i found this so funny i don't know why

there’s two days until we found out what happens on the 18th. we’re running out of food. the children are dying. disease is spreading. i don’t think we’ll survive much longer

@niallsgoc @harryandlouisarehappilystrong @verseziam @malikaesthetics @professionally-fangirling  @champaynezaddy Basically these Liam ‘fans’ on twitter have him as a part of a groupchat and just posted screenshots of their convos where they mostly talk crap about him and he sees everything and today he started responding and saying “please stop being mean” and they kept continuing and multiple times he messages them saying “don’t talk shit” or “why would you say something like?” And he basically saw EVERYTHING and then they were like omg Liam saw us talking shit about him and he was like “I’m always here I see everything” and then they were like we won’t defend ur stupid actions LIAM and we only criticize u as fans or something like that and despite them talking so much shit he still said “it’s ok I love you” …. it was just….. and they found it funny and I was so upset because they were talking shit about him and he repeatedly asked them to stop and they still continued and only one person eventually said we only do it cus we love you and he still said I love you too….. I can’t….. if u have LIAM in a group chat why would u talk shit? They’re not fans…. I don’t understand this logic….. I’m so upset right now u don’t even know.


OK so I got asked this and decided to google it and all I found was this… And now I can’t stop giggling 


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Oh Gansey….you know not what you say

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AARG I don't know why I always found tickling from a distance ( the soulmate writing-on-skin, but also voodoo, magic/telepathic/tickles, etc.) really really attractive, but I love it. If the victim is in public and they feel soft touches all over and they have to pretend everything is fine even if it's nOT FINE THEY'RE DYING. If they know who it is they text them furiously threatening them with death but it only gets worst. And people arround asking "why are you smiling? What's so funny?" UUUGH

Anonymous said: BUT ALSO,the vicitm is in their house, or in any private room, and the ler is tickling them mercilessly from some other place, but probably watching somehow because it’s too good to see their s/o just rolling on the floor/bed laughing and begging and there is no need of bondage, no matter how much their run, squirm, or press on the spot that tickles it DOESN’T STOP THERE IS NO HELP and the lee has no way of knowing when and where the next attack will come omg I need more distance tickles fics…

OK BUT MAGIC/TELEPATHIC TICKLES THO!!!! just imagine the lee is somewhere in the house idk doing laundry or s/t and the ler gets home from work early but doesnt let their presence known, and they peek into the laundry room and see them just humming and going abt their work, and the ler just grins and uses their magic/telepathy/WHATEVER and starts gently tickling up their spine and the lee twitches and arches a bit before breaking down into giggles and the ler is just watching from the doorway while their lee falls apart and grips the washer for something to hold onto or else they’d crumple to the floor and eventually the lee turns and spots the ler in the door and they open their mouth to yell at them probably but the ler just uses this opportunity to tickle the lee harder and the lee just. dies omg

So, I wrote the prologue to a Sonilver fanfiction when I was 14, and...

Every time I go back to it, I’ll never get over how that about 6 paragraphs in, there’s an exchange between Silver and Mephiles that basically goes like this in short:

Silver: oh geez who’s there

Mephiles: uhhhh an angel

Silver: wAI T REALLY :D

Mephiles: LMAO NO YOU IDIOT???