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um what happened to bdaltdiego?????????????

“He became addicted to a game called… “Danganronpa” I think. I must admit that the game is pretty fascinating.”

*Mod Hudgi found ded in her room from the trauma*

Gabriel: Eh, it was kinda like having a heard of pet lizards. Most of ‘em sat around in the sun all day, but they were pretty cool.

Raphael: I found them quite fascinating. As beings that flourished before humans, they had quite a unique means of inhabiting the planet and to have them wiped out so suddenly…

Michael: I was not terribly engrossed with them. I had other more pressing things to worry about. They were a good starting point with the mammals that we see on the planet today.

Lucifer: Ah dinosaurs, they were certainly a lot quieter then when humans came around. It was fascinating that such beasts were able to dominate the planet with nothing but their sheer will to stay alive. Certainly fascinating.  

I Have a Book Coming Out Soon and I Forgot to Tell Everyone

I’ve adapted How to Fight Presidents into a children’s book called Your Presidential Fantasy Dream Team and it’s coming out in like two friggin’ weeks and I keep forgetting about it. You can buy it here or anywhere else books are sold. It’s an adaptation, so it’ll be very familiar to people who’ve read HTFP, this one will just be more appropriate for children and there will be some new info, mostly about first ladies. And some BRAND NEW ART by Winston Rowntree that’s really dope.

Here’s what some early reviewers are saying:

“The pictures are black and white.“ (4 Stars)

“My son likes reading about presidents.“ (4 Stars)

“As a senior citizen, I found this fascinating reading.” (5 Stars)


I’ve been pretty quiet about this book because I feel conflicted asking the same people who supported the first book to also support THIS one when so much of the material gets repeated, but I’m legitimately very proud and excited to get a whole new generation of little nerds excited about presidents. Here’s that link again.

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Hey, I'm super interested to know your thoughts on Snape. I don't know if you've talked about him before - I only recently found your blog.

My blog is pretty new. :)

Snape: I think he’s a fascinating, complex, beautifully written character. He was a man whose bitterness caused him to bully young children. He treated Harry terribly, abused his power as a teacher,  and was never able to see Harry for who he really was. He always saw James instead. Snape was also horrible to Neville and Hermione, and he showed blatant favouritism to his own House. He was not only eager to feed Sirius to the Dementors, but would also have been happy to give them Remus.

He was also incredibly strong, incredibly brave, and had a deep capacity for love, even if it was directed at just one person. Living at Voldemort’s side would have been terrifying for anyone, but Snape didn’t hesitate to resume his role as spy when it was required of him. He risked his soul to protect Draco. He sacrificed the respect and friendship of all the other staff at Hogwarts in order to do what needed to be done to protect Harry and defeat Voldemort.

And he did it all for love. I hate all the “Snape was friendzoned” “Snape was a “nice guy” bullshit I see on tumblr. Snape had known Lily since they were young children. She was the first person he knew, aside from his mother, who was magical. One of the only people in his life who was kind to him, was friendly to him. He loved Lily as a friend before he loved her as more than that, and when he went to Dumbledore to tell him that Voldmort was going to attack the Potters, he did it purely to protect her, not because he thought he’d get anything in return. He called her a Mudblood under extreme duress and out of shame and embarrassment. It wasn’t his best moment, but it was entirely human. He loved Lily as a person, not just as potential romantic partner.

He shows how the world isn’t divided into good people and Death Eaters, and how love can be a saving grace for anyone in the end, even people who have done nasty things and are deeply flawed.