i found your otp



I found a picture on Pinterest that was a “Draw your OTP” template. Now…I don’t ship these two at all, but I can see Tai pulling this crap when he was younger because it always ruffled Qrow’s feathers (heh).

If you don’t know what the game “Chicken” is, usually the game is played between two people and the goal is to get your opponent to yield as to stop your sexual or intimate advances. The one who yields or can’t continue is the loser. This time they’re playing with Pocky.

Qrow was always the loser. He could never just look at it as a “game” like Tai could. To him, it was his male teammate making a move on him, which Qrow is 1000 % not for. So, Tai usually got pushed back, punched or kicked by a flustered and angry Qrow.

Summer doesn’t like the game and gets frequently upset when they play since she is a possessive little flower and ain’t no one goin’ to be comin’ on to her man.

Don’t ask me how Qrow gets coerced into this more than once. I just assume they bet currency or something like that and Qrow can’t refuse. ‘Cause that is future beer money, ya’ll. And maybe this time Tai won’t be a flirtatious dick.

Bonus: Flustered/Surprised Qrow and Taiyang who is a Chicken pro with no text

Fun fact: When a bird is upset or trying to defend itself, it will puff up its feathers to look bigger and more intimidating. I’d like to think Qrow’s messy, feathery hair does the same thing.