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Most important changes: 

  • The hostage situation at Prescott was supposed to be about Clem, not Javi. In the final game, the New Frontier does not know that Clem is at Prescott, so the Prescott group doesn’t realize her history with the group until they are forced to confront the New Frontier in episode 2. 
    • Tripp, the true MVP, sides against giving Clem over to the New Frontier: “It’s the New Frontier, Connie. I ain’t throwing her to those fucking hyenas. Besides, she’s a good shot and we may need one.”
    • Conrad doesn’t like Clem very much. 
  • There was supposed to be a tense stand-off between Wellington and (apparently, according to the video maker) the New Frontier in Clem’s flashback if she stayed in Wellington with AJ. 
  • The audio includes Clem and Gabe’s (rather cute, actually) conversation, which was too quiet to hear in the final game, after Gabe threatens to shoot Conrad: 
    • Clem: You okay?
    • Gabe: Yeah?
    • Clem: You know, that was really impressive back there, what you did. 
    • Gabe: You think so?
    • Clem: I didn’t know anyone could point a gun at someone and still look like such a huge dork. 
    • Gabe: Haha, oh come on!
    • Clem: No, it was really scary! I thought you might shoot your own foot off. 
  • Audio near the end is of Max (the beanie-wearing douchebag from the New Frontier at the gate who Clem gives the middle finger to) getting devoured by walkers, hell ya
  • Audio at the end is of David getting branded, so I assume either they cut out a flashback of this or are saving this for a future ep. 

Some other things I found interesting/cute: 

  • Originally, Eleanor would have stolen Tripp’s truck rather than taking Javi and Clem back to the junkyard on horses. 
  • Kate calling Clem “that tween with the gun” awww
  • Clem re: Mari’s candy bar - “She’ll have to settle for half.” 
  • Clem: “Keep your eyes closed and count to a hundred before you go. And NO SPEED COUNTING. Mississippis. Got it?” 
  • Clem: “We could hang for this!” No foreshadowing please and thank you
  • Eleanor: “Right. Must have been the other handsome young Latino stranger in town.” 
Equally Breathtaking

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where he comes home to the reader walking around in his clothes. Steaminess ensues. @coveofmemories @sweetg @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn


After a week away on an unbelievably difficult case, there was nothing he wanted to do more than go home to Y/N. Earlier in the day, she’d texted to say that she’d made his favorite dish, chicken cutlet and baked ziti, and couldn’t wait until he got home.

To say he was lucky she was in his life was an understatement. She understood the pressures of his job. Never made him feel guilty for being away so often. When he was home, he gave her everything he had, and then did the same at work. It was tough, but it was enough. 

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his keys and rattled them in the lock. After what felt like ages, the key finally fell into place. The second he stepped inside, the vision before him caused him to drop his bag to the floor. Dancing around in the kitchen was the love of his life, damp, wavy hair hanging loosely at her shoulders as she prepped the last of their dinner. “Hey baby,” she said as she turned around. “What are you looking at me like that for?”

“Why wouldn’t I be looking at the most beautiful woman in the world?” he asked as he scanned her frame. Apparently, she’d decided her own clothes weren’t good enough. She was wearing one of his button-down shirts, one of the older ones that hadn’t been ironed in a while, which hung loosely on her torso. As his eyes fell toward her legs, he noticed the material of his boxers hugging the curves of her bottom. The messy yet beautiful vision before him made him smile. “What happened to your clothes?”

Confused, she looked down, as if only now realizing that she was wearing his clothes. “I was running around all day, cleaning and cooking and doing laundry and I got really, really hot in my own clothes, so I decided to change, but everything I picked out was just going to be too tight and I needed freedom.” She rambled on, shaking her breasts for emphasis. “So I took one of your shirts and even though I knew you were coming home tonight, it smelled like you, and I’ve missed you, so I put it on and it was comfortable, so I kept it on.”

God she was beautiful. It didn’t matter if she was decked out in the most beautiful silk dress, matching heels, perfect make-up and gorgeously coiffed hair, or standing in front of him with damp hair and dressed in his shirt and boxers. She was equally breathtaking either way - the most beautiful woman in the world. “And the boxers?” he asked, his eyebrow raising as he glided his hands over her bottom.

That amazingly, adorable, embarrassed smile painted itself across her features. “I know how much you like how my butt looks in your boxers.” That he couldn’t deny. He was a big fan of her butt - his boxers, her panties, nothing at all - it didn’t matter. “You want dinner?” When he couldn’t keep his eyes off her, she must’ve noticed. “Or I could put it away for now?”

“Yea,” he said dreamily. He wasn’t normally the kind of man to get away with any kind of dirty talk, he couldn’t pull it off, but when he was in a daze, she found it cute. “I think I’d rather have dessert first.”

She giggled and stepped up on her tiptoes to give him a peck on the lips. After he helped her put the food away, he spun her into him and gradually backed her into their bedroom. “I’ve missed you,” he said more seriously. 

“I’ve missed you, too,” she breathed. As he backed her into the bed, she fell backward, causing them both to giggle. He dropped to his knees beside the bed and grazed his hands up her thighs and underneath his shirt, gliding his gun-roughened palms over her sensitive nipples. The sound of her moan ran up his body, goosebumps showering themselves across his skin. 

Y/N dipped her finger into her center, bringing it out and dabbing the wetness across his lips. He groaned and took her finger into his mouth, sucking it clean before peeling down the boxers and throwing them to the side. He bent his head to her legs and began to kiss her inner thighs. She was needy, grinding her pelvis downward and silently begging for the magic of his tongue, but he wanted to take her all in. “Mine,” he mumbled softly. 

As he kissed closer and closer toward her center, she deftly undid the buttons of his shirt, letting the material fall to the side and expose her needy skin. When he finally pursed his lips against the swollen bundle of nerves that had been begging for him since the moment he got home, she lightly gasped and grabbed his curls, pushing his mouth to where she needed him most. “More, please, Spence.” His cock twitched at her words and they drove him further, burying his face into her slick heat. She writhed beneath his mouth as he licked, sucked and kissed her. “Please, I need you inside me.”

“Is that so?” he asked coyly as he crawled up her body, gently lifting her off the bed to peel the rest of his clothing off her.

Eagerly, she nodded and bit her lip, desperate to feel him inside her after a week away, and he was more than needy for her. When he was on a case, he was 100 percent there, but once he left, the need for home and her was even greater than if he had been thinking about her while on the job. 

Spencer pushed himself off the bed and ridded himself of his clothes. He breathed a sigh of relief when his erection was free from the constraints of his own boxers. As he crawled onto the bed and hovered over her, she reached out for his length, teasing the tip and bringing the remnants up to her mouth to taste his desperation. “Please fuck me,” she begged. Her half-lidded gaze was nearly enough to push him over the edge, so when he slipped inside her, her walls tightening around his member, he cried out and took her mouth in his. 

A strangled cry ripped from her throat as his cock hit the deepest parts of her. But neither of them could get as close as they wanted. The room filled with grunts, groans and whimpers as he kept up his pace, watching for signs of increased desperation. “Oh, god, fuck,” she cried underneath him, reaching down and grabbing his ass. With one hand on his ass and the other around his back, she pulled him into her as closely as she possibly could and bit down on his shoulder.

“Oh fuck, Y/N,” he cried out, pulling out and releasing himself onto her stomach. “Holy hell.”

Her breath came in ragged spurts as Spencer pooled into a puddle at her feet at the end of the bed. “My god. Have you missed me, Spence?” She chuckled.

“So much,” he whispered as he kissed her knee. Reaching over, he grabbed a wipe for each of them to clean themselves up, and then helped her off the bed. “Now, I know I’m going to need much more of this…and this…” he said, kissing up her body. “But I need fuel. You want dinner now?”

She stood up and picked up his shirt, draping it around her as they walked outside. He was right behind her, which meant once again, he was getting a view to die for. Suddenly, she turned around and smiled, grazing his member through the boxers he’d pulled on. “If you don’t stop doing what you’re doing, and looking like that, I’m not going to make it to dinner.”

“If we can make it to the table, that’s all that matters,” she winked. 

essequamvideri24  asked:

What's this about Henry VII lifting Prince Henry up during his enobling? I've not read that before, but it sounds amusing!

Hiyaa, I believe that I came across this description on either Henry: the Mind of a Tyrant or Virtuous Prince by David Starkey. It wasn’t during his investiture as duke of York as I said but actually when he was inducted into the Order of the Bath, he was created duke of York the next day. Since I can’t find the primary account  among the mess I have in my drive there’s this description by Sarah Bryson :  

“King Henry VIII was inducted into the Most Noble Order of the Bath at just three years of age. Before the traditional ceremony could even start the young boy, barely older than a toddler would have been taught the oath of fealty which he would have had to learn by heart. In addition to this he would have had to have had special robes made for the induction as well as being taught how to stand for hours and to show his silent respect for the Order.

On Wednesday 29th of October young Henry Tudor rode through the streets of London to Westminster Palace on a mighty warhorse. Keeping in mind that he was only three years of age at the time it is said that he impressed all those that he passed. The next day on the 30th of October the ceremony officially began. First the young Prince participated in a small dinner for his father the King. It was his responsibility to help his father wash his hands before and after the meal. Once his hands were washed Henry would have handed the King a white cloth to dry his hands. Once the meal was completed Henry was then taken to the King’s chamber were a wooden tub lined with white cloth was waiting for him. Twenty two other men were also being inducted into the Order that night and their wooden tubs were lined up within the Parliament Chamber, except for Lord Harrington and Lord Fitzwarren who had their tubs in the Queen’s closet. Once in the warm water John de Vere, the Earl of Oxford and the Great Chamberlain of England came forward and read the rules and responsibilities of a Knight of the Bath. After this the King entered and dipped his fingers into the water and made a sign of the cross on his son’s right shoulder before kissing the mark. The King then exited the room to repeat the ritual with the other future Knights.
Next Henry was taken from the bath, dried and dressed in coarse robes. He was then lead to St Stephen’s Chapel within Westminster where he and the other men confessed their sins and received absolution from the chaplains before hearing mass. Once this was completed Henry was allowed to return to his bed and sleep for a few hours.

In the early hours of the morning the three year old boy was awoken and with the other soon to be Knights rode to Westminster Hall. Once there Henry was carried by Sir William Sandys and presented before the King. Next little Henry had the right spur attached to his heel by the Duke of Buckingham and the left spur attached by Marquis of Dorset. The King then came forward and knighted his son with his sword. Out of love it seems the King then picked up his young son and placed him on a table for all to see.

The very next day on Saturday 1st of November 1494 young Henry Tudor was created Duke of York in a lavish ceremony. Then on the 17th of May 1495 Henry was created a Knight of the Garter, the highest Order of the time. It would seem that Henry VII was trying to cement his legacy.” 

I joked with a friend that when I first read this I thought Henry was channeling Rafiki from Lion King. It seemed to be a small gesture of affection and I found it rather cute.  

anonymous asked:

Maybe it's just my yoonmin brain but when Jimin slipped and fell on stage recently, in the video it felt like yoongi walked up to him and bumped into him as if to ask if he's okay. I found it rather cute.

i thought so too 👀🔎


Prompt: Oh my god, I just found your blog about 2 hours ago and I’m completely in love with it! You are such an amazing writer, and what your are doing with the #momentsofweakness project is incredible! The things you have written about, I can relate to such much. My self-confidence has been at a all time low this week and it made me 10x better. Do you think you can do a imagine for the moments of weakness where the reader gets bullied (Verbally)in High school or something like that? Thank you so much!

Warnings: verbal abuse

Author’s Note: you guys are the best!! We have 2,900+ followers! YOU GUYS!! I tried to keep this one rather gender neutral! 

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Philly Bit My Finger

So youtube rewind was a thing… Phil practically sitting in Dan’s lap. It was just begging for fanfic to be written about it…

Summary: In the process of filming for YouTube rewind, Phil is required to sit on Dan’s lap while they re-enact the ‘Charlie Bit My Finger Video’. They feel this is risky for their established but secret relationship but go ahead with it anyhow.  

Genre: smut - blowjob, buttsex

Warning: smut

Word count: 2.24k

Dan’s POV:

The video producers had just been explaining to Phil and I what we had to do. We were re-enacting a moment from the 'Charlie Bit My Finger’ video that went viral back in 2007. I wasn’t quite sure if I’d heard everything right… Phil was looking particularly cute today and I found it rather distracting.

“Wait, so Phil has to sit in my lap?” I asked, unsure if this is what’d been said.

“Yes,” the producer next to the camera man replied, “That’s okay, right? We presumed you two being such good friends…”

“It’s fine,” I cut her off.

In all honesty, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it. Phil and I were trying to keep our relationship a secret to the fans, and even though this wasn’t exactly coming out, I felt as if it were maybe a step too far. Our fans would go crazy over this. It would be all over tumblr, but they would know it was the rewind creators that had put us up to it - that would make it alright, right?

I looked over to Phil to see what he felt about the matter. He seemed fairly oblivious to the situation. I guess it wasn’t much different from when we snuggled up together at home. All we had to do was play it off as being completely platonic.

“Okay, so Dan,” the producer lady interrupted my thoughts, “If you sit down on the chair, that would be good.”

Unsure exactly where to sit - it was a very big chair after all - I sat down and waited for further instructions.

“Right, shuffle back into the corner. Yes, that’s good. Now Phil if you’d like to sit too. Yes, that’s it. Maybe turn around a little so your right shoulder is in front of Dan. Perfect.”

I bit my lip as Phil shuffled around on my lap. Fuck, was I getting hard. Glancing down, I was relieved to see that it wasn’t making my jeans protrude yet. That would hella awkward, with all the producers and cameras.

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Okay. When I was returning to school I decided to start using chewing necklaces to try and stop peeling skin off of my hands, chewing on my cheeks and other harmful stims.  So I went searching for a chewable necklace and realized really quickly that while people will advise you to search “chewelry” or “sensory necklace” or something like that, most of the stuff that I found by doing this was either directed to really small children, or frankly looked rather medical.  

Finally, I found some cute ones, by searching for “teething bling” or “teething necklace for moms” or “chewbeads” (that last one is a brand name, but they’re pretty cute and it also pulls up similar products so I thought I’d include it) .  This led me to (finally) finding chewable jewelry that was meant to be stylish and worn in the adult world, and I thought I would do some reviews of the three I have tried, to try and spread the word about these products for which Autistics are not the target audience, but which benefit me a lot. 

I bought all of mine from Amazon, but Etsy seems to have them for less expensive, and both of those search terms turn up some cute ideas :) :) :) 

The first necklace (black pendant) can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0087ARMP6/ref=oh_details_o06_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  • I got it in black and liked how the neutral color could go with almost any clothes without it seeming off (if I wear too many colors, it makes my head hurt)
  • I also liked how it was wide at the bottom and the shape kind of pulled at the edges of my mouth which was a nice feeling
  • This was my first chewing necklace and I chewed through it in a couple of weeks, because it is a pendent style, all of the chewing is relatively focused in one place, leading it to wear through quickly
  • Constant chewing also made it less glossy after a while
  • Because the chewing is concentrated in one spot, it was easy to wash

Final conclusion: A good necklace for occasional wear/chewing, easy to wash, easy to wear, nice shape, but it wears out quickly.  Would still recommend. 

The second necklace (green pendent) can be found here: 


  • I like to wear things that are green, also, the look of it was nice because the variations in color made it look more like a stone pendant and less like a piece of chewable rubber, this made me feel like a secret agent
  • This one was a lot less expensive than the last one, I think I paid like, $8.00 for it?
  • Again, the wide shape, this time at the middle led to a nice pulling feeling at my mouth, which caused another form of positive sensory input in addition to the chewing
  • It seems to be a bit harder than the other one? And is still not starting to crack after two months
  • Durable

Final Conclusion:I’m not as fond of the style of this one, but it seems to be really durable and nice to chew.  It’s a bit less undercover, but still has the look of an ordinary pendant.

The third necklace (Black and white beads) can be found here:


  • This one is my favorite
  • It is the most undercover, I wore it when I met my family on vacation and my mother didn’t realize it was chewable for several hours, she thought I was just accessorizing
  • Different shapes and sizes of beads mean different chewing sensations depending on how you’re feeling
  • Really cute
  • Different beads mean that the chewing is spread out over a much wider area so it wears out a lot slower
  • This one has also lasted 2 months and is just starting to crack after almost constant wear
  • The smooth parts of the square beads are nice to press against my lips
  • One downside is that because of the little spaces between the beads and the string, it has to be cleaned more often or else it gets really gross
  • It cleans pretty well by just setting it into a cup of bleachy water though, or it can go through the dish washer
  • I tied up the clasp to make it a bit shorter

Final Conclusion: I ADORE THIS NECKLACE AND WOULD TOTALLY RECCOMEND IT. It comes in different colors, it’s versatile, it feels nice, the beads are super squashy and I need to order myself another one.

Sonamy Week Childhood

(I’m so behind, lol!)

(It was on this link, but I don’t know where it is. x )

The first time I carried you…

It was weird.

I hadn’t held a girl before…

But I knew it was something like this… cause girls are kinda fragile and stuff, right?

You didn’t look all that fragile.

You kinda seemed tough on your own, but you were scared.

I kinda understood that’s why you held on so tight.

Or moved your head closer to my chest.

I felt bad cause my stomach made you arc your back slightly, but you didn’t complain…

You still had fresh tears on your face, but when your closed eyes stopped trembling, and you looked up at me, blinking, I found that rather comforting.

I was just glad you weren’t afraid anymore.

That face wasn’t cute, it was kinda scary for me to see.

One second, you were bouncing all around me, excited to have met me or whatever, clinging to me and all that..

But then the next second, you were whisked away and that face.. it made me want to protect you.

Holding you for the first time was like I had always carried girls like this.

Or rather… just you.

You fit rather well in my arms, ah! N-not that I’m saying that’s important! Just that.. umm… well, anyway, it was easier on me, that’s all.

Anyway! Why am I spatting out a bunch of nonsense about that?

Oh.. you asked… right. 

And I responded, why?

OW! Okay! I get it! You wanted to know!

Well, there… you have it now. It was weird…


But you were kinda cute then too… I guess.

OUCH! I mean I guess that’s just how you are! Geez! Easy on the hammer! Let me explain! OW! Amy! AH! Oh,- COME ON!

The Dollhouse (Chapter 16- Strawberry Cream)

A/N: EVERYBODY CELEBRATE CAUSE THE DOLLHOUSE IS BACK (finally) I know I’ve been absolutely terrible and I have put off finishing this god forbidden chapter for so long. But I finally got off my ass (not really cause I wrote this on the couch) and finished this son of a bitch. However this chapter is a bit more of a calmer one, but will get more exciting soon, I promise. Anyways, enjoy!

~Admin ChaCha~

Ch. 1 Porcelain | Ch. 2 Lace Dresses | Ch. 3 Black Pumps | Ch. 4 Rosy Cheeks| Ch. 5 Red Lips | Ch. 6 Pink Ribbons | Ch. 7 Suede Boots|Ch. 8 Smokey Eyes| Ch. 9 Silk Robes | Ch. 10 Lavender Perfume | Ch. 11 Diamonds | Ch. 12 Pearl Earrings | Ch. 13 Roses | Ch. 14 White Daisies | Ch. 15 Leather Jacket

SUMMARY: The day after Yugyeom’s confrontation with a drunk Jaebum.

ENRE: Angst, Romance, Smut, Servant au, Mistress, Dominant, Submissive

INCLUDED: (OC) Airlina Allessandra, (OC) Madeline Delore, Kim Yugyeom, Jackson Wang, Im Jaebum, Park Jinyoung, Mark Tuan, Choi Youngjae, BamBam (Koonpimook Bhuwakul)


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So after reading the fic where the fave character is a king and the reader is a commoner, I REALLY needed a sequel to that! (hopefully I’m not the only one) So yeah; enjoy (sorry if it’s long; kinda got carried away… ^^;)

Male favorite character; gender neutral reader, second fave, and third fave.

Written by hypertomboi

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30 Day OTP Challenge: exR - Day Three: Pick-up Lines

Day One || Two 

On AO3

Grantaire hands the cup over to the cute blonde with a smile. ‘I’m sorry about Marius, he’s just… he doesn’t know how to flirt and instead makes weird noises before he runs away.' 

The young woman lets out a chuckle in reply, shaking her head as she adds a sachet of sweetener to the saucer that the large mug sits on. 'No, don’t worry about it. I found it rather cute.' 

She digs into her satchel bag that’s slung over her shoulder and pulls out a pen and a piece of paper. She then jots something down and Grantaire watches her with a small frown. 'Tell him that talking through text may be easier at first, and if he is interested… here is my number.' 

She hands Grantaire the piece of paper which has her number scrawled beneath her name; Cosette

'Oh my God, seriously? This is your real number?’ Grantaire questions as he stares at Cosette with a sceptic frown on his face. He runs his free hand through his hair, ruffling his black curls as Cosette nods her head in reply. 

Wow,’ Grantaire lets out a low whistle before he chuckles, vaguely aware of the bell above the door chiming, signalling that someone has entered the coffee shop. 'I never thought I’d see the day I’d be craving Marius Pontmercy’s flirting techniques!' 

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curleduphl  asked:

For the author ask thingy, 15 and 25 please ? :)

Thanks for entertaining me, love <3 

15) Why did you start writing?

Because I had to. I felt an overwhelming need to tell stories, so I did. I started writing fan fic in… 2007? To me, writing is like this physical need. 

25) Copy/paste a few sentences or a short paragraph that you’re particularly proud of. 

Even on the threat of sounding selfish, I actually do very much enjoy my own writing. This tidbit I found rather cute and it’s just stuck with me from past weekend’s writing: 

“I take it back. You’re not a man-child. You’re a baby koala.”

Harry lets out a strange whimper, part a tiny roar, little bit like a meow.

“What was that?” Louis laughs.

“Koala sound,” Harry tells him seriously.

“You’re so full of shit, Styles. Koalas don’t make that sound.”

“This koala does.” Harry muses a thought for a bit. “It’s the sad koala sound. Sad, shoeless koala sound.”

“You’re an idiot,” Louis tells Harry yet again and nuzzles his sleep-warm cheek with his. (from Drabbles.) 


♡ ♡ ♡

I found this super cute japanese store in Pittsburgh this weekend! (although it was in a rather shady location) I found some cute stationery goodies there  °☆.。

It’s called Kawaii Gifts in Pittsburgh, PA so if you like cute stationery or just really adorable stuff this is your shop!