i found this quite hilarious

Fanart commission for the lovely Alybalybee’s equally lovely fanfic “I Like You a Whole Latte” really found this scene hilarious so I was quite glad to have been given the chance to draw it, if you haven’t read her story yet, go check it out!

Also, Commissions are open in case anyone’s interested, For inquiries, please drop me a private message.

What are the differences between JiKook and celebrity couples, kept in secret from public?

…there are none :D
Please, don’t take this too seriously. I’m not trying to prove anything with this, but I just accidentally bumped into this video about Weightlifting Fairy couple (Lee Sung Kyung & Nam Joo Hyuk) with 4 ‘hints’ that made fans “see it coming”, described. And as clicked through the video, it all seemed familiar.
(Of course I don’t think that these things have to always prove something! Sometimes netizens just see things that aren’t there and people are just friends. But these two beauties are now official and so cute!♥)

Hmm, what could that be?
1: Spending free time together and having a date at Coldplay concert.

Well, Jikook + wingman Hobi went to a Big Bang concert last year:

2: They kissed when they hadn’t had to kiss…       

Jikook never kissed in front of cameras, but we have these things like back hugging when it’s not in script or there are no fans to do “fanservice” for:

2,5: Power of a kiss! Shouted out to the world.

Once again, we don’t have a kiss, but we have this cute and little embarrassing moment of Jimin, telling everyone Jungkook hugs him to sleep: (And Kookie being flustered.) (I couldn’t find the original video from the fansign, it just disappeared. But it was this fansign so I just made this illustrating picture ^^)

3: Attending fan meetings. 

Well :D Jikook always attend each other’s fan meetings, because, you know, they’re in the same group. But awkward and full of giggling? (Check.):

4: Posting their pictures on Instagram.

BTS don’t have private Instagrams, not that we are aware of. Buttt they have Twitter and we all know how gladly Jimin and Jungkook use it :3

4,5: Posting pictures that show they hang out together in their free time.

Should I even say something? Jikook are pros at showing us they’re hanging out together ♥:

This would be it. As I said, I only made this compilation because I found it quite hilarious. But they just do 54587 of couple-ish things.
PS: I’m glad Weightlifting Fairy couple are real :33 They melt my heart.

title: Mine Now

author: aclosetlarryshipper

word count: 32k

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.

Hello Goodbye (2)

one two three

Young Eunha 

        “Shit I’m late!” I cursed when I peeked at my watch which was wrapped nicely on my right wrist. I was in the middle struggling to put on my sneakers, knowing that I had much time left I decided to let both of my heels wrapped improperly and rushed to get downstairs.

        “Where are you going, honey?” My mom greeted when she witnessed me rushing on my way downstairs and passing her territory, her precious and forever always clean kitchen.   

         I whipped my head to her direction and grinned innocently, “I have to meet Yoona, I’m late.”

         “Have your breakfast first, honey. It’s too early to go, and it’s Sunday anyway.” My mom shook her head. I usually go with my bestfriend, Yoona at Saturday or Sunday. But it usually happened at evening, not six in the morning. That’s why my mom looked at me questioning.     

         She looked at me from head to toe as if she inspecting me; I wouldn’t go jogging with Yoona because my clothes wasn’t suitable for that and for anyone who went to jogging wouldn’t bring big backpack like me. I looked like someone who wants to run away to another country and change my identity.            

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Unpopular opinion: I don't really like Haxby and I think Marney is wonderful because he respects Charlotte so much??? I think Haxby was always just a petty person and that everyone likes him because he's played by Edward Hogg (whom I adore as well) and that the random thing they had in episode 4 does not constitute them being a solid ship??? Yep, sue me.

I want to preface this by saying that I welcome discussion of all opinions, and thus, there’s really no need for things like “sue me.” It’s okay! We all have our opinions, and we all like whom we like. Own it. Furthermore, I think you’ll be happy to hear that this is not an unpopular opinion at all. I like Marney, as I’ve said. There’s always been tons of Marney love on my dash. There’s always been tons of love for him in the notes on my gifs of him. Hell, people even tag my Haxby gifsets with how much they prefer Marney. Believe me: by no means is the fandom’s preference clear cut.

And the thing is, it doesn’t need to be an either/or scenario when it comes to liking Marney and/or Haxby. It doesn’t even need to be either/or when it comes to shipping Charlotte with both or either of them. That’s part of why, upon seeing the preview for 1.06 last week, I explicitly expressed my unhappiness about the punching scene pitting the two men against each other over Charlotte.

By the timing, I’m guessing this message is in response to some of my recent posts/reblogs alluding to 1.07 and perhaps specifically to my admission yesterday that although I find Marney more likable than Haxby, I don’t find him or his relationship with Charlotte as interesting. Honestly, I hesitated ever saying that for fear of starting a ship war, but again, we all have our opinions. And although I did indeed come into this show with an undeniable Ed Hogg bias, please don’t imagine that that’s blinded me to Haxby’s personality or is the only reason I ever became so invested in him.

You’re absolutely right: Haxby is a petty person! He has always been petty, as well as scheming and priggish and self-righteous — and quite frankly, I have, since the very beginning, found him hilarious and delightful and intriguing precisely because of those qualities. They’re part of what fueled his bickering and needling and sorta-flirting with Charlotte, who, likewise, is petty and scheming and taunting right back to him. Nor is their rivalry unfounded: they are each, after all, seriously interfering with the other’s ability to effectively do their job or live the lifestyle they want. And yet, it’s not all been vitriol. They have each had moments — his prayers at Mary Cooper’s deathbed, her growing discomfort during the “hold my pisspot” scene — in which they find themselves awkwardly and unwillingly aligned. If Haxby had only ever been bitchy, I’d have found him amusing, surebut not nearly as interesting as he is with these quieter moments as contrast.

Now, what constitutes “a solid ship” is a debate as old as fandom itself (and a debate, I think, with no clear answer possible). But from a purely narrative standpoint — looking at it in terms of storytelling, previous interactions, foreshadowing, etc. — their hook-up in episode 4 was not random, did not come from out of nowhere, and is by no means the sole reason anyone might ship them. That sex was foregrounded by four full episodes of petty rivalry, uncomfortable empathy, and sharp barbs of flirtation all mixed together into a beautiful and complicated mess of a relationship that felt, to me, grounded very realistically in who they are as characters and where they each stood in society / Howard’s household. Charlotte and Haxby alike are two strong-willed, hard-headed, combative people who are well matched enough to go head to head, and they may not bring out the best in each other, but they certainly bring out something — something unexpected and bold.

And I, personally, find that immensely interesting. I am pretty dang sure I would find it interesting even if I’d never heard of Edward Hogg.

I’m not trying to convert you to this ship; just to explain why I find Haxby and his relationship (whatever it is) with Charlotte worthy of further exploration. And that’s really been the point to my recent posts / reblogs on the subject. I don’t know whether you’ve seen 1.07, and since I know that most of the people who might be reading this have not, I’m not going to get into that at all. But the point is NOT that I want to trash Marney or gloss over Haxby’s faults. I don’t want to do either of those things. I just want Harlots – a show which thus far has not shied away from exploring some very complicated relationships – to continue exploring this interesting thing it started.

I want characters who are well-rounded and complicated, I want relationships that feature both connection and friction, and I want narrative groundwork to be built upon, not discarded. I want those things for both Haxby and Marney. And I want those things most of all for Charlotte, who, in one way or another, intersects with them both.

Dance With Me


 Bucky Barnes x Reader
 Can I request a Bucky x reader where they kind of recreate that scene in gotg where Gamora and quill are listening to music and they almost kiss but she hits him as a reflex because she usually does that to men who flirt with her? And she freaks out and runs away but then apologizes with a fluffy ending please?
Warnings: Slight violence
Notes: Part 3 of Well This Is Awkward will be up tomorrow. I hope you have been enjoying my work so far. Thankyou for 300 followers it means so much to me, so because of that heres a little treat for y’all. Enjoy! :)

To say you had little patience for men and their flirtation methods was putting it lightly. Whenever you and your friends would go out clubbing or to a bar you would always end up getting hit on.  It sucked, you just wanted a fun night out where you could hang with your girls, but no some meathead had to come ruin that by trying to get into one of your pants. This plus a quick to anger personality did not mix well. You were a part of The Avengers so were highly trained, this meant that whenever a guy would get to close for comfort you would break his nose. You couldn’t even remember how many places you and your friends had been kicked out of because of this, it both annoyed and amused them.

 As you leant against the railing of the balcony, you felt the wind whip your H/C hair around behind you. Laying your head against the cold metal, you heard the door slide open behind you and then close again. Immediately you felt his presence, how could you not. “Y/N?’ his gravely voice questioned. “Hey Buck.” You whispered into the wind. “What are you doing out here, its freezing!” He asked, coming to stand next to you. “Just thinking.” You shrugged. Looking up to meet his eyes, you noticed the white cable from his iPod sticking out from his collar. “What you listening to?” You asked, nodding at his earphones. “Oh just a song by Benjamin Taylor.” He gestured at his earphones. “What’s it called?” you asked with a quirked eyebrow. “Wicked Way.” He smirked. Rolling your eyes you held your hand out for one of the ear buds.

 Bucky’s hand slowly pushed back a strand of your hair behind of your ear. Picking up the ear bud he placed it softly in your ear. The soft sounds of the music floated around you. Closing your eyes you got lost in the melody. You felt Bucky’s hand slowly grip onto your waist and his hand cup your cheek. Leaning into him you felt your nose brush his. Your eyes suddenly burst open as you panicked. Pulling your hand back you clenched it into a fist and sent it flying in the perpetrators direction, completely forgetting it was Bucky. You felt your fist connect with someone’s nose. Looking up you realised… you had just punched the guy you had a huge crush on. Gasping, your eyes widened and you covered your now gaping mouth with your hand. “I’m so sorry!” you exclaimed. “It’s okay.” Bucky muttered as he pinched the bridge of his nose “But why did you punch me?” Before he knew it you had fled out of embarrassment, slamming the door behind you.

 Sitting on your bed, you brought your knees up to your chest and leaned your head against them. You felt your salty tears run down your cheek and gather on the material of your jeans. You heard a knock at your door but chose to ignore it out of embarrassment. Minutes later you heard the lock click and heavy footsteps walk towards you. Refusing to raise your head, you felt the bed dip next to you and a strong-arm wrap around your shoulder. “Y/N, I asked Nat why you punched me and she explained that you didn’t like guys hitting on you. I found it quite hilarious actually.” Bucky said with a chuckle and a kiss to the head. “I am sorry Buck.” You whispered, “I really did want to kiss you.” You mumbled into your leg. Bucky’s hand gently lifted your chin and pressed his lips against yours. Wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling yourself you got lost in the kiss. Pulling back to catch your breath you smiled and lay your head on his shoulder. “Y/N?” Bucky mumbled into your hair “Dance with me?” He said taking your hand in his. “Always.” You whispered back.

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What is the whole constant lesbians thing, I have seen it all over tumblr?

Well I can’t speak for everyone else, but for me personally it’s because basically all of my pairings atm for my game plays are lesbian couples. Here on tumblr I have/had: Kayleigh/Meredith, Karrie/Gianna, Fern/Almadine, and Taffy/Misty. And on youtube I have: Ivy/Iliana. 

It wasn’t even intentional, they all just sorta happened. And I found it quite hilarious lol

Bloody hell: Newt fic

Heyyyyy so this is my first attempt at a tmr reader fic, forgive me if it sucks, I've practically read every newtxreader fic on tumblr, so I thought I should contribute!

Summary: Reader got her periods. Need I say more? 

 Warnings: None 

 Rating: uh K+? (No smut)

 “Y/n!? Y/n wake up love, Everyone is almost done with breakfast!”

You groaned and twisted in your hammock. “Two more minutes Newt”

“No can’t do love, We’ve got work to do. Rise and shine yea? tonight’s a bonfire night so finish up work quick!”

You still made no sign of getting up so Newt decided it was time for plan B 

“y/n” he said dangerously to your face, you huffed and turned to the other side.

He smirked and started tickling you. Normally you would have laughed but not today you jumped at the sudden contact and almost fell off your hammock.

“NEWT WHAT THE HELL” you yelled glaring at him, Newt looked a little taken back. This was something he did very often when you refused to wake up and you normally responded with giggles which eventually lead to the you chasing him down for breakfast.

“I’m sorry love, I just wanted to wake you up” he said, his eyes clearly showing signs of hurt. You felt bad for a second but then your stomach gave a horrid twist making you wince. Newt seemed to notice that

“Are you alright y/n? You seem a little”

“Stop talking. please” you replied, you didn’t want to deal with him right now, you weren’t in the best of moods and you were pretty sure you’d snap at Newt again if he mentioned ‘waking up’ or ‘work’ again.

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Wedding photos

Young!Remus Lupin X Reader

Character(s): Remus Lupin, James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, Lily Evans/Potter

Fandom: Harry Potter, Marauders Era

Prompt: Person A is the photographer at their cousin’s wedding and notices how handsome person B is and ends up taking more pictures of them than of their cousin and his bride. (from here)

Requested: no

Warning(s): cursing

A/N: I should study. This is also short whoops.

Originally posted by potter-imagines-here

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"W.D.Y.W.F.M !?!" ( What do you want from me) Harry styles mature one shot

                              “Mini breakdown / summary. “

Sorry it took soo long guys!! The second smut excert is from a fic I wrote towards the end of last year called “W.D.Y.W.F.M” ( based off the song by the neighbourhood) even though I wrote it last year the timeline was for this year if that makes sense… Like the months leading up to the stadium tour! In the fic Harry’s just turned twenty and he’s dating a 21 year old fashion blogger turned stylist/designer named Chris ( Chrissy) the two met in Japan while the boys were there for there last couple shows and she was there styling a KPop group for tour. The pair did the whole FWB thing for a while and in early January decided to make it official….the storyline picks up around 2 months into the actual relationship…. Which the pair still haven’t publicized yet… They aren’t hiding and have been photographer together. But neither of then have confirmed anything yet. To be honest I think there still trying to really figure it out themselves! The scene your getting is actually the beginning of the first chapter. Harry goes into more detail as to how the met a little later in the story but I’m not uploading the full thing because it needs to be edited!



“Fucking- don’t look at me like that!” I growled low under my breath as I glanced over at her from across the room .

She shifted in her seat a little…a slight smirk moving up her face as she ran her fingers through her hair.

Nothing changed I still stayed sat on the bed while she reclined in the chair directly across from me . Nothing was resolved… Even though we’d never admit it both of us were just as hot head and short tempered as the other.

We were both still angry, our arguments rarely resolved anything because we’d both just start yelling at one another.

She was acting dramatic… As usual. Getting pissed off because I’m not a bloody mind reader! But I wasn’t doing this with her tonight… She was wrong and we weren’t resolving this until she admits that.

“Like what? Like I’m pisssd off and annoyed by you? Or like I’m mentally undressing you with my eyes? Because both are true statements. ” she looked back at me running her tongue along her teeth, and my chest tightened.

I knew what she was trying to do, and I hated myself for wanting to go along with it. Because she always did this… Whenever she knew she was wrong, or just didint wanna talk something out. She’d try and use sex to distract me… Us…. And it worked for a while. But we’ve gotten to a point now were we’ve let too much shit build up!

“For Christ sake, get the fuck over here” I locked my eyes with hers and she furrowed her brow in at me. Crossing her arms, reclining further in her seat .

“Excuse me ? ” she elevated her tone a little indicating she was annoyed but I didint care. Because I knew her better than she knows herself, I know alllll the things that gets her gears going. And me letting my dominate, more aggressive side out was on the top of that list.

I licked my lips slowly, slouching over a little so my elbows could rest on my knees. “I don’t believe I stuttered, nor did I pose it as a question love. Come…… Here…”

My eyes stayed locked with hers as she let her eyes flutter shut. Taking in a deep slow breath as she ran her fingers through her hair before she got up .

I watched her hips sway as she walked towards me. Letting my eyes gradually move up her body. She wasn’t wearing a bra with her tshirt and because of the length of her hair I didint notice until she started walking. They bounced slightly as she walked, and her nipples promeant through the thin material. All she had on was a lose fitted black shirt and a pair of tiny cotton shorts that didint leave much to the imagination.

Once she stepped close enough I got a firm grip on her waist. Pulling her down to straddle my lap. I dug my nails into her thighs and she sucked in a sharp breathe. Still a little taken back by how fast id done things.

“ oh fuck” her breath was shaky as I bit down on the skin just beneath her ear.

“Your a pain in the arse you know that right?” My response almost coming out in the form of a growl as I closed my lips around the area,easing the sting with my tongue .

She didint respond and I found it hilarious, and quite Annoying actually that now, of all times she had nothing to say .

I rolled her hips against my waist , letting my tongue make it’s way down the side of her neck . “You drive me fucking mad half of the time and you know it”

I bit back at her and a slight smirked moved up her face as slowly kicked her lips. Dragging her nails down the back of my head, tugging on the hair at the nape of of neck.

Reclining my head back so I had no choice but to make eye contact with her. “That’s one of my many qualities baby you know that.” She loosened the grip on my hair slightly, licking up the curve of my jaw. And I hissed low under my skin as she continued rolling her hips against me . Making my jeans very uncomfortable at the moment…

“Now why don’t you….” Pulling back from me a little she pulled her shirt over her head, throwing it down on the bed. “Just be a good boy and fuck me…” She rolled her hips harder this time and I had to restrain a moan from leaving my throat . “Like we both know you want too… Hmmm?”

I both chuckled and snarled at the nickname…. For one because whenever she used it , it was in a condescending/ cocky manner. . Almost like she knew if give get exactly what she wanted ! But at the same time there was always something about her arrogance that turned me on!

My eyes traveled down her body …. Her nipples even more so alert from the window being cracked. The breeze nipping at her skin.

“How about you stop looking And just-”

“shut ….the fuck up!” Capturing her lips with mine , I bit down on her bottom lip . Granting myself access, as I rolled my tongue against hers. The kiss was aggressive , needy … She was panting hard and her hands were everywhere . Letting my tongue roll over hers as I gripped the sides of her shorts. Pulling them down to her thighs in one swift movement.

I couldn’t deal with her saying one more word to me right now . I was still angry but if she wanted to play her little game then we’d play. She thought she was the one in charge of things….not even. Moving my hand down, my middle finger teased the very tip of her clit and her body tensed.

“Oh fuck” her eyes squeezed shut as moved up and down her slit. She bit down hard on my bottom lip as I curled two fingers in. Pulling them back in a come hither motion as she continued to roll her hips against me.

Sliding my fingers out a little I slid back in adding a third slowly, because I knew she could take it . I pumped my fingers even faster letting my palm smack her clit and her body shuttered around my hand.

“Oh my god baby fuck …just like that… Shit…” She dug her nails into my back as my teeth grazed her nipples. She hissed at the sting from my teeth before I abruptly flipped her over.

Her body was laying flat on the bed…. Giving me complete access to her. I never pulled out though…. My fingers were still filing her completely and I felt her walls contract around me .

“Fuck Harry move!” She was getting antsy and I was building pressure and I knew it. I kept my eyes locked with hers as I tilted my hand upward adding even more pressure and she went to grab for my arm.

“Touch me… Or yourself and I won’t let you come… And you know you can’t come the way you need to …. Without me. ”

She rolled her eyes at me, moving her hands up into her hair as she tried to steady her breathing . “Fuck baby just move Jesus !!”

I smirked up at her as I slowly slid out, licking my fingers clean with my tongue before I slid her shorts all the way down get legs. Gripping her hips and sliding her body down the bed so she was completely open to me.

“It’s really funny that you still think your actually the one in control. Yet your the one on the brink of cumming and you can’t control it. That must drive you mad huh ?”

I kicked my brow up at her before my lips moved over to her inner thighs. Licking down until I met her center. Flicking my tongue gently against her clit . Just enough to drive her Insane…

“Shit…” She gripped my hair tighter as I slid two fingers in. Twisting them in and out as I closed my mouth around the hood of her clit. Nipping at the skin gently …I twisted my fingers in and out faster as I felt her walls contract against my fingers.

“ fuckkkk ” arching up into me, as her body jerked against my hand.

She laughed a little as she tried to catch her breath ” clearly I am in control… Considering the fact that your still about to make me come …. Fuck…”

I bit down on her inner thigh and the squealed … I could feel her pulsing around me and I knew how close she was. “Shit, there it is … I feel you come for me baby…fuck come all over my fingers…”

I licked up her slit one more time closing my lips around it, letting out a slight moan against her skin… Sending the vibrations through her body as I hooked my fingers up one more time… Before pulling out.. .

“ oh my god what the fuck!!” She bit back at me as I got off the bed, whipping the corners of my mouth with my thumb before sticking it in my mouth. Doing that purposely because it makes her stomach tighten .

“ I told you… You weren’t in control….I’m gonna go out for a little .., see if Nick wants to go to the pub for a little or something…. I’ll be back a couple hours…. Maybe we can try that again…” I turned away from her heading towards the door and I felt the wind graze my ear…. From a pillow that nearly smacked me in the side of the face.

“Your a fucking dick I swear!” She snapped back at me and I just chuckled a little. Loving the fact that she was finally getting a taste of her own medicine.

I leaned back against the door before walking out ” yeah? And so are you… Maybe when I get back we can work an apology in there somewhere! “

She kicked her brow up at me as she sat up fully on the bed. “Yeah? And what makes you think I’ll still be here when you get back ? “

I glanced over at her and my jaw tightened at her response. Pushing myself off the wall I walking back towards the bed.

She sucked in a deep breath as I got closer to her, trying to act like she wasn’t as effected as she really was…

Positing my knee in between her legs, gripping the back of her neck I positioned her on my leg .I knew her body well enough that I could get her off with my thigh if I wanted too …

“What was that?” I kicked my brow up at her, tightening the grip on her neck. I rolled her hips against me, her bare sex rubbing against my thigh and her body shuttered still too sensitive… To handle what I was doing and that’s why I did it.

“Fuck… ” her tone was faint but I heard her…my lips moved over to the side of her neck. I’m sure she could feel me smirk against her skin.

“Thats….how I know wherever you go… You won’t be gone long….maybe if you’d stop being a brat and apologize ….” I bit down on the side if her neck and she dug her nails into my back.

“Go fuck yourself” she snapped back at me and I couldn’t help but laugh a little before a pulled back from her. Heading towards the door again.

“Have fun trying to get yourself off Chris!!” I let my voice echo throughout the flat as I walked down the hall, grabbing my keys off the table and walking out the door.

LIKE? then like/ hit up the ask maybe if there’s enough interest I’ll upload the full chapter but there’s only 1 done for this one!! ALSO I’M ALMOST POSITIVE I WROTE THIS FULL CHAPTER IN MY NOTES ON MY IPHONE ON A PLANE! SO THERE STILL MAY BE GRAMMAR ISSUES SO I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE ……


Food porn post.

Food court food. Noms. Japanese rice bowls are always the best in Taiwan. I don’t think I’ve had a bad one yet. At all. Taiwanese style Japanese food. 忠孝復興站。

Old fashioned grilled sandwich and a red milk tea / black milk tea near the NIA. Had to take care of some errands and my cousin took me here. The sandwich was hearty and the milk tea hit the spot. They have an English menu too. I didn’t catch the name but according to my cousin, this restaurant is a franchise and it’s also located inside a mall with lines for days…??? They have various sandwich options and meals. 小南門站。

Nola - Western food restaurant located very close to my current living space. It’s got that soul food element, which is super nice bc the taste mimics US standards. I love waffles. I also found it quite hilarious how alcohol and coffee beans are kept so close to each other. 象山站。