i found this picture that reminded me of these two

Can you tell what's wrong with this picture?

I’ve framed the photo. It sits in my cubicle in the same spot it has occupied for the last two years. It’s a reminder for me to work harder. A reminder of all the pain that was caused by moving too slow.

Seventeen kids went missing that summer. Snatched from their bedrooms without a trace of who had done it. This case cut deeper than any I worked on before. Every day another parent would come to me and ask “why haven’t you found my baby yet?” And I would have to say “I’m trying. I promise.” After the sixteenth disappearance, we got a photo in the mail. There was writing on the back. Two words.

“clocks ticking”

If you didn’t know better, you might think the picture was kind of beautiful. It’s of an old gravel road that winds delicately up a hill. The picture is taken from the middle of the street, the lens aiming up its path. One side of the road is lined by a patch of bright autumn leaves that look like they’ve recently fallen. The leaves are matted down slightly, as if by a heavy rain. In the center of the road there is a small basket. The camera is angled so you can’t see inside of it. On either side of the road there are gigantic pine trees that cast crisscrossing, haunting shadows.

Our department was able to find this location but there was no evidence. No basket in the street. Nothing in the woods. They dismissed as a false lead, but something about the photo got to me. I kept it on my desk for the next year, just trying to figure out what it meant. All I wanted was to tell those parents what happened to their kids.

There was just something off about the picture. Something that felt really unnatural about it. I thought about it all the time. The basket. The leaves. The pine trees. Then one day it clicked. Fallen leaves and pine trees. Pine trees don’t have leaves. They have needles. Needles don’t turn those colors and they don’t fall off in the fall. The pile of leaves wasn’t natural.

After a year of staring at the picture, a year of telling parents that I couldn’t find their kids – I finally figured it out. I dug a hole where the leaves were in the photo. There was a basket buried underneath the dirt. It held a child’s skull. Dental records matched it to Michael Blasters. One of the children who had gone missing.

I ordered an excavation of the area. The other kids were buried nearby.

Only one complete skeleton was found. It was a child that disappeared only a few days before we got the photo. Unlike the rest, her body was in a coffin.

There was a note pinned to the front of her dress. The same handwriting as the photo.

“48 hours of air – you could have saved her.”

Gone - Alex Standall x Reader

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Pairing : Alex Standall x Reader

Fandom : 13 Reasons Why

Warnings : Death. Our little baby is dead. 

A/N : I HATE MYSELF FOR WRITING THIS. I’M SO SORRY. TRULY, DEEPLY SORRY. (Oh and btw I was inspired by another imagine to write this one, but i don’t remember which one it was since i read it a while ago..)

You were in Alex’s room, your eyes were puffy, red, and swollen from crying. You held his pillow as tight as you could and buried your face in it, inhaling your boyfriend’s scent one last time. The past days had been the worst of your life. Now that he was gone, you felt nothing but empty. Your heart was empty. Your soul was empty. You couldn’t think about anything else than him, your life came to a complete shutdown.

You needed him.

You wanted him to lay next to you, you wanted to have those deep conversations late at night, you wanted to hold him tight. You wanted to have more dates with him. You wanted to save him from his own mind. You wanted to unsee the pool of blood he was laying in the last time you saw him.

Your heart was torn apart, and every morning felt like taking a new step to hell. Everyday you waited for him to step trough his door, but the only thing that came was darkness and silence. The only things that you could hear were your own sobs.

“Come back, please.” It hurts. But you knew he would never come back. You knew your dreams were the only place he would ever exist from now.

Sometimes his dad would come and try to soothe you, unsuccessfully. You couldn’t handle the pain. You tried to stop crying, but everything around you reminded you of him. He was everywere but nowhere to be found.

You were completely exhausted, and sat on his bed. You grabbed the picture of the two of you that was on his bedside table, and a little smile appeared on your face, but was quickly followed by more tears. You  had old voicemails on your phone with his voice and played them over and over.

“Hey babe. I’m sorry I missed your call, I was busy with the band. Call me back, I love you”

“Hey Y/N…Can you- can you call me, please ? I just-…I don’t know. I want to hear your voice. I love you.”

You held your ribs while rocking back and forth, letting your sobs escape your throat. His voice. One more thing you missed.

“I love you so much Alex. I love you so much. Please tell me it’s only a bad dream. I’m dying, Alex. Please come back.”

And you did. Everyday. You had never been in such a big amount of pain, and nobody could help you. Nobody could calm you down. Not even your mom, not even your closest friend. Something inside of you was missing. A part of you was forever gone. He was forever gone.

FanFic: The Fall of Friar

A/N: This is it…the final chapter of The Fall of Friar. I can say that this has been the most emotionally raw fic I have ever written. As stated in previous A/Ns…this fic hit home on way too many occasions. 

If you have read my other fics, you know the future life I’ve imagined for Rucas. This fic takes place before Charmed Moments. Things changed slightly as this fic developed so there are some inconsistencies.

I owe many people for their advice, encouragement, and support. @gmwpluto @zombeeemomeee @drizzyyjayy @frankchurchillsaysrelax @shebe67 @madelinecoffee @pipereliza14 @grapes-day @spamiam77 @mtsunlodge … thank you!

Special thanks to @siennese You asked and I hope I delivered.

Apologies for any formatting issues…. posted this from my phone

 Chapter  [1] [2] [3] [3b] [4] 

Chapter 5- Shadows of the Sun

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I came here to find what I lost Dallas Imagine

I was at home playing with my 5 year old son. I’ve been a single mom the entire time, I’ve been thinking about his dad a lot lately since Jacob keeps asking about his dad. I see him around town some, he doesn’t know about his son but if I told him I’m sure he would have just walked out just like he did. 

We were sitting on the carpet playing with his toys when I heard a knock. “Mommy will be right back.” I kissed the top of his head and opened the door. “Dally.” I whispered. 

“(Y/N).” He smiled. “Been a while.” He grinned. 

I stepped out and pulled the door closed. “What are you doing here?” 

“Well I found this picture of you in my old jackets, and it reminded me of what I lost so I decided to come get it back.” 

I sighed. “Dally, it ended for a reason.” 

“I change, I really have. I haven’t been to jail in two years, I have a job.” 

“Mommy!” Jacob ran out of the house and into my arms. 

“What’s wrong honey?” I asked him. 

“Who is this?” He looked at Dallas, while Dallas just started at him. Jacob looked just like his dad. 

“This is Dally, mommy’s friend.” I looked at Dally without saying anything and looked away. “Go play honey mommy will be in after a while.” I set him down and he ran back inside. 

“Is he mine?” Dally asked after he was inside. 

“Yeah.” I nodded. 

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” 

“Because do you really think you would have helped me raised him? We fought every day, we broke up not even a week after I found out. I wasn’t even sure then.” 

“I would have changed. I have now, I want to be with him. I want to be a dad.” He took my hand. “Please I’ve really changed ask anyone.” 

“You can’t just show up and then leave him.” I looked at him. 

“Please, can I just go in and play with him you can relax for a while?” He asked.

“You can today, but I’m not telling him you are his dad.” 

“That’s fine, maybe I can take you out and prove you can tell him and I’ll be around for good.” 

“I’d like that,” I smiled and opened the door letting him in. “Jacob, Dally is going to play with you for a while okay?” 

“Okay,” He went over to Dally and started to show him all his toys and I couldn’t help but smile. I stayed close watching them since I still wasn’t sure about Dallas, but I wanted us to be a family more than anything so I tried to trust him. 


So in the Captain Underpants music video, I spotted the lady who gives Professor Poopypants the Nobel Prize in the scene in the first picture. This also happens when the man Captain Underpants knocked off a bench also appears in the audience in the Nobel Prize scene. I don’t care about these characters commonly appearing (as this is the case in low-budget animated films like this) and actually found it funny, but these two things remind me of a quote from I Hate Everything’s review of Sing that I changed to describe the background characters in this movie:

“If you take a shot every time you see the same woman, man, or child character model, you’d probably be dead in 10 minutes. They don’t play around with the colors or any discernible features. It’s literally the exact same model!”

Rise from the Ashes


With Livvy gone and the Clave’s future uncertain, the Blackthorns struggle to survive the aftermath of the Accords Hall.

I would love for you to read it, and leave kudos or comments. If you think others might like it, please reblog. And I’ll post a moodboard for each new chapter after I post it. With two years to go until Queen of Air and Darkness, it’s a long time to make up stories to fill the gap of ‘What happened next?’

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Pictures - Jason DiLaurentis Imagine

Requested by anonymous who wanted a Jason imagine

You were sitting on the floor of Jason’s room, going through old boxes of his, deciding what to keep when the two of you moved into your new apartment. You were looking through a box of pictures when you stumbled on a picture of him and CeCe kissing.

You leafed through the next couple of photos and found that they were all of Jason and CeCe. You stared at the pictures and saw how happy he was. You were so concentrated on the photos that you didn’t even notice Jason had stepped out of his closet and was standing right above you.

“Whatcha got there, Y/N?” he asked.

You flinched at the sound of his voice and placed the photos back in the box. “Nothing.”

Jason raised an eyebrow at you and lunged for the box, grabbing it before you could. His eyes widened when he saw what you had been looking at.

“Y/N, I-”

“Jason, it’s fine. I knew you dated CeCe. There’s nothing to talk about. Let’s keep packing. Do you wanna keep these pictures?” you asked through tears you didn’t know you had begun leaking.

Jason fell to the floor next to you and enveloped you in his arms.

“Hey, hey, hey. What’s the matter, babe?” he whispered calmingly.

“You look so happy,” you choked out.

“CeCe made me happy at that time of my life. But I promise you, she never made me as happy as I am with you.”

You sniffed and laid your head against his chest.

“Really?” you asked.

“Of course, I loved CeCe at a time when I didn’t even know who I was. Half of the time I was high and the other half I was drunk. She made me into something I wasn’t. You have never done that. With you, I can be myself.”

You smiled and kissed his lips softly.

Jason reached under his bed and found a box with your name on it. He handed it to you. You readjusted yourself so you sat on the floor between Jason’s legs with his arms wrapped around you.

You opened the box and found it overflowing with pictures of you. Some of them had him in it too, but they were mostly just you. You pulled out a picture from when the two of you went to the fair and smiled at your laughing faces.

You felt more tears coming on, but these ones were different. Jason took note and pulled you against his chest. He entwined your hands and kissed your head.

“ I like to keep pictures. It helps to remind me on my more difficult days, what happiness I have left in my life. CeCe made me happy once, but I don’t need her pictures anymore. I don’t need any pictures anymore. I know you’ll always be here for me, to remind me how much love I have.”

You smiled and kissed his hand. You stood up and grabbed Jason by the hands. You pulled him close and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“What do you say we go back to OUR apartment and make some more memories,” you taunted with a smile.

Jason grinned and pulled you in for a passionate kiss.

“I would like that very much.”

Monster and the Green Children of Woolpit Comparison

The Green Children of Woolpit refers to two siblings- a boy and a girl- who were found next to a wolfpit outside the village of Woolpit in England, around the 12th century, dressed in strange clothing.

Obviously relates to Johan and Nina being siblings, and although it is only said the Green Children were siblings, they may have been twins since they most often are depicted as around the same age. (More likely this is just my wishful thinking though haha)

In both cases, two strange young children- a boy and girl, were found wandering around alone, and taken in by strangers.

They were to said to have light green skin, and couldn’t understand any human language, speaking in some foreign tongue. They also refused to eat normal food at first- only beans, but later accepted other food and eventually lost their light green hue.

Their green skin reminded me of…

The Nameless Monster.

This is part of an article I found, the picture of the babies reminded me of Bonaparta’s sketches of baby Johan and Nina. Obviously, the children found were older than babies, although they were quite young. 

(Bonaparta’s sketches of baby Johan and Nina- have fun guessing which is which) 

The boy fell sick and died, but the girl survived. She learned English and later said the children came from “a land where the sun never shone and the light was like twilight”.  The girl- given the name Agnes- later married a royal official. 

That reminds me of how in Monster, Nina is the one who survives and adapts to normal life, loving her adopted parents and going to college and work, while Johan, falling to debated mental illness (is he traumatized or truly evil?), fails to adapt to normal life and to bonding with his adopted parents. Whatever happens to Johan at the very end, he does not really survive. 


Here’s the sign of Woolpit:

^A book based off the children

(Thanks erichspringer! For also reminding me that it was General Wolf who found and saved Johan and Anna, while the Green Children were found and saved right next to a wolf pit.)

Thanks for reading! ^-^ Feel free to send comments/messages


Blue Beetle making Star Trek references. More to be added as I find them. I’m currently 45 issues deep in Justice League International, though, so it might take some time for me to go back through them and check for the geeky jokes.

Also, I completely forgot about the reference he makes in Convergence (thanks for reminding me, babemagi)! I need to figure out where my copy of that issue is (probably buried under my 45 retro comic books) so I can add it to the post.

EDIT: Babemagi was rad and found some more! See her post here

Also, someone remind me to grab the issue numbers for my first couple of pictures. I think the first two are from the same issue but I’m not 100% sure.

Also also, macgyvertape is gonna try to look for/scan some more, so keep an eye out for links(?) to that! Gosh you are all so awesome. 

Color My Scars

TattooArtist!Kurt helps his boyfriend cover up a bad memory.

They meet when Blaine spontaneously gasps out ‘wow’ upon seeing the tattoo on Kurt’s bare shoulder as he stands behind him on the line in Starbucks. Kurt turns around and Blaine’s cheeks flush pink but he manages to compliment the black and white flower that frames the tiny text that says ‘It’s Got Bette Midler’.

“Oh. Thank you,” Kurt replies with a smile and then suddenly they’ve been talking for an hour in the corner of the cafe, swapping stories about their lives in New York. 

The black and white picture is not the only tattoo on Kurt’s back, as Blaine finds out when they start dating and more than a shoulder comes uncovered. He often finds himself lost in the artwork that is Kurt’s back, where seemingly unrelated tattoos become one piece of art, connected by their stories and style. 

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So i think i figured it out.

The reason i keep being so attracted to studyblrs and the like is because of their aesthetic and community.I want to be apart of that, just without the study focus. Instead focus on travel and the outdoors. So i looked to the outdoor and travel side of tumblr and all i found was pictures. No personal stuff no original content no motivational reminders that travel is everywhere or stuff no words even.

So i’m kinda trying to combine the two i guess. Make the light outdoors travel community that shares things. Which i can’t do alone because it’s a community so the best i can do is try and spark others to follow my lead or put out a beacon so they can help me find them.


Missed calls and texts on Kurt and Blaine's honeymoon. Just a silly sort of 6x09 reaction fic. 

Brittany>Kurt 12:01 am: Happy one day anniversary!

Missed Call: Tina 1:56am

Tina>Blaine 2:02am: I know you’re *busy* but I need advice!!!

Tina>Blaine 2:10am: It’ll just take a sec

Missed Call: Tina 2:11am


Tina>Blaine 2:17am: Ok fine just tell me that hooking up with Mike is a terrible idea

Tina>Blaine 2:57am: Never mind ;) :D

Tina>Blaine 2:58am: My memories did not do his abs justice whew

Dad>Kurt 3:11am: Got your stepmother and Pam home safe just fyi no need to reply. Tell Blaine please.

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Next up is Rowlet~! (Check my tumblr for pictures of the other two) the bird that won the internet~ god damn do I love his color pallet but it also reminds me of Kotori from Love Live~ Kinda appropriate though being that they are both birbs and all lol~ ANYWAYS~ This one of the rare chances to grab a pre-made Usakochan fanart ready to ship.

All Auctions start at a penny!! :D Details and more pictures can be found below~  ENJOY~!

Litten → http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/322107651761?
Rowlet → http://www.ebay.com/itm/222117128992?
Popplio → http://www.ebay.com/itm/322107650012?

You’ve seen me make the claims that the character Mayor Dewey and his voice actor Joel Hodgson look so frickin similar that it can’t be just coincidence.  I mean, just look at them!  Look at them!!

But then I began to look deeper into this and found a specific picture from Joel’s MST3K days

Oh hai Buck Robinson!  Seriously??

Okay, let’s go deeper, way WAY deeper into Joel’s past.  Certainly, certainly there’s nothing back there that’s going to remind me of either of these two… right?

The- the delivery… the lazy voice, th- that monotone face, even the arguably artisic side of prop comedy.  That’s Buck!!  That’s fucking Buck!!  That’s fucking- dammit!!

Did they model both Deweys after this one magnificent bastard?????

Okay, okay I need to settle this mind fuck once and for all.  For the sake of my sanity, we need to go one step further.

Let’s see what Joel looks like now.  Let’s see his work today, off camera… in the Other Space series.

………………………. *smashes lappy, flips table*
ALL RIGHT THAT’S IT!!  I want to PERSONALLY meet this member of the crewniverse that’s fucking with me!!!

Teardrops on My Guitar (Pt. 3)

So heres part 3!! I can’t believe the positive feedback I got from this. So the song is How You Get the Girl. Pretty sure this will be the last part for this series, unless you guys want an epilogue of some sorts. As always, you guys can request anything, just message me in my inbox. I hope you guys enjoy!!!

Part 1

Part 2

Master List

Stand there like a ghost shaking from the rain.
She’ll open up the door and say “Are you insane?”
Say it’s been a long 6 months
And you were too afraid to tell her what you want

The boys had been on tour for about seven months now, but after the first month it was harder to keep in contact with them. Mainly Luke. Luke stopped talking to me all together, I still got some casual conversations with the other boys when we were actually awake at the same time, but nothing too major. The storm outside was getting worse as it got later, but I couldn’t sleep. Every now and then I just couldn’t sleep, my mind making me think of anything I could’ve done to make Luke mad at me. Wondering why he stopped talking to me. The other boys tried to reassure me that he didn’t hate me, but they didn’t know why he cut me off completely either. Having him gone from my life like this was the worst feeling I have ever felt, and I couldn’t even put my mind to ease knowing what caused him to go silent on me. I let out a sigh and leaned my head on the window, trying to stop my mind from racing with thoughts of Luke. I jumped back when a very strong raindrop hit the window. Before I left the window, shaking my head from the scare, I heard it again. But this time I was certain it was more then a raindrop. I looked out my window and saw a figure standing outside my window, throwing what I assume to be pebbles at my window. I squinted, trying to figure out who was crazy enough to be outside, or who would want to be outside my window. When I saw him standing though, my heart leapt into my throat. I quickly ran down the stairs and threw open the door. I was met with a soaking giant who refused to look at me. “Are you insane?!” I whispered/shouted at him, grabbing his arm and pulling him in. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t-” Luke was about to walk back out when I closed the door. “Are you insane?” I asked again. “Come on.” I dragged the soaking wet boy back upstairs with me. When I got to my room I immediately started going through my drawers, knowing I had sweatpants and a tank for him somewhere. Luke grabbed my wrists and turned me around, stopping my search. “I’m sorry.” Luke whispered. “I should have talked to you, I- I’m stupid. Just remember that.” Luke said, running his hands through his hair. “Trust me, I’ve known that for awhile.” I tried to lighten the mood, trying to get Luke to smile. Luke cracked a small smile at my comment. I fully looked at Luke and could see the changes, the ones I’ve only seen in pictures and videos, in person finally. He definitely got taller, even got some muscle definition, he has his lip piercing, but through all the changes, he was still the boy I was hopelessly in love with. “It’s been awhile.” I said, glancing at the lip piercing that looked good on him. “It’s been a very long six months.” I was about to ask him what he was doing here when he put his finger on my mouth, indicating me not to speak. “I came here to tell you something, something that made me stop talking to you because I was stupid. But I am actually freezing, so can I please borrow some clothes?” Luke said, his lips visibly shaking. I smiled at him, but couldn’t help but to wonder what he was going to tell me. “Of course.” 

Remind her how it used to be
With pictures in frames of kisses on cheeks
Tell her how you must have lost your mind.
And you left her all alone, and never told her why 

I restarted my search for Luke’s clothes. I found one of his old tanks and turned around to toss it to him. When I turned around, Luke was looking at my wall full of photos from over the years. “I remember this day, well kind of.” I walked over to the picture he was looking and smiled. It was from a year ago, a party that you two had gone to. You two were tipsy, borderline drunk, when you wanted a picture with him. Before the picture snapped, Luke decided to kiss your cheek. It was one of my favorite pictures of us. “I remember that day. I had to help you clean up the mess you made.” I laughed watching Luke pull a disgusted face, probably remembering that moment. “It wasn’t my proudest moment.” Luke said, glancing at you. “You were always taking care of me, no matter what I did.” Luke whispered. I spotted the sweatpants I was looking for as he said this, giving me an excuse to not look at him. “Of course, you would, and have, done the same thing for me.” I said, turning around to hand the clothes to Luke. Without hesitation Luke threw off his wet shirt and it took me a second to catch myself and look away. I saw Luke smirk out of the corner of my eye, but decided to just turn around and look at the other pictures I have. “I’m so incredibly stupid.” Luke said, placing his hands on my waist and putting his head on my shoulder. “You know, you keep mentioning how stupid you are. But you have yet to explain yourself.” I had to remind myself that there were days Luke was just very touchy, and this was probably one of them. “I stopped talking to you, you kept trying to contact me and I couldn’t. I missed you so fucking much it hurt. I completely lost it on tour. Not seeing you everyday, it made me realize how much I needed you in my life.” I closed my eyes as Luke talked, enjoying the way his chest vibrated my back, and I let his words sink in. “It hurt when you stopped talking to me, but-” “There shouldn’t be a but, you should hate me. Say that you hate me.” Luke said, turning me around so he could stare at me. “Luke,” I said, looking up at him, seeing how lost and sad he looked, “I can never hate you. Maybe want to punch you, but I can’t hate you.” I confessed, laughing a little at my own way to lighten the mood. Luke looked scared for a moment, he suddenly turned around and had his hands in his hair. “I know, I know what you guys were talking about the last day.” Luke said, I didn’t understand what he meant, but then it clicked. “But-” “I came down and heard you yelling at Cal and Michael. I listened, I was curious what they said to get you to snap. At first I thought you were talking about that guy, which I guess it was, but when Michael added that lover part. I finally understood.” Luke turned around to look at me. My mouth was slightly opened at his confession, and I was scared. “Luke, I’m sor-” “You have nothing to say sorry about. I’m not done.” Luke said, walking closer to you. “We were leaving for tour, and I thought maybe you could get over me. Because you deserve someone who-” “Luke, I get it.” I said, trying to stop Luke before he said that he didn’t feel the same. “No, (Y/N), listen.” Luke tried again. “Luke, I really don’t need to hear it, I get-.” Luke cut me off, pinning me against the wall. His face was merely inches from mine, causing my heart to start racing. “Will you let me finish?” Luke asked, his breathe fanning over me. I simply nodded, not trusting anything else. “You deserve someone who could treat you better then I could. Someone who isn’t stupid like me. But as the months went by, and I started thinking what would happen if you did get with another guy.” Luke paused, bitting his lip in the process. “I would’ve been a jealous mess. I realized when you first talked about that ‘guy’, the feeling I had at the mention of him was jealousy. I didn’t want to share you with another person. What I’m trying to say, is I am so deeply in fucking love with you that it scared me. All I could think of was what if I’m not enough for you? What if you find someone better and leave my life-” This time, I cut Luke off by grabbing his face and bringing it to mine. My heart was beating so rapidly that I was afraid Luke could hear it. Luke was frozen for a second, but soon followed suit, taking charge of the kiss. Luke pulled away first, allowing us both to breathe. “Why didn’t you tell me any of this?” I asked, smacking Luke on the shoulder, causing him to laugh a bit. “I was so scared to lose you. I mean I could ask why you never told me.” Luke replied, grabbing your waist and dragging you to your bed. “You know my reason why.” I replied, trying to give him a pointed look, but I couldn’t get the stupid smile off my face. “I also didn’t want to be cliche and confess my feelings over text. Especially after ignoring you.” Luke mumbled into your hair. “So showing up at my house in the middle of the night is better?” I joked. “Makes for a better story anyway.” Luke laughed.

And then you say,
I want you for worse or for better
I would wait forever and ever,
Broke your heart, I’ll put it back together.
I want you forever and ever.
And that’s how it works
It’s how you get the girl

“Like I’ve been saying, I’m stupid. But if you let me, I would love to make it up to you?” Luke asked, snuggling me into his side so his chin was resting comfortably on my head, both of our arms wrapped around each other. “Hmmm, I’m not sure.” I said, dragging out my answer from him. “You don’t even have to answer, I promise you I will wait for you. I want you through it all, and I promise I will love you forever.” Luke said, kissing the top of my head. “I know I hurt you, but I want to fix it. I want to be the reason you are happy, I want to be able to do something right in my life.” Luke finished, moving my face so I could see him. “I want to make you realize when we sing any of our songs, I’m singing for you. You’ve been my support for so long, it will take me my whole life to repay you. And I’m willing to make that payment.” Luke rambled, making you smile as he tried to put his thoughts out in the open.  “Good job Hemming.” I finally said, kissing his cheek as I sat up a bit. “You got the girl who has been madly in love with you.” “And I will never let her go.” Luke replied, a giant smile across his face. 

I’ve been seeing pictures of burgers & other stuff name big boss and so on in my dash recently, and that reminded me that some years ago the Finnish burger chain Scanburger had these two burgers on the menu, and that I saved a picture of the ad because I found it amusing.


After looking at the recent post about supposed “art thieves” of on instagram, I went fishing through these user’s posts and found EXACTLY what I didn’t want to see.

I’d like to take this moment to remind you that these two users are not only children, but they are two among hundreds of thousands of accounts that post art from other websites for roleplay/gallery purposes.

While I don’t condone the act of posting art without permission, neither of these users are claiming that they drew these pictures, and one of them is stating that they aren’t taking credit for the art in their bio.

What REALLY disgusts me is some of the comments I found from people coming from the tumblr post calling them out.

There’s tons of passive aggressive “:///” type comments like the one above, which at least isn’t being rude, but they could be using this as an opportunity to politely inform these kids what they should and shouldn’t be doing.

There’s far too many ones like the one on the bottom left, shouting profanities at young ones who probably don’t know any better.

The bottom right just gives a slurry of false accusations. While they are recoloring and posting art, I never once saw them say “I drew this!” or “This is mine!” What good do you think it will do when your comment targeted at a 12 year old ends with “you sicken me”?

I’m just really disgusted at the fact that not only are you people speaking for the original artist rather than letting them handle it, you’re doing it in a completely backhanded way. You’re bullying children that, most likely, don’t know any better yet.

TL, DR: I do NOT condone reposting art without permission, but don’t fucking use this as an excuse to harass and yell at small children. Use this as an opportunity to TEACH them that this isn’t okay, and let them know what they can do to improve and maybe make their own artwork.

Maya and Lucas being awkward on their first date reminds me of Shawn and Angela’s first date where everything was awkward because Shawn was trying to hard to be like Cory and topanga but eventually the two found their own way without being awkward toward one another. I feel like Lucus and Maya were trying to hard to imitate Rucas but eventually the two will find their own way. So lucaya shipers don’t panic because the start of the relationship isn’t how you pictured it would be.