’ve heard it all, and yes - it is a TCG.”

Will laughed at Nico. “So your a secret dork, huh? You into video games and anime too?”

Nico looked back at the ground again. “Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. Your point is?”

Will shrugged. “I don’t know, but I adore this new secret part of you.”

He meant to be endearing, but Nico looked just as upset and embarrassed as he always did when Will started to pry. Why Nico had let Will get anything out of him if it made him feel so bad, the blonde medic would never know. But he *did* know that he had to make Nico feel better, even though he had been the one to start the conversation about hobbies.

“Tell me more about it.” Will told him. Nico looked up at him, confused. “Mythomagic, that is. I know of it, but I don’t know much about it. Could you please explain it to me?”

Nico obliged. He tentatively began to explain the rules of the game. Will followed along, although it started getting a bit complicated. Nico kept looking up at him, then back at the ground as he talked. He seemed almost frightened to be discussing it.

Then, something amazing happened.

When he was done explaining the rules, he branched off. His voice was a couple pitches higher and he let go off Will’s hand. Normally, that would have been a bad sign. Nico receding back into himself was a silent warning sign his boyfriend would give him. But this time, he released Will’s hand to be able to talk with his hands.

His arms were flying just as fast as his words. Will had never heard Nico say something that hadn’t been thought through. This was a new sight. There was a sparkle in Nico’s eye that Will had never seen there before. A smile graced the boy’s face, and his voice reverberated with energy.

He began recounting stories and experiences of the game, laughing as he did so. Will had never heard anything as carefree and beautiful as Nico’s laugh. The pale boy talked about the game like Nico never talked about anything: with child-like excitement. It was free, and it was fun.

And as he spoke, Will heard Nico’s voice take on a slight change. Slowly but surely, an Italian accent overtook his words. It was adorable and innocent, the latter having never been a word to use with Nico. He looked at home, with the sunny day and Italian accent, as if the casino had never took home from him.

And then he completely lost Will. Nico’s words came out completely in Italian, and the boy didn’t even seem to notice. He just kept talking as if he were still speaking basic English. His eyes sparkled even more when he changed languages. Now, Nico seemed truly at home. He seemed truly comfortable; he looked comfortable in a way that Will knew he would never be able to make him.

Even though Will had no idea what Nico was saying, he didn’t interrupt. He simply enjoyed seeing his boyfriend so uncharacteristically happy. He let Nico have his moment of happiness and freedom. He seemed to be enjoying himself so much, Will wouldn’t dare interrupt him to break it to him. He was too cute and too happy.

Will was pretty sure he loved Nico even more after that afternoon.

The best part of the whole Heroes of Olympus series?

When basically everyone thinks Percy is too handsome to be true.

I freaking love the pov’s. They show us HOW MUCH of a badass Percy actually is.

You go Percy. You sexy war machine yassss go kick some ass while being gorgeous and intimidating as fuck

spoopy-son-of-rome  asked:

so when are you going to do a pjo office au? Hm? HMMMMMM?

you know what though

Percy is such a Jim, all of the staring into the camera, playing pranks, flirting with the cute receptionist - *COUGH* Annabeth - because he is so completely in love with her despite the fact that she has a fiance - minor detail he’ll work it out.

and - you can thank Jane for this - Jason as the Ryan who Micheal is obsessed with because he’s so hot and smart and less of an asshole than ryan actually is. but he has this on-again-off-again thing with Piper who is Kelly but less annoying

i’m picturing Frank as Stanley because DID I STUTTER? but then again, Hazel as prudish angela with the love triangle thing cracks me up

oh lord, the possibilities are endless

I love how Rick Riordan gave Athena’s kids zero “cool” powers but their brain. Like, it shows how much valid your ideas and intelligence can be, resulting with being the strongest power a demigod can have.

No matter you can fly, control water, raise skeletons and other stuff from the ground or spontaneously catch fire. You still need to be clever to use those powers without making a mess.

Brain before anything else.

Yessss. I freaking love this.

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Okay, so, remember my friend? The one from this post? She’s never watched a single episode of Critical Role. 

But she is a steampunk, and she makes her own costumes including light-up accessories. And her current costume is a navy-blue-with-gold-and-bronze affair that includes circular glasses and a floor-length coat and an old-timey gun and a sword and a glove with parts that light up and are supposed to be mechanical and magic. 

And! She’s also an attractive blue-eyed white-blonde Scandinavian. So when she swung by Mercer’s signing at A-Kon to get a thing signed for me (because she’s awesome) they apparently had a good laugh about her “low-key” cosplaying Percy without realizing it. 

Fast forward two months, she’s picking my brain to come up with ideas using these bird feathers she collects (don’t ask) and I recommend making a lapel pin or a pendant. She takes to the idea and gets excited. “I know just what I can use!”

And she pulls out this:

I can’t believe my best friend is actual IRL genderbent Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klosswolski de Rolo III.