i freaking love broadway


Laura Benanti and Stephanie J. Block as Russian Space Lesbians in 1969, Russian Broadway Shutdown [x]

I have been waiting my whole life for this moment, I just didn’t know it until now. And that sound you’ve heard for the last 3 hours? That’s just me screaming.

That last gif though. That last gif…

I freaking love the this community. 


5/10 lyrics: 
but wouldn’t it be fine to share
the weather in her eyes, her hair,
her footsteps as she climbs the stair,
the shadow in her light?

I freaking love when Broadway stars are couples. But then sometimes I forget and I’ll se or read something and I’ll be all…..

“Inspector Javert and Mother Abbess are married…..”

“Nessarose Thropp and Fiyero Tiggular are married….”

“Pippin and Natalie Goodman are so cute together…..”

Hamilton: I wish you had brought this girl with you tonight, Burr

Burr: You’re very kind, but I’m afraid it’s unlawful, sir.

Hamilton: What do you mean—

Burr: She’s married….

Hamilton: I see—

Burr: She’s married to a British officer

Hamilton: Oh shit

—  Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)