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So, the other day, I showed one of my friends Hamilton for the first time. When it was time for Right Hand Man, I put my wallet in my hand, opened it (which she didn’t notice), and waited. While Burr said “the pride of Mt Vernon” , I grabbed my dollar, pulled it out, and yelled “GEORGE WASHINGTON” in sync with Burr.

I’m not sure how I still have friends xD


(NOT my gif/s)(NOT my characters except reader)

Pairings: Bucky (Demon!Bucky) x Reader

Summary; AU- Sorcery it’s a farce. At least that’s what you thought before your little sister, Wanda, found an old magic book and decide to try a spell so his crush fell in love with her. To your atonishment and hers the spell works and now she has to face the drawback; she has sold her soul to a demon called Bucky in exchange the favor. Now, you are forced to intervene and reach an agreement with said demon.

Warnings: Language, love making( light smut), angels, demons and all kind of religious stuff.

A/N; I am cursed! I can’t update in time for my life xd. Oh, and Yes. Yes, yes, there’s a lot of SPN innuendos *wink wink*

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Chapter 10

You have to take a couple of deep breaths before gather the courage necessary to open the door of Nana’s book store. With Steve on your heels you step into the small store composing one hundred different scenarios for which you could need a spell, being who you are, you know Nana won’t believe any of them. Tsk.

- Nana? - You call her name not finding her between the shelves. You hear fast steps coming from behind the store and you gulp when the old woman pokes his head out of the curtain his gaze glued on Steve

- Follow me - she says not even looking at you

Steve looks at you slightly intimidated by her and you nod reassuringly, even when you are not entirely sure of what you are getting yourself into.

Nana walks fast trough amounted boxes and old books. You realize that you have never been in this part of the store, after Nana took one corner to the left the hallway gets narrow and Steve struggle to follow your lead colliding everytime with the walls thanks to his big shoulders. Nana doesn’t seem to notice, or care.

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Nini what does your family thinks about your yaoi obsession and about the dick shrine?

LOL Omg it’s not a dick shrine LMAO xD
It’s just my figure displays xD 

The other day my sister was like: “Nina… everyone thinks you’re weird. You always say weird stuff and talk about penises a lot.” 
I don’t tho xD But I got her point ^^
I have always been a weirdo, a dork, a geek… nothing new. But they can’t really handle my love for everything gay… or let’s say my openness about it. 
They try tho. They try to be accepting xD
Once I told my mom everything about urethra penetration. Omg I had a blast xD 
Or the other time my mom found the Penis soap in my bathroom and yelled “NINA! What exactly are you washing with those!?!?!” lololol
(she thought they were funny tho… kinda xD)
My mom sponsored half of my BDSM Aoba as my bday present, so when he arrived I wanted to show her and sent her a pic, but covered the dick with a flower sticker. She replied “nice figure, but the flower looks weird.”
And I was like “Well I didn’t wanna shock you!” and she said “Go big or go home.”, so I sent her an uncensored pic and she liked it lol

I have many of those little stories. My mom and my sister are pretty cool about it, but I love messing with people, I love teasing them ^^
My dad is a big homophobe, he wouldn’t come over. Too bad, I would have a blast hehehe

In the end this is my home. If others have a problem with my decoration, they don’t have to visit me, and that goes for my family too. 

I don’t really like to have non fujo ppl here anyway.

But let me tell you, every fujo who visited me so far had a good time.
I even serve drinks with penis ice cubes teehee

Yes, I’m weird but that’s okay xD


I Just Saw Coco…

It was extremely good!

It represented my culture in a very positive way and I was glad this film was very spiritual to me since I am Hispanic (and I do have relatives in Mexico) and I’m learning more about my roots (since I’ve been collecting some Mexican imports and starting to listen to some music from there).

The scenery was very beautiful to look at, The architecture (I always liked looking at Mexican and Spanish architecture in real life and I’d like to mess around and put it all together in a drawing of mine) and The Land of the Dead was so breathtaking with colors and buildings all lit up (Let’s say I love too much colors on buildings I want to stay in a spot and just stare at it for hours), and what I’ve seen from photos from Michoacán (where my relatives live around) It was so similar to what I’ve seen around Michoacán, plazas, cemeterys, and the pueblas. I’ve never been to Michoacán, but someday I would love to go and see it along with going to Acapulco, Mexico City, Monterrey, Cancun, San Luis, and other cities I’d love to go to mostly Morelia.

And the skeletons were very nice to see too, They reminded me of paintings I’ve seen around San Antonio around El Mercado in downtown whenever I go there to shop or walk through with some depicted with eyes on skulls in some paintings many shop owners sell all imported from Mexico or made in America.

The music was beautiful to hear mostly I was loving La Llorona mostly and the soundtrack was excellent (Gives me ideas for Legend of the Green-Wing since I do want to add some Mexican vibes in or something).

And It made me, my sister, and my mother cry when it was over I was tearing up in my eyes and when I looked at them they were sweating in their eyes! XD It even (I hope) changed my mom’s views on Day of the Dead since she told me whenever she was around in Michoacán when she was little traveling with her mother, brothers and her grandmother to my aunt’s house (around maybe in the 1970’s) she always found it morbid and odd people would celebrate the dead and her grandmother (or my great grandma) would only add our family photos on the ofrenda in Mexico (I think she said adding marigolds too) only there. Always makes me wonder why her grandmother and her mother had never told her about the concept of Day of the Dead back then or my aunt, but I was glad I convinced her to see this movie and I hope she has a positive view on skeletons on Dia de los Muertos in Mexico now.

Alebrijes on the other, I wanna go back to San Antonio around El Mercado (they sell alot of alebrijes) or this one Mexican shop that has imported Mexican goods books in Espanol with tellings of legends, cultures and arts in Mexico, paintings, greeting cards from Mexico, dolls, Mexican dice, and other goods that’s around the Heights in my city to get an alebrije myself and add it in my room, I’ve seen some bird ones, eagles, owls, roadrunners, condors or parrots and I’ll mostly find a parrot one and keep it on a shelf and ones that are marble carved ones. I loved the alebrijes really much, Makes me wonder if mine is a bird.

I highly recommend this movie to be watched by others and I’m glad my kind loves the film in Mexico, At first we were skeptical, but now we embraced it.

Definitely a 10/10…

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Imagine about to have sex with Carl but being caught by Rick and your older sister, Rosita.

(So I know this request wanted me to write it smutty…but I don’t know i’m not comfortable writing it with too much detail…so this is as far as it goes. I tried my best for the “talk” hope it’s okay XD Hope I got it right and you all like it :D (ps.Lol at Glenn XD thank you for requesting him to be in it) Gif not Mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner.)

You were in your room, sitting on the bed with Carl and playfully kissing each other.

It had been a long day working around the house and finally you both had time to rest and relax.


Since you’ve met up with him and the others, you had been inseparable.

You liked his fierceness and how he always tried to make you laugh. His smile and everything about him. While he liked your cheerfulness and bright personality, needless to say he fell head over heels for you.

You both became a couple quick enough and everyone knew about it. They all thought it was cute to see young love and you two together.


You were kissing each other and slowly it turned into a make out session.

It was soft at first and suddenly he wrapped an arm around you pulling you even closer to him.

You chuckled and feeling a little bolder, you fasten your pace and kissed him roughly.

It went on for a while, you had moaned and whimpered and suddenly his hands were roaming your body.

You followed his lead and couldn’t resist doing the same. You felt his hardness and broke away from the kiss.

You looked him in the eyes and he couldn’t help but look at you as well.

You were both flushed and sweating and out of breath.

He chuckled and said “Should we…should we go further?”

You gulped but you couldn’t deny you wanted to be with him that way and nodded.

“Yeah…we’ve been together for quite some time…it’s only natural for us to feel this way…”

He smiled at you and you couldn’t resist taking off your shirt.


You heard his laughter and suddenly the door to your room opened and gasps could be heard.

“Carl!? Y/N!? Oh my god! What is going on?!”

In a state of panic, you grabbed your shirt back to cover yourself and Carl didn’t hesitate to help you.

You closed your eyes hoping it was all a dream. However, hearing Rick’s and your older sister, Rosita, you knew it wasn’t a dream.

Still trying to cover you and get you to put your shirt back on, Carl started to raise his voice.

"Dad! What are you doing here?!”

As you put on your shirt back on, Rick looked at Carl and you was in disbelief.

“What am I doing here?! What the hell are you both thinking?! Do you even know what could happen if you got her pregnant?! Please tell me this is the first time and it’s not a regular thing?!”

Carl got up and held your hand, responding to his father.“Yes! It’s our first time…well it was about to be…until you walked in…I-I wasn’t thinking of getting her pregnant…I just really love her that’s all…" 

“You are unbelievable…Did you knew you could’ve gotten her pregnant?”

As Rick talked and shook his head, your sister made her way towards you and grabbed your arm to get you away from Carl.

She fixed your hair and with a stern look and voice said "Y/N, what are you thinking? This isn’t something to joke around about!”

You glared back at her and got your arm away from her grasp.

“I’m not joking around…i’m not a kid! I know what i’m doing! I mean…we love each other…it’s only normal for us to do it…”

Rosita shook her head and wanted to slap you but knew better than to just hurt you. She looked at the both of you and said “I know you love each other…but this isn’t a simple matter…what if something happens afterwards…”

You wanted to cry but at the same time didn’t want to let them see you that vulnerable. 

“I know what can happen! But we love each other…and it’s unfair for us…to no do it…”

“Unfair? Y/N, t’ll be unfair for everyone here, if you got pregnant or sick!”

Carl got closer to you and grabbed a hold of your hand. 

“Stop yelling at her! It was my fault! I’m the one who lead her to this…”

You were shocked and looked at him. You shook your head and looked back them and said “No! I-I wanted to do it too…It’s not just Carl’s idea…”

Your sister and Rick were shocked that the two of you were talking back and couldn’t help but argue. You raised your voice at them and Carl suddenly looked back at you and signal you to stop.

He lowered his head and looking at the ground said “Alright!…We get it! We screwed up and we’re sorry…”

Seeing him that way, you had no choice but to do the same.


Rick and Rosita looked at each other and knew they had to do something about it.They understood you loved each other and things were bound to happen. 

They then realized it was their responsibility to explain to you the whole process and do what any normal parent would do.

They both got closer to you and Carl and sat you down on the bed. With serious tones and expression they had explain to you the consequences and mostly what could happen after sex.

It went on for quite a while and reluctantly they had told to practice safe sex if you ever felt the urge. 

You both understood their point of view and knew it was all out of love and care that they were scolding you.

As they were done, they warned you to not do it yet and just wait for the right moment. You promised them that you would.

They told you their goodnight and walked out of your room. 

You both sat on the bed for a while and started to discuss the issue and express your feelings about your situation.


When it got a little darker outside, knowing that he would’ve broken his promise if he stayed in your room, Carl got up and started to walk out of your room.

“I guess we’ll just have to wait for a little while…”

You chuckled and mockingly said “Yeah…Wait until the right moment! whenever that is…”

As he got to the door, he turned to look at you and couldn’t resist laughing and kissing you goodnight.

You didn’t want to let him go but as he backed away, you saw Glenn standing behind him.

It shocked the both of you and you tried to explain to him that nothing was happening.

Seeing you both panic and red, made him laugh.

“Guys..guys…it’s okay…I get it you love each other…i’m not here to yell at you…I’m here for something else…

He threw a pack of condom at Carl and he caught it. As you looked at it you were both shocked.

He winked at the two of you and said “Just don’t do it where everyone can just walk in or hear you…alright…be safe guys!”

As he walked away, Carl smirked and looked at you.

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Crushes! 💚 So 5 years ago, I met my best friend & immediately had a crush on her older brother. I never thought it would amount to anything, but I could never let go of that crush. Then, 3 years ago, we both ended up single at the same time & when he found out he asked his sister for my number. We set up a first date almost immediately & have been together ever since. It was like something just clicked into place that night. The point is, sometimes holding on to a "hopeless" crush is worth it.

This reminds me of like the song in Victorious “Best Friend’s Brother” XD Cute tho and good advice for everyone :D

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Unpopular opinion: Aelin is more interesting than Feyre. Maybe it's my personal dislike for 1st person narrative, but feyre actually gets in my nerves sometimes. Or maybe it's that Feyre a Gryffindor (🤢), and I'm all about how unabashedly Slytherin Aelin is. Thoughts? Do you agree Feyre's a Gryffindor?

I did cast Feyre as a Gryffindor in my hogwarts au, so yeah, and I have always loved Aelin more than Feyre (hence the order of my url XD). I read ToG first and fell in love with Celaena from the first chapter when she was analyzing her surroundings and so nonchalantly contemplated her dire situation. I knew automatically that she would be an amazing character that I would fall in love with and I was excited to get to know her, her background, and go through her story with her. 

Then when I found out she was Aelin and I truly learning everything about her, I felt like we were friends—perhaps even sisters—who would stick with each other through everything and and could tell each other anything. She is more my friend than any book character I have ever encountered.

With Feyre, it was different. I definitely related to her as a person with awful siblings and a harsh outlook on life, but it was much harder for me to fall in love with her—especially in comparison to Aelin who I was already so smitten with. I hoped that she would stand up for herself, which she did…. eventually, but the spark just wasn’t there for me right away. Even though it’s from her perspective, I always felt like there was something I didn’t know, a piece of her story and past that I just wasn’t privy to, and it didn’t sit well.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Feyre and her character and it’s good that I can see the flaws in her or else I would be altogether too biased and blind, but I love Aelin so much more because I feel much closer to her—like a friend rather than a bystander—than I do with Feyre. 

I really don’t think your ‘unpopular opinion’ is all that unpopular, either.

I looked at your valintimes picture and since mettaton and muffet were beside each other I suddenly yelled ship. So my sister and I came up with a story . Muffet and mettaton got lost in a fog .The suddenly got spit up. Me with a smug face said “ hey you two would make a great coupe ” and I guess they didn’t like that because muffet tried to strangle me . mettaton is crying because he finally found her. Since these are your designs I decided to submit it here. ……I’m not sorry XD


SO CUTE!! \>///7////</

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A story of me when I was younger. On my birthday (I got 15 I think) my aunt knew that I liked manga and stuff, so she bought the first one she thought was cute and gave it to me as a gift. It was Love Stage😂 the hardest thing was not to show my excessive amount of dick knowledge😂it went like:um, you know, that are guys and they are gay and um..you see the dicks? Basically🤦‍♀️(you can't really blame her that she thought Izumi was a girl tho😂) did something like this happen to you once Nini?

Oh my god that’s so funny!! xD Bless your aunt!! xD

Sadly no, nothing like that ever happened to me, my family would never ever buy manga or other stuff like that for me. That’s why I always beg them to give me money instead of muggle presents I don’t need xD
Oh no wait!
My sister gave me a Free! wall scroll for my birthday in my first yaoi year. 
She was like: “I found it on your amazon wish list. Are they gay?”
Me: “They’re from a swimming anime. Not everything I watch is gay.”
Inside my head:

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Oh well… 



After finishing BotA and after my sister calmed down a bit, she turned to me with big eyes and asked: “Can we watch the other movie now?” Me, confused, asked her which other movie she meant, and she lowered her voice and said, “The one with Arthur.” My sister is a big Sherlock Holmes and Detective Conan fan, btw.

So, the other day, I rewatched Book of Murder with my sister. It was quite a lot of fun.

  • when Double Charles appeared: “The image looks so ugly.”
  • when Phipps fixed Finny’s head: “He’s so precious!”
  • when the part “It was in spring 1889” came: *with wide eyes* “Is this whole thing narrated by Arthur??” (After I said “yes,” she got all excited.)
  • every time, a new character is introduced: “Will he die? Will she die? WILL THEY DIE???”
  • about Phelps: “He will die, right? I can see that he will die. Was he evil?”
  • after I told her to wait: “He is evil, right? He has to be evil!”
  • when Siemens died: “I know! Phipps came through the window and killed him, right??”
  • Ciel gets suspected: “Ah, they only did that to get rid of him! D:”
  • Ciel and Arthur have to sleep in the same bed: *Arthur is shown* “My son!” *Ciel is shown* “My other son!” *Sebastian is shown* “That’s not my son.”
  • Every now and then when Ciel is shown, she screams “My…” but she doesn’t get far because, often, Sebastian is shown right afterwards, and she cuts herself off and says “Not my son.” That happened quite often.
  • when Sebastian goes to Bard and Finny at night: *sees a sleepy Finny* “Another son! I have so many sons.”
  • When Sebastian’s “corpse” is shown, and Ciel starts kicking and slapping him, she started to laugh. Like a maniac. (It threw me off.) Then, she said: “Ciel had a lot of fun, didn’t he?” (She’s the same age as Ciel. What sadists.)
  • when the owl is stopped mid-flight: “Did it die?? WAS IT PHIPPS WHO SHOT IT DOWN???”
  • when Grey destroys the door with his sword: “Wait… what? And Lizzy’s even better??? :O”
  • She kept suspecting Phipps even though she said at the very beginning that she liked him.
  • The day I rewatched BoM with my sister I had to go somewhere. I told her that we would watch half of it, and when I returned, we would watch the other half. After like 20 minutes, she looked at me and said: “Don’t we have to stop now?” I replied that, no, why should we stop? And she: “Because we wanted to stop in the middle!” I told her that BoM actually consists of two OVAs which made her quite happy because more Arthur.
  • Every time, there was a reference to Sherlock Holmes, e.g. the “there’s only one truth” thing, she raised an eyebrow and grinned like an idiot knowingly.
I’m So Sorry - Josh Washington x Reader

Originally posted by thedirectiongaming

{Credit to gif creator} 

Fandom- Until Dawn 

Character- Josh Washington 

Word Counter- 2896 Words {Wow} 

Persona- Female 

Warnings- SPOILERS AHEAD! Language. Distress. Things get a little ‘fucked’ up. 

Request- Hi! 👋 I literally just found this blog so I don’t know if requests are open or not?? But if they are could you please please please do another Josh one where (spoilers XD) when he reveals himself to be the masked maniac you say that you were looking after him while he was passed out drunk that night and had nothing to do with it and he feels horrifically guilty for hurting you because you broke up after his sisters went missing? I know it’s detailed but it’s been stuck in my head for ages 😘💞


You were feeling Josh’s head for his temperature when Beth jumped back from the window. 

“Beth…You okay?” You asked her as she turned to face you. 

“There’s someone outside…” She whispers and you watch her walk round the kitchen counter and shake Josh’s shoulders. 

“Holy shit Josh…” She says, picking up the bottle of alcohol on the counter. 

Theres a few shouts and Beth looks at you with a nervous expression. 

“Josh get up!” Beth says and you look at her nervously.

“For god’s sake stay here with these two,” Beth says and you nod, getting up and watching her run out the kitchen. 

You shake Josh, attempting to wake your boyfriend and he just waves his hand at you. 

“God damn it, Josh,” You mumble and you pull him into a stand. 

“C’mon, lets get you to bed,” You say and he just grumbles as you attempt to make him walk. 

“G-get o-off m-m-me,” Josh shoves you back, and you catch the kitchen counter. 

You sigh and sit down on the stool beside his as he collapses back onto the seat, his body slumping onto the counter top. 

You get up and walk round to Chris, attempting to shake him awake. 

“Chris for fucks sake,” You huff and you walk back round to Josh and place a hand on his back. 

“It’ll all be okay,” You whisper, half to yourself, half to Josh. 

“It’ll all be okay,” You repeat and you lean over, close to Josh’s face and you press a gentle kiss on his forehead before returning to your seat and waiting. 

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EXO Reaction to finding their long lost twin sister

To be honest, I don’t know what I would do if I found out I had a twin. Twins bonds (or at least the ones I’ve seen) are amazing, but I don’t think I’m made for that xD Xo, Ara~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Goes all pale* “Wait… I have another sis? And she’s my twin?! What…why… didn’t you tell me!”


*Feels like superman* “The world should be ready… we are the galaxy siblings! Too cool for our own good”


*Really happy but sad you were separated so long* “I’m Oh Sehun… tell me, have you had a good life? Did they take care of you?” *Tries to hide how he feels*


*He’s really upset about the fact that they kept it hidden* “What if she suffered? What if she needed her brother… I always knew there was something missing in my life”


*Sees her passing by* “Did I just… guys is that… me with long hair? what’s going on here?!” *Ends up following her*


*Really nervous to meet her* “Just imagine you are talking to yourself… but she’s not me.. she just looks… I hope she likes me…”


*Needs his time to accept it* “I just wished someone had told me… I know she was safe and happy but… it would be nice to know I had a twin sister”


*Immediately clicks with her* “No no, please keep talking! I want to know more about you! Everything!


*A little bit scared to meet her* “Mom told me everything… but what if she doesn’t like me… what if she blames me for being away…”


*Can’t stop staring* “You don’t know how happy this makes me! I always wanted a little sis!” *Forgets the fact they are the same age*


“Boys I think I have a problem… I’m seeing two of me… this isn’t normal right? There aren’t many unicorns in the world…” *It’s a very shocking discovery*


*Can’t believe it* “This is amazing… I never thought I would have a twin sister… I feel like this will be great.. I promise I’ll be a good brother”

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BTS’s little sister dating a KPop group member

Request by anon: Hi there :3 Could you pls do a reaction to BTSs little sister dating a member of an other Kpop group ( it doesn’t really matter) Sorry for my english btw xD  Have a nice day or night or whatever ^^

Answer: Have a nice day, night or whatever you too lovely! Hope you like!

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It has been boggling my mind ever since the first time I knew about Sakuya’s past, but it’s only now that I choose talk about it. Why? I don’t know XD

Anyways, remember when Tsubaki told Mahiru about Sakuya’s past, he mentioned,

“It is really no surprise that 6 years later, Sakuya found himself doomed to follow the same path as his sister.

Follow the same path as his sister…

Remember why Sakuya’s sister died? She did it to save him from his f***ed up parents. She died for him. She died in order to protect him. That’s her reason. The reason why she took the path she did.

So when Tsubaki said those words, I was wondering…

I may sound really stupid, but does anyone other than me thinks Sakuya has another younger sibling? A younger sibling his parents decided to have after Sakuya’s sister died? Because if he really did “follow the same path as his sister”, he may have also died to protect a younger sibling.

After all, at that time, he seemed old enough to protect himself and fight his parents off. I don’t think they could actually come up with a good enough excuse to get him to kill himself, other than forcing him to do so by threatening the life of someone else.

Please tell me I’m not the only one having this kind of thinking.

well since you all think this is nothing to be ashamed of, I’m going to brag:

I almost did this post in the format of a shoplifting blog and then I thought better of it so. Obviously, all of my books are paid for. Legally. Proudly. I love my books. Take a look!

Starting small: some childhood favorites (except the middle one, which is just by a children’s author I adore)

Some great adventuring and swashbuckling - adding to and finishing up a couple favorite series:

Brian Jacques. Always.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret and Wonder Struck. ^_^

I now own the entire Squire’s Tale series! *squee* If you have never read these books, please don’t let the awful cover art fool you. They. Are. Amazing. I flippin love these Arthurian retellings. (Also, please do not confuse Gerald Morris with Gilbert Morris. Gerald’s writing is better. Just my two cents.)

Christian Fiction of the type that is actually worth reading: The Warden and the Wolf King is a gift for a friend, since I already own the whole series myself. XD I still do have a soft spot for Donita K Paul. And Andrew Klavan is phenomenal. Crazy Dangerous is a little freaky for my tastes, but the ending is excellent.

Aaaaaaaaaand, saving the best for last!

NOT ONE BUT TWO BRANDON SANDERSON NOVELS!!! My sister found Firefight for me, she already owns a copy. ^_^ *squee*

That’s it for the books. I have some other non-book finds too. I’ll brag about them in another post. But here’s the whole haul:

Cost to moi? About $50. The two Brandon Sanderson novels alone would be that much new. Score!

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I hope you're having great time! This comic is the first thing I check in my day because I love it! Probably someone else asked this to you but, where you found inspiration for this?

Aww! :’D I am having a great time and I am so glad you enjoy it!! 

and inspiration came from playing the game with my sister! xD I think we were stuck on isle 3 at the time and missed King Dice, then I just stated “what if King Dice returns after we won, and took Mugman’s soul or something”. she said “what?! no that’s sad!”…. and I started to draw it XDD so that’s what inspired me to draw, just her reaction plus the game itself. <3

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I want to know if you or kio felt envy of one another’s art at some point, if yes what did you do to surpass that and have that sister combo you have now?

Lmao we had a good laugh at the word sister combo xD
Ahhh enviness~
SO, she starts digitally when i finally have my first ever wacom. And she was 13 , im 17. Usually, the one who starts earlier usually more faster at grasping things right? And i was envying her bec whoa at 13 she knows everything i know when i already 17. But! Rather than envying her, i see her as… partner in crime? We exchange our opinions or new learn/found technique pretty often. So we improves together and found our own style which is pretty different i think~
And since we know each other rly well and our parents are supportive at us doing cons and the like, thats why YamKio is here haha

As for Kio, rather than envy, she often headlock me bec i usually still able to vomit art even when i say i was in artblock. Bec when she was in artblock, she rly cant draw a thing lol