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title: Mine Now

author: aclosetlarryshipper

word count: 32k

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.

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you may already know about this but for those anon messages lolll joshlubangbang(.)tumblr(.)com/post/5654935825/how-to-track-anonymous-asks I have found the names of those "brave" anon messages and it's quite hilarious, you can practice with mine loll

I can’t use my computer but I’m saving this posy till I get a charger thanks bud

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I wanna see it sooo bad

I enjoyed it so much, Madi! It was such fun and cuteness and I found quite a bit of it to be hilarious (I hate Gaston, but he was pretty funny) I hope when you do get to see it you at least like it, because it was a pretty strong reboot, imo. 

The Depths of Kaname’s Manipulations in the Deep Dark Forest

So I’ve heard that there are so many indecent and poorly written analysis that sound as if someone is on crack in the VK and Zeki tag, so I figured I’d put some decent analyses in, because some people should just be put on a leash, but I digress.

I always found the belief that Yuuki always chose Kaname over Zero as quite hilarious, really. The obvious lack of attention between Yume’s communication clearly shows a lack of understanding behind characters interests and motivations.

So, I thought, I’d do something I never thought I’d do and analyse the first volume in the second arc of VK, volume 11.

But before I do, I want to point out the first time Kaname showed his true colours, back in volume 9. It is the first time in which he uses guilt on Yuuki to manipulate her decisions and destroy her own perception of herself. 

In 50th Night Yuuki first senses Rido’s eyes on her whilst in the presence of her best friend. She is immediately filled with the desire to protect Yori and her day class friends. She’s under the illusion that Kaname would agree, since ‘Cross Academy in his home’, but is surprised when his arms tighten around her and he’s adamant that he will just take her away. Her surprise escalates when he says “You cannot escape my arms… You are defenceless what can you do here?’ and forces Aido to take Yori to safety and away from her. Yuuki’s shock leads her to note that ‘[the arms she knew] so well… seem like the arms of a stranger’, noting that Kaname isn’t the person she thought he was. She gets so upset as she cries for him to let her go that her distress triggers her newly awaken pureblood powers and she causes a fissure on the Rose in Resin, indicating the stain his actions are putting on their relationship, and hinting at what will happen if it continues. 

Kaname then says ‘I can force you to come with me’, which leaves Yuuki to say that she’d ‘never forgive’ him. Realising that this tact will not work on her, he lets her go, but reminds her ‘that she can no longer continue living as a human’, subtly enforcing the notion that the life she had before, the life she had with Zero, is no longer within her reach. When she doesn’t melt to his subtle touch, and still clings to the person she is, he gives her one last final attempt to strip her of her personality and determination by eliciting guilt by saying “I allowed us to be parted once, would you sentence me to the pain I suffered those ten years again’. It is these words that finally cracks Yuuki’s determined demeanour and has her beg for him to stop and not ‘look like that’, before promising to ‘return to his arms’. This then forces her to believe that ‘the sins she has committed have been carved into her chest’, that by living the life of a human she has hurt Kaname, but also deceived Zero, and that her being a Vampire was a sin she could never atone for. Between this, and Zero pushing away, assuring her that without her, he’d be alright Yuuki felt obligated to go with Kaname. 

This is the first time that Kaname has guilted her into his side.

After Yuuki has gone with him, Kaname decides that he no longer wants to hold secrets from Yuuki, something that seemed like a grand gesture at the time, but actually held little thought since he kept a lot of other things hidden to the point that Yuuki felt she ‘knew everything about Zero and nothing about Kaname.’

Before he has her enter the Kuran manor, Kaname confesses his more recent sins to Yuuki, but also expresses that he understands that her heart is torn between him and Zero. This may be due to her solemn and rather morose goodbye to Zero at the end of volume 10 when he tells her its time to leave and she catches Zero’s eye and whispers goodbye, or the fact that he drank her blood moments after she told Zero that the one she truly needed was Zero, or it may have been the fact that he always thought they were so radiant together, but essentially Kaname knew where Yuuki’s heart truly lied, long before she even knew herself. 

When he confesses his sins to Yuuki, she naturally responds with tears. She’s upset with him, because she doesn’t condone it, and she’s forced to see Kaname as someone she never thought he was. However by now his guilt has whittled away most of her fierce determination and so, when asked she says ‘my current feelings are a mixture of sadness and anger.’ She doesn’t go with him, she’s facing the opposite direction and is cold and aloof. At this point in time she is ready to go separate ways as echoed in the manga spread. However Kaname says: ‘since i’ve decided to live countless years with you… i wanted you to know my sins. Even if i cannot touch you having you by my side is enough.’

The moment he says: ‘since i’ve decided to live countless years with you’ he plays on Yuuki’s vulnerability and fear of her own immortality and the meaning of living ‘forever’. He then says ‘having you by my side is enough’, which causes Yuuki to think ‘What am I doing? All I can do is make him sad.’ The emotion of ‘his sins’ reminds Yuuki, yet again of her own and she thinks of Zero and her parents and believes that she is the ‘root’ of everyone’s sadness. Again, he uses this guilt and self deprecation to turn Yuuki’s view point around and focus on him. Therefore Yuuki completely does a 180, and throws herself at Kaname as to not make him sad, commenting that she too ‘has committed a sin that she cannot atone for,’ by living a life of deceit and hurting Zero, while remaining blissfully ignorant and hurting Kaname, prompting her to think ‘what kind of world has he been forced to endure all alone’ through her actions of remaining human. 

This causes her to consider herself someone who deserves to ‘descend to the bottom with [him].’ Note that she doesn’t want to find the light with him and atone, no, instead she thinks so little of herself through his words that she is willing to fall from grace and become something that she would internally hate because she feels she deserves it.

This was the second time in which he guilted her to stay by his side.

The next time occurs after Yuuki ponders what it means to live forever. She scared about having to live alone for eternity. She then thinks about Zero and her thirst gets out of control. When she’s confronted by Kaname she admits that her heart is tied to Zero, which is why her thirst cannot be quenched by Kaname. Realising that Kaname is not the man she loves with her whole heart, she asks whether she should even be with him [”should I even be here with you”] and declares she doesn’t deserve a kiss from him. She walks away from him when Kaname grabs her and calls her out on her contradictory behaviour. She says one thing, like wanting to be by his side, and yet her actions, like running away from him, not wanting to use her fangs on him, and being unable to quench her thirst through his blood, tells another story.

He calls her a terrible fiancè and when she tells him to let her go, her words are layered so heavily with a metaphorical meaning that Hino is hinting that it is Kaname’s hold on her that keeps Yuuki chained to his side, not Yuuki’s actual desire to be with him. The metaphor is then echoed through Kaname’s answer, ‘No, I will never let you go again. If I were to let you go I’d rather kill you myself or have you kill me.’ This then causes Yuuki to get frustrated by him treating her as a child and not taking her ‘seriously’. He then takes advantage of her thirst and opposes himself on her by telling her to only drink his blood and giving her a ‘way out’, knowing that to only have his blood would be a punishment for the fact that she thirsts for another. Again, Yuuki thinks so little of herself at this stage, that she gladly accepts the punishment and continues to fall to the very bottom with him. Not only that but as she drinks his blood Kaname shows a glimpse of his ‘troubled’ past, that completely averts her focus on something else and garners sympathy for him.

This was the third time he inflicted guilt on her to make her stay.

However, after the event between Yuuki and Zero, in which Yuuki nearly bites Zero, he realises that his hold on her is not complete, and that their ‘love’ shouldn’t be as hard as it is, and so, instead of guilting her to stay, he chooses to leave like the selfish spoilt brat he is. Again, he made the choice, not Yuuki, because at this point Yuuki was never truly given a choice to do whatever she wanted with her life, until Zero gave her the opportunity to decide how she wanted to live it. Kaname however leaves her to feel guilty and blame herself.

In addition, the most pivotal moment in which Kaname uses guilt to bind Yuuki to him, comes in chapter 93, in which, after throwing his heart to the furnace, he has Yuuki blame herself for existing. The fact that she wishes she was never born, and not giving her the opportunity to accept that his actions were his own fault, is what tied Yuuki to him even in death, and lead her to give up her life to free him of the thirst she couldn’t quench when they were together. The thirst that caused him to go mad with jealousy in the first place.

This was the last and final time he guilted her and ‘bound him’ to her from the ‘beginning of her life to the end’, as stated by Zero in the bonus chapter ‘Life’.

Considering all this, Yuuki was never really given a chance to choose. She was always guilted into staying with Kaname, because of the ‘sins she committed in ignorance’ against both Zero and Kaname, which made her feel so poorly about herself that she felt she didn’t deserve to be with Zero, and left her obligated to be with Kaname because of the pain she inflicted on him in her absence.


Food porn post.

Food court food. Noms. Japanese rice bowls are always the best in Taiwan. I don’t think I’ve had a bad one yet. At all. Taiwanese style Japanese food. 忠孝復興站。

Old fashioned grilled sandwich and a red milk tea / black milk tea near the NIA. Had to take care of some errands and my cousin took me here. The sandwich was hearty and the milk tea hit the spot. They have an English menu too. I didn’t catch the name but according to my cousin, this restaurant is a franchise and it’s also located inside a mall with lines for days…??? They have various sandwich options and meals. 小南門站。

Nola - Western food restaurant located very close to my current living space. It’s got that soul food element, which is super nice bc the taste mimics US standards. I love waffles. I also found it quite hilarious how alcohol and coffee beans are kept so close to each other. 象山站。