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When Loki told Clint his next task, he was expecting a reaction out of him. A type of hesitation. But there was nothing but obedience from his new-found slave. His sceptre obviously worked better than he thought it did. 

“I’ll need a distraction.’ Clint said, getting his bow ready for his mission. “She won’t go down easy.” Loki was slightly shocked at how Clint was finding the idea of killing you, his beloved girlfriend of two years, nothing more than a simple kill mission. Loki nodded, indicating he will provide whatever Clint needed.

You walked with your head tucked under your coat hood. You loved the rain, but only when you were indoors, hiding over the covers with Clint, each with a hot chocolate whilst you either read a book or simply listen to it crashing against the window. Not when you’re standing in it. 

You were waiting for Thor to return to the Avengers base and give you some news on Loki and more importantly, on Clint. But you doubted he would show tonight. He was simply too busy.

Meanwhile, as you stood patiently waiting, Clint set up his bow and arrow from a roof top not too far from where you stood. He peered at you and felt nothing, so pulled the arrow back and was about to let go but… He couldn’t. He could not bring himself to kill you, no matter how hard he tried. He knew he would get punished for failing a mission but this was one he would never be able to fufill.

He slowly lowered his bow, putting his arrow back in quiver, and stood there, watching. Feelings started to swarm over him making him oddly warm. The one he felt the most was the pain in his chest from missing you. Missing you with him and helping him through all the bad times. 

He stood there for longer than he could think off until finally, you gave up on the idea of Thor showing and turned your back to Clint, walking back inside the Avengers base. Clint stood still for a few more minutes, thinking about what jus happened, before leaving to face whatever Loki had in store for him

One more for tonight!

This is more in line with my Strange Magic pieces. I found some nice images in Tangled’s FaceBook page and tried to replicated those. I need to practice and get familiar with drawing Rapunzel.

I ended up combining two pictures because I wanted Pascal in it! Haha he looks a little crazy. I didn’t mean to draw him that way.

Feels good to draw something new.

Tangled © Disney
Art © goldwerewolf
Refs: Tangled FaceBook pics
Effects: Enlight App