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The karate studio my mom made us go to had half-sized lockers in the back. When I wasn’t in class, I’d skwoosh into one, shut the door, and just stay there for 1-2 hours. (This was a time before cell phones, it was just me chillin in the dark.). Once in awhile an adult would open the door to find a live child stuffed in a locker. I’d just shut the door back, without saying a word.

listening to The Last , i suddenly remember the letter Jin wrote for Yoongi during their Japanese fan meet in January 2014, the one where he told him that it’s okay to show his weak side to them (Bangtan)…..hearing from what Yoongi went through during his trainee days, i now understand why Jin wrote the letter and it’s an even more precious moment to me now  T^T…

Monsters (Part 7)

Winning an auction to the run down home on Neibolt Street leads the reader to moving to Derry.  With what you’re planning everything seemed perfect.  Though you didn’t mean to accidentally wake up the creature underneath your home sooner than he wanted.

All you wanted to do was hurry up with your plans.  This clown though seemed to keep showing up though, even in your dreams.  

Everything was going as planned.  And now maybe even better than ever.

It was time.  Let the show begin.  

I  am now a monster.

I’m not sure what I just got myself in to but I was happy.  Monsters together.

Revenge was so delicious.

What is he thinking?

           It was Halloween morning and I was doing some final touches for my costume.  I was in the process of washing the bleach out of my hair, dancing to some music in the shower.  I had just turned off the water when I felt someone behind me.

           “Pennywise what did I say about sneaking up on me like that?” I turned around to look at him.  He had a large grin on his face.

           “I know but I can’t help myself sometimes. I have to scare you occasionally.” He chuckled and he looked at my hair. “What happened to your hair?  Are you alright?”

           “I promise I’m fine.” I giggled. “It’s part of what I’m doing for Halloween and I’ll be keeping the color for a while afterwards.”  I gave him the shoo-shoo motion. “You have to wait to see what I’m doing.  Go scare some kiddies and come back in a few hours.”

           “Oh, you’re no fun.” He stuck his sharp looking tongue out at me and vanished.

           Once I knew for sure he wasn’t there I began to finish coloring my hair.  I had looked for the best matching orange to match his.  After an hour or so I washed the remaining dye from my hair and blow dried it.  I went into the bedroom and got my costume ready.  After getting dressed and doing my makeup I looked myself in the mirror. I had an off-white silk colored blouse with a same colored under bust corset that had red puffs down the center for my top.  On my hands I had a pair of white gloves that clung nicely to my hands.  For bottoms I decided on a tutu that matched the color to the blouse.  Inside the tutu I had sewn in red puff balls and bells.  Since it had been forecasted to be a little chilly that night I found some tights to match my skin tone.  I had found some white above the knee boots that I had sewn some red puffs to the toes.  I also changed out the white laces that went up it for red laces.  I styled my hair so it was more volumized and after this morning it was a very lovely orange color.  I had found a cute red fascinator hat that I placed on the right side of my head and let it cover my face a little.  I didn’t do a full on white face make up but I did go a shade lighter than I normally did for my foundation and powder.  Since I didn’t want the ring to be hidden under the gloves I put it on a chain that I wore around my neck.  The final touch was the red lipstick I wore.

           “All done.”  I swung my hips side to side to hear the bells jingle.

           I went downstairs, jiggling each with each step. When I entered the living room Pennywise was already there.  He was looking out the window to see if any kids were coming down the street even though trick or treating hours hadn’t started yet.  I took a few steps closer to him and swung my hips to make the bells jingle.  He turned around and looked me over, stunned a little.

           “What do you think?”  I giggled and went up to him.

           “You look so much better than I do.” He chuckled, holding his hand out.  I placed my hand in his and he twirled me around.  “You look lovely.”  He pulled me close to him and placed one of his hands on the small of my back.

           “I told you it’d would be a good surprise.” I smiled up at him and he grinned back.

           “I could eat your right now.”  He chuckled as he flashed his sharp fangs.

           “Let’s scare some people first.”  I pulled him down and gave him a kiss.  He took my hand and we headed out the door.

           We didn’t really have a plan for the evening. Tonight, would be a night where he could walk freely, probably get a lot of easy scares in as well.  It was pretty fun scaring the groups of little kids that were walking by themselves.  Of course, he had it easier but I did get in a few scares.  Occasionally we got a compliment about our ‘couples costume’ and his face would beam for a while.  It had gotten late and we found ourselves by the lake, relaxing by the waterside.  We laid side by side and stared at the stars.  For a long while it was quiet except for the sound of the frogs and crickets.

           “(Y/N)?”  I heard his head turn to me so I turned my head to look at him.

           “Yes?” I smiled, just enjoying what was going on.

           “This is a silly thing to ask but if you had the chance would you…” his words trailed off and he looked back at the stars.

           “Would I what?” I raised my eyebrow and rolled over so my body was facing him.

           “Would you, if there was a way possible, ever want to be like me?  An actual monster?”  His words hung in the air as I thought it over.  I didn’t have much going on.  My parents had passed away and I didn’t have anyone particularly close.

           “If there was a way,” I laid back and scooted closer to him, taking his hand in mine, “Yeah, I probably would.”  He squeezed my hand.

           Things got quiet again until we decided to head back to the house.  He had his arm resting on my shoulders, his fingers rubbing my arm gently as it was starting to get cold and could feel that it was affecting me.  When we got inside I headed upstairs and he followed behind me.  I stood in front of my full body mirror and admired how I looked one last time.

           “I’ll have to wear this again for next year and for each year after.”  I smiled at him as he came up to stand next to me.  I looked back at the mirror to see both of us.  We did look rather adorable and I leaned against him a bit.

           “Even if you find a human mate?”  He looked down at me.

           “Even if I find a human mate.”  I spun around and grinned at him. “This is too cute to just wear for a short time.”  He chuckled. Something was off after the question at the river but I didn’t want to press him about it.

           I went over to my vanity and with a few make up wipes I took off the make up on my face.  He came up to me and began to carefully undress me.  This really wasn’t like him but I guess he wanted to be more careful since I said I wanted to keep this outfit.

           “I want to shower first before anything.  I know that’s a bit backwards but I need a warm shower after that walk.”  I put my hands on his hips, staring up at him.

           “If you say so.”  He had his familiar toothy grin. “Do you mind if I keep you company in there?”  His hand rested on my cheek with his thumb rubbing the side of my temple.

           “Not at all.”  I leaned into his hand. “At least you won’t scare me this time.”

           I grabbed a clean towel and went to the master bathroom.  I turned on the water and waited for it to heat up some.  Since my radio was still on the counter I turned it on.  I took the necklace off, removing the chain and setting the ring on the counter so I could put it back on afterwards.  Once the water was how I wanted it I stepped inside. Pennywise sat on the opposite side of the tub on the rim, just watching me.  He was always so interested to watch me.  Must have been nice when you can make yourself clean and smell like cotton candy whenever you wanted.  After doing the usual of washing my hair and body I relaxed in the warm water.

           “(Y/N).” Pennywise finally spoke from watching the entire time.

           “Pennywise.”  I stepped over to him, resting my forearms on his shoulders.  My hands went through his hair, wetting it some.

           “Back at the river.  Were you serious about your answer?”  His arms wrapped around me, pulling me closer.

           “What good would it be to me to lie to an eldritch being who can kill me easily?”  I giggled a little bit and kissed his forehead.  He had a thoughtful look on his face trying to think of an answer.

           “I suppose you’re right.”  He leaned back a little and one of his hands slid to my breast, lightly tracing around some of the marks on them and my nipple.  I took in a deep breath and my hands lightly grabbed onto his shoulders.  “So sensitive little one.”

           “Well they are covered in bite marks from a certain someone.” I looked at him with a side smile.

           “And you’re only going to have more while I’m still around.”  He stood up causing me to step back some.

           He leaned down to kiss me and I could hear the rustling of his pants.  Carefully he picked me up and placed my back on the shower wall, my legs wrapping around him.  He was getting all wet but it wasn’t phasing him. I could feel his cock pressing against my entrance as he pulled away from the wall, placing his hands on my butt. I could hear the radio announce that they were going to play a block of love songs and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

           “What’s funny little one?”  He kissed my forehead gently.

           “You’re about to fuck me while the radio plays love songs.  It’s just a bit,” I looked up at him, “storybook in an odd way.”

           He chuckled and slowly he lowered me onto his cock.  I gripped onto him the best I could.  Wet silk was hard to grab onto and he noticed I was having a hard time.  In a swift motion he had ripped off both his top and bottoms. This was the first time I had ever seen him without his clothes.  I looked down and noticed he didn’t have his shoes on.  His body was oddly human.  I ran my hand along his chest.  Despite eating so often his form was a decent tone.  He waited for me to finish running my hands along him as he knew this was probably the few times I’d see him like this.  My fingers ran across his flexed muscular bicep and back onto his shoulders. I looked up to him and I couldn’t tell if I was blushing from arousal or seeing him completely naked.  

           My hands held onto the back of his neck as he began to move me up and down on his cock.  His grunts and my moans echoed throughout the bathroom.  This was one of his more passionate moments I had noticed when we locked eyes.  His stayed that calming blue.  He still drooled but with the water hitting both of us I barely noticed it.  It was so odd to see him getting hit with water. None of his makeup came off as it was part of him.  His hair was clinging to his head.  He kept at a steady pace for a while, knowing that pleasure was building up inside me.

           He sat where he had been before, still moving me up and down his cock.  His teeth grew sharper as he pressed them to my shoulder.  Soon enough he had punctured through, causing me to let out a moan mixed with pain and pleasure.  I could feel some blood slowly running down my body.  He brought his face back up, locking his eyes back to mine.

           “(Y/N)” His voice was low and deep.  Fresh blood hanging and dripping from his lips.

           “Pennywise.”  I leaned into him, giving him a passionate kiss.

           We let our tongues explore the others, tenderly and slowly.  At one point he bit his lip so I could enjoy the taste of his blood.  I knew we could both spend hours like this but he knew how tired I was before the shower.  He stood up again, keeping a hand gripped onto my butt and the other on the back of my neck.  He made sure I looked at him as he began to vigorously thrust his cock in and out of me. I could feel myself about to orgasm and I knew he was about to as well.  He began to growl and roar more animal like now.  He held the back of my neck tighter as he felt my head trying to go back as my body began to convulse and twitch.  My nails dug into him as I let out a pleasured scream, his name being mixed in.  With one final thrust from him I could feel him cumming deep inside me.  

          After a minute he pulled himself out of me and I lowered my legs. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stand just yet.  I let his cum drip out of me and wash away with the water.  He had his arms wrapped around me making sure I stayed standing. A couple minutes passed and he shut the water off.  Carefully he swept me up in his arms.  I rested my head against his chest until he placed me down onto the bed.  He laid down next to me and we faced each other. He had an arm around me and he pulled me closer to him.  I looked up at him and he was already looking down at me with a soft smile.

          “What did I get myself into Pennywise?”  I giggled softly, my mind still in an euphoric state.

         “What do you mean little one?” His hand went to my cheek.  He looked so tired from our fun evening.

         “I’m in love with a monster.”  My voice was tired and I nuzzled half of my face into a pillow, my eyes closing.

         He was silent for a little bit.  It took me a minute for my brain to realize what I had said.  Love.  In love. With a monster.  A being who was far older than I was, killed so many people. But it’s all I could feel.  I looked back at him and he still had such a stunned look on his face.  He had hunted humans for so long, causing terror and fear for so many centuries. Here next to him was a human who had just confessed love for him.

        “I…”  His voice trailed off.  He pulled me in closer and stared deeply into my eyes. “And I’m in love with a human.”

        I leaned in and gave him a gentle kiss.  Exhaustion winning over me even though I knew I just wanted to stay awake with him.  He held me the way he knew I liked, him tangled around me.  It was comforting being held as I slept, even if it was by someone who could easily kill me.  I knew for now nothing could hurt me.  I was going to miss him terribly when he had to rest but I shoved the thought to the back of my mind.  I still had so many more months with him.

         “I’m going to find a way to keep you forever. I promise.  I need you.” I heard him whisper.  Before I could say anything back in response, sleep took over me.

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