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Dear Girl Stories 402 - Haikyuu!! x Barakamon
Kamiya Hiroshi, Ono Daisuke

From episode 402 of the radio Dear Girl Stories, personalities: Kamiya Hiroshi (Haikyuu!!=Takeda Ittetsu) & Ono Daisuke (Barakamon=Handa Seishuu)

Mentioned: Irino Miyu (Haikyuu!!=Sugawara Koushi) & Hino Satoshi (Haikyuu!!=Sawamura Daichi) & the child actors they’re referring to = the five 8-or-so-year olds that were in Barakamon (cute af btw)

HiroC: Your last episode aired, yeah?
OnoD: Mm…. yeah, you just have to bring that up, don’t you?
HiroC: Yeah, it was so funny though.
OnoD: Shut up, shut up!
HiroC: It just so happened that the studio where they took the last episode of Barakamon was doing Haikyuu afterwards. And you know how all the guys in Haikyuu are idiots? (C&D: AHAHAHA. AHAHA.)
HiroC: Haikyuu is a gathering of nothing but idiots.
OnoD: Ah- umm, in a good way, yeah. There were a lot idiots. Cause there’re a lot of young guys.
HiroC: So Barakamon’s last episode was recorded… and they were making Ono-kun cry. The reason was because of the child actors, who wrote about their hardships and stuff into a letter and read that out loud in a, like, they had a ceremony to present them to Ono-kun, yeah?
OnoD: Yes, they did.
HiroC: Yeah. And that scene was discovered by… the Haikyuu guys.
HiroC: “What, Ono’s actually crying?” “Wah, wah, what a crybaby!” Well, it was Miyu who said that.
OnoD: Honestly…
HiroC: Wasn’t that horrible?
OnoD: Miyu-kun and, Kamiya-san probably didn’t know this but, Hino-kun too. THE GUYS WHO USED TO BE CHILD ACTORS.
HiroC: Mocking you like “What’s he crying for!”
OnoD: The guys who used to be child actors - I mean these are children who are acting, you know? Talking about how they put their hearts into it - by the adults who used to be child actors themselves!
HiroC: It’s no use though, there’s honestly no helping them - they’re all idiots.
OnoD: But, you know, it’s all good. That was just right, in a way.
HiroC: And it was funny. It really seemed like a pretty good show too - until it got ruined by the Haikyuu guys.
OnoD: But it was memorable in that way, too.
HiroC: Then it’s all good.
OnoD: Isn’t it like that though? Like, even for Haikyuu, every show you do remains in your heart, surely.
HiroC: Haikyuu? Well, yeah… and it was funny.

OH MY god I finally found this thing

So somewhere round 2013 Oreo had a website called superimportanttest where you chose between the cookie or the cream, and it would lead to a short video telling you you got it right. Theres like 34 of them, including the you are great horse.

My personal favorite is the guy playing the 8 necked guitar whispering to you.

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it's really frustrating that people like you who constantly shit on harry for everything he does and are more excited for the opener got tickets and the real fans didn't, verified fans my ass

ah yes, me, a girl who has a whole blog dedicated to harry and writes about him for fun and has spent much more money on this man over the course of five years than i care to admit, is constantly shitting on his life and am also more excited for a band i discovered a year ago even tho one of my best friends has video somewhere of me sobbing when i found out we got concert tickets. you caught me tho… i’m not really a Fan… honestly i’m ashamed and would like to donate my ticket to you, a much more morally upstanding person who clearly loves harry much more than i do.


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