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An unexpected day! My friend’s been meaning to drive out ~2 hours away to close a retirement bank account (long story…), and I offered to keep him company, so we were planning on doing it tomorrow, but then today I woke up feeling really disoriented and kind of over-sleepy, and realized (a) my alarm hadn’t gone off, (b) it was 12:30PM, and © the power was out and had obviously been out for some time. I called and found out it was coming back around four, so I texted my friend to see if his power was out, too, and he said, fuck it, let’s go do this day-trip today instead! So I got to explore a neat little town and eat some crepes while he was doing his banking stuff, and then we went on a neat hike up in the mountains. By the time I got home, the power was back on. I am still feeling Pretty Disoriented, but it all worked out for the best, and I think everything in my fridge/freezer survived the outage just fine.

i just had this out of context memory from when i was younger where the entire house was so still and empty and it was the middle of the day but it was just deserted

and i was running around trying to work out wtf was going on, my dad was at work but my mum’s car was still in the driveway but she was nowhere to be found, i looked everywhere

finally i went and stared out of the kitchen window, embracing the fact that my mother had vanished forever, and then

i saw her

sitting in the caravan on the drive

eating her lunch



So this came from a conversation I had with Scarf, Ina, Pip, and Cat and whoever else popped in the chat when we were discussing this literal months ago but??? I STARTED WRITING IT AND THEN I GOT SUPER STUCK SO. I DON’T KNOW IF I’LL EVER ACTUALLY FINISH IT. But here’s a smol piece of that, if anyone was curious! Because I was looking through my Google Drive and found this and remembered about it! lol

The Grimm circle Winry like a dense cloud of black smoke. She freezes, her gaze cautiously following the red glow of their eyes streaming through the air in a slow haze. Time swims as if she’s underwater and the world is sluggishly drifting along a steady current.

Releasing a slow breath, she very cautiously brings a hand to her belt, her fingertips slipping against its worn leather. All she needs is one wrench.

In her peripheral, she sees the shift of a bone-white skull and all at once, they close in. Her heart leaps into her throat and she somersaults just out from under one’s gaping mouth. Her hand closes around the handle of her wrench and she hurls it into the air, throwing her arms over her head and curling up against the ground to brace herself.

She presses her head to the dirt and watches as her airborne wrench triples in size, then bursts into a booming explosion of blue sparks; the Grimm are swallowed by its blinding light. Her eardrums pop and the impact slams violently into the center of her chest. A monstrous rumble beneath her nearly tears her body from her position on the ground.

Everything falls silent. Heart hammering, Winry allows a few seconds to pass before surveying the damage. She sits back on her heels with ringing ears. Her surroundings swing into focus: trees for miles, a cloudless blue sky visible just through the foliage, and like an opened rose where she is at the center, the massive black corpses of Grimm lay fallen around her like wilted petals. Winry closes her eyes and slumps forward, exhaustion and relief overwhelming her now-heavy bones.

“I heard the commotion. Came by to help…but it looks like you had everything handled.”

Winry drags her eyes up to her teammate, Ed, as he ducks under a branch and steps into view. His bright gold eyes narrow on the body closest to him.

“Y–” Winry begins, but realizes her mouth has gone dry. She swallows, then nods, recollecting herself. It’s been a long time since she’s had to fend off so many, let alone by herself.

“Al and Paninya?” Winry asks as she clambers to her feet. Her hearing is already starting to clear. The dizziness from a moment ago begins to ebb away.

“Regrouped with Professor Armstrong and the others,” he replies, now studying her face. A blush warms her cheeks before she’s able to avert her eyes.

“Good.” She steps over one of the Grimm’s extremities and joins Ed. “Let’s hope they don’t run into trouble like that before the assignment is through.”


Evie knocked on her best friends door and heard her fiance call out to her.
“Come on in Evie.” she entered quickly and found Will washing some dishes in the kitchen. “Hey Maisie had to run an errand but she said she’d be back as soon as she could.” he said taking the rubber gloves off and wiping his hand off on a towel.
“Oh, what was it now?” Evie smirked “Did she forget the napkin holders?”
“She’s been so fussy lately, it’s been driving me a little crazy.” Will admitted “Guess it’s just my curse though, I love her too much.”
“Yeah you’re gonna be stuck with her pretty permanently now.” Evie smiled “Hey I had an idea I wanted to run by you actually!”
“Okay, go for it.” Will smiled.
“Since you guys don’t have a band for the wedding, why don’t I ask Unicorn Fire to play? I mean I’m their friends so I’m pretty sure we could get them pretty cheap.” she shrugged.
“I don’t know Evie, do they do requests? Because Maisie has a pretty set list of music in mind.” Will chuckled.
“I could find out.” the door opened behind them and Maisie turned to see Jesse step inside.
“Hey guys.” Jesse smirked as soon as he saw her standing there.
“I heard that you guys were going to the wedding together.” Will said.
“Oh you heard that did you?” Evie said giving Jesse the eyes. “I actually haven’t said yes yet.”
“Oh but you will.” Jesse smirked.
“You’re too cocky for your own good boy.” she shook her head.
“I just know when I’m right, that’s all.”
“I don’t know Jess, Evie is pretty stubborn, you might be in over your head.”
“Listen Will, I’ve known her a lot longer than you have, alright?” Jesse said.
“Well that is true.” Will shrugged “But I’ve been dating her best friend since college and I haven’t seen you around so I reckon I know her quite well by now too.”
“Touché.” Jesse smiled.

Accidental Flirting & the Science of Not Giving A Shit

So I have been bumming around the galaxy & avoiding doing my actual job (because that was the advice @horsyunicorn and @deus-sax-machina gave me, thank you) when I remembered “oh yeah this is a Bioware game, I should talk to my crew whenever I so much as fart in the grass” and now it seems Dr T’Soni wants to conduct some…ah…not entirely scientific research on me. 

Meanwhile, I have been dicking around, surveying shit and driving around 200 identical planets looking for corpses and chunks of metal. I can only assume Saren is doing the same because otherwise I am like 90% sure he would have found the conduit by now & I’d be coming home to Sovereign microwaving popcorn in the the Citadel. (Assuming said popcorn was “the entirety of organic life”).

Anyways, I am back on Citadel and have barely set foot off my ship before some jackarse turbot rear-admiral (emphasis on REAR because he is an ARSE) wants to go inspecting my ship. So I told him to fuck off, and then got interviewed by some reporter, so I hope neither of those things blows up in my face. 

I should go.

I’m starting to feel better about what happened on Monday…

This situation is tricky to me because the world has moved on somewhat. I asked someone, “so how do you feel about what happened the other night?”

They said, “What happened?”

“Don’t you watch the news?!?!”


“Manchester? The bombing? The 22 kids?”

“Oh yeah! That was messed up…”

And for me, it’s like it happened just yesterday. And to the parents who lost their child that day, May 22 will continue to be on a constant loop.

It reminds of when my Grandpa died. The entire two weeks of the day I found out, the drive from NY to Florida to attend the funeral, the day we arrived in Florida, the day of the funeral, the 3 days spent in Florida, the drive back to NY from Florida;

felt like one massive entire day.

And I told myself, “you have to keep grieving or else it’s like you forgot all about him.”

And that’s how I feel about the death of the 22 young people; I feel like I have to keep grieving, because I don’t want it to be like it never happened…

I fell asleep in an acid bath of depression that ate away my skin and burned a hole through my esophagus. People called it a suicide attempt. I skipped art for a week after that.

You found my undead corpse filling lemonade cans with vodka on the way to the bus stop that always smelled a bit too much like the cigarettes my father used to smoke,

And you stitched up my wrists with your frayed, dirty shoelaces that stained my veins with a hopelessness that spread from my fingertips to my spine.

Fast forward a month and we were torturing ourselves just to feel again. We strangled ourselves with seatbelts instead of driving off a cliff because that takes a level of commitment that neither of us had.

But I need change like you need a quick fuck. The love we wrote about in chalk got washed away by your tongue when you shoved it down her throat and was painted over by the blood dripping out my skull onto the pavement after I jumped off of your roof.

—  High School Sweethearts
heartbreak chronicles {2} | M


Contains: smut, sexting {fuckboy!jimin}

Words: 5,764

Summary: Park Jimin had it all — good grades, a place as the soccer team’s captain and, more than that, the broken hearts of at least half the campus’ population. Though, one thing he did not have was someone willing to break his heart and, after you were dragged inside a miraculous plan to play that part, the last thing counted on was the preposterous idea that, perhaps, you could fall for him as well.

[img cr]

A/N: Can you believe that I managed to come up with a quick update? Me neither.

Monotone, drowning in tedium — that was how your first Monday class begun. Somewhere deep inside your mind, you could hear your teacher going on about an empty subject, filling the air inside the classroom with disconex sentences and incomprehensible claims; your own perception far beyond the yellowed walls of that room. Perhaps, sitting on the last row was not helping your lack of focus; but, much to your personal bliss, Jennie was right next to you, taking the notes you would make sure to use later.

In all honesty, your mind was in the same location as before: the party. Equivalent to what unfolded during the weekend, the story repeated itself amidst your tired daydreams; dragging your consciousness towards the bubbling, divergent feelings inside your chest. Unlike what you first expected, the anguish and guilt of your acts did not last longer than the ride back to your dorm, instead morphing into a sense of curiosity. After all, there were so many details that you waited to be presented with — the second step, the collateral damage it would have on your friendship and, more than anything, Jimin’s reaction.

You just did not expect it would come that instant.

The cloudy preoccupations of your chaotic thoughts dissipated as a light buzz sounded below you, your phone lighting up with a new notification. With a frown, you stared down at the illuminated screen, eyes falling to the white text.

The second you read it, your heart skipped a beat.

[10:22] Jimin: we need to talk

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  • Junkrat: *driving random Overwatch-stamped vehicle* I dunno WHY the company puts me under this kind of pressure, I’m just the FACKIN'delivery guy! THEY'RE the ones overpromisin’ customers, but I HAVE TO RISK MY LIFE to get their packages to them on time, it is ABSOLUTE bull shit. *Later* What can I do here, can I find a shortcut, here we go, up this hill, get to do a bit of a trick as well *goes flying 20 feet in the air* TO KEEP THE DAY EXCITING. Ya orda’ ya fuckin’ doll off Amazon in the mornin’, ya get ya doll in the afternoon, THAT’S OUR GUARANTEE. *fixes ramp on front of vehicle* Ya know what, the other problem is there’s TOO MANY PEOPLE on the road! *driving full speed* If all these BUMS could just get off the fuckin’ road, then they would NOT interfere with my job! Look at me kids, GET A JOB, GET A JOB, FUCK OFF, I got fuckin’ packages to deliva’, thERE ARE PEOPLE WAITING ON THEIR DOLLS OFF AMAZON! Fack off, fack off, fack off, fack off, fack off, fack off! Ya may THINK I’m actin’ Like Michael Douglas in the movie Falling Down, But *vehicles flying off* I’VE JUST FOUND A WAY TA BECOME SUPA’ EFFICIENT IN MY PROFESSION, THIS IS MY FACKIN’ CRAFT, I DON’T CARE HOW THE NEWS REPORTS IT, PEOPLE ARE GETTIN’ THEIR FACKIN’ PACKAGES!
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A Happy Beginning (Preview)
Jennifer Morrison, Colin O'Donoghue ...
A Happy Beginning (Preview)


Don’t listen if you don’t want to hear at least 2 minutes of the song

PS: Apparently the drive link I posted earlier is having issues.. So here’s the mix I made for the song preview with the LQ version found on twitter and the HQ preview from iTunes