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Marquan Ellis was evicted from his home in Las Vegas when he was 18.

His mother battled with a drug and gambling addiction while he stayed at his godmother’s house. But he couldn’t stay there forever.

He found his way to the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth where he enrolled in the independent living program.

He isn’t sure what he would have done if he hadn’t found that program: “I would have been on the street looking for someone to help, looking for my next meal, looking for my next shower, looking for my next place to sleep.”

Like Ellis, some 4.2 million young people experience unaccompanied homelessness in the course of a year, according to a new study from Chapin Hall a research center at the University of Chicago.

One in 30 teens experience some type of homelessness and it’s more common the older you get: one in 10 for young people aged 18 to 25. The study also found that African American youth are 82 percent more likely to experience homelessness.

New Study Finds That 4.2 Million Kids Experience Homelessness Each Year

Illustration: Chris Kindred for NPR

Honestly my dudes, this fandom has been creating no-homo memes about Dean and Cas for so long, like fanart where they’re literally having dinner by candlelight and holding hands or some shit but then it ends in “but no homo” or screen caps with captions/clever puns about the countless romantic tropes used between those two that will sarcastically end in “but they’re not gay”, and here we are, where the actual show has become a meme of itself like…

Cue Dean, mister still-so-far-in-the-closet-that-even-Narnia-is-a-mere-afterthought standing beneath a brightly lit cross while romantic music plays in the background as he says /I DO/ then walks up to Cas and holds him and then looks at him like a dude who’s found the love of his life again, and the only thing that supposedly keeps it from being ‘gay’ is that one “pal” thrown in there.

Except it doesn’t, it’s a useless effort in any case because even that doesn’t make it less romantic? Like it reminds me of when Victor and Yuuri were exchanging wedding rings beside a church while a choir was singing in the background and you still had nay-sayers who went “but these rings could’ve been just good luck charms!!! they didn’t kiss in that precise moment so they’re just platonic guy friends!!!”

NO Barbara, it’s gay. They’re gay. Some scenes are just not platonic even if there’s not a spoken “I love you” or a kiss. I’m just

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20 please!

20) things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear

 Part 4 of the espionage/assassin AU. Part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here

Four Months Previously…

Yuuri sighed in contentment, snuggling down deeper into the bed and the warmth of Viktor’s side. Viktor’s skin was still radiating heat from the shower that they had just taken together and Yuuri felt lazy and relaxed, perfectly at peace and happy to just bask in the afterglow and the feeling of Viktor lying next to him.

It had been an eventful day for them both, spending their free time indulging together, Viktor’s childish delight at the simplest of things something that Yuuri could never get enough of. He had never thought someone could look so thrilled by a simple walk in the dog park or eating rapidly melting ice cream together by the lake but Viktor continued to prove him wrong. He had confessed to Yuuri previously that he had been far too much of a workaholic before beginning his year long break to really experience life the way he wanted to, but Yuuri hadn’t realised how many experiences Viktor seemed to be missing until they had started to do them together.

It was why he took every opportunity he could to spend time with Viktor, experiencing the small pleasures in life. Yuuri knew that he was guilty of overwork often too but with Viktor in his life, he treasured the days off he now had. Holiday time was a rare occurrence recently, considering his new promotion and finally being granted the higher clearance access he had been pushing for, but today had been one of those rare days. 

Viktor had tried a few times to ask Yuuri about how work was going during the course of the day, claiming he was worried about how many office hours Yuuri put in nowadays, but Yuuri had refused to talk about work on one of the few days he was free to do nothing but enjoy Viktor’s company. Viktor had dropped the subject easily and instead they had spent the day enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Now it was night-time and Yuuri had never felt more at peace. Lying next to Viktor made him feel perfectly safe and happier than he had in years. He loved everything about Viktor, from the way he smiled so brightly to the way he laughed full of joy or kissed Yuuri like he never wanted to let him go. Meeting Viktor that night at the bar all those months ago had been the best coincidence to ever happen to him, Yuuri knew that for certain.

Unexpectedly, Viktor reached out, brushing a strand of Yuuri’s hair off his face where it had fallen as Yuuri had begun to drift off into sleep. When Yuuri opened his eyes, Viktor’s expression was soft, eyes full of fondness as he look down at where Yuuri lay.

“I love you,” Yuuri mumbled without thought, reaching up to pull Viktor closer and closing his eyes again, feeling sated and more than ready to be lulled off into sleep by his own tiredness and the steady rise and fall of Viktor’s breathing.

“I love you too,” Viktor replied, without hesitation.

After that, several long minutes passed and Yuuri found himself drifting further and further into sleep. Before he could fully slip away however, there was a sharp noise from his right, a hissed word twisting in the air above him and jolting him out of his slumber.

“блядь” Viktor swore quietly and Yuuri jumped at the unexpected statement, concern flooding through him at what could have caused Viktor’s sudden outburst. When he opened his eyes and looked around the room however, there was nothing. Only Viktor sitting in the bed where he had been all along, fingers fisted tightly in the bedsheets and looking off into the distance, eyes unfocused.

“Viktor, what’s wrong?” Yuuri asked, hearing the worry in his own voice. 

“It’s nothing.”

Viktor turned to him with a smile on his face, all traces of his previous outburst vanished instantly, as if they had never been there at all. He reached out, stroking a finger gently down Yuuri’s cheek and Yuuri immediately relaxed at the touch.

“Go back to sleep Солнышко” Viktor murmured, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Yuuri wanted to question it, still confused at the unexpected moment, but the drowsiness was beginning to engulf him again, encouraged by Viktor’s soothing touch. Viktor seemed completely unconcerned and so Yuuri allowed himself to relax, drifting off again with the warmth of his lover by his side.

Viktor stared down at Yuuri, feeling the tangled mess of his emotions roil in his gut at the realisation that had just hit him. Yuuri looked so perfectly lying there, so peaceful. He had told Viktor that he loved him and Viktor had answered without thought, without question.

Without lying.

He was completely in love with Yuuri Katsuki.

He was completely in love with his target

блядь - roughly translates to ‘fuck’

Солнышко - a Russian term of endearment, a diminutive of the word ‘sun’

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Two years ago today, on November 16, 2015 I moved by myself from Seattle to NYC. I had only visited the city once before, and that was for the 1989 tour (where I met @lov-eswift ).
The skyline 🌃 at the top was the first photo I took when I got to my new apartment on 34th St. It’s also the skyline featured on the tattoo I got this year (with a transition from Seattle).
I got Taylor’s handwriting underneath the skyline because she is truly the one who inspired me to move to this city—I found myself here and I really wish I would have told her that at the Secret Session.
While @taylorswift inspired me to move to New York, Sofia was definitely the reason I stayed. 💖
Living here hasn’t been easy, but I’m really glad I took the risk, because it made me discover who I really am and want to be.
This was just a personal post but if you read it all that’s super nice of you.
Ps if you read this far please know that everyone in this fandom is SLEEPING ON WTNY!! SHES LITERALLY THE REASON MOVED HERE SHE DESERVES MORE!

BTS Reaction: Their Little Sister Gets in a Fight Over Them

Anonymous said:

“Hm… as a request, could you please do BTS reacting to their little sister getting into a fight at school and refusing to tell their brother why, but then their brother overhearing her telling another member they only got into the fight and sustained injuries because someone insulted her brother’s and the groups hard work? This sister being like… elementary/middle school, maybe even highschool?”

Here you are. Thank you for requesting and I hope you enjoy! 😘

He panics when the school calls him to pick you up, stating you had been in a fight. When he pulls into the almost empty lot and sees you sitting on the steps of your school, head bowed and foot kicking at the ground, his heart breaks a little.

He honks the horn and watches as you hoist your backpack over your shoulder and limp to the car. The bruise on your cheek and your split lip bring out the protective older brother in him, but he bears down hard on it, knowing it will only make the situation worse. He doesn’t say anything for awhile. The silence is filled only by quiet music playing from the radio as you glare out the window.

“What happened?” He ventures.

You refuse to look at him as you shake your head. He sighs, drumming his fingers on the wheel as he contemplates what to do.


You walk through the door of his dorm and struggle to slip your shoes off. Your ankle is a little sore and swollen. Jin takes your elbow to help you to the couch, where he gently presses you to sit. He heads to the kitchen in search of an ice pack and first-aid kit. A few minutes later, when he’s finally found what you need, he pauses just outside the doorway to the livingroom.

“She just wouldn’t shut up,” you’re telling Yoongi in a teary voice. “She kept saying mean things about Jin oppa. That he wasn’t good enough, he should just quit. And I just… snapped.”

He feels his heart break for you. His little sister feeling like she needs to protect him from his haters. He steps into the room to see Yoongi holding your hand as you cry your frustration out.

“Y/n-ah,” he says gently. You gaze up at him through your tears. “You don’t need to protect oppa. I don’t care about what those kids at your school says, and neither should you. Your brother is Mr. Worldwide Handsome.”

You let out a watery laugh at that as Jin wipes your tears away.

Originally posted by nnochu

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Ik you’re probably busy but if you find the time could you write a byler fic where Nancy is the one to find Will’s drawings of Mike and she asks him about it cuz she knows he likes him and convinces him to tell Mike how he feels

i hope i do this justice anon let’s go. i put stoncy (only briefly mentioned but still present) in here like i always do so sorry if that’s not your thing!! it absolutely ignores the shit love triangle plot they got this season. oops 

After the Byers’ house had been essentially destroyed (again), everyone involved volunteered to come over on a weekend and help clean the place up. Joyce had almost insisted they didn’t, but then she opened her fridge and found a Demodog carcass instead of the chicken she had planned on making for her family that evening, and decided the she might need the help after all. 

Will and Nancy were cleaning up his room, taking down all of the drawings of vines and anything else that reminded them of the Mind Flayer. He couldn’t figure out why Nancy had volunteered to help him, but he was thankful for her quiet support. He wouldn’t know what to say if he’d gotten paired up with one of the more inquisitive members of their group. 

He was pulling a couple sketches from the wall when he heard a soft “oh” from behind him. Will turned around, his heart dropping when he realized what Nancy was holding in her hands. He must have left them out of his box by accident, and now Nancy Wheeler had found them; his drawings of Mike. 

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Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do

What is cooler than one multibillion-dollar box-office hit? Two multibillion-dollar box-office hits. 

British actor Daisy Ridley is about to have both to her name as she returns as Rey in the next instalment of Star Wars. Emma Brockes meets her as she prepares for superstardom. — ELLE UK, December 2017

A few weeks after the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey – Jakku scavenger, desert-planet survivor and feminist hero – went on holiday to an island off Croatia with friends from the crew. The actor, who was 23 at the time, had been warned that after the release of the movie – number seven in a franchise that has made more than $42bn (£33bn) – her life would dramatically change, and she was terrified. This was, after all, her first big-screen role. 

In restaurants, she scrutinised waiters to see if they were being too nice to her; she wondered if she’d ever be able to use the tube again. On holiday, her friends started calling her Linda, ‘as a jokey alias’, she says, ‘and then they started calling me Paranoid Linda’ when she became convinced a man was following them around and wondered if he was a private detective employed by the studio.

Two years later, 25-year-old Daisy is sitting opposite me at a restaurant in downtown Manhattan, dressed in a shirt and capri pants in clashing blue-and-white prints, her hair still wet from the shower. She’s brimming with the kind of enthusiasm that reads on screen as charisma, and that helps to explain her meteoric rise from stage-school graduate with a few TV credits to her name to one of the most recognisable young stars on the planet. Paranoid Linda still makes an occasional appearance, she says, but mostly she has managed to adjust to life after two Star Wars movies.

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I need to take a small break from Tumblr

I’ve been getting scary messages and people threatening me, things like they will hunt me down and find me because I’m not repsonding. Someone found my FB page and knows where I go to school and I’m getting really worried. I need to figure out what’s going on make sure I’m safe before I come back. I can’t always respond to every message and I can’t always be online 24/7 but this is too far 😟

ok not to #vent but it really grinds my gears when people tell me that im not a lesbian especially when its in response to me posting about male celebrities or fictional characters as if im not allowed to use my eyes??? ever since i was a kid ive been repressing my actual sexuality out of fear and out of ignorance and recently ive found journal entries from middle school where i talk about how im legit upset and scared that im a lesbian and how i hate myself and it makes my heart hurt when i think about the lengths ive gone through to deny who i actually am and when some dipshit anon tells me that im actually bisexual i cant help but feel furious because none of you know my feelings or my experiences ESPECIALLY when it comes to my sexuality and you all treat me like you need to know this information and that you have the right to know it. having my own identity that ive finally accepted and one that im openly proud of is amazing and so healthy but then you assholes come in my inbox and try to tell me who i am…. like fuck off even if i do end up being bisexual, let me take my time!! im 17, i have time, im comfortable with who i am right now even if it might not be who ill be in the future. i dont understand ur guys’ obsession with my sexuality none of this matters fucking go outside

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Lucio reacting to Mc being sick (your writing is beautiful)

I’m sorry for this anon forgive me

The sound of his door creaking open drew his attention from the dying flames in the fireplace, the room only lit by the embers of the fire and the soft rays of moonlight streaming into the room. 

He would have stood, if he could. “You’re back.” he said softly, allowing the traces of a smile to grace his lips. “Come to visit your dying lover?” 

Aveana pulls the hood of her cloak down, smiling sadly. “Nadia sent me a letter…” she said as she moved over to the side of the bed. “She said you were getting worse.” Her face is half cast in shadow as she sits on the edge of the bed, taking his hand in hers gently. Her voice is so terribly sad that it makes his chest hurt, but he can’t tell if that’s just the plague taking it’s toll on him. 

“Come now, don’t sound so upset. We both know you hate me.” He says harshly, the chuckle that leaves his chest is more akin to a wheeze. It makes Aveana’s heart squeeze into her throat. She shakes her head sadly, lifting one of her hands to his face, brushing a tray of blond hair from his face. 

“You are infuriating. there is a difference between that and hate.” She says simply, her thumb dragging across his cheekbone. “I never hated you, Lucio.” She says, voice sounding tired. 

He laughs, a harsh, rough sound that rumbles through his chest almost painfully. “Is this supposed to be the part where we confess our undying love for each other before I die?” He makes light of the situation, no matter how bitter a taste the thought of him withering away leaves in his mouth. When Aveana doesn’t make a sound, he finally looks at her. 

Lucio drags his gaze to her face, the light from the fireplace illuminating her face. His heart drops, eyes going wide as he pushes himself to sit up, hands going to her face as he cups her jaw. No, No not her… not her too…

The sickly red of her eyes was a sight he would never get used to. The hellish color drowning out the vibrancy of her gold and blue eyes. She looked tired, so…. so tired. Lucio shook his head, the unfamiliar sting of angry tears burning his eyes. “No, no, no, Veana don’t…  don’t do this to me.”

he whispers, voice harsh and choked with emotion. Aveana only smiles sadly, he can see the defeat in her eyes. 

She was already lost. 

“I came here to say goodbye, Lucio.” 

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That moment with Kylo in the tv spot where he looks startled/awed lines up well with a detail from that reddit leak - Kylo seeing parts of Rey's vision while standing in the manufacturing bay and he's so startled he turns around. This is just an observation, but I found that interesting.

Me too, according to the Speculeak (as I am calling it now) the idea that Kylo sees the same vision as Luke and Rey (of him losing his mind and blowing up the Jedi Temple) whilst in this scene

lines up with his facial expression here.

This can also be him turning around after he sees the vision, expecting someone behind him (since the glowing background is now behind him). Either way, it’s lining up pretty solidly with what the Speculeak says, which both excites me and worries me (because there are two very specific things in the Speculeak that happen to two people I adore, but the Reylo is strong, alive and well)

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So I found your writing a few months ago, and I have to start with how much I love it: seriously, right now, every couple weeks I'll just re-read the entirety of Designation Miracle, because it's great. In one of my most recent re-reads, I came across a one of the one-shots from the first Stories of Designation Miracle, where Furihata builds Gold an altar, and Akashi requests his help building one at his house. I was wondering, for a short prompt, how did Masaomi react? Thanks!

There are days when Masaomi is convinced no one will ever be able to understand his son better than him.

That is, after all, why he chose to adopt Seijuurou in the first place. Because he was confident that he understood the kid in a way no one else could.

He knows that the JSDF soldiers—the other people who became guardians for the Teiko Projects—he knows what they are trying to do. They are trying to normalize the Miracles; expose them to what a human family would be like, and given time, teach them how to be a human and how to interact with other people.

In principle, Masaomi can appreciate the theory, but he fundamentally believes they are wrong. The Miracles will never be normal and why is that even something worth accomplishing anyhow? With every fiber of his being, he loathes the idea of taking an extraordinary child and wearing them down until they become ordinary; removing every single thing about them that shines until they resemble everyone else.

It was something the adults in his life had tried often enough when he was a child, and it was the one thing he swore he would never do to a child of his own.


But there are times when, occasionally, he thinks he doesn’t understand Seijuurou at all.

The revelation about the second personality did not come as a surprise, but strangely, the reason behind it had. And now he stares at the altar in Seijuurou’s room and he’s surprised once again, but he can’t fully pinpoint why.

Perhaps because you didn’t expect him to care, says a particularly nasty inner voice that Masaomi tends to ignore most days. Perhaps because you lost everyone in your family and never shed a tear and you didn’t expect he would either.

Masaomi pointedly tells the nasty inner voice to fuck off.

But that thing that might be the remnant tatters of his conscience is probably correct. He hadn’t expected Seijuurou to mourn anyone. Masaomi always made a point of trying not to; it’s hard to wrap his head around the fact that Seijuurou might be different.

Seijuurou might be more human than you after all.

Masaomi continues to ignore this inner voice.

“What are you doing in my room, father?”

“Invading your privacy. It’s my right as your parent, after all. Check for alcohol, porn, marijuana. You know the like.”

He turns and smiles at Seijuurou, who absolutely knows that Masaomi had been looking at the altar—Gold, Masaomi recalls—but he doesn’t say anything, so Masaomi doesn’t.

Later, Masaomi will think how perhaps it is just as well that Seijuurou is normal in this one way. His own way of handling grief is (admittedly) not particularly healthy. It is just as well that Seijuurou is not like him in mourning.

The world is surely better off, at any rate.

A/N: Thank you, friend! I’m glad you enjoy my stories! I am so sorry for how long this took. The original hold up was I knew I was going to be writing Masaomi’s finding out about Gold in the MasaYou story so I wasn’t quite sure how to write this one without going into spoilers for that story. I have now written that scene in that really long story I am writing, and so this is somewhat a reaction to something you will read more about later on! Thanks for the prompt!

(ALSO thank you so much for your lovely replies to the announcement of my new project =D They were so amazing and made me feel even more guilty for how long this prompt has taken but I had it ready for you and now I am posting it and thank you forever!!!)

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Ben affleck pretty much said in an interview that the whole wonderbat feel was due to reshoots by joss whedon and quite honestly it was creepy and disgusting how they treated diana in this movie

Ughhhhhhh, if that’s the case then Joss Whedon needs to stay the fuck away from Wonderbat and preferably writing and/or directing any DCEU movies PLS. 

On the whole, I found most of the content re: diana to be excellent (like 99%), like aside from that forced fight between her and bruce and also flash face planting into her boobs but I barely noticed the latter, if you blink you’ll miss it so it didn’t bother me that much. It was a little dumb but definitely not the biggest sin. (Ideally, there’s an extended cut where just that 1 scene magically disappears though). 

This one was just glaringly bad to me. I didn’t find it disgusting as much as it just stood out as blatantly bad writing because of that line that came directly after that, it was something like “all of us have problems” and that was really stupid because we (and I think, the real Bruce Wayne) also knows that she witnessed a lot more horrors than just losing the man she fell in love with. They took two things, the fact that Bruce is feeling incredibly guilty and thinks that he is at fault for Clark’s death and Diana was disillusioned for a very long time due to things that had happened in the world, and made it into some?? weird fight. That still makes no sense bc they both brushed it off like nothing happens. When they were sharing a drink after, that was really nice but its like……..yeah okay. 

And it just seems completely out of character for him to lash out in such a petty and childish way especially this iteration. Whedon can go fuck himself because it was bad and he should feel ashamed because it was so bad. 

I mean, I don’t know if Whedon re-shot this part, but that scene where Bruce goes into self-sacrifice mode and Diana is like “LOL U WISH” and everyone saves him, that extremely floored expression on Bruce’s face when Arthur is like “yeah she didn’t give us any other options, JKS” and then cutting to that SMILE™ on her face. I feel like THAT is the kind of thing I wanted to see, throughout. They have enough on their plate, they don’t need to fight and I don’t think they really would fight but its such a stupid couple argument kind of deal when they’re not even a couple yet. WHY WHEDON WHY. 

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hi! do u know how to make handwriting headers? i've seen some on twitter where seventeen's handwriting (answering fans questions at fansigns) is against a white background and i was wondering how to make one. i love ur blog btw!!!! <3

i hope… headers like these are what you mean, right? 

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I regret spending so much time trying to show you how much I love you because I promise no one is here for you like I am . No one would ever love you like I do and that’s where you fucked up. I’m done with you and everything you’ve done to break me. I’ve found someone who truly loves me he loves me even if I’m gone for 3 months . He doesn’t change his mind the second I leave. Thank you for being the best thing I never had . I used to want you so bad I’m so threw with that. I seriously hope you realize that and by then you’ll never hear from me again.

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What happened with mchanzone and who is bullseye? Sorry for asking, I've just been not in the fandom anymore. Came back recently and my "Overwatch section" of the dash looks pretty dead. Lol.

The “Mchanzone” aka the tumblr blog @mchanzo is moderated by a user named Lynn. Lynn has been guilty of various misdeeds in the past regarding the mchanzo ship part of the fandom, but her most recent scam, for lack of a better word, was a mchanzo zine (the Bullseye Zine, found at @mchanzine) where proceeds would go towards LGBT+ charities. Not only was there lack of cooperation on Lynn’s part in regards to the actual zine making process, but once the zines were actually paid for, she proceeded to swindle money from the zine paypal for her own personal use.

If you would like to learn more in-depth, please visit this post. This is the only ask I will be responding to on this matter, in an attempt to stay as drama free as possible. I just personally felt that people should know what happened.


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Could you please credit the tweet// where you have that R (rich) M (otherfucker) from?

Sorry about that!! I’m actually not sure which twt it originated from and I’m having a hard time finding it! it was all over my tl said by a bunch of people casually so I just went with the flow :’-( Lmk if you have a link and I’ll source~ I’ll try to keep digging as well and add it when I’ve found it!!

Today I found out that while I was off of uni recovering from surgery a lecturer who hasn’t taught me for two years asked my friend (who she does teach) where I was because “It’s quiet here without Jay” and I swear to fucking god… this definitely means the other lecturers bitch about me in the English Department offices… and like, I’d definitely bitch about me too, but C’MON!

Locked Out

Natasha Romanoff X Reader

Word Count: 572

Requested: Anon

Request: Hey I was wondering if you could maybe write a one shot where the reader (a teenager) gets rescued from a robbery by Natasha Romanoff and she gives them medical attention and they become friends and the reader joins the avengers after?

Originally posted by perksofbeinganavengers

This was your home and you saw no reason why you should let anyone come in and take anything from you, you had managed to sneak around the house and you heard a few of them talking about how lucky they were to have found an empty house, you managed to get the first by surprise and beat him down but then the others knew that you were there and you had no chance of winning what would be considered a fair fight. You were wondering what you should do when someone grabbed you pulling you out of hiding, you were about to stand when they hit you with the but of the gun knocking you to the floor again, you groaned and held your hand to your now bleeding nose.

“Not nice.” You mumbled kicking the man’s feet out from under him, he quickly recovered and crawled on top of you latching his hands around your throat, you clawed at his hands but he just pressed harder and just as you thought that you were about to give in, someone knocked him off of you, when you looked over at him you saw that he was knock out, you looked up at the woman and saw that it was Black Widow, you frowned at her. “What are you doing here?”
“Just passing through,” She smirked before putting her hand out and you grabbed it as she pulled you up. “Do you have a first aid kit?” She asked and you nodded pointing towards the bathroom, she nodded and walked off you assumed to find the first aid kit. Your assumption was right and she walked back to sitting opposite you starting to clean your nose.
“Your quite the hand full it seems.” She said softly. “What were they doing here?”
“They were robbing me.” You answered.
“They are H.Y.D.R.A agents they wanted something from you.” Black Widow said as she looked over at the unconscious body on the floor.
“Well, I don’t know what it is.” You mumbled as you looked at them.

Natasha ended up convincing the others that you should stay at the tower until they figured out what was going on, in that time they had found that you were in the training room and saw that you were a good shot, you were fast and you knew how to fight and even pick your battles. Natasha often helped you train and found that you would be a great addition to the team, you got along with everyone and they seemed to like you. “We should add her to the team.” Natasha pitched as she walked into the meeting room.
“Who?” Tony asked and she looked at him.
“(Y/N).” She answered and he nodded.
“Don’t see why not.” He answered.
“Are we sure that she’s not a spy or something?” Falcon asked and Natasha looked at him.
“Yes, we’re sure,” Natasha answered certainly as she looked at the door. “I’d have seen the signs by now.”
“Well, I trust you.” Steve decided and nodded saying that he agreed you should be accepted.
“I’m with Steve,” Falcon answered.
“Me too,” Bucky said from there everyone else agreed and you were part of the team, Natasha broke the news to you and you were like a puppy, she thought that you were a good addition to the team and you thanked her for the shot.

Requests and general question!