i found this on my folder

Found an old MLP animation tutorial in my folders on my PC, figured id attempt to ‘try’ and get the hang of animation.

This isnt too bad for a first try, i think :v and doing it on Sai is really difficult. x.x

But yeah, have this WIP, ill be lining and colouring it soon, maybe try to fix it up a little more too. c:

anonymous asked:

I feel like you always stick up for us as fans and for the whole Jamie/Claire storyline when calling out Maril and Matt. I really appreciate it and thanks!

Awww, thanks anon! I just assumed most people found it verra annoying. 😂 I’m such a rabble rouser. I’ve had a Geneva tweet in my drafts folder for weeks and I’m ready to use. “Look at your life, look at your choices,” “Why are you the way you are?” Maril will probably end up muting/blocking me which is a shame because I’m pretty sure we’re besties.

The Poems of Cyril Hurk

The grave-setter from the cellar office,
His back bent, his bones creaking, arrived
To offer me a folder, which contained a
Memorial of my twenty five years with the firm.
I opened it and found that it was a file full of dust
With rusted treasury tags to secure it. I put in
An application to order the form that would allow
Me request permission to complete a requisition
Docket for a the possible acquisition of a smile.
I still got style, sister. Kiss me in stationery cupboard,
Mayhap. Some chap may race you to this 
Rendezvous. Who? The inventor of the bureau, in
Spats and bow-tie and sleep. I bowed today
And curtsied after. Laughter is accepted on Bank Holidays
Only. I have become forever for the insurance man.

Seokjin: On our way to Mexico for miyo de cinco
Namjoon: It’s Cinco de Mayo
Seokjin: Cinco de mind yo fuckin business bih