i found this on google and laughed for ten minutes


It was safe to say that you were a little glad when your friends had decided to go out. The local pub was doing a karaoke night and you were thrilled. There was something about the atmosphere of the place that always relaxed you. You were never sure if it was the entertainment of the place, or the fact that attention was forced elsewhere, but it just worked.

But suddenly your little world was turned upside-down. One moment you’d been talking happily to your friends, and the next your name had been called, along with someone else’s.

‘No,’ you said as your friends ushered you towards the little stage, and you knew that this was all your best friend’s fault. Part of you was excited, but another part realised that you’d be doing this with a complete stranger.

‘C’mon, really Cisco?’ the guy beside you asked, raising an eyebrow at his friend. ‘Oh, hi.’ His attention turned towards you, a small smile on his face.

‘Hello,’ you mumbled, feeling a weak blush rising up your cheeks. ‘Dragged into this too, huh?’

He nodded, moving to take the microphone though. ‘Do you even know how they managed to set this up?’

You nodded, shooting a quick glare at your best friend who was sitting in her seat, a wide smile on her face. ‘I happen to know the niece of the owner. Let’s just say this is a really bad set up.’

He chuckled before the music started up.

It was nice, singing with him. You enjoyed it, and there was a small part of you which was really glad he could sing. He was a great laugh, and by the end of it you were gushing about his voice. He complimented you first though – despite you having missed a part because you were so caught up in his singing.

‘So, how’d it go?’ your best friend asked, practically perching on the edge of her seat when you returned to them some ten minutes after the song.

You couldn’t keep the smile off your face as you told her: ‘I’m meeting Barry again for a coffee tomorrow.’

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owner, I just found it on Google.