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‘pronouns dont equate gender!!!’ you say as you post a new moodboard of asexual nicki minaj on your secret discourse blog, dragons-and-blatant-homophobia

‘i agree!’ says a new follower of yours. their icon is of that one white girl on that one show. you know the one.

you check their blog, eager for new mutuals. you’re on the second page of their unnecessarily complicated navigation page when you come across their about.

you blood runs cold, a sudden chill in your room. your mouth drops open as you read the terrifying sentence right above their kin page.

lesbian + he/him pronouns

you start sobbing. how can this be? how can a lesbian use he/him pronouns? you crytype your new friend, the one that’s kin with chrom, but they’re too busy being cursed. you try one of your oldest friends, communismkils, but theyre wrapped up in keking sjws. you look up to your ceiling, not at all comforted by the fanart of benedict cumberfuck. still upset and needing someone you vent to, you open up a new text post and are hit with a rush on inspiration from your favorite tumblr hero. you wet your lips, wipe the sweat from your forehead, and start typing.

i ws literally beaten up bc of this a fw days ago, i thnk they were aroung the ages of 16-17 but these kids came n beat me up while i ws in th city ,helpin folks n they were like “r u tht kid who thinks lesbians can’t do whatever the fuck they want” n imlike, great

dust spirits

JSE Positivity

Mkay so I think this is a great idea and since I don’t have time to draw stuff for the community here’s how I found jack! (probably no one cares but whatever :P)

I’m pretty sure the first video I watched was The Beginners Guide back in 2015, at the time I was only intersted in the game itself and I randomly found his playthrough. His words+the story in it really hit home with me, especially since it was my first time through it^^. But the game made me think so much that I got off to learn more about the guy who made it (Davey Wreden) and completely forgot about jackaboy x). Then this last october or something I watched someone else’s playthrough of TBG and it reminded me of jack’s video. I rewatched it and caught up with pretty much all the major series on his channel (read : binge watched his vids till 4 in the morning xD). Since then I haven’t missed any video^^.