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post breakup AUs

because i haven’t seen enough of these around and i am so here for angst:

  • “today was the first family gathering i’ve been to since we broke up and my little cousin that absolutely adored you asked where you were and i had to lock myself in the bathroom and sit in the tub for a half an hour and look through a folder on my phone of pictures i took of you to feel okay again¨ AU
  • ¨i still have your phone number memorized even though i haven’t called you since we split and somehow i remembered it even though i’ve had like six shots of bourbon and hey, i know you’re pissed that you’re here at this dingy club at 3 in the morning to pick my drunk ass up, but you have to admit that’s pretty impressive¨ AU
  • “i’m pretty sure if taylor swift and i were in a competition of who could write the most breakup songs in one night, i’d win by a landslide because i still set two plates out for dinner even though i eat alone and it’s almost pathetic because we’ve been broken up for ages but i’m still not over you” AU
  • “so i know we haven’t talked in like, two years, and that things ended pretty badly between us but what the fuck do you mean you’re engaged to be married¨ AU
  • “yes, i know this is your sweatshirt and that we broke up five months ago but it’s really comfy okay. i totally don’t wear it because like it still smells like you or is the only thing that even remotely feels like home since i moved out. pfft. absolutely not.” AU
  • “look, i know we agreed to be friends and everything but that’s what everyone says when they break up. i can’t take you asking me for advice on how to ask out the new person you’re interested in, okay? it’s killing me” AU
  • “oh hi, totally didn’t expect to see you here at this one hole in the wall coffee shop literally no one in the entire world besides you knows about. what a coincidence.” AU
  • “it´s my [insert family relation here]´s wedding and seeing all these happy couples is killing me and all i can think about is how this was almost us” AU (bonus: “i know that it’s two in the morning and i’m dressed really formally and a little (a lot) bit drunk but i couldn’t stop thinking about you after my grandma asked how you were doing also can i come in it’s freezing out here”)
  • “i still have your sister’s scarf and i know it’s stupid but i’ve been hoping maybe one day you’ll come by and pick it up so we’ll be forced to talk again because i haven’t seen you in months and i’m maybe kinda sorta still in love with you” AU
  • “i know we were never officially together or anything but seeing that picture you posted on [insert social media] with him/her literally felt like you carved my heart out of my chest and stomped on it and i’m not really sure why i’m leaving this voicemail but my pillow still smells like you and i miss your stupid face” AU
  • “we have a lot of mutual friends so we see each other more than two broken up people usually do and i know we’re not really close anymore but you’re wearing that stupid (adorable) hat you always wore when you were upset so tell me what’s wrong because it’s literally killing me to see you look so sad” AU
  • “so like, i know we broke up and stuff but funny story, i haven’t told my family yet and they just assumed you’d be coming with me for [insert family celebration] and i really don’t know how to tell them and i know this is really selfish but i can’t break my great grandma’s heart like that, she’ll probably have a heart attack and– wait what? you’d do that for me? holy shit, i love you… wait–” AU
  • “i found your box of letters underneath my bed last night and because i’m a nosy motherfucker i decided to read them and it turns out they were all addressed to me and the last one was dated the day you moved out and i’m not quite sure why i thought this would be a good idea but here i am, standing on your doorstep, wondering why the fuck we’re not together anymore” AU
  • “well this is really awkward considering the last time we saw each other, i was screaming at you to never talk to me again, but like, my dog recognized you all the way across the park and literally dragged me over here because she misses you so hi” AU
Robin’s Nest: Part 16

Prompt: Where the robin’s were Bruce’s and Batmom’s biological kids

Words: 1081

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12 , Part 13, Part 14, Part 15

“That storm is pretty bad.” You glance out the window and can’t help but agree. Hurricane Renee had been on the news for days, and now that she had hit, she seemed determined to live up to her name.

           Unfortunately for you, this meant that your seven children were cooped up inside. The manor had become a complete mess between various board games, and one or two games of extreme hide and seek.

           So far, the casualties included a chandelier, a Ming vase, two of Bruce’s golf clubs, and Alfred’s blender. You’d left your children to the mercy of the butler and retreated to the library to find Helena staring out the window.

           Your daughter was a daddy’s girl and had been from day one. She was fierce, tough and outspoken, and she hated storms with a passion. More often than not, lightning and thunder filled nights found her in your bed with you and Bruce.

           Hurricanes seemed to be even worse. The usually rambunctious girl was sullen, and more than a little pouty. This was proved even further when she snuggled up to you. Dick, Jason, and Cass were your snugglers. Helena preferred her personal space.

           Never one to pass up an opportunity, you pull the girl close. Kissing the top of her head you say, “Don’t worry baby girl, Daddy will be home soon.”

           She sighs, “I hate business trips.”

           You smile, “You and me both.”

           “This was a long one.”

           You nod. Two weeks was a long time for Bruce to be gone. Typically, he skyped conferences, went only for a few days, or took the family with him. That hadn’t been an option this time.

           When midnight comes and goes without any word, you start to get anxious. Bruce’s plane had landed before the storm had really started. The closing off of streets had kept him from coming straight home, but he had still called to check in. But now, he wasn’t answering his phone and that worried you more than a little.

           You’re brought out of your thoughts when someone yells, “Code green.”

           Pushing your husband to the back of your mind, you spring out of your office chair and towards the clock. You turn the hands to your anniversary date, and make your way down to the cave. You find your Dick, Jason, and Cass suiting up, and raise an eyebrow in question, “And where exactly do you think you’re going?”

           Dick’s face is straight laced, serious as can be. A perfect imitation of Bruce’s. “The Riddler has cut power to the entire city. He’s offered a challenge, if someone can issue a challenge that can stump him, he’ll turn the power back on.”

           You bite your lip, before issuing your orders, “You’re not going out there alone.”

           You watch Dick’s and Jason’s eyes go wide, “Mom!” You listen as Tim turns in the computer chair to face you. You take a deep breath, “I said alone. Call in Wally and Barry.”

           You see Jason hesitate, “Dad …”

           “Isn’t here. You’re not going out there without a League member. Hell, I’ll call in Superman himself before I let you go out there alone. I know you’ve been doing this for years, but I’m still your mother. I have my limits.”

           It takes half an hour for the speedsters to arrive. Even then, you’re left with a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. You watch them go before taking over Tim’s chair.

           You’d spent less and less time in the cave as the boys had gotten older. You imagined, you’d spend even less time there as your children got older. Tim would soon become the next Robin, his training was almost done, and then Helena and Damian would take over. Eventually, Terry would start his training, and that broke your heart. Your last baby was growing up, and it made you want to cry.

           It’s a long night. A very long night, with more close calls than you care to admit. By the time dawn breaks, the storm is still going strong, but your kids are back home. You tend to the cuts and bruises before sending them to bed.

           You’re on your fifth cup of coffee when you get a call from the hospital. There’s been an accident with your husband, and you’re needed. Now. You’re certain that your heart stops at the words.

           One look out the window tells you that you’re not getting anywhere right now. Between the winds, the flooding, and the damage from Riddler’s attack, you’re stuck. You’re forced to wait two days, before going to the hospital, alone.

           You arrive at Gotham general looking a mess. And you’re certain that at least one paparazzi had taken your picture. Still, you walk through the hospital with the authority of someone who’s family has donated enough money to build two new wings.

           You find your husband sleeping in the waiting room. He’s wearing scrubs of all things, and sprawled across several chairs. So of course, you hit him. He startles awake and stares at you while you rant, “How dare you Bruce Wayne. Not one freaking phone call. Not one. I thought you were dead in the morgue, or lying here in a coma. But no, I find you hear dressed as though you just performed surgery. I have been worried sick.

           “I lied to our children. I said that you called, that you were stuck at the airport. How DARE YOU!”

           Bruce takes it all in stride, before pulling you in for a hug. He holds you while you cry, and says “I’m so sorry. They only had time for one emergency call, and I thought I asked them to tell you that I am okay. I am so sorry.”

           You take deep breaths to calm yourself, before asking “What happened Bruce? Why are you in a hospital?”

           He wipes his hands over his face, “I was driving home, when there was an accident. Someone spun out on the road, crashing into me before spinning into another car. The driver, and two passengers were killed. There was one other survivor. A twelve-year-old boy, his name is Duke. I was able to get him out, and get an ambulance out but there was nothing they could do for his parents, or the driver. I couldn’t leave him alone.”

           You sink down beside him, “What are you thinking Bruce?”

           He stares at you, “How would you feel about having and eighth kid?”

Harry zipped up his bag and carried it to the door. Paul had thought of everything, except for Harry’s hair products. He had washed his hair this morning, but looked like a mess because the hotel’s shampoo had turned his hair into one dry mass.  

Texting Barbara, he paced the room, waiting to be picked up. She texted back immediately, reassuring him that they’d get his hair in order before the first interview for the day.

He stopped the pacing when he thought of Louis. His skin prickled with the memories of last night, with the feeling of Louis’ fingers had left all over Harry. He touched a bruise on his hip, losing focus.

Last night had certainly been hot. A one time thing, but hot nevertheless. Something to remember. Louis had been demanding, and at the same time he’d seemed so giving, a little insecure even. Harry reckoned he’d been the same. After all, they didn’t know each other well, and didn’t know the other’s boundaries and preferences.

Yet, Harry had felt like they had slotted together quite well. It had been easy to read Louis, to understand his body language. In the same way, Harry hadn’t needed to use words to make Louis understand what it had been he’d wanted. Louis had simply known, had read every single one of Harry’s needs before he had the chance to voice them.

Harry had left Louis’ room after the third time getting each other off. They hadn’t really talked in between. Whenever Louis had said a word, Harry had shut him up with a kiss, and every kiss had led to them riling each other up again. Louis had complained the whole time, but every complaint had been accentuated with him biting Harry’s skin, a low moan, or a loud whine. Even if he had been complaining about hating Harry, hating himself for getting into bed with Harry, he had been into it, and had complained even louder each time Harry had withdrawn.

There was no doubt that Louis had wanted it the same way Harry had.

Hopefully now, they’d be able to move on from it. The tension between them was solved, they had given into the attraction. With that, they should’ve got it out of their systems. Looking at Louis now, Harry wouldn’t think about kissing him, or what it would be like to touch him, to make him moan. He was over it now. That’d make working with Louis so much easier from here on.

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the heir - pt.1

Group : BTS 

Member : Park Jimin 

Word Count :  3,423

Description : It has been eight years, long enough for you to forget about him. But seeing your son everyday, who is almost a duplication of him, always brings back the painful memories of how the only one you had ever loved had died eight years ago. Killed by the police for being a criminal who had broken into a bank and kidnapped a hostage.  


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Crowd Goes Wild

Summary: Sami comes home early to find you dancing in the kitchen in his shirt and your underwear. Fluff and smut ensue.

*             *             *             *

It was a Sunday morning, and you had just barely opened your eyes. Sunlight was streaming in through the small crack in the curtains. You sighed and turned your head towards Sami’s side of the bed. You sighed when you realized that he wasn’t there. He was on the road doing a string of shows with WWE. He wouldn’t be home for another two days.

You had lived with Sami for a little under a month. He had asked you to move in, and initially, you were scared. You would be packing up your life and moving not just to another city, but another country, to live with Sami. You had your worries. Sami wasn’t home all the time, which meant you would be left at home more often than not in a city you didn’t really know. But Sami assured you that you would be safe. And living with Sami meant you got to see him two nights a week rather than two nights a month.

When Sami was home, it was great. You couldn’t be happier. You were living with the man of your dreams. What could be better than that? But it was harder when he was gone. You were in a big house, by yourself, in a city where you didn’t know anyone. You didn’t have girlfriends you could call up to go shopping or get your nails done. You didn’t have anyone to go downtown to have a drink with. You went to work and then came straight home. It was a dull routine but one that you accepted because it meant more time with Sami. And you knew your family and old friends were only a phone call or Skype call away when you needed them.

You laid your head down on Sami’s pillow smiling as the faint smell of his shampoo filled your nostrils. You closed your eyes, hoping to get a little more sleep before you had to get up. It was no use, though. After laying there and trying to fall asleep for twenty minutes, you realized you weren’t going to go back to sleep anytime soon.

You pulled the blankets off yourself and made your way into the bathroom. You took a long relaxing shower and then pulled on a pair of red lace panties and one of Sami’s t-shirts. Since it was just you at the house, you didn’t bother to put on pants.

You made your way downstairs to the kitchen. You started a cup of coffee in the Keurig and leaned against the counter as you scrolled through Twitter and Instagram as your coffee brewed.

You had just finished looking at Instagram posts a bunch of the Superstars and Divas had posted from a bar last night. You smiled when you saw one Sami posted of him and Kevin. Despite their on-screen hatred of each other, in real life, the two of them were closer than brothers. So much so, that Kevin was one of the very few people that had a key to your house. Kevin had his arm draped around Sami’s shoulders and they both looked genuinely happy, a sight you loved to see.

You added some cream and sugar to your coffee and took a sip just as a growl came from your stomach. You decided to make yourself some breakfast. You walked over to the fridge and got the carton of eggs out along with some bacon. You turned the stove on and carefully placed the bacon into one pan and cracked a few eggs into the other.

You opened Spotify on your phone and began to play some Metallica, a band you loved thanks to Sami. You started to rock out and dance as you got more and more into the music. It began with a slight head bob and turned into a full on rock out session in the middle of the kitchen.

You heard a chuckle from behind you along with some clapping. You froze. Who was in your house? And how had they gotten in? The front door was locked, you were sure of it. Only Sami, Kevin, and Sami’s mom had a key to your house. Sami and Kevin were in another state for work, and it was too early for Sami’s mom to come over.

“And the crowd goes wild! Let’s hear it for Y/n, the sexiest breakfast making girlfriend in the world!” You heard that all too familiar voice say as you felt the blush creep to your cheeks in embarrassment.

Your lips curved into a smile as you spun around and saw Sami leaning against the doorway of the kitchen with a big grin on his face.

You ran over to him and jumped into his arms, wrapping your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist. He put a hand under your butt and on around your lower back to support you as you buried your face into his shoulder. You clung to him like your life depended on it. It had been two long weeks without Sami. He wasn’t able to come home last week because it was too far to travel back home.

He stood there with you in his arms for a few minutes as the two of you enjoyed just being able to hold each other again. It felt so good to have his arms around you again. It felt like you were at home in his arms for the first time in two weeks. You took a deep breath as you smelled the cologne radiating off his chest.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home? I would’ve picked you up.” You said.

“I wanted to surprise you.”

“I didn’t even hear you come in.” You said. “You about gave me a heart attack.”

“I’m sorry, baby.” He said as he set you back down on your feet but made sure to keep his arms around you. “I enjoyed the show, though. My sexy girlfriend rocking out to one of the greatest bands in the world in my shirt and those cute little panties that don’t cover anything…it was quite a show.” He said with a smirk.

“It’s so embarrassing.” You said as you hid your face in his shirt so that he couldn’t see you blushing.

“Babe, that was not embarrassing…It was actually kind of sexy.” He whispered. He then moved his lips down to your neck. He placed his lips on the sensitive spot as the base of your neck and gently sucked on it.

You leaned your head back to give Sami more access as a sigh escaped your lips.

“I missed you.” He whispered as he pulled away from your neck to look at you.

“I missed you too.” You said. You felt his hands slide down your sides to rest on your hips.

“Think we could put breakfast on hold for just a little bit?” He asked.

“Depends. What do you have in mind?” You asked.

“Making up for all the nights I wasn’t home to make love to you.” He said.

Your lips curved into a smile. “I think we can postpone breakfast for that.”

He walked over to the stove and turned it off before lifting you into his arms and carrying you down the hallway to the bedroom.

He gently laid you on the bed, and you noticed that his eyes caught something about you. You turned your head to see what he was looking at. His eyes were locked on something on your nightstand, but you weren’t sure what it was.

“What are you looking at?” You asked.

“That picture from NXT the night I won my first championship.” He said. “It wasn’t there when I left.”

“Oh…um, yeah. I wanted a picture of us by the bed so I put it there. Is that okay?” You asked.

“More than okay.” He said. “You remember that night?”

“Yeah. I do.” You said as you smiled at the picture. In the picture, Sami was sweaty from his hard-fought win, but he looked so proud as one arm held the title over his shoulder while the other was wrapped around you. You had slid into the ring to congratulate him and were the second person to embrace him, right behind Kevin.

You looked up at Sami and couldn’t help but smile. You still couldn’t believe he was actually home. He crawled onto the bed and placed his hand on your cheek. Slowly, he leaned down and pressed his lips to yours. You closed your eyes, and savored the taste of his lips. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you. Sami’s hands moved to your waist as he held you tightly.

His tongue ran over your bottom lip, asking for entrance.  Your lips parted, and his tongue quickly found its way inside your mouth. You ran your hands down his shirt, stopping at the hem to pull it off. His hands reached for the hem of his t-shirt you were wearing and quickly made work of pulling it off you. His tongue ran over his lips as his eyes roamed your nearly naked from in front of him.

“God I’m one lucky guy.” He said.

He climbed off the bed and unbuttoned and unzipped the jeans he was wearing and slid them down his legs. He then crawled back on the bed and slid his hands up your thighs as he leaned down and pressed his lips to your neck. His hand slid to your lace covered core, and he began to rub circles against your clit through the material. A soft moan escaped your lips as you felt the knot in your stomach start to form.

It had been two weeks since you had been touched and it felt incredible to have Sami’s hands on your again.

He began to gently suck on your spot as his fingers pushed the material of your panties to the side and he slipped a finger into you.

Your back arched off the back at the feeling of his finger pumping in and out of you.

“S-Sami,” you moaned out.

“Feel good, baby?” He asked before adding a second finger.

“Y-yes.” You said as you closed your eyes and leaned your head back against the pillow.

One of your hands ran through Sami’s hair as the other slid down and began to palm him over his boxers. He groaned, and once he was fully hard, you slipped your hand underneath the material and started to pump him.

“I need to be inside you.” Sami groaned out as he pulled his hand out from your panties and quickly slid them off you. He climbed off the bed to pull his boxers off. He reached down and grabbed your legs and wrapped them around his waist and positioned himself at your entrance.

He paused for a moment and looked at you, almost as if asking if it was okay.

“Please, Sami.” You said as you lifted your hips up to try and relieve some of the tension.

He slowly pushed himself in until he was all the way in.

“You’re so tight, baby.” He groaned out as he closed his eyes. He paused for a few moments before sliding out and pushing back in. You dug your nails into his back as his thrusts got deeper and deeper.

His thrusts were going at a steady pace, you could already feel the knot forming in your stomach. He had one hand on your hip and the other holding himself up near the side of your head. You felt your muscles start to burn and you felt that knot tightening inside of you.

“I’m gonna come, baby.” Sami breathed out.

“I’m almost there.” You replied.

Sami’s hand slid from your hip to rub figure eights on your clit. That was the final thing you needed. You felt yourself go over the edge as your orgasm hit you and you released on Sami’s dick.

A few moments later Sami hit his high, and you felt him still as he released hot spurts inside you. He pulled out and rolled over onto the bed next to you. You both laid there on your backs looking up at the ceiling with heavy breaths and a layer of sweat on your bodies.

“Welcome home, Sami.” You finally managed to say.

He smiled and rolled onto his side to face you. He reached out and ran his thumb across your cheeks.

“I love coming home to this.” He said before he leaned in and pressed a gentle kiss to your lips.

363 Days

Prompt: You and Seth have been broken up for a year. While you’re both traveling your suitcases get switched and he discovers you still have pictures of the two of you and his old t-shirt in yours. Fluff and Smut. @screamersdontdance

I added some Angst as well.

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Attacked Part 2

Hellooo my beautiful people! So this is part two to this imagine, and I’m honestly surprised by how many of yall  requested part 2. I was suffering from a bit of writer’s block(as always) for this story, but I got this idea from an anon, so thank you so much whoever you are. I don’t think it’s all that and a bag of chips, but it’s pretty good. I hope yall like it!!

It’s been weeks since Calum, or anyone, has heard a word from you. After the day you left, it was as if you’d dropped off the face of the earth. You weren’t active on any social media, you wouldn’t reply to anyone’s text, and no one knew where you were. Well, besides your bestfriend of course. You were living with her until you could find a place of your own, but from the looks of it, she wasn’t letting you leave any time soon.

“You gotta get up Y/N. We’ve been locked in my apartment for weeks.”

“I don’t wanna go out there.”

“Are you still scared?” She questioned with a sigh, sitting on the edge of the spare bed.

“No, it’s just…the world is so fucking cruel. I’d rather be locked in here than be out there.”

“Good point, but we’re leaving.”

“Y/BF/N, no.” You whined as she pulled the covers off of you. You attempted to tug them over your head but she yanked harder and they fell to the floor.“ I don’t wanna.”

“But you’re gonna. Now get dressed so we can go catch a movie or I’m dragging you out the house in penguin pajamas.”

“Calum, you’ve seriously have to stop this.”

“Stop what?” He looked up at his best mate in confusion.

“All this moping around.” Luke sighed, plopping beside him in the black SUV.The four boys were just now leaving their hotel for a scheduled meet in greet in thirty minutes.

“I’m not moping.”

“Then what do you call it?”

Calum only stared at Luke blankly for a few seconds before rolling his eyes and letting out an exasperated sigh.

“So what if I’m moping? ”

“Luke, leave Calum be.” Ashton sighed as he and Michael climbed into the next row of leather seats.

“I’m just sayin’.” Luke shrugged his shoulders.

“My girlfriend got attacked, left me, and then disappeared all in the same day.” Calum complained.“I deserve to mope.”

“And I understand that, but-”

“But what?”

“Nothing, mate. Nevermind.” Luke gave up on trying to prove his point knowing it was damn near impossible with Calum. He pulled out his earphones and stared out the window as he drowned his friends out. 

Even though Calum knew that he wouldn’t find anything on your social media pages, he decided to check again just in case. He started off with your twitter, sighing when the last thing he saw was from the day before you left. He then went to check your instagram, his heart beating fast when there was an upload of you and Y/BF/N cheesing at the camera. The two of you seemed to be in a arcade having the time of your lives.

“She uploaded something!” Calum grinned from ear to ear and turned around in his seat to show everybody.

“She looks like she’s okay.”Luke concluded after examining the photo.

“Really? I was starting to think she was dead.” Michael joked.

“Now do you feel better knowing she’s safe and sound with Y/BF/N?” Ashton questioned and Calum nodded.

It was eating him alive that he didn’t know what happened to you or where you went. After you left Calum felt broken; it was as if a piece of him was missing. After being with someone for almost two years and living with them for one, something just always feels off. He often finds himself  subconsciously making and ordering food for two, turning over in the middle of the night to cuddle, and even walking to the other room to show a funny meme even though she’s no longer there. These past few weeks have been hard on him and it definitely didn’t help that he was worried sick about you.  

It didn’t take long for the band to arrive at the venue. Of course it was surrounded by screaming girls and the boys knew that it was going to be a long day. They all smiled kindly and waved at the fans as they walked entered the building to get set up at the long white table, taking their seats and waiting for the security to start allowing the fans to come in. It was going normally; they were asked a lot of questions, goofed around, signed, hugged, and took pictures with the girls. It was only when a two girls showed up and began having a conversation about Y/N with Calum when he really started to get in his feelings.

“Have you heard from Y/N? Is she okay?” The teen asked, reaching to push loose strands of auburn hair into her ponytail. 

“I haven’t been able to talk to her,”Calum shrugged his shoulders,” but she’s okay.”

“I saw what those girls did to her. It was so fucked up.”

“Yeah.” Her friend shook her head.”We were about to ask her for a picture when they just attacked her. She wasn’t doing anything but getting cereal.”

“You were there?” Calum furrowed his eyebrows and the two nodded their heads.

“Yeah, I recorded it and posted it on tumblr. It went viral there, I’m surprised it isn’t viral on twitter.” The girl spoke as she unlocked her phone and began to search for the video.

“It’s time for you girls to move now, we have others who want pictures with Calum.” One of their security guards came to escort them to the exit, but Calum told him to wait.”Calum-”

“It’s about, Y/N, it’s important.” 

That was all it took for the guard to leave them alone. You had made good friends with the 5sos crew. Almost everyone accepted you as if you were their daughter, so when they found out what happened they were devastated.

“Here it is.”

“We haven’t found their twitters or instagrams or whatever, but a lot of people on tumblr are still looking.” Her friend informed and Calum felt his eyes watering as he watched them attack you.

How could they do this to you? How could they do this to anyone? Calum understood the dedication some fans had and he greatly appreciated it, but why would they go this far? He examined the girl’s faces anytime they appeared on camera and made sure to not forget them. 

“Uh, thank you for showing me this.” He sniffed, quickly wiping away the tear that escaped from his eye.

“No, problem. I hope you two can work everything out.” The auburn haired girl smiled and went for a hug, her friend joining in shortly. 

Calum allowed them to write their twitter and instagram accounts on his hand and gave them one more hug before they made their way out. It was around two hours later when there were only a handful of girls left and the meet and greet was almost over. Three girls were going along taking pictures with the others boys while Calum finished up with a dark haired girl.

“Hey, Calum!” A strawberry blonde and her two brunette friends made their way to them with huge smiles on their faces. Calum gave them a grin before bidding the dark haired girl goodbye, turning to give them his full attention.

“I can’t believe I’m actually meeting you!” The taller brunette squealed.

It took Calum some time, but soon he began to realise exactly who these three were. His whole mood was ruined as he felt his breathing become quicker and his body heat up from the anger bubbling inside of him. Calum was a gentleman, he knew he’d never hit a girl, but in that moment he wanted to drop-kick all three.

“It was you.” He simply said as he glared, wishing they’d disintegrate.


“You’re the ones that attacked Y/N!” He suddenly shouted, drawing everyone’s attention.

“Calum, you don’t know if-” Ashton walked over but was interrupted.

“I do! These girls showed me the video earlier and it was them!”

By now almost all of the remaining fans were quiet, watching the altercation with wide eyes. The fandom has seen Calum lose his cool with a sarcastic comment or slight attitude, but this? This was full out anger. Skin flushed, vein popping anger.

“Why would you do that?! What in your fucking mind would tell you to attack my fucking girlfriend and say shit like that to her?  She was minding her own business and you had the damn nerve to go up to her and assault her? What the hell did you think that was going to do, huh? Get you a better chance to be with me? Because I for sure wouldn’t want to go with selfish, evil bitches like you.”

At this point everyone’s mouths were dropped. The three girls stared at Calum with teary eyes, but he didn’t care. All he could see was red and the three girls who caused him and his love pain.

“Did you even think about what that would do to me? To her? Y/N’s fucking amazing! She was the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I was planning on marrying her soon and now you’ve got her too fucking scared to even be in a relationship wit me! I lost a piece of me because you had so much hatred for someone you didn’t even fucking know!” Calum’s eyes welled up with tears as he yelled at the girl.

“Calum, come on.” Michael grabbed his arm and he snatched away.

“No! They deserve this! They just get away with jumping my girlfriend and causing her to disappear from the face of the earth while I suffer and have to pretend that I’m fine when I’m not!”

“But they’re still your fans, Cal, you can’t just-”

“They’re not fans.”He corrected him.” Real fans would see how much I loved her and how happy I was with Y/N/. They wouldn’t attack her while she’s fucking grocery shopping and degrade her.”

Calum closed the top to his permanent marker and slammed it down on the table. He decided that he was done for the day and needed time to himself for now. Before he left, though, he was sure to say one more thing to the three crying girls.

“I have never been so disgusted by someone in my life.” He spat, eyeing them up and down. “The three of you can go fuck yourselves.”

Then he headed towards entrance to call himself a Uber.

Of course like all incidents like this one, it spreaded on social media quick. Everyone was talking about the video of Calum going off on fans, some justifying it, some not. Majority were saying that that’s what the girls deserved, but then again you had few that made Calum just seem like a horrible, out of controlled boy. Calum had his earphones plugged in and was huddled under the plush duvet in his hotel room, scrolling through the multiple tweets about what happened. He even smiled a few times, happy to know that almost everyone was on his side. He felt his phone buzz again and a text notification appeared on the screen. Calum ignored it, thinking that it was either management scolding him or the boys checking to see if he was okay. It was when it buzzed again did he look at the message as it appeared, his heart skipping a beat at the familiar number. He clicked it quickly and chewed his lip as it took him to his messages.

There were three text sent:

Are you okay?
I think we should talk.

Eh, I could’ve ended that better. There will most likely be a third and final part so inbox me if you think I should do that. For everyone who’s sent me a request, I’ve seen them and I’m working on them. Like I said, I have a bit of writer’s block and don’t wanna just give you a shitty imagine, plus I’m dealing with AP classes in school and just ugh.

If you liked this imagine here’s the rest of my writing: Masterlist

Jar of Hearts Pt. lll

Title: Jar of Hearts Pt. lll
Josh Dun/Reader
Word Count: 1.7k
Somewhat rough sex, blowjob, fingering, daddy kink, small fight. swearing, the basic shit lol
A/N: I know y’all have probably been wanting some good makeup sex with Josh I grant your wishes here. This is most likely the last part because I don’t know if I can do anything else from here. Thank you all for the support on this story, I am really proud of it. I also hit 200 followers so here’s my way of celebrating! ♥

Originally posted by giffingtop

Two months had passed since you and Josh agreed to take a break. He found out where you were staying but never visited, only sent things. One morning you woke up to a package from an unknown sender. You sat at the table as you opened it to find a bottle of your favorite perfume. It was an expensive brand so you had only been able to buy it once a year ago and when you ran out, you couldn’t get another. There was a piece of paper in the box that you picked up and read: A beautiful girl as you should smell just as pretty. It was corny but it did make you smile.

A few days after that, the doorbell rang as you were watching TV. No one else was home so you got up to answer it. A young man greeted you and handed you a large bouquet of your favorite flowers. You took them and thanked him before closing the door. As you set the flowers down to go get a vase, a small card fell onto the floor. You picked it up and read it: These flowers aren’t nearly as perfect as you. You felt your cheek burn as you set the card down to get a vase of water.

The gifts stopped for a couple weeks which did sadden you a bit until as you were making dinner there was a knock on the door. You opened the door to find a small package on the floor. You grabbed it and closed the door before quickly opening it. It was a lamented photo. You carefully pulled it out to see that it was a signed picture of your all time favorite childhood celebrity. There was no note this time but you knew who it was from being as you only told one other person about your love for them.

A few more smaller packages came before you finally gave in and called Josh. 

“Hello?” A raspy voice answered.

“Oh, didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“Y/N! It’s okay. Wake me anytime you want.” His voice changed to one of a ten year old getting his favorite toy on Christmas causing you to giggle.

“I got all your gifts. They’re very thoughtful, thank you.”

“I said I was gonna try and make things right. I know buying things probably doesn’t do much but I didn’t know if you wanted to see me so I sent packages instead.” He explained. 

“You’re right, it doesn’t change what happened but it does show that you care and I appreciate it.”

“I love you, Y/N. I miss you so much.” His voice cracked slightly at the end. 

“I miss you too, Joshua. Wanna come over tomorrow? We can talk about us.”

“Yes! Yes. Definitely.” 

“Okay. Come over around 7pm. I’ll order your favorite pizza.”

“7pm. Got it. I look forward to it.” 

“Goodnight, Josh.”

“Goodnight, Y/N.” 

Tomorrow night came faster than ever and you were sitting on the couch awaiting a knock on the door. You had put on a pair of denim skinny jeans with a floral blouse. You had minimal makeup on as you didn’t want to seem too eager to talk to Josh, even though you were. 

As soon as you pulled out your phone to check Instagram, you heard a car pull up and ran over to the door to await the knock. Opening the door you were greeted by a young man. Not Josh. The pizza delivery guy. 

“Good evening.” The boy greeted you with a smile. 

“Hey, how much do I owe you.’ You let out a sigh as you turned to the table to grab your wallet.


“Here’s $15.” You handed him the money as he exchanged it for the pizza. As he turned to leave, you closed the door behind yourself before setting the pizza down in the kitchen. 

You checked the clock to see it was almost 8pm. You groaned as you stormed over to your phone on the couch and dialed Josh’s number. After a few rings, he picked up.

“H-hello.” He hiccuped.

You could hear loud music in the background and giggling around him. This only fueled your anger. 

“Are you serious, Joshua?! You’re out fucking partying and probably drunk off your ass.” 

“So what?” He giggled, obviously not realizing your anger. 

“You were supposed to be here at 7pm to talk, dipshit!” You practically yelled through the phone and just like that, he snapped out of it.

“Fuck! I’m so sorry, Y/N. I forgot. Tyler wanted to go out and celebrate the end of the tour, I did’t mean to stand you up.” His voice softened. 

“I was about to forgive you for your stupidity, Joshua. But tonight just showed me how much you actually care to save our relationship.” You hung up the phone, not in the mood to hear any more of his excuses.

You got ready for bed and just cried for a little bit, clutching a stuffed animal that Josh had sent you. You wanted to fix shit with him, but he apparently didn’t. He just wanted to go around and collect more broken hearts for his collection. An hour or so had passed before you were dehydrated from the many tears you shed. You got up and dragged your self to the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge. As you chugged it, you hear a hard knock on the door. You looked at the microwave clock. It was nearly 2am. 

“Who the fuck?” You mumbled to yourself as you unlocked the door. You carefully opened it and were attacked with lips on yours. You pushed the man off of you before realizing who it was. 

“Joshua? It’s late, what are you doing here?”

“Fixing my many fuck ups.” He said sounding more sober than he was a few hours ago. 

Before you could object and kick him out, he attached his lips to yours again this time with more passion. You gave into the kiss as you ran your fingers through his disheveled yellow locks. A quiet moan escaped his mouth as you gently bit his bottom lip. One hand was holding your cheek while the other glided down your side to your butt and squeezed, causing you to jump into him where he took the opportunity to grab you and pick you up. You two didn’t break the kiss as he carried you over to the couch and sat down so you were straddling him. You smirked into the kiss as you began grinding into his lap. Josh threw his head back, exposing his neck to you. You smiled before starting to leave markings all over. 

“Fuck, I missed you.” Josh hissed.

You didn’t reply. You only crawled down onto your knees so you were between his legs. Josh didn’t object, only helped you get his pants off. 

“Mmm, I forgot how huge you were.” You whispered as you began to stroke him painfully slow. You knew you were driving him crazy from his hips bucking up into your hand, wanting you to go faster. To Josh’s surprise, you didn’t speed up. You wrapped your lips around his erection, taking as much as you could without gagging. 

“Oh God, Y/N. You have no idea how much I missed your mouth.” He moaned out, louder than he intended to. 

As you began to feel him twitch inside your hollow mouth, you quickly pulled away. He let out a gentle whine, missing the contact.

“Not yet, baby.” You smirked.

Josh didn’t hesitate before picking you up again and carrying you into the bedroom this time. You yelped at the sudden lift off the ground but went back to kissing his neck, teasing him more. Once he reached he foot of your bed, he plopped you down before helping you get your shirt off. He started leaving a trail of kisses down your chest and stomach. His fingers twiddled with the buttons on your jeans before sliding them off of your body. He stood up and stared at your almost naked body, biting his lip. Your cheeks turned a deep red as you covered your face. He bent back over you and pulled your hands away from your face.

“Don’t hide, beautiful. You’re perfect.” He whispered as his fingers glided over your wetness through your panties. He pushed them to the side and started to rub circles on your clit. “In every. Single. Way.” He emphasized as he pushed two fingers in you causing you to arch your back and let out a moan. He growls lightly as he attacks your neck, covering you in hickies. His fingers continue at a fast speed, curling in the right spots. 

“J-Josh…I’m close.” You can barely get out in one breath. He pulls his fingers out as soon as you finish your sentence. 

“Not yet.” He says, mocking your teasing nature from earlier. 

He takes off the rest of his clothing while you unhook your bra. He slides your panties off in a swift motion, leaving you both completely bare and exposed to each other. He aligns his erection to your opening and moves it around, covering himself in your wetness. You whine and buck your hips, needing more.

“Someone really missed me, didn’t they?”

You don’t respond, only give him a pleading look. His eyes turn darker before thrusting into you harshly. You gasp and shut your eyes.

“Didn’t they?” He says through gritted teeth.

“Yes, Daddy!” You moan as he begins to fuck you to the perfect rhythm. 

His large hands glide up your torso and grip your breasts. You pull him down to kiss him hard while you claw at his back. You feel him hum into the kiss and smirk knowing how much he loves the pain you cause him. 

“Y/N. I-I’m close. Wher-”

“Inside me.” You barely let him finish what he was saying. 

Within a few moments Josh was panting harder than before and spilling inside you. The full feeling caused you to follow after him, your legs shaking around him. Josh lets a few more thrusts out before carefully pulling out of you and laying down. 

“That was…eventful.” He chuckles as he wipes his forehead with the back of his hand.

You wiggled closer to him and curl up to his body. He wraps his arms around you, not wanting to let go.

“That was a pretty good way to show how much you care.” You kissed his cheek before nuzzling into his neck. 

“I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Josh.”

From Spring To Spring I Smile

March 1985—Separation No.2

In those long, dark months he had waited. He had reached out to nothing and felt only shadows in his grasp, only bitterness; brought from the pain of wanting something he knew he couldn’t have. It hurt like hell. It made him cry and it made him break and it stayed with him always.

But now she was back. She had fallen into his arms like a building on its last legs collapsing to the ground, bringing up dust in its wake.

She was back and she was breathing and she was alive, and it was beautiful. She was beautiful, but she was broken. It wasn’t an easy fix for her like it was for him.

Her smiles were rare, and small, like cracks in stones. They lit up a room as does the sun shining through the boughs of trees on a summer day.

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[ Imagine #22 ] Thunderstorms ~ Newt

Fandom: The Maze Runner

Pairing: Newt x reader

Word count: 2000 words

Request: Can I please get one where NewtxReader are at the Right Arm and one of the girls flirts with Newt. Him and reader get into an argument that Newt sleeps in a different tent. There’s a thunderstorm, reader hates thunderstorms. So she goes to the tent where Newt is at. There’s one that literally scares Newt wake and he sees her trying to shield herself. He cuddles her and they both apologize? Please just loads of fluff please? Sorry if I doesn’t make sense.

Tthanks for the request and i hope this is what you wanted ^^



I sat on a rock a bit secludedly the camp of the right arm, staring in the distance. Since we escaped WICKED three days ago, i had a lot to think about.

I had barely spoke to my boyfriend Newt, he was either with Thomas  to discuss plans against WICKED, or with his long lost and now found sister Sonya and her friends.

Don’t get me wrong, i couldn’t be more happier for Newt that he finally found his sister, but i missed him. I  missed the time in the glade, when it had been only the two of us, i missed talking to him and i especially missed sleeping next to him.

Back in the glade we slept together in my room, and now i wasn’t really used to sleep alone and without him. We still shared a tent, but he woke up long before me and in the evenings he stayed up late, so that i usually was long asleep before he layed down next to me.

“He, Y/N! Come down for dinner!”

This was Thomas, and because he obviously was to lazy to just climb up to me, he yelled so loud that probably the whole camp had heard him and i got up and slowly walked down to get my dinner.

I sat down next to Thomas and Minho, Newt was nowhere to be seen. I wasn’t really hungry, so i just shoved my food from one side of the plate to the other, withoutpaying attention to my surroundings.

“I’m surprised at how calm you are, Y/N” i heard Minho say and i looked up and tilted my head.

“What do you mean? Why shouldn’t i be calm?”

He shrugged and pointed over his shoulder while he stuffed his face with food.  "Maybe because this girl over there flirts with you boyfriend? I don’t know, just a question.“

I followed his finger with my gaze and saw Newt sitting at a table right next to his sister. On is other side i spotted another girl. I couldn’t see her face since they sat with their back to us, but what i could clearly see was that she sat way too close to him. Way too close. She had a hand on his shoulder and pressed her whole side at his while she talked animatedly to him. Also she laughed a tad too loud and much and  sometimes casually twirled a strand of her hair with her finger.

And the worst thing: Newt didn’t seemed to be bothered a bit by her attitude and much rather enjoyed it and laughed a long with her.

This picture filled me with nausea and i shoved my plate away and stood up apruptly.

“I’m not hungry anymore. I’ll go to bed”, i said flatly and quickly walked away.

Thomas P.O.V

Thomas shoved Minho, who almost choked with his mouth full of bread.

“Was this really necessary, Minho? She was fine until you had to make your idiotic comment.”

The black haired boy shrugged . “I just pointed it out. I thought she knew!”

“Whatever. I go talk to her and look if she’s ok.”

With this words Thomas stood up and left Minho with his food, not without throwing a thouthful glance over to Newt. He didn’t understand why he acted like this, because he knew that his friend truly loved Y/N, and it was obvious that he was hurting her with his behavior.

Thomas found Y/N sitting on her usual spot, the rock a bit seperated from the camp, carefully approached her and laid his hand on her slightly  shaking shoulder, which made her turning around to him.

When she recognized him, she immediately tried to wipe the tears from her face, but he softly pushed her hands down and pulled her into a hug. She tensed up, but then started crying and buried her face in her best friend’s shoulder. He held her until she calmed down and then asked concerned: “Are you ok, Y/N?”

She shook her head and asked with a shaky voice: “Do you think he’s cheating on me, Tommy? Am i not good enough for him?”

“No, Y/N, stop thinking like this. Newt loves you and sure as hell isn’t cheating on you. Just talk to him and it’ll be fine. I think he doesn’t even know how much he is hurting you right know. But i promise, it’ll be fine.”


After my little break down after dinner i sat in Newt’s and my shared tent, waiting for him. This time i wouldn’t be asleep, i wanted to talk to him.

After i almost fell asleepa few times, i finally heard someone approaching the tent; and then Newt carefully opened it and came in. His surprise was obvious, when he realized i was not sleeping.

“Hey, Y/N. Why are you still awake? I told you you don’t have towait for me.”

He laid down next to me and attempted to kiss me, but i turned my head so that he kissed my cheek instead of my lips.

“I want to talk to you, Newt.” I hated how little and vulnerable my voice sounded.

“Is everything alright, love?”, he asked somewhat concerned.

I felt warm spreading in my stomach when he called me ‘love’, but then i remembered what i had planned to do.

“Are you cheating on me, Newt?”, i confronted him, and it sounded harsher than i wanted it to.

He seemed taken aback by my question,and quickly shook his head. “What wouldmakeyou think that? I would never cheat on you! I love you!”

“Really? Because it doesn’t seem like it. For me it looks like you really enjoyed this girl’s presence at the dinner, didn’t mind her flirting with you, in the evening you never come back before i’m asleep and in the mornings you leave before i wake up. I can count on the fingers of my hand how many times we talked since we arrived here, and i’m sick of it! If you don’t want me anymore, just say it, but don’t let me suffer like this!” With every word my voice had raised and the last ones i had screamed at him with tears brimming in my eyes.

Newt stared at me in disbelief and when he spoke, his voice was dangerously low. “And because of that you think i’m cheating on you?! We didn’t talked because you were never by my side, and this girl - she actually supported me in the last few days unlike you, my bloody girlfriend! Because you, my girlfriend, were busy talking to her oh so best friend Thomas the whole day. Don’t think i didn’t saw you two on this rock, all cuddly and doing who knows what! Do you want to know what i think? I think that you cheat on me with Thomas!”

Now he screamed too, fist balled at his side and i had to admit, he scared me, because he had never before screamed at me.

He angrily took his blanket and stood up. “I’m leaving. Goodbye.”

I looked after him, speechless, and then fell back and my blanket with tears rolling down my face.

What had i done?

Now my boyfriend, the only person i truly loved, hated me and thought i would cheat on him with his best friend.

It felt like he had ripped my heart out and left a hole in my chest wtih his words.

I was completely shattered.

▪ ▪ ▪

I had cried myself to sleep after a while without Newt coming back, but i woke up when i heard loud thunder.

There was literally nothing that scared me more than thunder and lightning since we all barely survived this storm in the scorch. I desperately felt for Newt with my hands, as always when i was scared at night, but he wasn’t there.

I remembered our fight and almost started sobbing when i heard another thunder, this time louder.

I clutched my blanket in my hands hard so that my knuckles turned white, while i started shivering and breathing faster.

I could feel that i was getting a panic attack, and when my heart nearly stopped when i heard the thunder again, i decided to search for Newt.

In this moment i didn’t care anymore that we had had the worst fight in our relationship last evening, and that he probably hated me and thought i would be cheating on him, i just wanted to lay down next to him cuddled up in his arms so that the storm wouldn’t hurt me.

I stood up and left the tent, the blanket still tightly pressed against my chest and turned around, frantically thinking where he could be.

I then stumbled over to Thomas tent, and when i opened it, i saw Newt peacefully sleeping under his blanket, his blonde hair tousled, while Thomas was nowhere to be seen.

I just decided to lay down next to him, as close to him as possible without waking him up, when it thundered again, the loudest thunder i had ever heard in my life. I let out a shriek and raised the blanket about my head, trying to shield myself.

Then i suddenly felt a warm hand and my upper arm, and Newt softly pulled me down to him.

“Are you scared, love?”, he asked, concern evident in his eyes.

I nodded, sobbing and he laid his arm around my waist and pulled me close to his warm chest, where i buried my head in his shoulder.

After a few moments, Newt spoke up.

“Y/N…i’m sorry. I’m sorry that i yelled at you and i shouldn’t have said the things i said. I would never cheat on you. I’m so sorry, i love so much, i couldn’t live without you.”

I raised my head, our noses almost touching and wispered: “No Newt, i’m sorry. I was just jealous and didn’t think straight. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. I love you too. ”

Newt sighed in relief and pressed a soft kiss on my forehead.

“You don’t have to be jealous, Y/N. You’re so bloody beautiful, inside and out and i didn’t know what i would do without you and how i even deserved and angel like you, and i could never leave you, because no girl in this universe is nearly as perfect as you.”

I almost started crying again when i heard his words. I had never heard something more sweet and perfect in my whole life.

“Thank you Newt, and you should know that i could never leave you, i love you more than anything else in this universe and i’m so lucky to have you. And i didn’t cuddle with Thomas. He just comforted me after i saw you with this girl.”

“I know, Y/N. He already told me, i guess i was just overreacting and jealous of seeing my best friend so close with my girlfriend. I’m so sorry. I love you.”

I kissed him softly on the lips and then cuddled into his arms, not bothered by the loud thunder anymore.

Devine (Part Six)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: none

Summary: As a young child you came in contact with an entity. It possessed your body and gave you unthinkable powers. You managed to keep your power hidden for the most of your life, but one day everything goes wrong and you get on the radar of The Avengers.

Word Count: 1.317

Originally posted by coporolight

It had been a week since you told Bucky what the markings on your body were. You had seen him since than and you were happy with it. You didn’t want to be asked unnecessary questions and you certainly didn’t want to explain what exactly had happened to you.

A couple of days ago Fury had told you that he found your parents and brought them to safety. He hadn’t told you where exactly they were since he thought you might go visit them, but you assured him that you had no desire to see them.

It was not because you didn’t love you parents, but because there still was some resentment towards them. They had given you to Dr. Young without thinking it through properly. You had believed then that they didn’t want you, but now you knew different. They were just trying to help you.

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Roses (Part 3)

Title: You Saved Me

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,791

Warnings: canon typical violence, swearing, cliffhanger whoops

Prompt: With Abaddon still out of the picture, Dean thinks he’s ready to take on a hunt and get himself back in the game. One rookie mistake almost costs someone their life.

Part 1 - Part 2 -

Originally posted by frozen-delight

You padded down to the kitchen, socked feet making little noise on the hardwood floors. The hallway was dark, prompting you to believe that Sam and Dean had both gone to bed. You were hungry, having denied the dinner that Dean tried to bring you, and you couldn’t bare to lay in bed any longer with your growling stomach.

The kitchen was dark when you entered it; dark and cold and you shivered as you tore open the fridge, prepared to make yourself a quick sandwich. In the middle of the fridge was a plate with your name on it. You pulled it out, setting it on the counter and pulled the yellow sticky note off of it.

An apology

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Happy Stoniversary

by Loyalty2WayStreet

Summary:  Every year, Harvey and Mike indulge in a little tradition. Each year they skirt closer and closer to that invisible line. What happens when they finally cross it?  (Explicit)

Find it on AO3 here.

                                                      5+1 Things

1.  2012

Three things happen when Harvey Specter gets stoned; he loses his inhibitions, becomes very touchy feely and lastly, he gets super horny.  As a rule, he doesn’t get stoned.  But Harvey trusts Mike, and the kids Grammy just died, so he lights the damn joint and smokes up, in a show of support.

Mike has a colourful history with weed, so when he gets stoned, he still gets high, still gets horny and giggles his ass off and maybe gets a little clumsy, but because of his eidetic memory, he can mostly still function as an average human.

It’s Harvey that brings up pissing in somebody’s office, and Mike is delighted.  Stoned Harvey is life, and Mike can’t get enough of him, he thinks this might have been what Harvey was like back in college because he looks and acts so boyishly, a broad grin lighting up his face.  They come up with a plan of attack on Hardman, and Mike volunteers to down the Gatorade.

On their way to the firm, Harvey pulls and pushes Mike around like he’s a toddler, he even reaches across in the cab and fastens his seatbelt.  Mike thinks it’s weird and it must show on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Harvey asks, eyebrows drawn together in confusion.

“Nothing really, you’re just super tactile and very DIY when you’re stoned,” he answered, watching Harvey closely.

Harvey started laughing, and those four perfect creases at the corner of each eye that Mike loves, appear.

“You’re right, that’s pretty much my M.O. when I’m high,” he replied, as he reached over and ruffled Mike’s hair.

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anonymous asked:

IgnisXReader request: Reader is a Royal servant for the Lucis family & is invited to the Royal ball. She's always liked Ignis even though he's never seen her face as she's always covered in guard attire. The night before the ball, she accidentally enters his room whilst he's working out & panics, rushing out. Then she attends the ball revealing herself, spots Ignis looking at her in the eye and she runs outside full of anxiety, landing in Deamon danger.

I tackled this prompt with the intention of writing a short and simple, carefully fleshed out one shot - but ended up being more akin to a full story.

Because of this, I decided to adopt Leigh’s trick of the word count, because anon, this little drabble turned into something much deeper and more emotional.🌸

In truth, I love the way it turned out, and am so excited to share it with you.

I hope my words can take you out of reality, if only for a little while.

Note: the s/o is implied to be fem

P.S. { I strongly, strongly recommend listening to this song on loop while you read. It served as the soundtrack while I was writing, and I truly feel like it encompasses the feeling of the story and emphasizes the emotions expressed. (As well as being a beautiful piece of music in general) }

Song: “Sympthony No.2 in E Minor Op.27” by Rachmaninov
Word count: 3277

If to be seen is to be heard, then I’ve never spoken a word in my entire life.

This isn’t entirely my fault, mind you. It’s part of my identity. Part of my duty.

It’s the cross that the King’s guard must bear, the promise that we indebt ourselves with in order to preserve and protect the royal family.

As the daughter of the Lucis servant bloodline, it’s not exactly something I had a say in. From the moment my eyes fluttered open to drink in the light of the day, I’ve lived a life under wraps, beneath secrecy, and among mystery.

My guards uniform, consisting of dark fabric that folds and gathers around my body, eliminates any indication of identification, shielding my skin, body, and face from the world in order to protect the Royal family. They need not worry about who is underneath the clothing, only that they can call upon us to be there whenever they need assistance.

It’s a job of great integrity, honor, and respect.

“We should feel blessed to bear the weight of such an important burden.“ 

My father never lets me forget that.

And yet, even though I take pride in my work, I find myself getting closer and closer to my breaking point. Closer and closer to this life becoming too much.

In truth, it’s not because the work is too taxing, or demanding, or difficult…

Gods, it’s because of him.

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The Summer (30/33)

The Summer (30/33) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight | 300,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 17,670 Words

For reference, @botanistlester is Dan, @snowbunnylester is Phil.

(Previous) (AO3) (Masterlist)

Warnings: shmoop, fluff, coming out, teasing, dirty talk, humor

Chapter Thirty

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Bound III

Featuring: Yongguk x Reader

A/N: didn’t get much feedback on the last chapter, mot likely cause it wasn’t all that interesting, my bad sorry lol. But hopefully you all like this one a little better??

You sighed as your eyes were finally forced open by the sunlight breaking through the slight separation of your curtains.

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whyarentyoulaughingj  asked:

So I keep seeing pictures of Jared rock climbing and it always worries me when he's up so high, so could you write something about the reader being scared when he goes out rock climbing????

You sat at the kitchen counter in an oversized shirt that didn’t belong to you last night.
You watched as Jared poured you a cup of coffee and added the perfect amount of creamer, he gives you a half smile as he hands it over to you. He turns to the stove and flips a couple of pancakes and then places them on a large plate, he sets the plate down and takes a seat next to you.
You reach for the syrup and add more on your side than his. He hands you a fork and you both begin to dig into the breakfast he prepared.
You cut the edges of the pancakes off and eat the softer middle parts and Jared kindly eats up the edges you leave behind.
He sets his fork down and looks up at you just as you shove a bite in your mouth, it causes you to let out a laugh and cover your mouth. He shakes his head and looks down and laughs as well.
Once you’re done chewing you take a sip of your coffee and look back at him, his gaze so focused on your bare face is causes you to blush.
He leans over to you, his thumb gently placed on your chin parting your lips as he reaches over and kisses you. His tongue glides between your lips and briefly roams your mouth. Your eyes close and you inhale sharply as you pulls back.

“How does every part of you taste so sweet.” He whispers against your lips.

You bite in your lower lip and keep your eyes closed enjoying the moment.
He moves back to his seat and takes another bite before going into the pantry and rummaging through things and placing snacks and protein bars on the counter.
You roll your eyes and finish off your half of the pancakes and then throw the rest away, you toss the dish into sink and scrub it harder than necessary.

“You know you don’t have to worry.” Jared runs his hand down your arm as he passes by you.

“Easier said than done.” Your voice is irritated.

He lets out a sigh knowing this is a losing battle because he will still go and you will still worry.
He places his backpack on the counter and begins filling it up. Everything is organized and has its specific place so he never has to search for anything.
You walk by him with an audible groan and he ignores it.
He sticks to his routine when he has his climbing days; he eats, packs and then he’s gone.

“I’ll be back later tonight babe.” He walks around the corner and finds you on the couch.

He comes and sits next to you, his hand grabs your chin and moves you to look at him. He pecks your lips softly once and a little harder the second time.

“I’ll be back, ok?” He kisses your forehead.

“Can, can you just keep me updated, please?” You lean into him with a hug.

His arms wrap around you and pull you on top if his lap, your head rests in the crook of his neck and his hands rub up and down your back.

“I will. I promise. And I promise I’ll be fine.” He kisses the side of your head and you lean back and stand to your feet.

You follow him to the front door and kiss him again before closing it and locking it.

You constantly check your phone for texts from him or even Snapchat and Instagram updates.
After about an hour your phone chimes and he has sent you a picture of a small cactus with a smaller flower on the top.

“We are here.”  is all he writes, but it’s enough.

You respond back, “Thanks babe. Be safe.”

You know who he went with so you are frequently checking for their updates as well. Another hour passes and you haven’t relaxed for a second and you haven’t heard from Jared yet.
You take a seat on the edge of the couch and rest your face against your palms, you take a deep breath in and then let it out.
You phone chimes again and your heart rate that was almost stable is now racing again.

“About to get going, I’ll post the live videos if you want to see or if you want to stay away. Love you. I’ll see you soon.”

You let out a sigh wishing the text said he was coming home instead but you know this is something he absolutely loves doing.

“Love you, stay safe, be careful. I will be waiting here, not having an anxiety attack or anything while you’re gone.”

You press send and you know you won’t be getting a reply for quite some time now.
As the time passes you try your best to stay away from checking for the videos, you manage to hold yourself out for almost the whole day.
You had cleaned the whole house, went grocery shopping and went to a per store down the street to play with a few of the puppies.
You sat back down on the couch and took your phone out, no texts from Jared. You decide to see if had posted any videos, of course he has.
You watch the first video on Snapchat, he is high up and can’t seem to find a grip on anything.
It ends and goes to the next, he must of found a spot because he is a little higher up and he is moving with ease, his breathing is heavy and he groans at the end of the short clip. The next video plays, he has the rope in his hand and you can’t really see what he is trying to show, it’s just a lot of sun. The next video is the same video put with a red arrow showing the rope against the rock and then it ends.
You’re not entirely sure what that means, so you click the next video and it’s a picture of the rope splitting, your heart sinks, you can still see how high he is in the background of the picture.

You quickly try calling him but no answer. You send him a few texts asking where he is, if he is ok but after a few minutes you still don’t get an answer.
You set your phone down on the couch and run your fingers through your hair trying to calm yourself down.
You grab your phone again and try to reach any of the guys he was with but still no answer from anyone.
Your heart feels heavy but it is still beating at an alarming rate, you can feel your eyes start to water as your mind instantly goes to the absolute worst that could of happened.
You hear the door handle shake at the front door and you are in a full sprint opening it up.

You jump up and your arms wrap around Jared’s neck, he is sweaty but you pay it no attention. Your legs wrap around his waist and he drops his bag and holds you up, you can’t help but let a soft cry out.

“Baby girl, what is going on?” He kicks his bag to the side so he can close the door behind him.

He walks over to the kitchen counter and sets you down, he rests his hands on your thighs and gives you a little shove trying to get you to lean back but your arms don’t leave from around his neck.
He smells of sweat, cologne and rock debris.
You finally take a breath and lean back, he uses the back of his finger to wipe away the few tears.

“What is going on?” He rubs his hands up and down your arms.

“I, I watched the videos and the last one was the rope..”

He cuts you off and presses his lips against yours, he pulls away and reaches in his back pocket and pulls out his phone and hands it to you.

“I’m so sorry, I really didn’t think you would watch and as soon as I posted that I dropped my phone and this is all thats left of it.” He lets a slight laugh and kisses you again.

You let out a sigh and kiss him back, “I’m pretty sure I overreacted, but I get so nervous.” You pull him in for another hug and he wraps his arms around you tightly.

“You didn’t, I would of been the same way if the roles were flipped. Let me shower really quick and we can go get dinner, ok?” He pushes your hair behind your ear, “And don’t worry, I won’t be going back out for a while, I’ve got that album that needs to be finished.” He kisses your cheek and heads upstairs.  

A/N- I hope this is something like what you meant! This had me all sorts of nervous to write, so I hope you like it, love.

Arranged Marriage (SEHUN, vampire AU)

Originally posted by lullabyun

“Please, mother, please don’t do this!” you cried holding onto your mother’s skirts as she pushed you through the town square. Your mother possessed a look of infinite grief, but stone hard determination mixed in one, with her hand clenching around your shirt while she pulled you to the one place you didn’t want to go.

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my first | yoongi

Originally posted by kthmyg

Pairing: Yoongi + Reader

Genre: fluff + college au

Word Count: 2.5k

Summary: Annoying little overachiever Min Yoongi was your rival, enemy, and competition. But he also was your best friend and your first kiss. 

Reader POV

“Can you come over? I’m literally bored to death.” I said, as I laid on the couch, staring out my window.

My parents were out of town for a week this summer, leaving me alone at home. Most of my friends were all on vacation, while I was stuck doing nothing here. The boredom finally eating me apart, I decided to call one my “best-friends”, Min Yoongi.

“Right now?“ he asked, incredulously.

Rolling my eyes, I said,” Yes right now. I’m bored and everyone else I know is out of town.“

”How unfortunate.“  he stated sarcastically.

“Are you coming or going to be an ass?” I asked annoyed.

“Both.” he said.

“W-wait, what?” I asked, when I realized he had hung up on me already. Figuring that he was coming, I decided to take a little nap until he came.


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The Contest-Part 10

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest. They are doing open casting calls all over the country. Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N:  My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, @oriona75

Characters: Reader, Best friend Nikki (OC), Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Cliff, Emily (OC) other Supernatural cast and crew

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Jared walked over to the bar and poured another drink, which he downed in one swallow.

“Where is this coming from, Jared?” I asked.   “It was just a song I like. Why are you reading so much into it?” I sat down on the couch and waited for an answer.

When he sat down he didn’t look at me.  “Gen is getting remarried.” He said suddenly.

“Is that what this is about?  Do you still have feelings for her?” I suddenly was afraid of his answer.

He finally looked at me.  “I’m in love with you. You are the only one I want to be with.” He said firmly. “I’m happy for Gen, but that’s it.”

“Then what are you so upset about?” I demanded. “I don’t understand!”

“Gen’s getting her second chance, and I want mine!” He said angrily.   “We wasted so much time and soon the season will be over.  I don’t want you to leave!  Don’t go back.   I want you to stay with me.”

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