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i wanna talk about that one story from ed where he said that harry got him that giant lego set and they spent all night putting it together like imagining the two of them just sitting around reading the instructions and putting this giant lego together is too adorable my heart can’t take it

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Do you think an EXO member has seen one of your video's? If yes, which member saw which video and what has his reaction been like?

I am not 100% sure but I think Baekhyun might’ve seen this video where it looks like he’s reacting to Lotto. The reason I say this is because some Korean exo-ls found that vid and not only commented on it but also posted it on insta and not only did they tag him in it but everyone else who was reposting that vid on insta tagged him in it as well.

A few days later I received a message from what I assumed to be a Korean account with just the words “He has seen it” and I was really creeped out but idk asdfghjk

ML’s Love Letter To Horror Movie Fans

I was rewatching Horrificator and Nino’s insistence on filming through a potential tragedy reminded me of that guy from Diary of the Dead, that guy from Cloverfield, etc..  That had me paying closer attention to how much this episode pays homage to Horror/Monster movie tropes. I was cackling so much, I decided to make a post to spread the hilarity.  

A huge thanks goes to TV Tropes, where you can find the description of each stereotype.  You can also click my headers for a direct link to each.  There is an existing list of tropes from this episode that I found halfway through doing my own list.  I couldn’t find an entry for every trope so the ones that are not linked I came up with myself.  Also, I didn’t include every single trope.

Thanks go to Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir (aka, Miraculous Ladybug) for gaining even more of my respect and for giving some mad love to us horror fans.  Enjoy!

We’re Making a Horror Movie Inside the Horror Movie

As seen in Diary of the Dead

Tragic Monster

  • tbh this happens in EVERY ML ep

Cat Scare

  • the monster is in the stall behind Marinette
  • ominous music builds
  • Mari: hmmm…what’s this pink goo….
  • Alya: *out of nowhere* MARINETTE!
  • viewer jumps because OH NO Alya’s warning her about the monst–
  • oh wait, no…
  • Alya:  Chloe’s gonna kiss Adrien
  • Mari:  OH NO THE HORROR!!!!!

Beware of jump scares (or not) after the cut…

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Hello 😊 I was reading a fic that I lost a while ago where Phil swapped places with his toddler self so that older Phil could keep Dan's parents from getting divorced before they had Dan. And Dan had to take care of little Phil the whole time.

this one?

Light (ao3) -  Dan wakes up one day to find that Phil has disappeared. After finding a familiar young toddler in Phils room, Dan’s positive that he’s gone insane. Time travel fic in which present Phil and 1990 Phil switch places.

- Eliza

The Powers That Be

TITLE: The Powers That Be


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them.

RATING: Teen and Up

“What is going on here?” Stark looked around the common area of his building. The wind coming through the broken windows and was blowing sheets of paper around, sparks still hissing from time to time from the ceiling where the shattered bulbs had exploded, as well as upturned furniture. “JARVIS?”

“Still fully functional sir.” The AI replied.

“Well then.” Stark turned to Loki, who was standing across the room. “You had better start talking.”

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I had a dream last night where I found a gifset of a deleted scene from Beauty and the Beast.  It was hard to see, but it was at the end when everyone was human again and everyone was seated around a table singing and making merriment.  Lumiere and Plumette were sitting together near the middle of the table and Adam and Belle were present, but I don’t remember exactly where.

The only thing that was different was there were lilies all around the dining hall instead of roses, every candle was lit and there were feathers in the air or something.  I was trying to find other specific characters, but then I woke up and realized that holy hell I think I just witnessed Lumiere and Plumette’s wedding.


Found my new hill training area. There aren’t many hills around where I live, but there is a service road next to the dam that’s about 250 yards long and a 55 foot elevation climb. So not super long, but great for at least working on hills. I tried running a trail toward the beginning, to descend, but it went way off course from the hill so just retraced the trail and stuck to the service road.

It was a race pace 3 miles(Since tomorrow is a rest day) and I was BEAT after the final hill. But after catching my breathe and getting a drink… I did the hill another time for fun. Plus I followed the trail and it DID come out farther down the river, but not great for running because of all the huge rocks.

Can’t wait to start incorporating this run at least once a week. It’s only about 3 miles away for me to drive and easy access. Plus no cars hardly(saw 1 fisherman) on the service road so I can easily push Summer in the stroller once it warms up more. ✌️🏃

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Hey! Jus found your page and I think it's wonderful! I see a lot of people asking about switching to soy during their vegan or vegetarian transition. I would jus like to say that soy is jus as destructive to the ecosystem as farming animals. Rainforests are cleared for soy now because of the demand. So when you can, please research where exactly your soy is from.....

The biggest issue with soy crops is how bad they’ve become for the environment:

The expansion of soybean plantations into forests also contributes to climate change. Deforestation is responsible for about 15% of all the global greenhouse gas emissions caused by people.

Soil erosion and environmental impacts from the ever increasing use of pesticides are also a growing problem where soybeans are grown.

Runoff from soy production can carry substantial levels of agrochemicals, suspended soil and organic matter. This is a major source of freshwater and groundwater contamination, which can have serious impacts on the health of people and wildlife. [x]

Now it is important to note the following:

This scenario paints vegans as being perpetrators of the massive environmental devastation that is, indeed, occurring worldwide as a result of the growing demand for soy.

When examined just a little more closely, it becomes clear that this theory is quite ludicrous. There is no way that the current population of vegetarians and vegans could possibly create such demand for soy. In fact, the disturbing reality that is being revealed about the ecological destruction caused by commercial soy sounds more like something one would associate with… well… the animal industry. The emergence of vast monocultures that are destroying huge tracts of Amazon forest, catastrophic depletion of water and other resources, colossal pesticide usage, enormous reliance on genetic engineering… It sounds like yet another illustration of the callous disregard for the future of our planet for which the animal industry has become infamous.

Sure enough, feeding animals raised for food is the number one use of soy worldwide, and it outweighs the other uses of soy by a long shot.

“About 85 percent of the world’s soybean crop is processed into meal and vegetable oil, and virtually all of that meal is used in animal feed.  Some two percent of the soybean meal is further processed into soy flours and proteins for food use… Approximately six percent of soybeans are used directly as human food, mostly in Asia.” [x]

There are a lot of myths around soy. Take a look at this article about a doctor debunking the myths.

Almost everything non-vegans eat has soy in it while vegans can avoid soy very easily. 

Why are white squirrels exclusively found on college campuses in the US? I’ve lived in two different cities in KY and have never seen a white squirrel, unless on a college campus in one of those cities. Now there’s a snapchat story about a white tailed squirrel at a University in Texas. I googled white squirrel + college and found a bunch of links about white squirrels on different campuses. Why??? Where do they come from?? 

Le @teaandcakehandmade has made a gorgeous Sweet Haven Baby Blanket! I just had to repost :-) Her work is beautiful and you can DM her to get this blanket for your very own!!! -

#celebratinghandmade #crochetblanket #babyblanket

#Repost @teaandcakehandmade with @repostapp
10 balls of yarn are busted from my stash with nary a cm to spare 👊🏼 this is the first time I’ve crocheted a blanket in just one colour and this is where the pattern shines 💫 @hiddenmeadowcrochet #sweethavenblanket is all the right textures. 93 rows at 6 minutes per row (you do the maths). What I totally love is the border is incorporated into the pattern so there’s no extra sewing in ends and we all love that. Doesn’t it look lovely with @simplymadebyerin crocheted autumn pumpkin that I won aaaaaages ago and hadn’t found the right project for it until now. DM me if you are interested in purchasing this blanket beauty or head over to Karla and purchase the pattern and get busy 🙌🏼 #celebratinghandmade

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I don't agree with that anon and think they were rude, but I do think your town is difficult to get around from a dream town standpoint. It's absolutely beautiful in pictures but I have found it a struggle to really explore. But it is your town, and your opinion is the only one that matters. Rude anons don't accomplish anything and hopefully you don't let them get to you!

mmm fair fair, tbh i def feel with that but thats actually exactly what im going for, i love to have a frustrating treasure hunt town, kinda wanted to make it feel a lot like the lost woods where everything is frustrating until you find these small pockets of beauty. 

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two of my pokemon, both male and same species, somehow has an egg between them. I checked and it looks like it's the same species with them which is weird because there is no female around where I'm at. they're making a nest for it. do I need to take it to the lost and found or, what do I do???

First, perform these steps:

1. Look about for a female, a trainer, or a breeder who may be searching for an egg. Humans are typically easier to find; as eggs are valuable to one’s team, a trainer who had lost an egg will usually be searching frantically for it. Wild pokémon are typically harder, as new mothers will shy away from human contact to avoid attracting attention and thus drawing predators to herself or the rest of her clutch. However, you can look around your neighborhood for any sign of a new nest. If you can find any identifying marks on your egg (patterns, for example), try to match that pattern with eggs you find in the wild. You can also look online to determine what the species of the egg is by searching for its pattern.

2. If you can’t find anyone on your own, assess the situation a little more closely. If one or both of your pokémon seem aggressive when you approach the egg, you may wish to consider keeping it and allowing him and his partner to complete their nest. It’s likely that the egg may be a rescue or may actually belong to one of your pokémon. Depending on your place of residence, one of your pokémon may have encountered a wild ditto or a stray female, or one partner may actually have been a ditto in a long-term Transform. Whatever the situation, it’s still a possibility that your pokémon have acquired the egg via perfectly natural means, if they haven’t simply adopted it themselves.

3. If your pokémon seem rather ambivalent to the egg and are simply constructing a nest because it’s the natural thing to do, consider taking the egg to your nearest pokémon center or breeding center—or at least inform either that you found an egg. If no one comes to claim the egg, allow your pokémon to take care of it and try to figure out based on the egg pattern what hatchling you should prepare for.

Best of luck, anonymous!

I’m so so sorry to have seemingly disappeared from working on the blurbs. I know it must be frustrating to have me open them only to do like seven and then leave piles in my inbox. I promise they will all get done, I’m just not sure when! The issue is my energy levels deplete so quickly and on a night like tonight where I’m just feeling pretty shitty, I just don’t have the motivation to work on them. Thank you all for sticking with me…I hope you know how much you all mean to me. I have found more support on here than I have in ‘real life.’ So once again, thank you, and I’m sorry for the delay.

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do you have links to the glass animals' demos? I've only ever heard Life Lomographic and want to listen to the other 2. Also do you like /know/ things about them or there music they the keep on the DL? I'm v v curious but don't really know where to find that stuff

aureus (live, because the recording is nowhere to be found so this is the only trace of it I’ve ever heard…and honestly it may not even BE aureus, I’ve just always assumed it is)

slikk furr (a remix, we’ve never found the original)

As for the second question, I know a lot about them purely from having followed them for several years…but if you’re looking for like, deep dark glass animals secrets I don’t think I really have anything lol. I mean…idk exactly what kind of information you’re after so if you have a more specific question I might know?? but yeah!


Time and Time Again

Word Count: 4, 376

Tags: @commandergreysonpike @brutalera @allaboumydirtymind @missphanosaur18 @sighsophiia

Warnings: none


   The year passed slowly. As the air cooled, things got increasingly worse between Al and I. There was nothing to stop it from happening.

My body healed, and Al moved out at the beginning of February. She had found a place just downtown from where I was, but I knew I wouldn’t see her. 

Donald began to leave early in the morning for work. He’d sometimes be gone for weeks. Sometimes more…My boss, Sam, told me to continue working on my story about Mutants. Told me that I had more talent there than reporting on normal events. But I couldn’t force myself to write about Donald. At least, not until I knew the full story. 

I still had nightmares, and they were always bad ones. 

They were always the same, too. Most of them were about my mother, my mind replaying the scene over and over. Going over the man who killed her, my mind moving through everyone I’ve ever met to try and figure out who he was. But in the process, I would wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of my own screams. Time and time again, Donald would abandon his bed and sleep in mine until the morning. Something neither of us complained about. 

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new program

i don’t want to make this look like schedule or anything but it’s just going to be how I’ll start doing things from now on. if you have spare time then it would mean the world to me, if you’d tell me your opinion in the comments!

sunday i’m going to post funny links to things that I found absolutely hilarious. (i have a sense of humor btw)

monday i’ll post entertaining stories. some will be from the web though because my life isn’t that interesting :/

tuesday i’ll be putting up some fun facts that you will find really useful.

wednesday i’ll put cute outfits for both genders (hopefully ull like my taste in fashion)

thursday will be used up for book and song suggestions (i’ll try to post from all genres)

friday is the day where you sit in your pjs and do absolutely nothing but procrastinate and eat, so why not eat something you made yourself? ill post recipes!

saturday is really just for relaxing in your bath all day. what else to do other than gather your thoughts and decide why you haven’t given up already. ill be telling you why you shouldn’t with little inspirational/ helpful advices.

between all this i’ll post random memes and quotes, so I really hope you enjoy every second of this as much as I am!

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Goodbye Tumblr and goodbye Formula 1 fandom

I never taught about writing a post like this, because I didn’t think I needed to give any explanation, anyway. I’m going to write it instead: I have to make some points clear before I go away. I’m not saying I will delete this blog and I’m not even saying I will never come back. I will keep on checking my account, keeping in contact with a couple of people (who anyway know where to find me out from Tumblr) and maybe even post or reblog sometimes, but I guess I’m not going to post daily and I’m not going to attend this website as I was using to do until some weeks ago.

I’m finding it toxic and I’ve always found it quite toxic, if I have to say the truth. It all started a couple of years ago, when I was attacked for pointing out that saying “Carmen Jordà is a really bad driver and doesn’t deserve to be in any way related in Formula 1” is okay but saying “Carmen Jordà is a horrible whore and deserves to die” is not a synonym of what said before. Then it came another mess in which a person who accused me of supporting racism/xenophobia for no reason ended up by comparing me to mafia members just because I share my nationality with said criminal organization. And then there was a time in which I said that caring about Hamilton wearing or not a cap during a memorial for Justin Wilson’s death without giving a fuck about who Wilson was wasn’t the best way to show respect, and I was suggested to care about “important stuff” as Vettel saying that women are more beautiful than men, instead of not important stuff as one of my favourite Indycars’s driver’s death.
A lot of things happened in the meanwhile. Once I said that Lotus wasn’t sacking Maldonado “because they don’t care about his money anymore” but only because “he hadn’t money anymore” and this was perceived as an attack to Magnussen who was going to replace him. Then another time we were talking about Maldonado and someone said he never won anything in GP2 and I pointed out that he’s actually a GP2 champion, someone complained because I wasn’t respecting other people opinion, as racing results were an opinion (not the merit of getting some race results, just race results). Then Mick Schumacher was horrible and ableist because he appropriated his father’s name (are we even serious? Is he responsible for his father basically naming him after himself?, which doesn’t even same so uncommon between racing drivers) and stole his father’s job.
Then Martin Brundle said something which was disliked during a live coverage and people, based on what he said, started to talk shit about his racing skills and saying he didn’t achieve anything. From top-drivers fans point of view I could even get the point, for them only who has won a lot of races or championship deserves respect from the racing point of view, but when on my dashboard I have 90% of the people cheering for midgrid drivers or teams, having them talking shit about Brundle’s racing skills based on what he says… sorry, but it’s something I can’t stand. I never liked Jacques Villeneuve and what he said, but I wouldn’t go around saying he was slow on ovals, if you can get what I mean. Brundle never won a race, but during his whole Formula 1 career he never drove a car in which drivers were supposed to win races. It also happened just once that his team-mate won a race, but going around saying that someone was a crap driver because he didn’t won in the same car in which Michael Schumacher won a race doesn’t actually mean have a concrete point.
I don’t remember when, but it happened in early 2017, then, another thing happened. I found out that there were people on my dashboard who were going around saying that Ayrton Senna was killed by a sniper who shot him on his helmet keeping a gun hidden under his coat and there were people who were actually enjoying and giving credit to the whole thing (spoiler: shooting to someone who’s driving a racecar and actually killing him is more science fiction than reality and, keeping on mind the weather and the temperature of that day, wearing a coat wasn’t exactly a good way to remain unnoticed). I get that this conspiracy theory is actually written in a book or something and impressionable people could even believe in it. Never mind that I don’t see how much sense could it make, I get that when famous people die there’s always someone who believes in hidden stories about their death, but come on, admitting that a racing driver died in a racing accident is much more accurate that going around saying “he was killed because he was too much relevant” without even thinking that being a successful sportman means being a successful sportman and period, not that a successful sportman has in his hands the world’s destiny and it’s necessary to kill him before he can change the world. Okay, let’s come back. I was saying I could get people believing in some stories. The point is always the same: if I would go around saying the same thing about drivers died in recent times, I would get shit because it’s not respectful (and I agree, it would be unrespectful). Then, it turns out that you just need to go back more than twenty years and you can say what you want and it’s not unrespectful anymore, just because you weren’t born at that time, who cares that someone was. Reading people thinking they can go around saying that Senna was shot to death in the same moment the steering wheel of his car broke down, after that I saw his fatal crash live on TV and I still remember what my mother exactly said when we saw the crash, it wasn’t a nice thing to read.
Then it came all the polemics about Stroll. People are going around talking about “both sides” as there’s nothing in between “he’s the best driver evahhhh” and “he’s disgusting and deserves to die”, and if you simply don’t give a fuck his haters start to hate you because they think you’re a fan of his and his lovers start to hate you because they think you’re a hater of him, just as Stroll driving in Formula 1 is the most important thing happening (which I don’t think it is, even remotely).
In the end, when Coulthard made a sexist comment, it came back the exact same thing I saw a lot of times: people genuinely believing that, if you dislike a driver for what he says, he automatically becomes a driver who was never able to drive. As in this case Coulthard won 13 races, the consequence is that, according to some people here, who have to justify that a driver who won 13 races was totally crap, his rivals and drivers who actually won championships during those times were not good drivers because the late 90’s was a horrible time for Formula 1 and all the drivers from that time are crap.

I could easily stand all what I just ended to describe if my dashboard wasn’t daily full of hateful messages in which users are talking about other hateful messages. It would be childish to unfollow or block people who didn’t ever do anything bad to me to try to enjoy this space again. As I do not enjoy this space anymore, I took the decision to concentrate on the F1-related activities I actually care about and which I enjoy. I moderate an amateur F1 forum and I have a motorsport blog on another website and in another language. As the new season starts, I will give my attention to that forum and to that blog.
May you enjoy this season, may everything be alright and may a lot of you understand someday that you can disagree with some people on something without being hateful towards them, especially when we’re talking about stuff as “driver A is better than driver B” or “team X is better than team Y”.

@theboastalot se succedono cose strane in mia assenza, tienimi aggiornata. :-P I mp li leggerò e comunque c’è anche twitter. XD

@elenainlovewithf1andparis presto inizierò a postare un’altra fanfic trash su wattpad e ci sarà sicuramente qualche gabbiano vero o presunto. ;-)

@ any other user: if you want to contact me, feel free to do it.

The good shit just keeps rolling in this week. A spirit from outside of vodou that I have had a long-standing relationship with wanted an upgrade to the ring I wear for them. Everyone else is getting a fancy ring, so why wouldn’t there be an upgrade to the daily bling otherwise? 

Found a ring that met the specs the other day, and went to the site to find that it was on significant sale today so I snapped it up! 

It’s hard to believe things have turned around so much from where things were last year, but here I am!