i freakin love making these


What is wrong with you? I don’t understand! - No, see that’s it, you don’t understand. Like, I’m not… I’m not an adult! Like, what we were doing back at the taco festival, like being like all adulty, that’s just not me! Okay? Like, I take advice from butter commercials!

casual Johnny sketches

cute flustered nerds

Bubblegum will never not be annoyed that Zigzag is so much taller than her lmao

I’VE WANTED TO DRAW THESE TWO TOGETHER FOR…. A LONG WHILE NOW. I mean, I’ve done it before, but now that they’ve actually interacted I have a BETTER GRIP ON IT I THINK. They’re just…. They’re cute ok…..

[Zigzag belongs to @alainaprana!!]
[Bubblegum belongs to me!!]

Oh noes! The girl’s getting carried away by the tiny monster things!

However, because they’re pulling on the random guy’s hair and ears…

…that apparently makes it impossible for him to just walk over and save her? Despite his attempts to do so?

After a while, though, he summons the “strength” to grab the little pipsqueaks and go after her…

…but two monsters trip him…

…and immediately leave, follow after the others.

At which point, despite her being carried away at what can’t even be described as a brisk pace…

…he immediately gives up. 

Because standing up and running after the creatures that move slower than an old lawnmower is apparently not an option, here.

He lays there, dejected, until his friend turns up…

…when suddenly, he’s teleported to a completely-different spot that has tents and surfboards around.

This movie makes no freakin’ sense, and I love it.

so i actually got out today and bought a bike so i can feel less trapped, and i like REALLY liked this bike right? I thought it was super cute and like OOOOH yeah oh i just so like it it’s bright and happy and just i really like it

it’s cute right? Until i realize what i did.

i pretty much just bought a hyperion bike guys ( oДo)i didnt realize until i got it home exactly why i must have liked it so much xD wtf ahahhaa oh god i feel like such a tool i love it even more <3 also ignore the dirty garage floor lolol

Keith Notices Lance

When Keith woke up, the night felt naked. He leaned forward and trailed his hands along the wall until the light clicked on. His bedroom looked like a raven’s nest, stock piled with mismatching pictures of home and the alien planets they visited. Strands of valuable items like the Blade of Mamora littered his room. Nothing was out of place, but his skin burned.

Barefoot, Keith stormed out of his room, looking both ways down the hall. His eyes stopped on Lance’s bedroom door. It hit him. No Cuban music was softly playing. The crap was like a lullaby to the pretty boy. And a tick Keith had grown used to hearing. He must not have been in his room.      

Keith journeyed down the hallway. The floor cold against his feet. Part of him pretended he needed some air, the other part was a thought he didn’t want to admit.

He stopped. The door to the projection room was cracked open. When he peeked inside, he spotted Lance swiping his finger across the map of the universe. Stars and planets and meteors flashed by.  Under the dim light of the projection stars, Keith watched him. It looked like he had been here for hours. Lance’s hands slipped down from the map and flopped onto the ground. It slowed down on the image of earth.

Lance missed home.

Keith sneaked in and stared down at the boy. “Hey, Sharpshooter.” 

Lance snapped up-right, stuttering. But not without swiping the projection map away.

He didn’t want Keith knowing about his home sickness.

“Keith! W-what are you doing here?” Lance narrowed his eyes. “Spying on me now? Afraid of the competition?”

“You won’t be much competition tomorrow if you don’t sleep,” said Keith. He sat down beside Lance. His bare shoulders brushed against Lances jacket. Lance hadn’t even changed clothes. He had been here longer than Keith thought. 

Keith flipped the projection back on. “It’s cold, share your jacket.”

“Why do I have to-”

Keith tugged at his sleeves. “Don’t be stingy.”

“Fine.” Lance slid off his jackets, face turned away, but Keith knew he was blushing. He pretended not to see.

 Lance threw it at Keith’s face. “You’re welcome.”


I think my sim creating skills have grown since i first started the Chantily Legacy.  Meringue was literally just a piecing together of EA pre-made parts, whereas Dove was completely shaped by myself.  I have to say, creating a sim and moving their features around until you think it fits right really makes you more attached to them.  Meringue I liked and thought was lovely (and she made the prettiest babies), but I completely adore Dove and am so in love with her.  

I am so excited to get started on this Rainbowcy I can’t even tell you guys.  I probably won’t start posting until the last week of May though.  That’s just so i can enjoy playing it a bit and get a stockpile of pictures put together :)  

Alright enough rambling just wanted to share and can’t wait to start the Coconut Legacy! :D <3 <3

Kouri rewatches Sense8, just because

Episode 1 highlights

  • “She can spin for a girl, can’t she?” “She can spin. Period.” I remember thinking Nyx was going to be so awesome, and he turned out to be the opposite of that.
  • I love how they make Lito look so freakin’ dramatic and badass in his first scene and then it’s like “nope, he’s actually a complete dork”.
  • Sun thinking about ripping this misogynist asshat’s dick off.
  • Lito humping the wall I’m crying
  • Wolfgang pissing on his father’s grave is a great introduction to his character  
  • That flashback scene with Nomi, Amanita, and the TERF is so awesome
  • Officer Strange~
  • Will saving the kid like – the writers thought it was a bit too obvious to just give him a shirt that said “100% cinnamon roll” so they went with this instead.
  • Wolfgang stopping in the middle of a robbery to watch Euro Talent  😂 😂 😂 😂
  • Wolfgang really loves music, I feel like there should be a scene with him and Riley bonding over music after they rescue him which they obviously will
  • Poor Riley just wanted to do some damned drugs, why does everybody make her life so hard
Dear Journal,

All day long, Sirius kept teasing me! I don’t know what came over me but I really felt like kissing him. After our makeout session in the hall, we walked to herbology class. I was trying to concentrate on my plant and felt Sirius behind me. He slid his hands under my shirt and started kissing my neck. I gasped and closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of his lips on my bare skin. I knew that his actions would leave hickies but I didn’t mind.

“Sirius.. S-Stop.. not now..” i mumbled.

“Oh I know you want me baby.. You’ve been needy all day.” He smirked.

“Stop it.. i really want you right now but we can’t do this in class…” i whispered.

“I love seeing you like this.. all shy and blushy. Do you like me touching you moons?”

“Yes! I mean No! Not now! As much as i enjoy it Sirius.. please not now!” I half screamed, half whispered.

“Fine.” He smirked and stood next to me.

After herbology, we had astronomy. The professor was talking about some gibberish and i was trying to listen but Sirius kept stealing my attention. He was sitting next to me bitting his lip. His hand fell on my thight and i jumped.

“Sirius.” I said.

“Shhhh. Relax.” He smirked.

I tried to ignore him. Maybe if i did he would stop. After a few minutes of me ignoring him, he moved his hand so it would lay on my inner thigh. I shivered but the feeling was amazing. I let a pleasured groan leave my lips and heard Sirius giggled next to me.

“You’re gonna get us caught you idiot!” I whispered.

He giggled and smirked, proud of his actions. When class was over i walked up to our dorm without talking to Sirius. He followed me of course, he’s my little puppy. When he entered the room he looked sad.

“Re.. I’m sorry I didn’t know it would make you mad at me.. i’m truly sorry i shouldn’t have..”

But i cut him mid-sentence. I took old of his colar and kissed him. He instantly kissed back and started removing my shirt. Once removed, he layed me on the bed and left a trail of kisses on my chest. My hands found their way to his long hair and he came back to my lips.

“Don’t tease me in class.” I said, my lips against his.

“If it leads to a make out, i’ll do it more often.” He smirked.

I removed his shirt and turned us around so he was under me. Our legs were tangled in the sheets and our bodies were hot. I started removing my trousers and Sirius was staring. Once i removed them, i looked at his smiling face, waiting for him to remove his pants too. He kept staring until i said something.

“Pads?” I said, smirking.

“Oh! Oh.. we’re doing it? Okay!” He blushed and smiled.

“If you don’t want to it’s okay.. I thought it would make you happy if we did it..” i frowned.

“Of course I want to babe.. but don’t tell me you’re just doing this for me? If you don’t feel like doing it don’t do it only for me baby..” he said.

“No.. I want to. But do you?”

“Of course i want to! Merlin you’re such a cutie! Stop thinking about it too much okay?” He smiled.

“Okay.” I smiled back.

He removed his trousers and grabbed my face to kiss it. Our hands were tangled in eachothers hair. Our lips in sync. The sheets were soft against our bare skin. The room was hot and our bodies were sweaty. It felt amazing. I colided on the bed, panting.

“Merlin you’re good at this.” He smirked.

“No i’m not, you’re way better!” I laughed.

“I love you so freakin’ much! You make me feel amazing Re..” he smiled, turning his head to look in my eyes.

His hair were sticking to his forehead. His lips were swollen from kissing and is chest was rising and falling. I kissed his lips once more and he covered me with the sheets. Suddently the door opened. James.

“Boys you have to come see.. OH MERLIN WHY ARE YOU TWO NAKED?! DON’T TELL ME YOU TWO WERE.. OH MERLIN! I’M GOING TO HAVE TO CLEAN MY EYEBALLS FOR MERLIN’S SAKE!” James said, leaving with a hand on his eyes.

“Oops.."Sirius giggled.

"That is embarassing..” i blushed.

“Come on babe, let’s go shower.” He said, standing up.

What a day.

March 6th 1976

some otherwise overlooked parts from call me by your name (the book) that I just love so freakin much:

- the hug and Oliver asking “Does this make you happy?”
- “Do you really like me that much?”
- when they were telling each other they were clean before sleeping together
- “You okay?”/“Are you okay everywhere?” And Oliver’s awkward smile
- Oliver telling Elio the moment he first realized he liked him and that maybe Elio liked him back

Something About Me - A Gerita Fansong
Pan (me)
Something About Me - A Gerita Fansong

Just some improv lyric ramblings about Gerita, it’s off the top of my head so it’s probably not the best. It’s also a bit of a vent, since the subject of self doubt, especially how you are perceived by your closest loved ones, is something very personal to me.

 I pitched my voice up slightly, sorry if it makes me sound 12. if you wanna sing this or like make background instrumentals for it i would freakin love that, but anyways enjoy! <3

My dumb improv lyrics:

When you first found me in a box

i was afraid, i started to rock.

you didn’t believe me that i was a tomato box fairy

but i mean i can’t blame you

that excuse was pretty easy to see through

once i got to know you

i started to see through you too.

oh you, will always save my day

no matter what you say

you say it’s the last time

you say im driving you outta your mind

but you come back every time

i just gotta wonder why

oh have you looked at me?

i mean

i love you i love you much

i love you i think i’ve made that clear by this point

not really a choice

something draws you back to me and I-

that makes me so happy but I-

I- I-

I’m so happy but i just gotta ask why-

why did you choose me outta all the other countries?

was it the curl on my head?

was it the way i sleep in your bed?

i’m so happy for the days i spend with you until infinity

oh you and me

you protect me, you coddle me, you, i would say even baby me

but i’m so thankful that your with me

you make me happy and i hope that you can see

that i want to be strong like you

long ago….

there was a boy…

in a black robe….

he had to go….

why did he have to go…

there’s a part of me…

who wants to see…

that you are HRE

but part of me knows

its best to leave that door closed…

because our future grows..

and it was so long ago…

do you even know…







strong like Germany…

do i make you happy?

do i make you glad?

when your with me

is there any place

you’d rather be?

why do you always come back?

when i’m actin like crap

oh why



but also