i found this really funny hahaha


Lately, I have been re-reading Bnha and I found this scene quiet hilarious; 

Because, as you can see, Todoroki is standing beside Kirishima at that moment, relatively “far” from Midoriya or, at least, it would be difficult for Izuku to get where Todoroki is standing because of Iida between them and the fact that the space is as narrow as it is. 

And in this panel we see again that is not “error” from Horikoshi but in fact Kirishima is proper to Shouto than Deku is. But… 

What we see later on, however, is that Midoriya is the one standing on top of Todoroki! 

I just laughed so hard at realising this litle thing…. Because I can picture the scene totally going like: 

Todoroki: “I choose Midoriya” 

Iida: “B-but… Kirishima is just next to you-”

Todoroki: “I want Mirdoriya” 

Deku: “-sighs- Fine. Iida-kun, please, move aside.”

Iida: “HOW!?” 

Or something like that idk lmao 

This is something I haven´t seen people talking about but perhaps I’m wrong, excuse me if that’s the case, t’s only that I want to talk about it because I found it really funny xd

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I heard that rumor too regarding Harry's house comments and the fandom found it funny and it to be another~~ coincidence because Louis had followed some interior decor accounts on Instagram around the same time the rumor came out hahaha. Louis must have HGTV on all day in their house honestly

i love the thought of louis being really into interior decorating and harry coming home to find rooms decked out in furniture that wasn’t there before

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can i ask who thought of the idea of the piston and pressure plate device by Stampy and Stacy? i found that really funny honestly

Hahaha I found a gif of a machine someone made like that in Minecraft, showed it to the team and was like “um what if Beacontown had one of these.”

I’m so lucky that anyone listens to a single thing I say haha.

EXO Reaction To Hiding Their Love Bites/Bite Marks/Back Scratches From Their GF

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Exo reaction to having to hide the love bites on their neck and/ or scratches on their back from their girlfriend ! Thank you, I love your blog so so much btw :)

So I kind of made this a double one where they inevitably get found out by the other members, and so there’s also their reaction to that as well :3 Because I thought it would be hilarious and funny 

Xiumin: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Xiumin: No, don’t come near me! Ah! Nothing to see here Byun! Move along move along!

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Xiumin: Well now that you all know, you know who is getting some yeah? 

Luhan: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Luhan: let me just walk through the dorm and hopefully no one will look too closely at my neck…hehehe…oh god…why does there have to be eleven of them? What am I supposed to hide from eleven people I live with?

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Luhan: Please don’t tell anyone! Let’s keep this quiet! Y/N can never know this happen!

Kris: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Kris: I’ll just straighten out my shirt and no one will know. Just do it carefully Yifan…

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Kris: *slowly watches the very fabric of his life seemingly fall apart before him as the inescapable teasing begins.*

Suho: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Suho: act normal and they will not know. Just be normal. Act like you do not have very obvious marks from last night just under your clothes.

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Suho: Kids please stop saying how daddy got dirty with future mommy last night.

Lay: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Lay: it’s not like they like messing with your neck or anything…They won’t notice the hickey there for sure…hehehe….ahhh…

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Lay: Yes! Ok yes! I did naughty stuff last night!

Baekhyun: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Baekhyun: Nobody come near me! Ah!! *runs away like a child*

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Baekhyun: Well now that you all know that I’m getting some, you can all bow down to the master!

Chen: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Chen: let’s just hope that Xiuhan are to busy to look at the back of my neck right now… Just be cool and it will and be ok and the marks will fade in a couple days.

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Chen: *when they start talking about his girlfriend in a way chenchen is not fond of* Do you want to keep talking? I’ll leave marks on you, too, a completely different kind.

Chanyeol: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Chanyeol: do not react. Just stay perfectly still. They’re like dinosaurs. If they sense movement, they pounce.

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Chenyeol: *screaming* no! No one say anything! There is nothing there! Nothing! It’s all an illusion! Nooo!

DO: *when he’s trying to hide them*

DO: No one better touch me or come near me. I am not in the mood. *acting all Satansoo to scare them away*

*when he gets found out by the other members*

DO: *awkward squishy soo* Hahaha…What is that? I don’t know what those are! hehe haha… Want me to cook? I’ll cook and we forget all of this!

Tao: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Tao: *wears a scarf and hits people with it so they stay away.* no one is seeing the hickey on my neck today!

*when he gets found by the other members*

Tao: *when Sehun sees and will not stop making fun of him*

Kai: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Kai: they will never see the hickeys with all these layers on. I finally beat those hyungs*

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Kai: deny deny deny those are not hickeys. Nope. I don’t know what they are. Maybe something’s wrong with your eyes.

Sehun: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Sehun: What’s that? Hahaha! Really funny hyung! use the pillow! use the pillow and no one shall see!

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Sehun: That’s right. I’m getting laid. And it’s hot and heavy. I’m Oh Sehun

EXO finding out you have a crush on a member of Seventeen

not-a-superheroine said: Hi!!!!!!! Your reactions are awesomee! Can I request an reaction of EXO (including Kris, Tao and Luhan) when they found out that your bias/crush is a member of Seventeen? It’s a bit weird but It would be funny hahaha All the love xx


Suho: *getting ready to fight him off*

Baekhyun: *agrees with you when you say the Seventeen member is hot*

Chanyeol: *he’s actually pretty sad because he wants all your attention to himself*

Chen: Really babe? Really?

D.O: You need to stop that right now

Kai: *stares the member down trying to figure out what it is you like about him*

Kris: Well I guess he’s decent looking…


Luhan: Is he as cool as this? B*tch I don’t think so.

Xiumin: Oh, I see what’s going on. You just need a reminder of how sexy your boyfriend is

Tao: You should pay attention to me

Sehun: *the poor maknae feels left out* Hi…In case you hadn’t noticed I’m still here

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Have you heard Osoro's alternative Rival Intro voice line? Or any of the rival's alternative lines in general. They can be found on their wiki pages, fyi.

Yesss and I loved it! I think it portrays her character way better than the official one and it’s really cool (I still prefer the voice actress from the video tho!)

About the other rivals, the one that caught my attention the most was Megami’s because it’s so unnecessarily long that it was actually funny hahaha. I also think Osana’s one should have been used on the video, I liked it!

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Hey! You know the cliche about Paris? That Paris is the city of love? I checked the most zodiac sign in France... and guess what? The number one is Taurus. I don't know if it's a coincidence or something like that but I understand much more why people say that Paris is the city of love :) Just want to know what you think about this ?

Hahaha yeah I found this too 😂 idk, really, but it’s true that it’s funny when we think about it 💭😵😂

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Dude, so I reblogged that gifset of Kyo counting the members of sukekiyo and then still looking sort of puzzled and disconcerted and it cracked me up so much, and then like hours later I was in the shower mindin' my own business and I thought of it again and just started laughing and oh man, I don't know why it's so funny. I can like hear his little internal monologue and I know it's just ridiculousness but all this is really just to say, thank you for existing and making me laugh so much.

HAHAHA that’s awesome. I found it endlessly amusing too. I was watching the video like why in the christ is he doing that WHY IS HE POINTING AT EVERYONE IM SO CONFUSED??? Hahah and aww thank you I AM GLAD YOU ENJOYED IT❤️

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my ribcage is the same as yours!! i've always found it funny & i'm kind of proud of it in a way hahaha, just something interesting not many other people have. i remember when my brother was really little he asked me why i had 4 boobs HAHA




the bad boy is back. after not seeing him for 6 months, you got a call, and it turns out you’re the only person who would bail him out of jail after he got arrested. you’ve somehow found yourself under his arm again and becoming just as corrupted as your convict boyfriend.

As we all know, Shukashuu enjoys eating salisbury steak (Just like You does! o7)

Especially when it’s filled with cheese.

Shukashuu and Anchan actually have a conversation about it during Uraraji 4, which aired back in May. You can listen to it here!

Turns out Shuka’s picky about cheese placement. It has to be inside the steak, not on top (꒪⌓꒪)

… Come to think of it, didn’t she mention that Sega Collabo Cafe released a salisbury steak set for her birthday? Huh… I wonder wh—

(:D)| ̄|_

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Hello again! Just a funny thought... Do you also sometimes wonder, if just like we have our "new episode preditions" bingo, Steven, Mark and Arwel have their own bingo? Like sitting together scrolling through tumblr after the episode aired with their "clues for dedicated viewers" bingo cards (O_o) shouting: 'Look Mark, they found this' or 'Really, Arwel, the elephant on Mycroft's fridge was too obvious. That shouldn't count.' and so on.

Hahaha!! Omg, it wouldn’t surprise me at this point. They LOVE that we are dissecting the SHIT out of this episode, let me tell you. I would not be surprised if they have an operative following the TST tag to see just how much we figured out!

They KNOW about fan theories. So I would not put it past them to also have someone on Tumblr watching blogs and tags to see just how much we figured out.

Alright guys. You know that I´m a totally sebaciel shipper (although I like CielxLizzy) but I got to say, that in lease in this part, actually have sense. 

But C´mon. Could be the two you know. I mean, he is still a demon, but well. I like to think that he likes Ciel (someday he actually gonna eat his soul) but that yes, he do likes how Ciel is. C´mon, why so sad, is only your food and you are not capable of eating it yet. In some point you gonna eat it.

Well, this picture made my day. Bacause I like seeing another points of view. XD And you know, I will keep my theory of the 25 page. Suck you. :P Hahaha, but this was really funny. I found it on Facebook.