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jack zimmermann interviews

aka: adorable things that jack 100% says in future televised interviews that make the samwell crew (ESPECIALLY bitty) lose their shit:

  • early in the season, when jack is asked “how you think your detour in college affected your play,” jack gets very serious and says that he doesn’t like the term detour because it implies you weren’t supposed to go there at all and that is not how he views his time at samwell and it would be disrespectful to all the great players both on his team and who play at the collegiate level to say that they didn’t help him improve. it is the first time that jack zimmermann sounds passionate about something on air and this makes the PR team very happy and Shitty is at the Haus watching and everyone ends up hugging and crying about their boy except Lardo and Dex.
  • The PR joy is short lived because jack never addresses the comments directly again but he gets very snippy about this. if anyone mentions phrases like “pitstop” or “detour” or even “it’s great to see you back where you belong” his face goes dark and stormy and he might not bother correcting them again, but whatever the question, they aren’t getting a good quote for their magazine. the press figures it out eventually.
  • when asked what other professional sport he would like to play, jack zimmermann says “anything but lacrosse. never really saw the point of it.” and the Haus throws a party that spans two nights.
  • when asked what his favorite cheat day snack is, jack zimmermann says “pie” with a smile on his face that seems a bit too happy but, hey, the guy must really love pie.
  • when asked by a snobby interviewer what his major was (in a tone of voice that clearly says he is expecting Jack Zimmerman to say something stupid), jack zimmermann goes into a full speech outlining his thesis and noting which historians he thinks truly capture the time period and he keeps his voice flat and awkward (like all his interviews tend to be) but the boys see his little flash of a smug grin when the interviewer flounders after his five minute monologue and doesn’t have any followup questions.
  • when asked what advice he would give to young hockey players, jack zimmermann smiles just a little bit and says “eat more protein.” the press takes it as jack being ridiculous and maybe he even gets yelled at by PR for that because “c’mon, zimms, weve TALKED about this- say something INSPIRING” but bitty knows that little smile was for him and texts him a string of heart mixed with chirp emojis and tweets ‘this boy’-
  • when asked what he thinks the best sitcom is, jack zimmermann pretends to consider for two seconds before saying in his most serious, deadpan voice “i’ve been told on good authority that the answer is 30 rock.” Holster cries. He cries harder when the followup question is “who’s your favorite character” and Jack’s answer is “sorry, i haven’t seen enough to know their names.”
  • when asked why he is often seen at NWHL games on his days off, jack zimmermann replies “i love watching great hockey” and when pressed further on the issue, simply repeats that statement as if very confused why people are still asking this question.
  • when asked (before he is out) if he has “someone special” for valentine’s day, everyone is expecting him to say no, but jack freakin’ zimmermann shrugs one shoulder and says “yup” and when they tease “oh, she must be very lucky”, this boy says “yeah, they are” and then refuses any further questions while the internet goes wild over his use of neutral pronouns.
  • when he DOES come out and someone asks if he’s seeing anyone, jack zimmermann smiles directly at the camera - a huge, ridiculous, i am so fucking in love smile that the world has literally never seen before (and there’s a BLUSH TOO!!) - and says “Yes, I’ve been lucky enough to date my boyfriend for four years. thank you for your time.” and walks off before anyone can ask him anymore questions.

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since the last tag went so well we have another one: Simblr Book Club! Here's what you do: 1. List 5 writers & their story that you've been following (bonus: why you love them) 2. Tag 3 people you want to read those stories & do this tag!

YAY! Magic Story Tag anon is back!!! But this is going to be so hard to limit to five omg q.q Well, I guess no one said I had to listen… 

1. @pixeltrashcan - Twisted Hearts: Aside from the obvious reason that the writer is my best fucking friend and the love of my life, this story kicks me in the feels, and while I’m usually not into being hurt, and then returning for more, she makes it hurt really good. I’m so attached to all of her characters, even when they drive me freakin crazy, and I love the push and pull with their realistic drama. It feels like I want more. 

2. @lovelychooser - The Hunt: I’m picking The Hunt, because even though absolutely everything Jules does is amazing, and all of her characters are perfection, The Hunt is so good it makes me want to cry. Also, because she did all of it in ts3 and that makes it about 10x more impressive? I attach my ts3 nostalgia to this story so hard, and I get so fucking disappointed when I start playing ts3 and my sims lives are less exciting that Faye’s. Who I’m in love with by the way. Faye drives this story, and she’s so quirky and relatable, and that’s why I will always love it ♥

3. @bubble-sims - Dayneko Family: I legit cannot get enough of this story. It’s so freaking good, it makes me scream. I love seeing new posts from it, even when there’s crazy stuff going on. I could read this story for like hours and hours if she would just keep posting. 

4. @simflowerseeds - Legacy: I’m giving this a mention even though I only just started reading it a few days (a week?) ago. Because it’s really super cute, and Orchid reminds me of myself. The writing is adorable and it’s super feel-good, which I love. 

5. @lunarian-sim - Barefoot on a Blood of Roses 2.0: Because lunarian has always been my #aesthetic goals, and I’m making a spirit animal farm out of all her characters. Everything she does is presented so beautifully that I’m so jealous, but also having fun following along with the revamped version of this story.

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More Upcoming Bughead Teasers/Speculation/Observations
  • I notice in all the stills and videos if they aren’t actually touching or close together (or even if they are), at least one (and it is a mutual thing) is gazing adoringly at the other
  • E.G Betty shoots a thrilled smile to Juggie when Veronica refers to him as “her boyfriend”. She loves both him AND being a couple.
  • Both Cole and Lili talk a LOT about how “deep/romantic/beautiful” their relationship is gonna become (and that it will surprise people). Since I find it freakin’ adorable and ship it soooooper hard already, I’m dying to see what/how this translates out
  • Cole has also teased that Juggie’s homeless problem is resolved by the end of the season—-so I’m guessing ultimately FP II does actually “get his act together” (we also can tell how miserably and desperately poor Juggie longs for and mourns his family),,,,but what exactly happens there?
  • Additionally, Cole mentioned this great knowledge/great power thing about learning more various seekrits through their investigation. I wondering exactly what (of course) and if, at any point, there are any attempts to bribe them into silence—which, of course, is an interesting dilemma for a character who’s currently in a dire situation, but also really, really into ethics and morals
  • Or do he and Betty simply receive a reward for solving the murder (typically, if you find any information about an unsolved crime, you’ll collect at least $10K. And that isn’t for actually solving it, just leads to a conviction. And this IS the son of a millionaire, after all)


Can I please have a neglected Kara fic? Somewhere in between Cat leaving, and Alex (not doing earth birthday, spending all her time with Maggie, and saying Kara was either part of her family or not) and James and Winn starting their boys only club…

Like honestly I’d love a fic where they all just kind of forget about her and she starts to feel bad but then remembers she’s Kara Zor freakin’ El the last daughter of Krypton and by the time they all figure out what they’ve done Kara’s all just shoulder shrugs and I don’t give a fudge cause she’s a mother flippin’ boss.

(Bonus points for Luthor girlfriends/friends that stand by their super’s side when no one else does)

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Korrasami is amazing!!! I'm glad you watched LoK, a worthy distraction from night and day even if I'm dying to know what happens next lol. Asami has to be one of the greatest characters I've ever seen. If anyone more selfless and caring and brilliant exists I don't think I've ever seen them. She breaks my heart Bc she loses so much but is always so strong and forgiving and never lets it ruin her determination to do what's right. The way she treats Korra despite mako is so amazing ugh love her!

I’ve been obsessing over TV shows for years so I’m really good at juggling fandoms haha. I can’t believe I never watched the show before (tumblr gifs have now officially gotten me into like four different shows and Trimberly, all of which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed; thanks TUMBLR!!). It’s actually full of incredibly well written characters (a lot of them women) and really interesting (and surprisingly dark) plots. Like, all four adversaries are pretty damn heavy.

And Asami… come on man. How can you not love her? She could’ve been just a stock romantic rival type character, but they did so much more with her. I like that she has her own set of skills and her own life outside of Team Avatar, but that she’s always there for them. Plus it’s awesome when she just plows through a bunch of Equalists or creates an escape worthy vehicle out of spare parts in the middle of a freakin’ desert. That’s on top of all the other stuff you mentioned. And she does most of this before she’s even out of her teens. Damn. No wonder Korra fell for her. (Plus I love her aesthetic, very 40′s movie star, and the whole billionaire inventor thing… okay I’ll stop now lol)

PS I’m always coming into things kind of late, but in this case I’m happy I can just binge everything and I’ve walked into the fandom when Korrasami is canon. I only wish I’d come in a little later so all three volumes of Turf Wars were out.

Grey’s Anatomy 14x04

That was the best episode in a long time. 😍😍I loved every scene. 😍😍All the little nuances😍😍😍 SeasoN 14 is kicking ass👏🏻🙌🏻

















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If ya have the time, can ya do something like what the va-11 hall-a squad (Jill, Gill, Dana) do in their spare time? Also thank you for making this blog!

Hell yeah! This is the first ask I’ve gotten in quite awhile so it’s really encouraging actually!!!! You’re super welcome, I love writing and I love Valhalla so I’m glad there’s a way I can contribute to this fandom, no matter how small!

(Also thank you for including Gil in your ask, I freakin’ love him and there’s so little Gil content!)


  • She spends most of her spare time at home, as we’ve seen. Usually on her computer! She does a lot of browsing on forums but rarely posts
  • When it comes to internet browsing, she spends a lot of time just clicking through random wikipedia pages and videos. She picks up a lot of weird trivia this way!
  • She also reads quite a bit, usually on her phone. Her favorite genre is sci-fi!
  • She likes making fancy, non-alcoholic drinks when she goes home. Fancy hot chocolates or coffees are her favorites, and she’ll sip them while gazing out the window at the city
  • It’s not necessarily a hobby, but she does sleep a lot, up to ten hours when she’s really tired. She’s a night owl so she mostly sleeps during the day!
  • She likes online shopping, but she also really likes going to the grocery store. It’s one of the few times she gets out, and she likes picking at least one thing to treat herself with aside from the essentials, like a fancy box of crackers. When it comes to actual cooking though, she’s not too into complicated meals and usually just cooks one big simple meal to eat the leftovers for a few days
  • She doesn’t spend all that much time physically hanging out with her friends, but she does spend quite a bit of time online chatting with them (both the ones we’ve seen in the bar like Alma and Dorothy and ones she met online and hasn’t seen in person!)


  • His favorite thing to do is go on walks by himself at night, which given his twiggy little man status is probably pretty dangerous. He knows how to stay safe, though!
  • His apartment is really tiny, basically one big room to serve as bedroom/living room/kitchen (and a separate bathroom) but he’s managed to decorate it pretty well using cool stuff he’s picked up at second-hand stores. He spends a lot of his free time just cleaning it till its up to his standards!
  • He genuinely likes mixing drinks, so he has a bit of equipment for that lying around too that he’ll occasionally mess around with
  • He has a tiny little social circle outside of work as well that he frequently hangs out with. He never invites them to his apartment, but he’ll hang out with his friends at the little parks in glitch city or other bars when he’s not working
  • He really likes movies, so even though he only has an ancient, shit-tastic laptop to watch them on, he streams them often! His favorite genre is adventure movies!
  • He has, in the year of our lord 207x, somehow managed to procure for himself a walkman and several CDs. He spends a lot of time just listening to music on it
  • He cuts his own hair in his bathroom. Not sure if this counts for what you were asking, but I stand by this
  • He plays lots of low-PC-requirement games on his ancient laptop too. Not ones you’ve got to be connected to the internet for because his internet is spotty as hell, but single-player ones (if VA-11 HALL-A existed as a game in that world, he’d play it!)


  • She actually does a lot of traveling by bus to nearby cities. She’s got a pretty spread-out friend circle. Weirdly enough, her favorite thing to do with them is visit museums while spending the weekend in their city. Though traveling only happens when she’s sure she won’t be missing anything important at the bar! When she’s gone, she texts Jill about it every day
  • Her apartment is a cluttered mess, but in her spare time she’s still frequently picking up cool stuff she finds and bringing it home
  • She has such a weird mixture of hobbies. From cooking to painting to trying to build tiny mechanical things (her current pet project is an attempt at an electric dog), she’s got so many things on the go that sometimes just trying to choose something to do with her free time can be a bit overwhelming
  • In that vein, though, she’s pretty good with electronics and wiring and also visits her more geographically near friends when they need help installing or fixing something in their home
  • She does a lot of volunteer work on top of this. She has such a genuinely good heart and wants something hands-on to do to help people
  • One thing about Dana is that I headcanon her as having anxiety, and that if she’s not doing something at all times, the lack of a distraction can give the anxiety a chance to occupy her mind and really stress her out. One of the reasons she crowds her free time so much is so that she never has to be alone with those thoughts
My top 14 favorite Rukia moments

As requested by anon. :)

As promised, I am returning to my regular queue! And what do you know? The first list up stars Rukia, whose birthday is today! So that worked out nicely! Obviously coming up with a mere 14 favorite moments for Rukia is hard, given that she is a main character and also awesome, but here I go! These are the 14 moments that first came to mind when I thought about my favorite Rukia moments. (And get it? Fourteen because Jan 14? Yeah!)

#14: Rukia’s hand threat

When Rukia first stalked Ichigo to his class and pretended to just be some new transfer student, Ichigo started to say something - only to find that Rukia had written a note on her hand threatening to kill him if he said anything. Somehow this was adorable, and also I just love the fact that Rukia wrote this on her hand ahead of time.

Rukia: Originally I planned to make a threatening bunny puppet, but I ran out of time!

Ichigo: Also bunny puppets aren’t threatening?

Rukia: …you’ve just earned yourself a threatening bunny puppet sometime in the future, mister.

Ichigo: I quake with fear.

#13: Rukia freezes Rudbornn’s roots

Overall, I found the Rudbornn fight to be a little…boring, especially since it was parallel to some really awesome fights that it just couldn’t compete with. That being said, the moment that Rukia realizes she can defeat him by freezing his roots - that was awesome. 

Rukia: Maybe this is why I’m not such a great gardener…

#12: Rukia and Renji show up in their Royal Realm clothes

They were just so cute!

Renji: Also we were, like, powered up and stuff.

Rukia: We would look so good in a winter AU!

#11: Rukia builds sand sculptures with Byakuya

Okay, so this moment isn’t canon, but I still love it so it goes on the list. During the beach episode, Rukia and Byakuya built sand sculptures together. Byakuya built Admiral Seaweed, and Rukia built a Chappy. And it was freakin’ adorable.

Byakuya: By “adorable,” she means “excellently crafted,” right?

Rukia: I’m sure she does, Nii-sama!

#10: Rukia and Renji show up in Hueco Mundo

I guess I just like it when Rukia and Renji show up places? But seriously. It was so satisfying when the two of them appeared to help Ichigo and company. In their classy desert cloaks. To say nothing of their little tag team Ichigo beat-down - with the high five.

Ichigo: And to think I was kinda expected a hug.

#9: Rukia is thrown to Renji

When Ichigo rescued Rukia from execution, he decided the best way to get her down from the scaffolding was to throw her like a javelin straight at Renji - whom she bowled right over. I really love that moment.

Byakuya: …my desire to kill Kurosaki Ichigoi is rekindled.

Rukia: Nii-sama, no!

#8: Rukia can’t open a juice box

Rukia’s difficulty in opening a juice box never ceases to amuse me. I mean, there she is, a powerful undead death god, defeated by a straw and a little bit of foil. 

Rukia: I-I wasn’t defeated! I got it eventually!

Ichigo: I opened it for you.

Rukia: Yeah, and at that point you were basically an extension of my power, so it still counts for me!

Ichigo: …maybe I’ll let you have this one.

#7: Rukia shows up in Ichigo’s closet

Thus leading to endless jokes - mostly by me, I guess - about Rukia’s closet fetish. Really, I love all of Rukia’s closet moments throughout the series. 

Rukia: Closets are comforting.

Rukia: Once you get rid of the funky teenager smell.

Ichigo: I-I don’t have a funky smell!

#6: Rukia shouts Ichigo out of his funk

In the beginning of the arrancar arc, Ichigo got pretty sad. His inner hollow was trying to eat him, he kept getting beat up by enemies he couldn’t identify, etc., etc. Then Rukia gave her “the kind of man you are in my heart” speech, and shook Ichigo right out of his funk. You know, Rukia is really good at knowing what people need. 

Byakuya: Hisana was good at that too.

Rukia: N-Nii-sama!

#5: Rukia defeats Aaroniero

Remember when Rukia was the first one to defeat an espada? Remember when she did it despite her zanpakuto being broken, despite being near death? Remember when she then crawled across the floor calling Orihime’s name? Because I sure do!

Rukia: Because Aaroniero has two heads, does it count as defeating two espada?

Renji: Yeah, I think so.


#4: Rukia shows up as a lieutenant

It was just very satisfying for Rukia to FINALLY get the lieutenant spot, seeing as she deserved it for so long except that her brother prevented her from getting it because he can be a little snot sometimes.

Ukitake: And people thought I was just slow to pick!

#3: Rukia’s bankai

Rukia’s bankai is awesome and gorgeous, and it was so satisfying to finally get to see it. And I am so, so glad that Byakuya just sat by and let her have that fight. Because he knew she had it.

As Nodt: That fight was the closest I’ve ever come to having friends.

Rukia: …what do you think happened in that fight?

#2: Rukia in the window

By now you’ve noticed that I am a huge fan of the “characters suddenly showing up” motif. And one of my favorite of those moments is when Hitsugaya and his advance squad show up in the classroom to help Ichigo against the arancars…and then Rukia shows up in the window. Both because it was satisfying, and because Rukia leaped up to a second story window just to be dramatic. What a little goofball. 

Rukia: Totally worth it!

#1: Rukia defends Orihime

But, perhaps because of my shipper heart, my favorite Rukia moment has to be when she stands up for Orihime. And I’m counting the whole damn sequence because I can - the moment that Orihime comes to Rukia after Urahara tells her she can’t fight, and Rukia tells her otherwise, and the part where Rukia and Orihime go to Soul Society and train together. Rukia and Orihime are great friends who stand up for and care about each other. And that means a lot to me.

Rukia: Some people think we fight over Ichigo.

Orihime: That’s so weird!

Rukia: I know, right?

So thoughts:

Episode 1: Holy Fuck
Episode 2: Nice
Episode 4: Uncomfortable
Episode 5: Aside from the song? Actually kind of eh.

Episode 5 really didn’t answer anything or being anything new to the table, aside from now that we know that Yellow Diamond is coming to Earth, which is kinda

The biggest thing is that we get to see a peace of homeworld. New Gems, New Amethysts, New Jasper’s.

I felt really uncomfortable during the whole “Human Zoo” sequence, as well as the scene where Steven and Greg went to Korea. I really cannot comment too much on it since it’s not really my place to make those judgements, but something really didn’t feel right given SU’s previous track record wrt Asian representation and fetishization.

Also where the fuck is Bismuth, and you earn a sin for bringing Andy back, even if it’s just a cameo.

As for Steven, he was a lot more bare-able this time around. He’s actually starting to question the gems and call them out of their shit. He seriously fucks up in the first episode, and a little bit in the second, although he still has the issues that even when he does screw up, it turns out to have been the right action to have taken all along.

And yeah, Blue Freakin’ Diamond of all characters is gay. That’s uh… something I didn’t really see happening. I’m glad she’s still a villain and her love and grief for Pink Dia- actually you know what she’s pretty much Pearl but if the narriative actually treated her like the piece of shit she is.

But here’s the thing with all this.

These episodes are great, and they were a lot better than the previous ones, but these should be what a standard SU episode is like at this point. I know we’re not going to get any follow up because the episodes were leaked 4 weeks early and there’s probably going to be another hiatus after the Stevenbomb, so we’ll have to see.

Overall verdict? Steven Universe is still full of problems, but it’s at the very least watchable again.

Arrow Cave - Pt 2

Previously on Arrow Cave

“Thank you darling,” I grinned cheekily, smacking a loud exaggerated kiss on his cheek. He rolled his eyes, turning me around in his hold, resting his forehead against mine.
“How’s mini me doing?” he whispered, playing with the bottom of my shirt.
“The baby’s fine,” I smiled, pressing a kiss to his lower lip, melting into his warm embrace.

“I can’t believe there’s a little person growing in there,” he sighed, staring at my belly incredulously. I rolled my eyes at his childlike behaviour, cupping his face in my hands.
“You better believe it because if it’s anything like you, I will probably die,” I internally shuddered, not wanting to think about the baby speedster that was bound to pop out eventually.
“In my opinion, a mini Barry would be the worst thing,” Caitlin piped up, glancing at us with an amused expression on her face.
“No one asked for your opinion,” Barry sassed, sticking his tongue out at the scientist.
“Yup, definitely a bad idea,” Felicity giggled, making Barry whine childishly.
“You guys are so mean to me,” he pouted.
“Stop being a baby,” I rolled my eyes, pulling away from the pouting speedster and waddling over to my handbag, riffling through it for a moment. “I have something to show you.”
“Is it appropriate to be showing everyone else in this room because last time you said that, I was scarred for life?” Oliver asked, shivering at the suppressed thought.
“It’s very appropriate and I don’t know how many times I have to apologise for that,” I rolled my eyes, patting his cheek.
“Maybe once we get the image of your sex life out of our heads,” he pulled a face, narrowly dodging my weak punch. I waddled back over to Barry, handing him a small envelope.
“What’s this?” he asked, raising his brows in confusion.
“Just open it,” I grinned, waiting for his reaction. He peeled the flap off, pulling out two small photographs. He glanced at me confused, looking back down at them before realisation crossed his face.
“Oh my god!” he gasped, a shit eating grin beginning to form as he looked between myself and the small photos. 

“What is it?” Felicity asked, attempting to look over my shoulder.
“It’s my recent ultrasound,” I smiled, holding one of Barry’s trembling hands in my own. The two girls squealed, racing to stand beside Barry, cooing over the small photos.
“It’s… Their… Twins!” he cried, wrapping his arms around me and sobbing into my shoulder.
“I know; a boy and a girl,” I giggled, a few tears escaping my eyes.
“OH A BABY Y/N AND A BABY BARRY!” Felicity squealed, jumping up and down excitedly.
“Don’t jinx it! I want them both to look like her,” Barry shushed her, rethinking his statement before he joined in on the excited shrieks.
“God, if I ever do that, please don’t hesitate to punch me,” Oliver shook his head, giving me a tight squeeze.
“Don’t worry, when you and Felicity have adorable blonde babies, you’re going to be much worse,” I winked, walking away from the blushing billionaire.

4 months later

“Seriously Y/N, you need to stop moving around. The doctor put you on bed rest so that means no moving,” Barry frowned, steering me away from the kitchen and back onto the couch.
“But I wanna help! I feel so useless just sitting here,” I pouted, crossing my arms over my chest childishly.
“You’re cooking those buns babe,” Iris winked, suddenly appearing in front of me holding a cup of tea.
“Ha ha very funny. You’ll know how I feel in a few short years,” I huffed, scooting back so I was more comfortable, grunting softly at the slight pain in my lower abdomen.
“Oh I’ve already decided that I’m adopting. I’ve seen how moody you get and I don’t wanna end up like that,” she chuckled, shrieking when the pillow that I threw collided with her face.
“Rude,” I simply said, taking a small sip before putting the cup on the table, listening to the chatter in the room. Barry had insisted that the guys from Starling City come up seeing as I was only days away from the due date and he wanted everyone to be here. So here we all were, spread out in the cosy living room of the West household, waiting for the buns to come out of the oven.
“How are you holding up chicken?” Felicity asked, plopping down next to me and rubbing my belly softly, cooing quietly. I rolled my eyes, opening my mouth to answer by being silenced by a sharp pain.
“Holy mother of shit!” I squealed, doubling over and clutching my stomach, softly whimpering at the pain.
“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! BARRY!” Felicity panicked, shifting to the floor so I could lie down properly.
“What! Don’t tell me their coming now!” he freaked out, crouching next to me.
“Barry it hurts,” I sobbed, reaching for his hand and gripping it tightly, whimpering at the next contraction that hit.
“Get her into the spare bedroom now,” Diggle appeared, helping me up into a sitting position, much to my annoyance.
“What? Why?” Barry asked, pulling my hands so I was standing up, letting me lean a majority of my weight on him.
“We don’t have time to get her to the hospital and if you run her there, it could cause serious damage to the babies. Caitlin and I can deliver the babies,” he answered, wrapping an arm around my waist and with Barry’s help, guiding me up the stairs and into the guest room. I collapsed on the bed, immediately reaching for Barry again to sooth me.
“It’s ok baby, you’re gonna be ok,” he cooed, kneeling next to me on the bed, brushing my hair away from my face and kissing my forehead.
“I’m gonna kill you for this,” I whimpered, hearing him chuckle in response.
“Love you too.”
“Alright Y/N, I need you to just relax for me and take deep breathes,” Caitlin came into the room, obnoxiously snapping a pair of rubber gloves. She pulled my convenient summer dress up and my underwear down.
“Oh my god, this is embarrassing,” I blushed, hiding my face in Barry’s shoulder.
“We both have the same parts,” she rolled her eyes, mumbling something under her breathe. “Ok you’re about 7cm, we just have to wait a few more minutes and then you’ll be ready.”
“Barry I’m scared,” I sniffled, looking up at my smiling boyfriend with teary eyes.
“Everything will be fine. Pretty soon you’ll be holding our beautiful twins and everything will be over,” he soothed, gently rubbing circles on my swollen stomach. I melted into the touch, finding some relief in the soothing gesture. That was, until I got a particularly painful contraction.
“Oh my god Barry Allen, you are going to pay for putting me through this,” I whined, smushing my head as far into the cushion as it would go.
“Y/N, I need you to bend your knees sweetie and push when I tell you to,” Caitlin ordered, lifting me up slightly and placing a towel under my bum, earning a groan from me. I did as she told, bending my knees uncomfortably and gripping onto Barry’s hands. “Ok… Push!”

“You did so good babygirl,” Barry smiled, tears threatening to fall.
“Why are you crying?” I asked, reaching a hand up tiredly to brush them away.
“I’m just so happy. You’re the girl of my dreams and you’ve just given me two children,” he chuckled, resting his forehead against mine.
“Alright you lovebirds, are you ready to meet your babies?” Diggle appeared in the room, cradling one of them in his arms. Caitlin appeared behind him, cooing softly at the small newborn. With the help of Barry, I managed to sit up, leaning against the headboard and holding my arms out eagerly. Diggle handed me a little blue bundle, stepping back and letting Caitlin hand Barry our baby girl.
“Oh my god Barry, we created them,” I whispered excitedly, awkwardly nudging my boyfriend.
“I know, holy shit,” he giggled, looking up at me.
“Even in parenthood, they are still the biggest dorks ever,” Diggle shook his head, both of them leaving us.
“They’re definitely going to be blondes,” I commented, lightly stroking the dirty blonde tufts on my boys head.
“Just like their mummy,” Barry cooed, pecking me on the lips. “Have you given any thought to names?”
“I’m thinking for tweedle one,” I gestured to my babygirl. “Daisy Nora Allen. For your mum and because we both love daisies,” I giggled.
“You really want to put my mum’s name in there?” he asked, eyes wide in surprise.
“Yeh, I never got to meet her but from what you tell me, she was a lovely woman and I want our children to remember her,” I smiled, shifting the sleeping boy in my arms. “What about tweedle two?”
“I’m thinking…. Charlie for your brother…” he smiled softly, remembering my now passed brother. “Charlie James Allen.”
“I love it,” I grinned, running my thumb up and down Charlie’s cheek, watching him stir quietly in the blanket. He clenched his hands tightly, slowly beginning to open his eyes. “Oh my Jesus Barry, he has your eyes!”
“So he does! God our kids are gonna be so freakin gorgeous when they’re older,” he sighed, smiling down at Daisy.
“We did good,” I giggled, shifting so we were pressed up against each other, softly cooing at our newborns.

Ok, so it was actually so hard to come up with baby names, cause obviously I’m only 16 and don’t have to actually worry about that. I want to incorporate Nora Allen into this somehow from the beginning, and I do actually really love Daisies. They are one of my favourite flowers, I literally have a massive Daisy shrub growing in my garden. And Charlie is a lovely name, whether its a nickname or an actual name, I’ve always loved it :) Also, I didn’t write the birth scene because as I said, I’m 16. I don’t know what goes on in their and I don’t want to find out till it’s actually happening to me!

Midna and Ganon sketches, I will probably not finish. 

Midna, omg I love Trueform Midna. I really really really disliked Midna when she was first introduced and didn’t think her true form fitted her at all. But later I started liking her more and appreciate her character in TP. But HW Twilight Pack did it for me, I mean she freakin’ punches her enemies with that big hand and does the movement herself! I love seeing her in action and she is super gorgeous and kickass! She’s the opposite of Zelda and I love it! 

Ganondorf, desert man! I like how popular Ganon is on Tumblr, but I do prefer seeing him as a 30+ old man, instead of a young bishified guy. I headcanon his personality as Frank Underwood, everything he does, he does it for Power. 

I hate when people say Ginny is a Mary Sue bc???? Hello??? We’re getting the story from Harry… The most unreliable narrator in the history of ever… And he’s completely in love with her, so of COURSE he’s going to think everything she does is the best thing since sliced freakin bread

And let’s be real, I love Ginny probably more than even Harry does (fight me Harry Potter) but like??? Her flaws are clearly there?? She can be seriously bitchy (see: tripping ron, the aunt Muriel picture comment), she often loses her temper (when Ron caught her and dean, around slytherins, and literally all the time with her mom lol) and she can be immature/judgmental (aka every instance of Fleur before book 7).

Just because Harry can’t see the flaws for what they are, doesn’t mean you as the reader can’t. She’s a completely three dimensional character, she’s just seen through the eyes of a dumb (but lovely 💕) boy who’s fallen head over heels for the first time

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Omo I love chuu~ Could you maybe do exo's reaction to when they come back from tour to find their girlfriend sleeping on the couch in their shirt because she missed them Please and thank you~??

this happened to me a lot when i had a boyfriend…. i love it ^3^

thank for helping me progress  (´▽`ʃƪ)♡


Xiumin: that’s so cute… but should I like wake her up or not?


Luhan: did she really miss me that much?


Kris:jagiya let’s go to bed… it’s late already…


*sees you sleeping on the couch*

*realizes you have his shirt on*

Suho:what does she think she is doing to me?


Lay:Stop being so goddamn cute (y/n)


Baekhyun: that freakin’ t-shirt is teasing me


*sees you sleeping*

*cuddles with you*

chen: that shirt is definitely coming off in the morning


Chanyeol: omooo~~~ cute cute




Tao: you could have used the gucci shirt


*just smiles and goes over to you*


*goes over to you and wakes you up


(y/n):sehun….. you’re back


i’m so sorry for the delay… because i spent like 1h searching for a gif of tao and just kinda yeah

thank you again for submitting sweetie ^3^ 


WOOAAAHHH okay hello friends I am here!
Tbh it’s not one isolated incident Chris has done so much at this point that even elliegalaxies is done with his shit for goodness sake. You also asked why I stil feel bad for him which means there’s no way I can give this a short answer but I’ve got time if you’ve got time. (seriously though I have a lot of things to say about Chris so this will be LONG AS HELL)

I suppose it started with him supposedly “leaving youtube” back in 2013

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My take on the Doctor/Clara/Danny relationship. Pardon me, it's long.

Okay so, I don’t comment often, but I need to get this one off my chest. Here’s my take on Clara and Danny’s situation:

This whole thing started after Twelve told Clara that Eleven did indeed have feelings for her, but he doesn’t. What’s our first rule? The Doctor lies. Look, you can argue all you want, but I’ll take a shortcut. He was still 2200 years older in Eleven’s body so your ‘age difference’ is irrelevant, and of course 'feelings change with different incarnations.’ Of course. Did any of you say that about Nine to Ten with Rose? Ah, nope.

Now that we have that cleared, I personally believe Twelve said that because he thought she would no longer want him. Which is understandable really, saying goodbye to Eleven was still fresh, and he was very different from him. Twelve is a set back, the beginning of a whole new cycle. He’s not easy or adaptive, and as Vastra said, he certainly isn’t hiding. 

So then he disappears for a few weeks, she meets someone nice, why not? Then I’ll flash forward to Listen. First we have what seems to be a quickly-formed strong bond on Clara’s side, which takes her to kid!Danny - or Rupert, if you like. Why’s that? Because Danny’s safe compared to the Doctor; it’s new and normal and she’s excited about it. Then we see a very strong implication about Clara and Danny getting married in the future. But from a Moffat-esque perspective, and from my own as a writer myself, isn’t that predictable and boring? It is. But not to Clara, cause we humans naturally prefer predictable.

To Clara it’s wonderful because it’s so much easier to fall back on certainty, specially after all the ups and downs she went through with the Doctor. This show surely has big direct nods to humanity’s traits and morality, but I prefer the much subtler ones. This is one of them. Most of us want security, most of us want to end up somewhere we know already, and for a control freak like Clara, it’s only more logical to want that, and I repeat, specially after what she’s been through. 

She was strongly against finding out about her death, but this? It’s great! It tells her yes you’ll have a successful relationship, with the 2.5 kids and white picket fence. And at this point, it seems to her that the Doctor is just drifting further apart, so why shouldn’t she hang on to Danny? 

Then time goes by and they fight even more, and I admit Twelve was an asshole quite a few times, but I understand him too. Now we arrive at Kill the Moon, where we see one of the most powerful Doctor-Companion fights ever, imo. I won’t go into it too much, but just don’t forget that Twelve did recognize his mistake. “This is my home too. I walk your earth and I breathe your air.”

The shifting point, the Orient Express, is my favorite part. Danny was right in the previous episode, you don’t hate someone if they still make you mad. When you truly hate them, you just don’t care enough to be mad anymore. And the singer’s words, “Hate is too strong an emotion to waste on someone you don’t like,” enforces that. We all get upset and yell in frustration that we hate someone when actually we love them. I just did it two days ago. And that’s why Clara forgave him at the end. Ref: Time Heist: “It’s obvious you’ve been with him for a long time.” “Why?” “You’re good at the excuses." 

Now the most important part is Clara’s "I love you” on the phone. Jenna herself confirmed at a recent panel that yes, it was indeed meant for the Doctor. This takes me to the start of last night’s episode. Clara’s whole talk to Danny about never saying the words to anyone else from now on came from guilt. We see her going back and forth between the post it notes, lingering on 'the Doctor’ and the 'Orient Express.' 

Why guilt you ask? Simple. After the future insight in Listen, Clara kept going back to Danny because she felt that she should. We never see beyond kissing and watching TV on the couch in their relationship. It’s just told to us in brief snippets that are hardly special, rather medicore actually. That’s not enough for true love and happily ever after. 

My point is, Clara feels guilty because she thinks she cheated him in some way when she directed her words at the Doctor in the spur of the moment. Cause the implication that they get married means she shouldn’t feel this way towards anyone else. The simplest example is arranged marriages. People stuck in those often convince themselves that they’re in love. They keep on telling themselves till they believe it, because their societies insist that they must, that this is the way to happiness and whatnot. It becomes an obligation.

So when Orson’s identity says to Clara “you’ll get married to Danny and be happy,” or at least that’s what she hears, her mind goes “oh okay so I must love him and never leave him.” Which is probably why the first time she voices those feelings is to the Doctor in a moment of anger, not to Danny himself. 

And finally when Danny dies before this secure, ordinary, human future takes place, isn’t it natural for control-freak-Clara to react the way she did? Her life just went spiraling out of her control yet again, the safety net she was leaning onto is gone. Really, it’s the most proper reaction for a character as emotionally charged, passionate, and complex as Clara.

Then there’s the Doctor, telling her yet again that he does still love her, but in his own way, when he decides to try to find the freakin’ afterlife to save the man he thinks she loves. I don’t know about you, but to me it just seems really clear now what’s going on here. The Doctor loves Clara, Clara loves him back, but she runs towards Danny because she’s scared, not because it’s the same as when Amy said she had to be with Rory, but simply because it’s safer.

I’m getting real tired of seeing people shit on Iris for being “under-developed” or “weak” or a myriad of other baseless things. It’s bad enough when clueless idiots on Twitter do it - but when even reviewers who are paid to comment on TV can’t seem to figure out her narrative worth or purpose, it makes my blood boil. It seems to be based on some misguided belief that there’s not “enough” going on in her life to warrant her screentime, or that we don’t know enough about her as a person to … I don’t know, believe Barry loves her? Like, what is the problem, exactly?

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It bugs me how people are still hating on Sophia. I don’t agree with what she did but it’s pretty clear that she does need Callie in her life. In my opinion I don’t think she’s a spoiled brat. It’s obvious Sophia doesn’t get to do whatever she wants unless Jill approves of it which let’s be honest barely ever happens. Sophia is going through something she’s having a rough time. Which isn’t uncommon.

A lot of people have been where Sophia is at right now in her life. I have so I know what it’s like. She’s trying to please everyone, especially Jill. She’s probably feeling like she’s worthless and she doesn’t matter. It seems like Sophia has the perfect life, the one that everyone dreams of. In reality it’s not perfect. It’s far from it. I believe that Sophia’s life became a little better once she found out that she had a sister. So before you say that Sophia’s life is perfect you may want to rethink that.

Like I said I don’t agree with the fact that she ripped up the papers but what’s done is done. Just like Callie said everything happens for a reason. If Callie were to be adopted right now then that would be the end of the show if you think about it. I don’t think she’ll be getting adopted. Like I’ve always said, a piece of paper won’t change that Callie is apart of the family. It won’t make them love her any less. If you think that a piece of paper is going to change that you may just want to rethink that.

It doesn’t take anyone very long to love Callie. I mean Rita is right, so it’s possible that Sophia does love Callie. As much as people hate to admit it, it’s very possible. Callie has been with The Fosters for 6 months and in the beginning she wasn’t very fond of them. In fact, when Brandon followed her she said, “Can you just mind your own damn business? Your whole freakin’ family?” But over time Callie has opened up to them and allowed herself to love them.

If it wasn’t for Brandon, Callie most likely wouldn’t have opened up to them or learned to trust them. So before people go hating on Brandon, they need to think about how he is the main part of how Callie has gotten so far. Callie’s very close-minded about the Quinns just like she was with the Fosters in the beginning. If she allows herself to give them a chance she could love them just as much as the Fosters.

The Quinns & Fosters could all be Callie’s family. I don’t understand why people are so opposed to that. Just because the Quinns have money doesn’t mean they aren’t incapable of loving Callie. I’m tired of people using that as an excuse. I believe that Robert truly did love Colleen and he and Callie are so much a like. Robert gave up the love of his life because of his family. Callie gave up the love of her life so she could have a family. I don’t get why Callie needs to choose between family & love? She deserves to have everything she wants she deserves to be happy.

Some people believe that Callie shouldn’t live with the Quinns because she’ll end up like Sophia. That’s probably not going to happen. There’s no way the Quinns would tell Callie that she can’t see the Fosters anymore. The Fosters are her family without a piece of paper, well everyone accept Brandon that is. She’ll never see him as her brother. I think Callie living with the Quinns could be a great opportunity for her.

I don’t think being adopted is what Callie needs. She’s always been the one who was so unsure about the adoption. I think being adopted was always Jude’s thing not Callie’s. I don’t blame Robert for not wanting to resign the papers again. It was hard enough the first time. It would be different if he didn’t know Callie existed. Let’s face it Callie needs the Quinns, the Fosters, Brandon, Rita etc just as much as they need her. There’s no reason to make the girl choose. Sophia needs an anchor and that anchor just so happens to be Callie. Callie’s anchor is Brandon & the Fosters.

I just don’t understand why people believe that the key to Callie’s happiness is only the Fosters and no one else. What if the key to her happiness is the Fosters, Quinns & Brandon?