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A restaurant in Japan that SHINee likes, and from where Key uploaded that pic of he and Jjong eating, has dedicated their favorite table to them with a plaque and SHINee merchandise, and has renamed their favorite dish, “The SHINee Set.” They have also had photos taken of them eating in the restaurant for what appears to be the new SEEK magazine.

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His name is Lorem Ipsum and he’s Noct’s unseen 5th party member.

Like filler text, he’s just…there.

He has no fighting skills but he’s an almighty teleporting cameraman. He inexplicably manages to film everything that happens.

Camping Antics – ArchiexReader! Mini Fic - Part Two.

Hey guys, so here is part two to the Camping Antics mini fic! There will be a part three, just to finish the series off :) pleaaaaase leave me feedback in my ask ya cute lil beans.

Summary: Archie and (Y/N) have some tent fun lol ;)

Warnings: SMUT. TENT SMUT. Naked Archie. You’ve been warned. 



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 Official Art by Negiyan 

Well look at this… Just a few days back I mentioned about Ray being in the Pokémon world, and then I found this xD LOL her going to throw a pokéball at Zack, while Cubone is egging her on!

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On Bayern's twitter there's a video of the players singing Despacito quite badly, and James is part of it : ))) this is the best <333

oh my god 🙈 🙈 🙈  quite badly indeed, but how endearing!!!!!!!!!

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This has probably already been reposted on tumblr from my IG or twitter lol but whatever. This is Dallon and my baby child, who is also named Dallon, aka Dallypaws, aka Dallon S. Pupkins (holla at me if you get that reference), aka Pupperroo aka Dallyface aka Honeypie aka Lil’ Dude aka Love of my life.

It’s the ciiiiiiircle of liiiiiiife! If only he’d held him up a bit higher. 😅

My Little Secret

They had met in Jamaica when Harry went to get away, to write, to have no distractions. But then she came out of nowhere, she was on vacation with her friends, spring break. She was cute, and Harry took a quick liking to her, she was different. She didn’t want to know Harry Styles from One Direction, but just Harry Styles as a person. 

He liked the way she laughed, the way she was carefree but at the same time she wasn’t. He liked the way that she had to plan everything before it happened, that she hated not knowing. He liked the fact that she was a college student, a waitress, a regular girl. He loved the fact that she private, and didn’t want any camera’s on her, she wanted no part in his famous life. She wanted him behind closed doors. The only person in her life that knew about him was her roommate, other than that she kept her lips sealed.

And at the beginning it was easy, he could visit her, she could visit him. She went to his private show in London, met his family. They all loved her, who wouldn’t? She met his friend, his band mates, she sat in the crowd and people just assumed she was a fan. They came in separate cars, him with his team, she would drive her 2008 Ford, they would leave in separate cars. They made it work. 

“When did you get here?” Harry asked, relaxing in the shade near the pool. 

They were careful, up until his three day holiday in Mexico. She stood by the doorway, her sun flower covered dress laid over her bathing suit, sunglasses on her face. 

“About twenty minutes ago, I ran up stairs to change,” she smiled, “how’s your break?”

“Would be better if you laid here with me,” Harry grins, patting the spot next to him.

She laughs, laying next to him, he wraps his arm around her, the two face each other, their faces inches apart, “did you get a hair cut?” he asked, picking up the ends of her hair. 

“Yeah,” she smiled, “I got it the other day.”

“‘s nice,” he yawns, dropping her hair, “I’ve missed you.”

She kisses his jaw line, moving up to the corner of his mouth, “missed you more,” she mumbled, kissing him, “your sister requested to follow my instagram, I had to decline.”

Harry laughs, Y/N made it clear she wants her privacy. And if Gemma, Anne, Harry, and all his friends and family followed her on social media and shared pictures people would start asking questions, something she wasn’t ready for. 

“Did you see me on the late late show?” He asked. 

“I stayed up every night,” she says, making him smile, “your performance of Kiwi gave me life I had no idea I was missing.”

He laughs, moving her body closer to him, and then wrapping his leg around her, “is that so?” he asked. 

She nods, “are you joining me next week?” Harry asks, lips in a pout. 

“I wish, but I have work,” she sighs, “I have to make money to pay for college, you know like normal people.”

“Ugh,” Harry groans, “what about June?”

“I’m all yours,” she promised. 

“We are going out to eat,” Mitch says, leaning against the island in the kitchen. 

“Where are you going?” Y/N asked, placing her chin on the palm of her hand, she tears her gaze away from Harry to Mitch. 

“Some restaurant Claire found,” he shrugs, “I take it you guys won’t be coming?”

“Why wouldn’t you?” Sarah asked, walking in, she sets her back on top of the island, “didn’t you two come out yet?”

“No, why would you think that?” Y/N asked. 

“There are pictures of you like everywhere,” Sarah says, handing her phone to Y/N.

She grabs it, scrolling through twitter. 

Y/N Y/L/N is the girl Harry is with, here is her twitter. 

She’s not that pretty. 

LOL she looks like trash. 

IDK I would put in more effort in my appearance if I was Y/N.

Y/N is cute, leave her alone. 

If Harry likes her, I like her. 

Y/N needs to lose some weight, where did she come from anyways?

I bet Y/N is with him for the money.

Harry grabs the phone, pictures of them from the pool are posted everywhere, links to her social media are attached to tweets.

“Oh God,” Y/N rubs her temples, “how did they find me so quickly?”

“Please don’t listen to them,” Harry says. 

She sighs, she had seen how the fans reacted to his past rumored girlfriends, it was the last thing she wanted. 

“This is crazy,” she says, grabbing her own phone to see calls and texts from her friends, DM’s from people in her school, “this is the last thing I wanted.”

“Why are people like this?” Mitch sighed. 

“Y/N,” Harry says gently. 

“I’m fine,” she shrugs, turning off her phone and slipping it back into her bag, “it was bound to happen at some time anyways.”

“It should’ve happened when you were ready though, not when some guy wanted a pay check,” Harry says, frowning. 

She grabs his hand, “my social media is on private, and I don’t plan on changing that, yeah people know about me, but they can’t really ever know what happens when it’s just us, which is what really matters.”

“‘m sorry love,” Harry kisses her hand, “I know this isn’t ideal.”

“Hey, you have to put up with me and my baggage, I have to do the same, your baggage just happened to be millions of camera’s,” she teased. 

“Sometimes you can get a really good profile picture though,” Harry jokes. 

She rolls her eyes, leaning over the island and kissing him quickly, “you’re very lucky I like you a lot,” she smiled. 

“I’m a very lucky man,” Harry agrees, a smile on his face. 

He grabs his phone sending out one little tweet. 

Please share the love, she’s a wonderful girl who makes me happy, H.

“Stop signing your tweets! We know they’re from you!” Claire yelled, walking into the room. 

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Dating modern outsiders head canons?

this is gon b a long one
thanks for requesting
warnings: mentions of nsfw lol
enjoy 💘💘

- he’d always b askin for nudes man
- random dick pics
- he has a folder of just random photos of u he took that are actually cute
- always texting you to come over
- u guys order food a lot
- doesn’t have much social media but if he does it’s like an obscure IG full of photos of u 2 and the gang
- he is obsessed with Netflix and likes binge watching stuff

- has no fucking clue what he’s doing
- can call but that’s about it
- facetiming but at awkward angles that are not flattering for him
- texts u to come over a lot too
- probably online shops a lot tbh

- will literally text u random photos of animals or selfies of him
- loves takin photos of u that he can look at later and brag with
- big Reddit and IG user
- always face timing u for hours on end

- booty calls all day
- begs u to bring him lunch
- spams u a lot
- loves watching YouTube and IG beauty videos
- lots of sc tbh
- viner tbh

- selfies all day.
- has an entire folder of photos of u 2
- is internet famous
- probs a youtuber or viner
- loves sending u cute photos of him
- sends u sweet messages all the time
- really obsessed with Snapchat filters

- famous on IG and tumblr for art and writing
- has cheesy poems in his notes of his phone
- sends u shitty poems
- loves reading books with u over the phone
- constantly drinking coffee from Starbucks
- probably buying u cheap stuff online so that he can spoil u
- actually takes good photos of you
- skyping for hours

- honestly more of a gamer
- likes snap chatting u
- late night skyping
- sends u selfies and they’re so cute,,,
- dog photos that he found on twitter
- he butt dials u a lot
- screenshots all the selfies u send them
- ur his lockscreen

the whole gang:
- ur all in one gc
- on like every app
- memes
- times to meet up
- ugly selfies or insults
- lots of memes tbh like I don’t think u understand
- Darry is so confused

I feel like I repeated a lot of stuff lol but anyway ye!!

Been super busy with IRL shit but…I found out today that Alm’s VA (Kyle McCarley) voiced 9S in Nier: Automata and just…had to do get this out of my system. (Twitter ver.)

And hey, he liked it on twitter hehe ;w;

EDIT: I also found out the Japanese VA for 9S voices Alm too so this crossover is so real!!!