i found two more new pics

For my fifty-seventh Evangelion book review, here is Hiramatsu Tadashi Animation Gashuu (Tadashi Hiramatsu Animation Art Book), published by STYLE.  This is a new book that just came out this week (although people who went to Comiket in December 2016 were able to get it sooner), and it is a collection of illustrations by Tadashi Hiramatsu, a key animator for the Evangelion TV series and movies.  As you can probably guess from the cover art shown above, he has also done work for various other titles, including character designs and animation direction for “Yuri!!! on Ice”.  Cool! Oh, and if you’re disappointed that there aren’t any Evangelion characters on the front cover, don’t worry… Rei Ayanami appears on the back cover, standing atop a cute drawing of some flowers.

This book is not available in English or French, but pretty much the only text is the table of contents at the beginning, then short descriptions accompanying each illustration, and then a two-page interview and the credits page.  So the book mostly consists of pictures, ranging from black-and-white production sketches to full color promotional art.  The dust jacket is also removable, and the alternate cover artwork hidden underneath is a small but charming illustration of the artist’s hands drawing a line.  As for an example of what kind of stuff can be found inside the book, check out this pic of Kaworu and Shinji playing musical instruments that look like the Spear of Longinus and Spear of Cassius:

Keep reading for the rest of the book review, plus a few more pictures!

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Bones - 8x10 The Diamond In The Rough - New BTS pic

A few hours ago, I found this “new” old bts pic with David and Emily that at least I haven’t seen before, and my heart literally skipped a beat when I saw it. It’s absolutely beautiful and so sweet. And yet another proof of how naturally comfortable these two are with each other. Not that we needed more proof of that, but it’s always these little things that get me the most.


@brittanias found me some amazing new pics (thanks to Kathy Wagoner for those top two!) so I had to do a couple more album covers for The Woman That Fell From the Sky!  (Plus I missed Kabby week because of family vacation, so here, I’m making it up to you.)

Here, in order of release, is the collected discography of Marcus Kane, including his holiday album, the single he wrote for Clarke’s wedding, and his newly-released greatest hits.

Read the fic here, the 2015 Christmas sequel here, and find all kinds of other headcanons and ficlets from this AU here.

Update on my ESO stuff:

- Did a shit ton of leveling, mostly with the help of @lobselvith8 and his character, ensuring I didn’t die in the delves and just generally when I was trying to finish quests that would otherwise be frustratingly difficult.

- Got ESO Plus, so I finally don’t have to constantly play What Can I Get Rid Of in my bank/inventory. Still managed to fill up my bank in a matter of days, but I bought more space and didn’t lose anything I really wanted to keep. I also found that it’s much easier to level when I don’t have to constantly consider what I have room for, cuz inventory management was a seriously annoying issue previously and prevented me from leveling much due to having to shuffle inventory and bank junk around every few hours or so.

- Got my last two character slots and made two new Warden characters, because why not. I may regret this eventually. Pics will be posted when I can get them proper gear.


There were a couple Thor assortments to go with the new movie. I love the Hulk. The Bruce Banner is a bit generic looking.  There’s Sif and the Warriors Three (found Volstagg, but not until after I bought another. they’re both in the group pic).

Two Thors and a Jane Foster (according to a listing with english). Are the accessories a spoiler or just chinese faux lego-makers on crack?

The last pic. Well. They were in the assortments. I’ve not seen Ragnarok yet, so you tell me. Are they in the movie? Or is it just more crack?

mild-doormat-lover  asked:

not a request, but a question: where do you get your blazers? after scrolling through your blog I saw your fashion pics and I think your blazers and jackets are super cute! where do you find them, because I can never find cute feminine blazers that don’t look boxy

That struggle is real, friend! And I had a hard time finding the two I have - the two pictures I have in a blazer is actually the same jacket. But the navy one with the sleeves rolled up I actually found in Forever 21, so that was awesome.

My other one - a black one that is much more professional - I think I got it at New York & Company on, like, an insanely awesome deal. I felt like I was really shoplifting that thing out of the store. I know there are a couple other stores that I’ve looked - like Express or JCPenny - and it sucks that the ones that actually look good are so freaking expensive. Always keep an eye out for those deals, though! Coupons and discounts are life, people!

But I’d say that what you wear underneath helps to? Like, sometimes jackets aren’t really made to be form fitting, so if you wanna show off more of a figure, do it with the shirt under it. And unless weather really calls for it, I’ll never button up or close my jackets or blazers. Don’t hide that outfit you put together under a single piece, show it all off! And doing that helps take the box-ish form of the jacket, since it was probably made more for that reason. Not sure if that makes sense, but that’s what I got!

anonymous asked:

Can you tell me how did you start shipping kaisoo? & when did you start believing that they are in a relationship? (Sorry if you got asked this before ^^)

Annonie, you don’t even know how happy you made me with your ask! I haven’t been asked this before actually. ^^

Well, this is gonna be long. I’m sorry in advance. ^^

I was at first only interested in Kyungsoo honestly. I watched It’s Okay, That’s love and I was curious about him. I was very suprised when I found out he was an idol. 

Anyway, I checked his tag here on tumblr (I was new here back then, drama School 2015 and Taebi brought me here ^^) and I saw this pic the first time I was looking for more things about Kyungsoo

and I thought it was really cute. It’s still one of my favorite Kaisoo pictures. 

Then I scrolled further and saw those two gifs

And I was like ‘What?

But I thought I shouldn’t pay so much attention to it. Then I watched some varieties with EXO because I wanted to know more about Soo thinking ‘I’m just gonna watch it to find out more about him, I’m not gonna learn names all of them, it’s impossible anyway’, then EXO Showtime, then every single EXO MV and I then I thought ‘Shit, this was not part of a plan.’ But that’s how we all got here, isn’t it? 

I started noticing their interactions (those small little things) 

and from comments I found out their couple name. 

You see, I’m quite a rational person so I was always thinking that I shouldn’t look for something more between them. But I just couln’t help myself thinking their interactions were so genuine and not scripted. 

I was always thinking ‘What if there is something more between them’ while supporting EXO and I am convinced since this April. ^^


Random HTTYD2 merch time! Finally starting to get some new stuff around here!
I know, I know… I said I would post some of my London pics first but…. no.

pic 1- New plastic cups! Um… not sure if this is the design they used on the cups you got at the theater (Since none of my local theaters carried them) but I like them none the less. (same picture on both cups just a front and back view) Can never go wrong with drinkware.

pic 2 & 3- I’m in love. I am absolutely in love with this thing and had to search several Halloween pop-up shops to find one that had them in stock. They only had one that wasn’t broken/cracked, scratched beyond belief. The back pivots up and down, made totally out of plastic. They also had the Astrid, Hiccup & toothless costumes but made differently from those you can purchase at target. More detail on the Hiccup costume (not just screen print), toothless was more like footy pj’s (I wanted to get it so bad!!) and they had really nice plastic weapon replica’s for Hiccup’s sword (not flaming) and Astrid’s ax (I WANT IT ALL!) No tag’s on the Helmet so I can’t say what company makes it but I found this wonder at Spirit. I FRICKIN LOVE HALLOWEEN

Pic 4 & 5- Toothless/ Dragon Headphones. Found at Walmart in the toy isle- not the electronics section, they also had toothless/stormfly walkie-talkies but seeing as how I have no present need for walkie-talkies but did need new headphones… headphones it was! Not sure how well you can lay back in a pillow or against a seat with these because of the wings, but still, they are fun!

pic 5- More not so blind bags! Not sure if these were part of wave 1 and my stores just never got them or they are wave two- movie characters so I’ll just stick with them being new and say the group now includes: Dragon Racing Toothless (who is smaller than the other BB toothless’) Skull Crusher, Bewilder Beast, and Cloud Jumper. No love for Grump it seems.

slowly but surely new things are starting to roll out onto store shelves. I will continue my hunt and hopefully find that Astrid Figure I’ve been waiting for among lots of other goodies that have yet to have been released.
(eventually I will post the UK Happy Meal toys I finally got my mitts on, oh and some box trolls.)


Hi admin-nim! Have you seen those pictures above already? Furthermore, have you noticed that both, Chanyeol and Baekhyun, were wearing new rings before performing on Music Bank today? I have never seen this ring on Chanyeol’s finger before. He usually wears this thick silver one, doesn’t he? And look at Baek: He is wearing two rings! We all know the one on his middle finger but I have never seen the one on his index finger before. What is even more strange is that I have seen a picture of today in which Baek was wearing the new ring on his middle finger, just like Chanyeol … I hate myself for not saving the pic right away but I really saw it. Do you know more about this? I mean, it could be a coincidence and Baek’s ring does look a bit different from Yeol’s but I just found it weird how both of them decided to wear new rings today haha :’) Also, I think it’s kind of sweet how Baekhyun almost alway wears his old ring :3 Okay, the delusions are starting, I have to stop haha! But isn’t it odd? Have a good day admin nim ♡

I actually did not notice that (I’m sorry I was so caught up on the height difference ><) 

The thinner rings that both of them have on look very similar, the one on Baek’s middle finger looks like the wedding band (hard to tell though) so maybe it’s new couple rings or just their own personal rings.

And yes Chanyeol does wear thicker rings (from what I’ve seen)

(Left: Chanyeol  Right: Baekhyun)

The other Chanbaek couple ring

And the Chansoo couple ring

More rings

And that ring, but no really thin silver one, so it’s probably a new one!

To be honest couple items don’t really appeal to me as much as other moments, because lots of kpop pairings have couple items ranging from clothing to jewelry, so if you want to show a person your otp, couple items are not something I would share (my opinion). ^_^

DO not worry gumygun! We can be delusional together! Because that’s what this blog is about~ Thanks gumygum, you have a great day as well alright?

Highlights of 2014


Cas, Dean & Crowley went on a road trip-in Cas’s pimp car

 Dean got the Mark

Cas eating and missing PB & J plus a Sassy hug, oh and the guinea pig

We found out where the hell Garth has been– he’s a freaking werewolf


Two words- hairnet & shorts ( two more- Sweet potatoes!)

THIS!!! Oh my god Captives was just too damn hot…

The coat…this…

Sam in a sweater vest…

scruffy!Dean + coat = pure sex omfg I’m gonna die

All those hot pics from the Upfronts


The Ghostfacers were back…

(Dean slapped some ass)

Skinny tie!

I will shoot you…

The fact that Crowley and Sam & Dean have this love hate relationship and they gave him an intervention when he was strung out on blood

Crowley stold candy

So many hot new outfits, including these suits

we got to see Kevin

Cas is becoming more and more of a BAMF again

Misha directed an episode!

because only Misha would put this much Dean porn in the episode….



I don’t need to explain these…

 ^^ so hot!

This line…

  Bloodlines..not enough Sam & Dean but this was hot..


The beginning of Drowley/Misadventures of Crowley & Squirrel

The Destiel hug…

that look Dean gives Sam like, hands off my angel, bitch

Cas, like Misha, is the overlord


So much hotness, like overly hotness but I now know why, bc of what is about to come at the end of Season 9

Team Free Will back together again

Sam & Dean finally made up (Hey spn writers thanks for that, making us wait all fucking season then three seconds later he fucking DIES. what the actual fuck. anyway…)

and not I DO NOT want to talk about what happens next because it fucking ruined me for five months…





ugh my life is so fucking complete now

fuck yes

holy bicep porn


Still in Hellatus/Conventions….getting excited because of this hot shit (even tho they cut out that sexy mouth thing)

more conventions…


I went to Chicon–Jensen in a GREEN PLAID SHIRT

Season 10 finally started plus we got a special


black eyes, sex, back porn, and the red shirt–pretty damn hot

Sammy saving Dean

Cas’s love being what brings Dean back

as hot as Demon!Dean was, getting our Dean back was awesome

that time Cas was wearing a robe

The misadventures of Crowley & Squirrel (the fact that he mentioned the sam hitting a dog thing, I died lol)

Sam & Dean on mini vacay wearing sunglasses

the uniforms


200th episode

the fact they actually talked about Destiel, and S-E-X (subtext) 


The party

someone finally had a realistic reaction to Sam & Dean

Dean and the dating app


random hotness

everything about this Destiel scene

Dean’s dimples

Story of John not traumatizing the boys plus TFW in a bar

A not too traumatizing ending with no major character death

It has been an awesome year of feels, hotness, hilarious lines and just the best damn show ever so I can’t wait for another awesome year and season because this show is fucking amazing and perfect

Magcon Preference #34- One of The Guys Tweets a Pic of You Two

One of The Guys Tweets a Pic of You Two

Cam- @JacobWhitesides: CAUSE I LIKE SITTING IN THE BACKSEAT!? @camerondallas. @Y/T/N

Shawn@camerondallas: GUYS LOOK WHAT I MADE OMG!? #otp @Y/T/N @ShawnnMendes.

Taylor- @ShawnnMendes: That’s cute -_- 

Nash- @taylorcaniff: Look what I found… #cuties @Y/T/N @ 


Jack J- @TheMattEspinosa: They. Are. So. Cute.

Jack G@JackJackJohnson: That’s adorable @Y/T/N

Carter@JackGilinsky: I hope they fall.

Aaron- @Mr_Carterr: It would have been more fun if they came up for air….

Sammy@aaroncarpenter_: I stole your cameron @Y/T/N

Dillon- @sammywilk: Look what I found.


Okay more theories

a load of new stuff was revealed so here are my thoughts on some of them.

The protagonist being arrested for beating up someone harassing a woman. Its possible the guy who Chair kun beat up was someone in a position of power or authority, like a politician or maybe even a police officer/detective. We haven’t heard what happened to the other guy or the woman being harassed, its possible he got off scot free due to connections or maybe the woman either ran or was threatened to keep quiet thus making it look like chair kun attacked the guy randomly. in the subs for the new trailer, before the woman officer speaks there is a male voice saying “I’ve got to dispose of him before he becomes a problem.” this could be from another character entirely and i don’t think that cutscene has anything to do with him being arrested after the fight because he is already in his school uniform. but if km right and this guy was a person of authority or wealth it would explain both why Chair kun was arrested and also why he hates the system put in place; because it is corrupted.

the next thing is the new information and photos of the palace (is it still called that or the other world?)

So seeing this translated pic raises some questions. In persona 3 & 4 the maps of the dungeons changed each time you entered except for one or two floors where you would either fight a boss or reach a new level of the tower in Tartarus. However from the look of this and the amazing footage we got in the trailer i think the dungeons will not be random and different each time you change rooms. Reason being is that this pic seems to show what he achieved after leaving the castle and the line “old map of castle obtained” makes it sound like the castle has a preset layout. Also “chandelier access found” sounds like there may be more than one way to infiltrate the castle. Ages ago when i first saw this pic- 

i thought this was just part of the route to take to get through this level. But perhaps instead you can unlock a window or something when you go through the castle the first time, fighting a lot of shadows/demons on the way, and then skip them the next time you go into the castle by taking the entrance you just unlocked. This way you avoid battles with weaker foes when you’re trying to be quick or grind against stronger enemies. a bit like finding shortcuts to bonfires in dark souls.  

Speaking of the palace/otherworld i get the feeling it will not all be set in one place but change with each of the targets the phantom thieves goes after. Heres what im thinking. Each of these targets are in a position of authority and not all of them big ones. However it sounds like they have been corrupted (whether by demons or their own sins remains to be seen) and abusing their position of power, making the thieves goal to steal from their heart what has corrupted them and turning them back into decent people again. At least for the first couple of bosses im guessing. I think we will start off with low positions of authority and then rise up. For example the first boss we have seen is a gym teacher, a teacher being one of the first authoritative figures you will come across as a child after your parents.

The crown he is holding in this pic (along with a clone of Anne that i think is the version of her we see in his demon forms drink) is the one his demon form wears. I don’t think this is the actual Teacher himself but a manifestation of his lustful shadow that has created this version of the palace/otherworld at the school where he feels like a king, ruling over the students. In order to remove the corruption from their targets heart they need that crown, but we see his demon form wearing it so either they obtain it in this picture below before the fight or after they beat him.

Then we have this guy and unfortunately this is the only pic I can find of him. 

given how his face expands before transforming I’m gonna guess he will be that pair of floating eye paintings we saw back in the first trailer though im sure there is more to this boss than just eyes. given his exaggerated feudal Japanese look and all of the pieces of Japanese artwork spread around the dungeon im gonna guess this is Yusuke’s guardian and mentor the famous painter Madarame. In the trailer he says they have learnt too much and will suffer for defying him. I’m guessing he will be the sin of greed or envy, and that he has started either making a profit from selling his “disciples” artwork as his own or is actually teaching them bad techniques because he is envious of them surpassing him. possibly his “palace” will appear at an art studio/museum or something and represent a feudal palace.

In the later part of the trailer some people are talking about how “this organization” has nations worried and somone else saying “the organization” is giving the police a handful and “you’ll get erased if you stick your nose in too far.” The first guy might have been talking about the theives but why would nations outside of japan worry? And the second lady saying you will get erased if you stick your nose in too far sounds like she is warning our heroes. i think the first couple of bosses may just be accidents, people who have stumbled across whatever corrupted their hearts and created their palaces. but later we might come across an organization of influencial people who are using their power towards a certain goal and percieve the thieves as a threat. Morgana herself says “looks like were being targeted by some toublesom guys.”

I think our big villain for this game is teased right near the end of the trailer. its such a menacing scene that lasts a few seconds and im surprised no one has posted a pic or gif of it. i would but i dont know how to. Its the scene of somone walking slowly and menacingly up some steps that are a bunch of golden statues kneeling, whilst others are lined up along the steps worshiping the golden throne/sofa/desk at the top. and with each step a hiss and red smoke is released. if that doesnt speak evil i dont know what does.  

A possible theory i have on who this could be stems from the fact this is Persona’s 20th aniversary and how they are letting us no about it. Now im not saying this is the guy from the original 2 games (3 if u split persona 2 into two games) but im seeing the potential to reintroduce Nyarlathotep.  Look at the quick description of Nyarlathotep on the Shin megami wiki page on his previous appearences in persona 1 and 2:  “Nyarlathotep is described as the destructive side of Humanity’s collective unconscious, and as such, the living embodiment of Mankind’s collective evil; every thought, action or feeling that derives in experiencing the desire to bring harm to others or oneself in any form fuels Nyarlathotep’s existence. —- Throughout the series he employs the use of shadow selves of characters to accomplish his goals. —- Nyarlathotep is also capable of appearing as anyone he chooses.“ He could be the one behind eveything.

i have more theories on stuff that has been revealed today (havent even touched on the character information lol) but im so tired. ill post them another night. And i apologise if im repeating what others have already said or what has already been confirmed. loving that this tag is so busy again.

One more for tonight!

This is more in line with my Strange Magic pieces. I found some nice images in Tangled’s FaceBook page and tried to replicated those. I need to practice and get familiar with drawing Rapunzel.

I ended up combining two pictures because I wanted Pascal in it! Haha he looks a little crazy. I didn’t mean to draw him that way.

Feels good to draw something new.

Tangled © Disney
Art © goldwerewolf
Refs: Tangled FaceBook pics
Effects: Enlight App