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Name: Jamie
Age: 18
Country: Australia

I’m an 18 year old girl, turning 19 this year, & have just moved out of home into my own little apartment in Brisbane (Australia) to go to university! I’m doing an Arts degree & studying geography, sociology, world religions, & peace studies, so I’m quite a diplomatic person. I’ve found living alone very isolating & I have so much spare time, so I’d love to have a pen pal to send cute artsy letters, photos, drawings & other creative things to! I love talking about all the deep stuff: family, friends, relationships, sex, gender, wild times- I’m a very open book & I’d love to talk to someone else like this. I’m obsessed with Sticky Fingers, scented candles, & flowers. Let’s be pen pals!

Preferences: Only speak English, but can be from anywhere in the world!

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Purrhaps Marinette writing a love note for Chat, instead of Adrien for Ladybug?

(A purrfect pun for a purrfect prompt. Sorry this took for ever. Getting settled back on campus was a Cat-tastrophe)

“That isn’t good either.” Marinette exclaimed in frustration as she crumpled up a piece of paper and tossed it into her garbage bin.

The Blunette had been trying to write a letter for the past two hours. But this was no ordinary letter, it was a love letter to Chat noir.

Her red kwami had picked up on her frustration.

“Marinette, you are trying to hard.  All you need to do is just write down what you think about him and that is it.” Tikki advised as she flew to the teen girl.

“It isn’t that simple Tikki. I don’t know how to put into words. He is just so… so… frustrating!” Marinette yelled exasperated.

“I don’t follow?”

“He is everything I shouldn’t look for in a guy! He is cocky, a massively huge flirt, too laid back for his own good at times, and he is constantly joking when there is danger! But..” Marinette vented as she got up from her desk chair and paced around the room.


“But at the same time he is incredibly brave, confident, quick witted, sweet, incredibly caring, always willing to put his life on the line for me and everyone without a second thought, and of course he looks amazingly attractive. He drives me crazy. Yet I can’t stop myself from thinking about him.” Marinette finished as she collapsed on her bed with a loving sigh. “That silly cat.”

“You are not the first Ladybug to fall for their Chat noir.” Tikki confided.

“Really? Does it ever work out between them?” Marinette asked with hope in her blue eyes.

“Sometimes it does, other times they just stay friends. But they are always close till the end.” Tikki answered. “So cheer up Marinette, I am sure things will work out great.” 

Marinette got up and hugged her Kwami friend.

“Thanks Tikki, I needed that. Now I am going to write that letter!” Marinette vowed.

The blunette began writing out her feelings on the letter. She went on about how she felt about the silly cat hero. She talked about the good, she talked about the bad, but at the end she wrote out exactly how she felt about him.

“I am finished Tikki!” Marinette exclaimed victoriously.

“Alright Marinette. Now all you have to do is give it to him.” Tikki cheered.

“That is right. Ill just put it in his mailbox.” 

“Umm Marinette, you don’t know his identity.” Tikki pointed out.

Marinette quickly realized that her Kwami was correct. The only way that Chat noir would get her letter was if she handed it to him personally.

“I-I-I-I can’t do that! I can’t just hand the letter over! W-W-W-W-WHAT if he turns it down. I can’t face that rejection! Then there wouldn’t be a ladybug and chat noir.”

“Marinette. Are you really going to back down after all of the work you put into that letter?”

Marinette took a deep breathe.



“But Tikki…”

“Marinette…” Tikki said as she stared at Marinette with a very Alya-like glance, surprising the blunette how strong willed she could appear for one so small.

“Okay… I’ll give it to him after my our next mission.” Marinette gave in.

Tikki smiled with contentment.

“Now I just need to find an envelope.” Marinette said as she looked around the room. She quickly found one right by her open window.

The blunette moved to the window to pick up the envelope only to be surprised by a gust of wind which took her envelope from her hands and blew it away from her room.

“My letter!” Marinette yelled in surprise.

Tikki only watched in shock as the letter vanished from their vision.

Marinette looked down dejectedly.

“It is alright Marinette. You can always write another one.” Tikki reassured the girl. “Besides you didn’t even sign it, it isn’t like anyone who finds it can trace it back to you.”

“I suppose, I wonder where it will end up though.”

Chat noir was running across rooftops. He decided to take a break from his studies and patrolling the city seemed like a good way to relax. As he was running to the rooftop a paper smacked the cat in the face, stopping him from jumping to the nearby rooftop.

Chat noir swiped the paper off his face and looked at it.

“It’s a letter.” The blonde superhero stated as he looked at the top of it. “It is addressed to Chat noir. It appears I have a fan.”

The cat hero looked thoroughly at the letter. He felt the emotion of each letter written on the page. He could feel right off the bat it was a love letter.

“…and deep in my heart I know it is true. That I have fallen in Love with you. Love… Is that it? Who is it from?” Chat noir asked in disbelief.

He found himself incredibly moved by the letter, he wished he could have responded to the sender. Chat noir sighed.

“Perhaps someday I will see the writer of this beautiful letter.” Chat noir smirked as he turned around to head back home. Unaware that the writer of the letter was the girl he had fallen for.

(I hope you enjoyed that @knightsweeties. I had a blast writing this.)

NISEKOI Chapter 226

Title: Farewell
Raku rejects Onodera. (LRR: RIP Onodera Fans)
Onodera gives Raku her key and leaves, while Raku moves on alone.
Raku then used Onodera’s key to open the pendant, and found a ring inside, along with a letter for their future self.
Onodera’s Letter: “Raku-kun, do you still love me even today?”
Though it pains his heart, Raku has no regret. And with new resolve, he head towards the summit where Chitoge is waiting.
Additional Spoiler begins here:
Raku replied that he also likes Onodera, ever since Middle school, which the latter was happy to hear that as she closed her eyes.
Kosaki: “Thank you… I could tell from just now. I’m very happy…really… But it’s different now, isn’t it?”
Raku: “…Yeah…”
Kosaki: “There’s someone else in your heart now, right…?”
Raku: “…Yeah…”
Onodera took out her key and gave it to Raku. She then revealed that she was the promised girl, but this key no longer suits her. She doesn’t remember what she put in there, and decides to leave it to Raku to do what he wishes to do with the pendant, and left.
Ruri and Shuu meet up with Onodera, and Ruri asked why Raku wasn’t with her, and if she met with Chitoge. Onodera was initially silent, but then revealed that Raku is going ahead to meet up with Chitoge.
Onodera: “It’s really weird…I’m… not as sad as I thought I would be… I thought I’d cry a lot more than I did…I feel like I don’t even understand my own feelings… Ruri-chan… how do I look right now…?”
Ruri, hugging Onodera, called her an idiot as she told her that she looks horrible. (LRR: …Had to pause here because of how emotional this is…)
Raku took out the pendant and remembered what Onodera told him about leaving the fate of the pendant to him. He decided to open it, and there were two rings in it, along with the letter they wrote to their future promised person. This caused Raku to remember everything. He then read what he wrote.
Raku’s Letter: To the older Kosaki: How are you? I should be doing fine. When we grow up and get married, let’s raise lots of our favorite animals. I will buy you a real ring too. When we are married, I want to eat your cooking every single day.
Raku chuckled on what his past self wrote, and then read what Onodera wrote:
Onodera’s Letter: To the older Raku-kun: When you grow up, I bet you will be really tall. I wanna grow up quickly and see you again. I have so many things I wanna tell you. I’m sure we’ll meet again. I think it will take a long time, but I believe I will like Raku-kun all this time. Do you still like me even now, Raku-kun? If you do, I’m really happ-…
Raku felt a pain in his heart as he kneel down, but he has resolved to have no regret no matter how the outcome turned out. He was happy that Onodera was by his side all this time, talking with her, laughing with her, among others. He believes that if he chose Onodera, he’d be happy all the time. But he thought it over that day, and on that day, he realized the one he likes is Chitoge. Despite all the nagging, selfishness, fighting, difficulty of understanding, and the beatings, along with believing that he probably would never be happy with her… He would like to laugh with her wholeheartedly like that again. When he’s with her, he enters a world beyond imagination. He feels like it’s a world he alone can’t reach, but can be reached if it’s with her.
Raku, now finally reached the summit, sees Chitoge in front of the rock.
Side Text: Finally arrived, the end of this long journey of love.
Translated by: LadyRuneReader

© Nisekoi Addicts

It’s been 191 days and I know that doesn’t seem like a whole lot but to me it’s felt more like 1910. 191 days since I admitted to myself that you’re the beating of my heart and the words on my page. We’ve been friends for much longer than 191 days and I’ve been alive much longer than that but 191 days ago, I felt as though I was awoken from a deep sleep with a fire lit in my heart.
You never even gave me the time of day for a very long time; you had your sights set on another. I warned you that all she would do is rip out your heart and tear it into tiny pieces.

She did. But I didn’t say I told you so.

It’s been 64 days since your heartbreak and you’ve been bitter but I think in the past few weeks you’ve moved on completely and have opened your heart again.
Maybe it’s my very obvious feelings for you or maybe it’s something you found in me, but something’s changed inside you. The way you look at me is different than you ever have; perhaps you’ve found the same galaxies in my eyes that I’ve found in yours so long ago. Or maybe this is just a shot in the dark and I’m completely off base; but I’ve always been the type who thrives on false hope.
—  a letter to B, part x
Ghosts - Killian

In his dream, he was young again. He knew it was a dream, in the way you sometimes do, but he was in the moment, remembering a time before he knew the pain of loss. He was running through the muddy streets towards his house and he opened the door with a burst of energy.

His mother just raised an eyebrow as he entered and he stopped guiltily, closing the door like the gentleman he was supposed to be. His mother was calmly sewing at the dining room table and he pulled a chair to sit next to her, his legs swinging above the ground. Their house was small, with a kitchen and a table. His parents had a small separate room at the back of the house and he and Liam slept on a mattress in the corner of the room. It wasn’t like the palace he could see from the top of the hill, but it was home. The other people in the village talked about them sometimes, how Davy Jones was out on another seafaring adventure and how Freya Jones was still an outsider after all these years, talking circles around anyone who tried to annoy her but Killian never minded. He had everything he’d ever need.

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